Dr Pearson discusses Knowing Your Heart Risks with FOX 9

– [Voiceover] Live from the twin cities, this is the Fox 9 Morning News. – You can see Dawn
wearing red this morning, as are you, and myself today, because it’s National Wear Red Day. – Yeah, the idea is to
bring awareness to something that affects all of us really, but of course it is the
number one killer of women. Heart disease, not cancer. A lot of people think it’s
cancer, it is heart disease. M.A. Rosko joins us live
from Mall of America where lots of free heart-healthy
women-friendly events are going on this weekend. M.A. – We are looking at some models who are getting ready to show us a fashion show a little
bit later this morning. They are student designs
that will be part of student designs and Macy’s fashions in a fashion show tomorrow, just one of the many free events going on for Go Red For Women weekend
here at the Mall of America. But in addition to watching a fashion show you can get some free health screening. So, so important and
that’s why we’re joined by Dr. Anne Pearson from HealthEast. And good morning. We’ve discussed already this morning that heart disease is the
number one killer of women. It’s also the number one killer of men, but that seems to be more widely accepted, and it’s still a bit of a
surprise to women sometimes that heart disease is their
number one health threat. – Absolutely, and I think
part of this whole campaign is just getting women more aware of their risk for heart disease, and I think we’ve done a
really great job for that. Now we’re kind of moving toward having women take action to make a difference in
their risk for heart disease. – So knowledge is power, and knowing your numbers is
a really great thing to do to reduce your risk of heart disease. What are the numbers you need to know? – Well, the numbers we’ll be
able to screen for everyone here tomorrow is the
numbers we’re talking about. That includes your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your cholesterol, even your weight as a part
of a body mass index number. – [M.A.] Now I understand that when the ladies come to the health screenings, they sometimes don’t wanna. They’re not as interested in
the body mass index number, (mumbles) them all. But you’re saying is very
discrete, don’t be shy. Your numbers are your numbers, no one else needs to know them. – Exactly, we’l; be writing
them down on a card for you and for you to share with your physician so you can make the changes
you may need to make, or at least discuss them. So not to worry, we
won’t tell anyone else. – Another thing that’s good to know is you don’t need to
fast for certain tests if you come tomorrow. – Yeah, normally for your
sugar or your cholesterol we would ask you to come fasting if you were at the physician’s office, but for here, a screening number, you don’t need to fast, just stop by. – Okay, so that’s happening tomorrow from 11:00 to 4:00 in Macy’s Court, where of course you’ll be
wearing red and get your 20% off. But you’ll also be doing
them throughout the month. – Yes, HealthEast has several
sites that we’ll be doing through the month, some in our hospitals, but if you wanna find out where and you can’t make it out here tomorrow, to healtheast.org website, and just enter screenings for a keyword and you’ll find out all of our
sites that we’re doing that. – And finally I just wanna
leave people with the idea that sometimes heart
disease or a heart attack may present differently in
women than it does for men. Explain that real quickly. – Sure. For men we think of that
crushing chest pain, left arm pain, and that
can happen for women too, but sometimes it’s more subtle. It’s real chronic fatigue
issues or anxiety, something less obvious. – Well, Dr. Anne Pearson, thank you so much for
joining us from HealthEast. When we come back we’re gonna talk about some of the other things you can do besides quitting smoking. Are you glad I got that in? – Yeah. – Thanks. Besides quitting smoking, you can maybe work out a little bit and we’ve got some ideas for you right here at the Mall of America to up that a little bit, and maybe I better get on
board with that as well. So stick around, we’re gonna talk about working
out and getting healthy. – Yeah, you can exercise
at the Mall of America, walk around with some tennis shoes, and do a little shopping. – A lot of people do, lot of people do. Thank you, M.A.

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