Discernment: Knowing What’s Right for Us

Today we’re going to talk about
discernment. This is a tricky term because some people, they have this this
play of words. They think, “Well, discernment is something that I practice,
because I’m not judgmental. I only discern, you know.” It’s kind of funny,
because, if you listen carefully, these kinds of folks will say,” I’m not
judgmental, I’m just discerning that I don’t like
you. I’m just discerning that you’re a jerk.” And yet clearly
it’s a judgment, so it gets really,` really tricky the idea discernment versus
judgment and what place does discernment have in our lives. So let’s take a look
at that and one thing I want to share before we kind of launch into the
questions specific questions is that you know discernment is I’m going to give
you some tangible tools for discernment but you know there’s there’s people that
will love a teaching love a teacher love a philosophy or whatever and then fall
out of love with it and they might say well you know this this is not good I
liked it but it’s not evolved enough or it’s not that you know they’ll find some
thing they don’t like about it so one thing I want to share though is
discernment can be done without judgment you can discern that you know this
certain thing isn’t your style certain diet isn’t your thing and that’s fine
it’s just not your thing but it’s like saying look this isn’t my thing
instead of saying that’s wrong my discernment my or or the rules of nature
or say this or politics say this facts science you know and we try to back
these things we have to have some sort of proof that something is or isn’t good
or healthy or whatever if you’re gonna say that you’re not judgmental about
these things then really one way to discern that is whether you’re speaking
about yourself know you know I’m good then that doesn’t work for me or I
really like this particular thing instead of you’ve got to do this this is
the highest this is the and so on and it gets very tricky
because for example joining with God communion with God is better than
day-to-day philosophy intellectual philosophies of life you know so in in a
sense we still can say something is more advanced but even then if for somebody
else let’s say that it’s true that something you’re studying or something
you’re doing is really really more powerful in its effect it’s vibration
and so on and you say to somebody this is this is more evolved than the thing
you’re studying that may be true even measurable vibrationally but where
compassion comes in is that you say wow you know what it didn’t occur to me this
may not be the highest for you or at this time see I don’t have to say I
guess you just don’t get it you’re not evolve de nuff to study this
that’s judgment again and and it means you’re not even getting likely getting
the thing you’re studying you know if you’re gonna throw out lines like that
so it does get a little bit tricky there are things that seem to be higher in
frequency higher in vibration supposedly even measurably so you know what
consciousness is higher than gods I could say gods consciousness is
obviously the highest consciousness of all and you could say no no you know I
think that Socrates is wiser than God you know that could be your opinion and
for you that would be right no sense in arguing with people and I’m not dissing
Socrates I’m just using up a made-up example so you know there are things
that we can say this is or isn’t but it’s really just opinions on earth we
have opinions and opinions in a sense are different than facts which are
different than truth what’s really nice is when the facts align with the truth
and our opinions all of these things when they’re all aligned that’s pretty
cool but when opinions differ from the facts
it gets really conflicting for some people and when that’s different then
lowercase T truth that gets even more challenging worst of all is when none of
these things resonate with the highest truth the capital T of God so for me
personally I’d like to stay in alignment as much as possible I try to to allow
the truth of God to reflect into the truth of Michael meaning my way of
expressing the truth of God but if my way of expressing it starts to differ so
much that the truth of God capital T doesn’t even have a T in it anymore even
though it’s shifts to a lowercase T meaning from the capital T the all God
consciousness lowercase team which means it drops down into the material world
the four points of across the T the material world so it’s still the truth
but it’s from a material human perspective I’m good with that because
it still reflects the truth of God I typically am not going to get into
conversations with people on opinions try to stay out of opinions there’s a
discernment you can use I’m discerning that it’s not going to be the greater
good for me to engage with these opinions and somebody’s out there that’s
gonna say mine’s not an opinion mine’s a fact it’s a fact science has
proven that Democrats are better than Republicans or vice versa it’s a fact is
it you know and they throw these things out there the more they try to use
so-called facts usually the more disconnected from the truth that they
