Doing Knowledge Management Right | With eGain

We list 6 things, 6 attributes that we feel are critical to effective knowledge management Guidance, you can have knowledge management that is essentially just a search tool. Its knowledge you get the information or You can have the ability to guide the visitor or the custom or the business through an interactive session to the right single answer, and that creates a level of confidence and brand that is very different from a search model. The second thing, as I mentioned, was knowledge management. Knowledge management done right can transform your business. What I find particularly remarkable about it is the benefit, the impact it can have on your operation and your core metrics. We’re talking about reducing training time by 70%. We’re talking about changing FCR by 30%. We talking about increasing NPS by 20 points. These are Incredible metrics with knowledge management done right. Proactive knowledge, in other words when the visitor is on your website and has come the second time in the last month and has spent more than 30 seconds on the checkout page and not yet click the buy button. All that and rules can be set around that very easily. You want to be able to pop a little piece of content that says Hey, maybe you need some help here, or maybe we can give you free shipping. Proactive knowledge, makes the engagement lot more interesting. Personalization. As the amount of information keeps exploding, the number of touch points keep increasing the biggest challenge that many companies we talked to seemed to struggle with is how do I cope with managing all this knowledge all this content and how do I present only the relevant bits to the right customer? How do I make it targeted? How do I make it effective and removing the clutter from content is one of the most pressing requirements in creating the right experience. Federated, this is an important part for all of us who deal with real content and violence. In a real content environment, you will always have lots of existing content, and you’re putting a layer of knowledge on top of it. So it’s important for that existing content to get reused and So our customers recognize the importance of federating into that existing content to start out the knowledge process. Social. As you see more and more knowledge tools out there, what your knowledge system should be able to do is to take the input and feedback and ideas that are coming from Not just your knowledge authors, but also your knowledge users. That’s the essence of social, so your teams, your customers, your partners, everyone should be able to contribute but you need to have the Process of curating it, editing it, ensuring its quality, and eventually bringing it into your knowledge system. So you see the difference, and that’s the subtlety of knowledge. You can get incredible value out of a technology that allows you to do that.

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