[ENG/INDO] Hyuna and Dawn talk about their love story on knowing bros

Hi~ Welcome to Kpop Ongep To support this channel please subscribe and turn on your notification On November 10th 2019 Hyuna and Dawn were invited on reality show 아는 형님 or ‘Knowing Bros’ in English They appeared on episode 204th On this show, they share their love story that began four years ago since 2016 Before they dated, Hyuna had crush on Dawn for a year and a half. Unable to just keep her feeling for herself She finally determined to confess her feeling On one night This cute sexy girl sent a photo of soju to Dawn Dawn reply with ‘wait a minutes’ Turn out he also bought himself soju to accompany Hyuna to drink together even though they are a part He also told Hyuna to drink slowly because Hyuna can’t really drink. Hyuna was automatically over the moon hearing that This girl who were born on 1992 finally had a courage to confess ‘I like you for a long time’ Hyuna said ‘I actually don’t want to confess at first but you really have no clue’ ‘So today I dare myself to tell you my feelings and will be waiting for you’ Then Dawn replied me with ‘Why?’ ‘Why don’t we date now?’ Then they start dating right a way In this episode they also share about interesting story while they date Hyuna once cried because of a surpeise from the dawn. Initially, Hyuna wanted to buy a mint-colored mini fridge to put on the second floor of her house. She’s been looking for one But because of pack schedules, she didn’t had time to buy it When she came home all tired from her schedule Dawn had made food for her when she went upstairs, there is a flashy mint-colored mini fridge that she currently wanted to buy She was so happy she could not say anything Then when she opened the fridge there was a letter, flower and a necklace that Hyuna also wanted to buy Then she cried What’s even sweeter is that Dawn went up because he heard Hyuna cry he took the necklace out and put it on for her Dawn also share that he was actually introverted so he didn’t have that many friends Before he turned 20 He never had a birthday party with his friends after they started dating, Hyuna threw a birthday party for Dawn She called all of their friends who knew they were dating to attend. Their birthdays are only 5 days apart but instead of having a birthday party for herself, Hyuna threw a birthday party for Dawn This couple also told that they never actually fight because Dawn always accepts whatever Hyuna say or do Hyuna also reveals that Dawn is actually so affectionate When camera is on, he will just be passive But when there are no cameras, he starts talking in a cutesy voice he also often hugs and kisses Hyuna What a lovely dovey couples Singles, don’t be jealous Let’s just pray for them to last long That’s all for this video You can tell your opinion below and you can also request if there is something about kpop that you want to know I will discuss it on the next video Don’t forget to like the video and share it to your friends Thanks for watching and bye bye~

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