DIY SCIENCE PRANKS You Should Try! Learn How To Prank Your Friends With Science Experiments & Tricks

*Music playing* Wengie & Wendy: Hey guys, it’s Wengie, and, Wendy! Welcome back, and, science hug! Wendy: And, today, we’re gonna, be doing science experiments, together! Wendy & Wengie: And, without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey Wengie, what’s in this cup? *Music playing* Wengie: Errr, nothing! *Music playing* Wendy: Yep, it’s invisible water! *Music playing* Wengie: What do you mean? That doesn’t exist! (Silence) Wendy: Let me show you! *Music playing* (Noise) Wengie: Whoaaa! What? No way, you really, can have invisible water! How do you make it? *Music playing* Wengie: All you need to make your own invisible water, is baking soda, and, vinegar! Wengie: Just pour a quarter cup of water into a quarter cup of baking soda, preferably, into a lipped container! Wengie: Then, just hold it, slightly, tilted, over a plastic cup; it may look like, nothing’s happening at all, but you’re actually, creating carbon dioxide gas, which is collecting in your cup, below, because, it’s actually heavier than air, and, it’s falling into the cup! Wengie; Then, when you pour the cup onto the flame, the carbon dioxide gas falls onto the flame, and, snaps it up! (Noise) Wend; Hey Wengie, you know those floating balloons at party? I can make one! Wengie; Oh, what, yeah, yeah, can I have some? *Music playing* Wendy: What? Helium, I don’t need that, watch this! *Music playing* Wengie: Did you know that you can make your own helium balloon, just using some aluminium foil, drain cleaner, some bottles, and, water? Wengie: Well, technically, it’s not helium, it’s hydrogen, but, the effect is pretty, much the same! Wengie: Just take some aluminium, rip it up into small pieces, and, roll them up into little balls, you can throw into a glass bottle, this reaction generates a lot of heat, so, make sure, the bottle is heat-resistant, and, sturdy, and, make sure, you have adult supervision, or, wear gloves! Wengie: Once you’ve got enough bits of aluminium into your bottle, pour in about two tablespoons of drain cleaner! Wengie: For the final step, just pour in some water, and, quickly, pop your balloon, over the bottle, to catch all the hydrogen! Wengie: Whoa, it’s bubbling! *Music playing* Wengie: Warning, though, this might take a little while, just saying! Wendy: And, we’re done, finally! Wengie: Yeah! Wengie: When your balloon is filled up, just, tie it up, and, it should float, just like a helium balloon! Wendy: And, with any luck, this should float, but, I need you guys’ help, to make this float, so, if you guys can find the like button, in three seconds, and, click it, this should work, ready, guys, 3,2,1, awesome, let’s make this float! Wendy: Are you ready, Wengie? Wendy & Wengie: 3,2,1! *Music playing* Wengie: Whoa! So cool! *Music playing* Wendy: We lost it! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, my lighter is better than your lighter! *Music playing* Wendy: What? No, aren’t all lighters, the same? Wengie: Uh-uh, my flame splits in the air! Wendy: What? No way! *Music playing* Wengie: Check this out! *Music playing* Wendy: What? *Music playing* Wengie: See, it’s splitting flame! *Music playing* Wendy: No way! Wengie: Cool, right! Wendy: How did you do that? *Music playing* Wendy: It’s a normal lighter! *Music playing* Wendy: Tell me how you did it! *Music playing* Wengie: This ghost lighter trick looks hard to do, but, it’s actually, quite, simple! Wengie: First, you need to remove the top part of your lighter, and, be careful, if you’re using something, sharp, like me, to pry it off, or, get an adult to do this! Wengie: After that, you’ll need to remove the ink tube, from any pen! Wengie: Cut off the empty part of the ink tube, off, so, you can get the pen ink, directly, then, you need to push the tube straight, onto this little pipe, that’s on the lighter, to cover it in ink! Wengie: Then, just replace the lid of your lighter, and, now, you should have a ghost flame, when you light it up! Wengie: Pretty, cool, huh, honestly, I’m not sure why this works, let me know in the comments, if you know the answer! (Noise) Wengie: Hey Wendy, I’ve been, practising, some, dark magic, and, I think, I’ve learned to summon a monster! Wendy: Oh, Wengie, you, and, your crazy ideas! *Music playingh Wengie: Fine, show me a monster! Wengie: Yes! *Music playing* Wengie: Summon your own, scary, monster, you’ll need some sand, baking soda, sugar, some zipper fluid, and, parental supervision! Wengie: First, add one part, baking soda, to four parts, sugar, and, mix it well! Wengie: Next, put some sand in a heat-proof bowl, I used a saucepan for this, and then, squirt some zipper fluid right into the sand, you want to make sure, there’s plenty of fluid, so, the sand keeps burning, and, you want to shape the sand into a small hill, and then, press a small crater, in the middle of the hill! Wengie: Next, you need to carefully, pour your baking soda, and, sugar mixture, into the crater, so