Doctor of Philosophy: Preparing Nurse Researchers to Generate New Knowledge

[Moen] The PhD program that was established 40
years ago the University of Maryland School of Nursing was both a challenging
and wonderful experience. [Robinson] When I started investigating other programs I noticed that a lot of universities had DNP programs, but a DNP was not what I was
looking for. I wanted a PhD. I was looking to do research, to generate new knowledge, and University of Maryland had that program here, and it also had an abundance of resources around. [Johantgen] Our PhD program really focuses on developing the students
research, so half of the 60 required credits are really allowing the student
to develop their own expertise through research practicums and rotations,
electives and of course their dissertation. [Ogbolu] Students come out of that first year with I really a strong foundation about thinking about life
differently and thinking about what they know differently, and to me that seems to
be a critical point that opens up the window for students to really kind of
have the capacity to generate new knowledge, because they’re open to
different ways of thinking. [Robinson] The greatest strengths of this program is that there
are a large availability of resources. There is the School of Social Work,
Pharmacy, Medicine — these are all places that you are able to tap into in order
to gain insight into what it is you’re looking to study. [Ogbolu] You get exposed to different ways of thinking from different students and
different schools and it allows you to really strengthen your research
questions. [Johantgen] We have a large program and that means we have a lot of faculty that
are available and have diverse interests. Many of our faculty practice, so they
bring their own clinical research expertise and work with other faculty on
campus to really bring a diversity in terms of their research interests. And
they’re available to students, they’re eager to work with students through their
research rotations and practicums because it enriches their research. [Robinson] They will help you tailor your study in a way that you won’t successfully achieve what
you’re looking to find. [Moen] With my mentors I’ve been able to share my experiences
nationally and locally, and it’s been well-received and I’ve been afforded
opportunities that I certainly wouldn’t — would not have — had, had I not gone
through a PhD program and specifically this program.

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