are and they have to then compensate with facts facts that can be manipulated
into looking a certain way and supporting opinions and the opinions are
still removed from the lowercase t truth of you know truth that might be there in
our consciousness which you know then is still removed from the truth of God so
opinions are really usually far away from the truth of God I’m suggesting
that we all learn to say how how do I stay in the light of that capital t
truth when a stand in the truth of God let it let it become the truth as I
understand it I’m okay to to say you know it shifts into a material
interpretation in my life here so to my truth and then now I would like
to see my my feelings my opinions and the facts line up with that when the
facts and opinions shift out of alignment with truth you have a problem
and that’s when it’s time to say wait a second something’s not feeling quite
right and that’s a good thing to discern see if you don’t know how to discern
that oops something’s shifted out um I’m I’m just discerning that I don’t feel
quite aligned that’s okay that’s healthy in my opinion that’s healthy
so we shift out we say whoops something’s not feeling right discern
from your feeling is a great way to say I get something’s kind of off even if
I’m not factually able to support it in some way saying it’s a fact that that
something’s out of alignment it doesn’t matter I allow truth and then lowercase
t truth and then even my sense of feeling to say mmm you know in my
opinion something’s shifting off here and the
facts may not support it but it’s not the hierarchy it’s not the highest you
know voice for me truth is lowercase truth second my
opinions aligned with that truth last third and then last facts most people
will actually live by facts alone and that’s okay that’s okay that’s where
they’re at it’s just not for me so the ego is going to try to create its
own version of facts and that’s why some of us have had relationships with people
who who verbally mentally just like bull in a china shop they just forced
themselves in you know with no you don’t get it here’s the here’s the true this
is the fact that you don’t get it this science has proven you can tell if you
listen it sounds like they’re intensely confident but in fact they’re becoming
more and more intensely not so confident which is why they have to get louder and
use facts it’s very sad if you think about it we
don’t feel sad about them at the time because they just act like you know
control freaks or jerks but when you sit separate from the incident you know if
you can get yourself out of that look at it from a bigger standpoint you realize
wow when I really think about it this person’s insecure and they’re
trying to use facts which are almost like fake little puppets because they
don’t know how to connect with the light of God the real relationship of God and
you and you know it’s on so they have to they’re segmented from that so they have
to create little false relationships with thing called call things called
facts and say look look this proves us this proves this and that never ends
people will argue that’s why politics and things they it just doesn’t end
because people are not shifting back into wait a minute wait what about God I
always admire people in high positions like politicians and so forth the few
that do their best to actually step aside set aside self and listen to God I
just admire that because they’re in a world that does so little of that it’s
meaning it’s it’s been designed or twisted to be designed in a way that
doesn’t allow God technically all things can receive God’s guidance in them but
politics is one that has you know progressively edged God out and created
its own little system and it’s a great system not great in a
good way great meaning perfect for dysfunctional consciousness
perfect for argumentativeness and never coming up with solutions every solution
has almost the same amount of oppositional arguments and they just
there’s never peace you know it’s like how could that be I mean it doesn’t even
make sense to me to create a system like that I would not be able to do that I
would not be able to have a household where everybody they call it checks and
balances which is suppose it’s supposed to mean
we keep ego in check that’s supposed to be what it means but instead we’ll keep
everything in check we say yes there’ll be just as many knows say no there’ll be
just as many S’s everything stays in conflict and that’s not God and you
could say well let’s look at that is that an opinion yes one that’s aligned
with the truth how do I know that I know it you may not agree so you can say well
no I don’t see it that way that’s fine that’s where you do your best to get
your opinions to line what you see to be the truth for me knowing what the truth
of God is which is peace love oneness conflict doesn’t align with that
therefore I don’t see it has something that you know is congruent with the way
of God and I do believe there is a way to do that but I don’t believe most
people are willing to try and most systems aren’t allowing it because the
systems are created by people so I have some questions here from you folks and
you know and and the last thing I want to share before I go into the specific