that, it’s roughly, a circle, now, carefully, light your sand, with a lighter, and, watch, your monsters come to life! (Silent movement) Wengie: And, it’s time to summon the monster! *Music playing* Wendy: Whoa! What is that? *Music playing* Wengie: Look, it’s coming out! Wendy: It looks a little, black slug! Wengie: Ohhhhh, whoa! *Music playing* Wengie: They’re little monsters, right now! *Music playing8 Wendy: Whoooaaaaa! *Music playing* Wendy: Whoaaa! What? Crazy! Wengie: His name is Bob! (Silence) Wendy: What, really? (Noise) (Silent movement) Wengie: His name was Bob! Wendy: Oh, Angela! (Silent movement & noise) Wengie: Hey Wendy, I can change these teabags into rockets! Wendy: What? No, you can’t, last time, I checked, you don’t work for NASA! Wengie: Fine, I’ll prove it, let me show you! *Music playing* Wengie: This trick is super, easy to do, using, just the teabag, and, a lighter! Wengie: Let’s take out your teabag, and, cut away the sting, which holds the teabag, together; you’ll be able to open up the bag, and, pour out all the tea, onto a plate, and, now, you’ll be left with just a hollow tube! Wengie: Honestly, guys, I never, realised, that a teabag would be a folded up tube of paper, anyways, just stand a teabag, on its end, light the top with a lighter, and then, just wait, for the magic! *Music playing* Wengie: Light the tube! *Music playing* Wendy: It’s not a rocket, it’s not going anywhere! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahhh! Wendy: Whoaaa, it’s a rocket, what just happened? *Music playing* Wengie: Little one! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, I’m gonna, poke a whole bunch of holes, through the bag, and, the water’s not, gonna, split! Wendy: No, that’s like, defying the rules of things, and, stuff, that can’t happen! Wengie: Let me show you! *Music playing* Wengie: Check this out! *Music playing* Wendy: Uhh! *Music playing* Wendy: What? *Music playing* Wendy: Holey Moley! *Music playing* Wengie: See, no drop, spilt! Wendy: My father’s pens, last week, you owe me a packet! (Silent movement) Wengie: Fine! (Noise) Wendy: Hey, Wengie, let’s have a competition, and, see how many bubbles, we can blow, inside a bubble! Wengie: Okay, how do we make it? Wendy: I’ll show you! *Music playing* Wengie; In order to prepare this epic bubble solution, you’ll need some dishwashing detergent, glycerine, and, some water! Wengie: The amounts don’t need to be exact, for this to work, but, I found, mixing about four parts, detergent, one part, glycerine, works well, for me, make sure it’s mixed together, well, and then, take some of your mixture, and, rub it, on whatever surface, you’ll be doing it on, and, now, you’re ready to create epic bubbles, inside bubbles! Wwngie: If you try this at home, let me know how many you can make, and, see if you can beat Wendy’s number! *Music playing* Wendy: Ready, go! *Music playing* Wengie: Uhh, ahh, no! *Music playing* Wendy: Nooo! *Music playing* Wengie: Mine’s here! *Music playing* Wendy: Nooo! *Music playing* Wendy: She’s done! *Music playing* Wendy: Yes! (Noise) Wengie: One, two, three, four, five, you got four, how come yours looks better, than mine? *Music playing* Wengie: I did this before! (Noise) Wendy: Mmm, milk! Wendy: Awesome, let’s make hot chocolate, I’ve got marshmallows! (Noise) Wendy: What? *Music playing* Wengie: To make this epic, milky rainbow, just pour some milk into a shallow dish! Wengie: Next, place some drops of food dye, randomly, around the disk, or, you can try, make a pattern, like me! Wengie: Then, just dip a skewer, into some dishwashing detergent, and, place it, right in the middle of your dish, and, watch what happens to the colours! Wengie: Pretty, amazing, right, this happens because the dish-soap, binds the fat molecules in the milk, and, pushes the water part of the milk, away, which is why, we can see the colours, move around, so, quickly, try this at home, using, milk with different amounts of fat, like full cream, versus skim, and, see the differences! Wendy: Look at those colours! Wengie; Isn’t this better, than hot chocolate? Wendy: No, you can’t drink it! *Music playing* Wengie: I hope you guys, enjoy these science experiments, with me, and, Wendy, and, right now, I’m doing a Mac-Book Air giveaway, to one of my family members, and, to become a #wengiecorn, just click the subscribe button, down below, also, join my #notificationsquad, by clicking the bell, right here, because, I’ll be liking, and, replying to a bunch of early comments, every week, and, I love to chat with you! Wengie: Also, huge shout-out to my #notificationsquad member of the week, and, my #wengiecorn of the week, congratulations guys, if you guys want a shout-out, and, you want to find out how to get one, there’s instructions in the description box, down below, and, during the week, you follow me on social media, for behind-the-scenes, so, until next week, I’m gonna miss you guys, so, so, so, so, much, so, I’ll see you guys then, bye, love you!


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