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��Today s topic is a very interesting
one. We are going to talk about distraction, why we get distracted, why we jump from reading
one click baity headline to another, why we constantly scroll down on our Facebook or
LinkedIn feed and how detrimental this behavior is to our careers. We are mostly going to
talk about the root cause of this behavior, because that s what I like doing in my channel.
Instead of telling you what not to do, I d prefer telling you why this is happening so
you can solve the problem at the root level. Ok? Hope you enjoy; We are drawn to information. Any information.
It s innate. But let me tell you why this is the case.
Why it s innate. From the time of Lucy, 3.2 million years ago
up until the 15th century when printing press was invented, the information was scarce.
The information didn t pass through generations. We had a lot more questions than we had answers. The further you go back the bigger the question
marks get. Now when things changed with printing press
in 15th century, and then the internet now, our brains want to binge on any available
information. It s genetic. It s written in our codes. It s like as if you haven t eaten food the
whole day, and in the evening you are presented with this big beautiful table of every food
you love in the world. You have access to infinite amount of food. Anything you want,
you can eat. That s the internet in terms of availability of information. Now, I am going to give you a weird analogy. That table where you have access to all the
food, now, some of that food have high nutritional value but not necessarily very tasty; like
Broccoli, and some are very delicious but have no nutritional value, like desserts. Now, continuing with the same analogy, your
desserts on that table is equivalent to funny cat videos, the click baity headlines, watching
Vlogs in YouTube, I call this Candy content. And your nutritional food, is equivalent to
your educational content. I d like to think my channel is one of them. Makes sense? Now, this poses a very big problem for you. The problem is, the information you consume
is no longer as valuable as before. Because the poor thing, the brain doesn t
have a filtering mechanism built into it. It s sort of like an add-on you develop later
in life. You are not born with it. And if you don t develop that filter, at least
the awareness of candy information, it s danger to your career or life in general, you will
suffer. You will suffer because you are going to take advice from all the wrong people. That s where the danger is. Today, everybody can have a YouTube channel
or a website, or publish a book on Amazon and even become a best seller author, and
if they know a thing or two about marketing, That doesn t make them an expert though, does
it? In this era, the successful people are the
ones who develop the ability to filter out the bad or candy information and only consider
the nutritional information under the right context and relevancy. I want to talk about
this context and relevancy a bit more. Let me give you an example. up until 20 years ago, there was almost no
way that one person can take a look at the investment portfolio of the richest investors
in the world. Right? I mean could you really walk up to Warren Buffett and say; hey can
you please share with me your entire investment portfolio? Not possible. Now, things are different. You can pretty
much take a look at the investment portfolio of any company, hedge funds, mutual funds,
you name it. But is that a good thing? Is it good for your
investments? Here s what happened a few weeks ago, someone
I know came to me for an investment advice last week. He was asking me, hey Deniz I saved
up around 10,000 dollars, and here s my plan, what do you think? He says to me, I am going
to invest my 10,000 dollars like this; 5% in gold, 5% in silver, 5% in government bonds,
5% in real estate funds, 5% in private bonds, 5% bla bla index funds, and so on. Then, he
tells me that this is the exact strategy Kevin O Leary follows. Now, this guy is around his early 30s, around
6 years younger than I am, and his entire savings is 10,000. He doesn t need the money
and he has a relatively stable job. So, here s what I said to him. Kevin O Leary
s risk threshold is not the same as yours. You lose 50% of your money, you lose 5,000
dollars, not a lot of money and it s the kind of money that you can replace within a couple
of months. But Kevin O Leary loses 50% his money, he loses 2 billion dollars. Do you
see that as same situation? It s not. There is a major difference in terms of risk threshold
here. Be careful where you are getting your advice
from, once you know that it s a credible source, then dig deeper to make sure it s relevant
to you. Most lives or careers are ruined just because
implementing the wrong advice. Let me give you one more example, You already know about The Career Mastery
and my LIG program, right? I hope you do. Because, that s the reason why this channel
exists. That s where I teach you how to have an amazing career and have jobs with multinational
companies. If you haven t already, I ll put a link down in the description, go take a
look and see if it s right for you. It s not right for everyone. Now, one of my competitors launched a website
forum with good intentions, and it really got big, I think around 10,000 members joined. I need you to understand something here. Everyone who joined that forum is looking
for a job. Pretty much everyone there is unemployed. So, it s a perfect environment for me to go
in and Spy on my competitor what they are doing and also better understand the needs
of my customer persona for my LIG program. Anyway, I registered to the forum and I was
absolutely shocked. 10,000 members right, all of them are unemployment
or underemployed, they are asking their questions in the website, and the other people in same
situation answer. And all the answers they give are wrong. Just pure wrong. It s clear
they don t understand how the recruitment really happens in the background, they don
t understand how to take advantage of the gaps, how to eliminate competition, how to
prepare a resume for certain industries, for hiring managers review. So all the members
of the group know everything wrong. So, imagine; everyday 100s of questions being asked in
the forum, and then they get answered wrong by other people in the same group who are
in the same situation. Then, they thank each other for their support.
