Ellen Says ‘Ciao’ to Fan Studying Abroad

One of my favorite things
to do is surprise my fans. And today, we’re doing something
we’ve never done before. Amber Mack is someone
who is a college student. And she’s written more
than 100 letters to me. Yeah, I know. [LAUGHTER] Usually, when someone
writes me that much, I like to keep them
far, far away from me. [LAUGHTER] And as luck would have
it, she is studying abroad in Rome, Italy. So you know the old saying. When in Rome, send Jeannie. So let’s go live to Italy. Ciao. Ciao, Jeannie. Ciao, Ellen! Hello. OK. So what time is it there? It’s a little after
12:30 in the morning. Oh, wow. All right. So I sent you to
Rome for 48 hours. And what have you done so far? It’s been so awesome. I have– let’s see. I’ve seen the Colosseum. I’ve seen Trevi Fountain. I’ve eaten, like,
pasta, pizza, gelato. I’ve eaten a lot of carbs. But it’s been the
best time, Ellen. Thank you so much
for sending me here. Well, you’re welcome. Yeah, the food
there is incredible. It’s quite something. All right. Tell us about Amber. So good. OK. So Amber is a junior in college. And she’s currently
studying abroad here at Temple
University’s Rome campus. Now, Amber has watched
the show every single day since she was in
the fifth grade. She says that you are her
biggest source of inspiration. And it would be her dream
to meet you one day. Now, last semester,
Amber worked four jobs to put herself through school. And so right now, here we
are in front of her dorm, in Rome, Italy, ready
to surprise her. I’m so excited. All right. So we have done door knock
surprises before, but not out of the country. And not at 12:30 AM. So this should be
interesting for you. And I’m going to send you in. And I’m going to use Cisco
to surprise Amber right now. Hey, Amber. Hello? Hi. Hello? Hi, Amber. How are you? Hi. Good, how are you? I’m really good. Wait. Oh my god. [LAUGHTER] Good morning. Oh my god. Good morning to you. Oh my god. Hi. Oh my god, Ellen. Oh my god. No way. No, this is not real right now. It is. Yeah. No, it’s not. It is real. I’m doing a show right now. So you’re on my show right now. Oh my god. Do you have just a moment to
chat while I have you here? Absolutely, Ellen. OK. Good. All right. So have a seat. OK. So you’re– what
are you studying? You’re a college student. And you’re in Rome. What are you studying? I’m studying media studies
and production with a minor in general business. You have inspired me to
go through this route since I was in,
like, third grade after watching your
show every day. Oh, wow. OK. So you’re a big fan of the show. And how long– you’ve been
watching since third grade. Is that right? Yeah. I would come home at 3:45. And I’d have 15 minutes
left of the show. And I would look forward
to fifth grade every day, because I got to
go home at 2:30, which meant that I got to
watch the entire show when I got home. And then for my birthday
this year, my friend threw me an Ellen
themed birthday party with a cake of
me and you on there. But it’s not real, obviously. Aw, that’s– no, it
wasn’t me, really. So I just want to remind
everybody it’s 12:30 AM. And the energy you
have right now is– It’s 1:00 AM, actually. Well, OK. It’s 1:00 AM. You have a lot of energy. Anyway, my point is, did
you meet Jeannie there? Is she a friend of yours? I want her to be
a friend of mine. I would love to be
friends with her. But I didn’t meet her. And I don’t know if I
could say we’re friends. But I would love to be
friends with Jeannie. The reason I ask is because
I have not seen her. She didn’t even show
up at work today. And I’m wondering,
because she knew we were going to talk to you. Is she in Rome? Have you seen her. I haven’t seen her. Oh my god. [LAUGHTER] [SCREAMING] All right. We’ll be back. So, Amber, you know that– you’ve been trying to
get tickets, right, for the show for years, right? Yes. I’ve been trying to
get tickets– yeah– ever since I knew I could,
which is around eighth grade. So I told my friends
at Shutterfly– I called Nancy, and I
called Cliff, and Stuart, and Ronaldo– I called them all. And they care about
supporting students in need. So we’re going to give you
a chance to win some money. So you’re in Italy. It gave me an idea for a game. Jeannie, tell her
what we’re playing. OK. Got it. So here’s what
we’re going to do. This game is going to test
your Italian, OK, Amber? So I’m going to say a
word or phrase in English. And you’re going to
say it in Italian, OK? For each one you get right,
you’re going to get $1,000. [APPLAUSE] OK. All right. So we’re going to go 45
seconds on the clock. Are you ready? OK. I’m ready. OK, Ellen, here we go. Here’s number one. My name is Amber, in Italian. [SPEAKING ITALIAN] Amber. This is a good one. I think you’ll know this one. Number two, I don’t
speak Italian. [SPEAKING ITALIAN] That looks right to me. [CHEERING] All right. George Clooney is hot. George Clooney [STUTTERING] All right. Keep going. Go to the next one. Next one! Spaghetti. Spaghetti. Correct! That’s $3,000. Hello, beautiful. [SPEAKING ITALIAN] That’s correct. That’s right. That’s four. OK, ready? Oh, this is a great one. I love Ellen DeGeneres. How do you say that? Um. [SPEAKING ITALIAN] Ellen DeGeneres. That one sound good, Ellen? [SPEAKING ITALIAN] That’s right! OK, that’s good. OK, ready? All right. Oh, that’s time. That’s $5,000. So Amber, you won $5,000. Also, you’re going to get
a VIP trip to the show. So I will see you when
you get here at the show. Hey, guess what. You’re gonna get– [SCREAMING] [APPLAUSE] All right. We’ll see you soon. Bye.

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