questions is these truths when you’re asking these questions you’ll understand
why I’m doing a prelude to this it’s because people have this almost like a
you know everybody’s got this even in spirituality this ad D attitude like
they can’t keep their attention very long on anything so they go you know hey
what you’ve been doing lately oh I’m doing great man I’ve been taking care of
my health and you know doing some yoga and really
enjoying my life you know Oh yoga oh I did that 20 30 years ago now I’m into
and they’ve got some new thing they’re into check with them five years from now
and they’re into something else and the next thing and the next thing that’s
that’s people that follow fads whether it’s author fads or teacher fads or
teaching fads or movie fads there’s something that they’re into now if
they’re doing that and there’s a pattern of it at all chances are they’re gonna
be into something else tomorrow proverbial you know tomorrow so that’s
not really a teaching or a teacher that I would be into following yeah I’m into
this guy who changes his mind every other day so I’m really somewhat proud
of the fact that what I know is pretty consistent and I ask you try to find a
way to be consistent instead of shifting oh this today I’m a pagan but up now
pagans gone that’s all that’s silly now more evolved I’m a Buddhist
and then the Buddhist you know you walk around acting you know pseudo Buddhist
is most of most Buddhist or pseudo Buddhist I’m not saying ones that are
sincerely following the practice I’m talking about people that claim to be in
that lifestyle or consciousness most of them are not real you know but you know
you you now you know they’re into that and then that shifts to something else
and you know whatever it’s like it’s just it’s all just part of the game it’s
all an illusion and it’s very sad but it tells me that’s not for me I’m looking
God is God is and because God is God is consistent and so for me one way to know
how I’m doing about my in terms of integrating my spirituality is to know
how consistent I am if I’m hopping around with different belief systems and
it’s not it doesn’t for me it doesn’t resonate as real now mind you I teach on
just about every subject Under the Sun honestly I don’t know of teachers that
have such a broad spectrum of topics but underneath it there’s one consistent
thing and that’s what I did God God is and then I can teach about paganism and
I can teach about evolution and I can teach about cosmology and astrology and
whatever mysticism whatever but under it God is and so that’s kind of a nice a
nice thing to know that I could teach these things but nothing changes for me
in terms of the core of it all God is it’s our return to God that
really matters most so I don’t you know I don’t I’m not really impressed with
people that jump around a lot I think it’s a sense of loyalty but it’s also a
sense of groundedness but it’s also a sense of this works why would I change
it and it’s always worked the the choice to believe that God is I am we are and
so it is and getting back to that you know keeping that as our core to me
that’s fantastic so I you know for example you you guys you know we all
have people there as a teacher there’s people that love me they love my
teachings and then they hate me hate my teachings well wait if you ever truly
loved me meaning any of us to Benny if you ever
truly loved my teachings then you got them right you got it
you couldn’t have loved it without getting it if you really got it how
could you start hating it see so when people say you know they love us and
then all of a sudden they’re not in love with us and they go even that they
dislike us later what it means is if they were never real cuz love does not
die it cannot die love is a reflection of God and God cannot die so when you
know then just understand forgive them they know not what they do but it does
tell us in a sense that’s a discernment on relationships and discernment on
students when you’re a teacher be careful not to too overly invest in or
take on oh how much they love and respect I thank you when you say that
thank you it’ll only be between you and God to
know if that’s real or not you can tell me you like me you can tell me you like
my teachings I appreciate it but is it real because I only care about it if
it’s real you can tell me you like my teachings but if it’s not real what does
that matter to me I don’t care how am I gonna know if it’s real only you and God
know so I leave it to you and we all need to do that with others people they
like you they don’t like you stay out of the investment of it appreciate it when
they seem to like you don’t lose your when they don’t seem to like you but
just know it does confirm that they were never real in the first place they were
coming from some momentary agenda or some momentary glitz you know some
momentary thing that that they thought that you know a thing that they liked
about you or something they thought they’d get from you but if it changes it
wasn’t real so it’s okay all right questions people asking this
is all these are a variety of questions but they’re all under one umbrella
discernment so briefly and some of you have posted these on YouTube some on my