If anything, you should curse that guy for recommending something that will ruin your
career. Not thank him. I mean if you are to get a career advice, you get it from someone
who achieved it, right? Who is successful. Someone you look up to, right? That s the
entire purpose people employ mentors, and coaches, and consultants. You look for an expert. So, the point is just
because that person has a platform to voice out his opinion doesn t mean you should listen
to it. It s just a bad neighborhood to hang out. It s like one of those dangerous streets
you know, a street dealer comes to you one day and say hey crack cocaine is the best,
you say no, but then the next day another person says the same thing, 3rd day the same,
4th day the same, and then you are like, you know what everyone around me is saying that
crack cocaine is fine and good for my health, I might as well use it. I mean, what everyone
is wrong? It s exactly the same situation. If I could draw a chart showing the status
of today s information vs in 1990s, it would be like this, we are in an era of information
abundance but majority being useless or detrimental to your success. Now, what can you do about it? What can you
do about this distraction, jumping from one headline to another one, constantly scrolling
down on your LinkedIn or Facebook feed. First of all, embrace it. Understand that
you are privileged to be living in this era of information abundance. There are about 7 billion people alive today
and these are the luckiest ones amongst the 107 billion humans ever lived so far. Once you embrace it, and understand this privilege,
then treat it as you would treat your diet. You wouldn t consume 2 kilos of Nutella in
one sitting right? You wouldn t. So, don t do the same when it comes to consuming your
candy information. So, understand the difference between candy
information and nutritional information. Each time you are consuming information, either
reading an article, watching a YouTube video, ask yourself the question, is this is a candy
content or a nutritional content? If it s a candy content, do I have the luxury to consume
it at the moment? Maybe it s after a long and hard day at work,
you were very productive, so why not. Reward yourself. Enjoy it. But if you haven t deserved
it yet, then make sure you do something productive to deserve that candy information. Be disciplined
about it, just like how you are disciplined about your food diet. Now, you may say; But Deniz, consuming 2 kilos of chocolate
has an actual cost. So, it s easy to be disciplined about that. But consuming 20 funny cat videos
or time wasting articles has no cost. If you say that, it would be a wrong statement.
Distractions candy information steal your energy. You have a finite amount of glucose
available for you in a day until it gets replenished again. The more you use it for candy information,
the less you have for nutritional information and also you have less for decision making,
planning, and being creative. It s a tradeoff. You just need to understand this trade off.
Your ability to stay focused rest of the day goes down as you have less glucose available
for those tasks now. Now, before I conclude the video, I want to
talk about an exception to this situation. The exception is that It s not always a harmless
just time wasting activity consuming candy information. Sometimes it s an addiction.
It s an addiction that gets you constantly distracted by all this junk of information,
all the time. You just can t concentrate, you can t do anything, you can t perform well
at work, you constantly check your phone for a whatsapp message or your Facebook feed. Now, this is very dangerous. Let me explain
what this is. See, human beings have this innate need to
bond and to connect. When you are happy and healthy, you bond with your friends and family.
But when you can t, then you will bond with something that gives you some sense of relief,
whether it s pornography, Facebook Feed, Linked Feed, Reddit, Heroine, Cigarettes, video games
whatever it is that gives you that sense of relief. You WILL bond with something because
that is our human nature. And the path out of unhealthy bonds, is establishing healthy
bonds. If you are constantly checking your phone, reading Facebook, getting distracted
by candy information at work, that means you haven t bonded with your work or with your
colleagues. So, if you work on establishing stronger bond with your work and with your
colleagues, as a result you ll see your bond with distraction will gradually diminish.
It s guaranteed. Hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did,
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