Divine Knowing Office Location – San Elijo Hills, San Marcos, CA | 1-800-KNOWING

I’m located in San Elijo Hills, San
Marcos, California and I attract clients in San Diego area from Oceanside
downtown San Diego and Chula Vista , La Jolla, Encinitas, Del Mar and
I love seeing people in person. I have people that travel down from LA, in Orange
County and it’s special to see people in person and a lot of people want the
experience of my office, of my energy and just to share a hug. It’s special to me too,
I’m a people person, I love my clients and sharing that warm embrace,
but people are efficient and time is, is something precious, people get busy,
so a reading over the phone can be very efficient and I have local people that
use phone readings and I have people that fly in from long distances when
they can and still have phone readings when they’re home.

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