Dying Light 2 – Release Date | Latest Information

Hey what is up guys welcome back to my
channel and today I’m going to be talking about dying light 2 release
date, Now the only reason why I’m making this video is because I’ve been getting
so many honestly so many comments , tweets and messages telling me that dying light
2 release date has been revealed or more like leaked so first I started
receiving these messages I thought people must be confused with the
placeholder dates but when I started getting more and more messages I started
looking at this seriously so when I started looking into the issue it
actually turns out that when you google dying light 2 you actually get this
thing in the results so this is what you used to get in the results almost one
week ago the Wikipedia page says that dying light 2 release in June 30th 2020
so yeah there is a release date right here but now in the present date if you
google dying light 2 the Wikipedia page says that dying light 2 will now
release in spring 2020 so yeah the page no longer has a date but wait wait wait
wait hold on when you open that Wikipedia page at the bottom you will
see that it says dying light 2 will release in June 30th 2020 this is the
exact line you can find right now you can go to this link and see at the
bottom this is what wikipedia says but we can’t just go on trust Wikipedia you
know because it’s definitely written by someone it’s not something you get
officially you can’t really go ahead and trust everything Wikipedia says so I
know there’s a lot of confusion here so I think it’s time to get some answers
also there are so many articles that are covering this thing saying that dying
light 2 release date has been leaked and this is when the game is going to come
out so you know I looked up every single article and all of them suggested one
source gamesindustry.biz website so everyone said that this is where we
got the information from so you know what let’s give it a visit to gamesindustry article so when you open the article that gamesindustry posted you
will see that it talks about Koch media as a distributor of games in fact the
whole article talks about different games and only has dying light 2
mentioned in two places so I’m going to read some following lines from the
article so despite the split over the original iteration of Dead Island 2
Koch media still remains close ties with Techland
in fact its distributing dying light 2 When it launches next year
but Koch media insists that there’s no conflict of interest here this is the
first line that you’ll find in the article that mentions dying light two but
when you go bottom at the bottom at the very bottom you will see correction a
previous version of the article reported dying light 2 release date as June 30th
2020 Koch media has since reached out to correct this as next year and we have
updated our article accordingly well the article changed and now it only says
spring 2020 Koch media actually got the date removed so there can be two
situations here first this might be a real release date and that’s why Koch
media got it removed so quick second Koch media got it removed because they
don’t want people to get confused and expect this game in June 30th because
the game might release early or later because it’s on Techland to decide that
and to be honest with you I exactly know what’s going on here since Techland
announced that Dying Light 2 will release in spring 2020 and if you were looking
for a release date all it actually needs is a Google search or some basic
knowledge that in most of the country’s spring happens during these months March ,
April , May and June these are the four months when spring happens like these
are the four basic months for spring so I guess if someone wanted to give a
release date out you know they can easily say last month or the last date
of spring which will be June 30 2020 so boom case solved oh you know what let
me explain you this even properly so you know how when sometimes developers don’t
give us a release date and sometimes we want to pre-order the game when they
have just been announced and no release date is available whenever we go to a
website like you know Gamestop or something like Walmart anything you know
when you go to a different website you will see a placeholder date that says
December 31st 2019 or December 31st 2020 this is how a placeholder date is
decided because they definitely know that the game will release at least this
year so all the do is give you a date and a month which is last day and the
last month of the year simple done so I guess people are doing the same thing
here what they’re doing is giving out a release date as June 30th 2020 Last
month and the last date of spring 2020 to be honest I’ll recommend we wait for
the official announcement from Techland and obviously I’ll tell you guys
everything about dying light 2 so whenever there is an official
announcement you know you will find a video on my channel regarding that also
remember one thing since the release date is in spring 2020
you can definitely definitely expect dying light 2 in March , April , May or
June that’s it this is all you need to know also June might be the best time
and the right time to release dying light 2 you know what Techland can do is
make an announcement at E3 2020 which is also happening in June and then release
the game later that month you know simple advertisement and kind of
promotion for the game E3 is literally happening in June 9 and will last till
June 11 but honestly I would love to see the game come out early but you know
it’s on Techland. Anyways hope you guys found this video helpful and join my discord
guys for more information like these you know debates and if you want to trade
your weapons you know you know what to do join my discord and there are some
more stuff we do in discord. so you join it boys and thank you for watching
I hope you found this video helpful and I will see you guys in the next video
good night and good luck


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