Facebook page and some email this is about health should I use an allopathic
physician or use allopathic medicine or holistic medicine great question you
know what if you have a major illness and you try to handle it holistically
everyone watching this has known at least one person that has done things
holistically that didn’t work and everybody watching this has also tried
one thing at least one thing allopathic aliy which means mainstream medicine
that did not work yet talk to either group and they’re all gonna say you know
oh that thing doesn’t work I know somebody who tried that it did more
they’re gonna blame each other what I’m saying is there’s a place for all of it
discernment doesn’t mean you have to choose one thing or another try to learn
to honor everything has its place and it’s all an illusion in this world
anyway but everything has its place well in the illusion you know if you said to
me if you know unfortunately I’ve not really been sick much in my life you
know but let’s say I had a full-blown flu and I don’t know that I’ve ever even
had a flow I’ve never had the vomiting and stuff people have every so often
sometimes every flu season they call it you know that’s really great because
them it’s predictable season oh oh here it comes and then they get it again but
if I were to have some full-blown flu and it caused what they say you know
aches or vomiting or whatever it is I could sit and sip on
organic herbal tea and it’s kind of nice to know that what I’m taking in is
organic so that feels kind of cold but if I’m really hurting and sick what if I
have to you know pick up my kids at school if they’re little or something
you know and I got to get to the school together and there’s a drug of medicine
that knocks out the symptoms for a couple of hours I think I would take
that if I were you why not oh it’s dangerous it could do
this and then well yeah a meteor could hit you too but right now the kids need
picked up at school so go you know it’s okay it’s like my this is what I’m
sharing here is is you know the best I can explain to be the truth of God
reflected in a human thing I’m not gonna get into arguments about opinions or
pseudo facts I’m just gonna say here’s what feels right but I am sharing it
from me and you might not agree but be careful not to get too polarized and say
right wrong just chill and understand they’ll allow everything to have its
place just like I said about people studying something that might not seem
as evolved as something you’re studying that it’s good for them now so learn to
be accepting not enabling but accepting of where people are at so I would just
say there’s a place for it and and a time for it and if you have a relative
that’s going for surgery and you don’t believe in it the last thing you should
be doing is shaming them for having surgery or taking medicine pills because
they have depression well just get over it that’s that’s actually hurtful and
inappropriate it doesn’t join with them it doesn’t
honor them you’re wrong in them and then them going on to your version of what’s
right could actually cause them harm and then it’s on you so allow accept love is
what it is someone asked which is better vegan diets or you know others like the
variety of meat-eating and vegan and so on again I’ve you know I’ve personally
until now experimenting a little I’ve never
had vegetables in my life but I also never ate meat some people here that I
don’t eat meat they think oh he’s a vegan or vegetarian others think the
opposite when they hear the opposite I don’t really I’ve never done either
you know and that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion or a voice or an idea to
share with you but I will say again accepting it’s important to love meat
eaters even if you’re a vegan don’t make your veganism a religion and
then shame and crucify people for it that’s it’s sick it’s to do that is
actually a sickness and it’s not coming from love it’s not coming from God or
the truth of God so people will do what they do if you’re gonna say no no you
know eating meat is cruel it’s bad okay then you just shamed all the Native
American cultures throughout history nice job nice one fell swoop poor
judgment on an entire race of people wow that was pretty good yeah all right very
evolved not really if you think about it so be careful you know be careful some
people it’s they believe they need to eat that some people think they need it
for protein some people it’s a cultural thing their foods I only know this if
you know I’ve said this before somewhere along the line but if I were
crash-landed in a desert and it took me days to walk out of that desert but I
saw rabbits or something that I could kill and somehow eat so I could sustain
life I would fast I I don’t really have it in me to kill things and I’m not
trying to shame people that eat meats and so far I’m just saying I don’t have
it in me I still I still eat one or two types of meats on a very limited basis
and only one or two types I’ve never had fowl of any kind of never had steak and
you know you know these kind all these kinds of meats that people eat never
done it not interested in trying I don’t need to be healed from my not eating
meat you know I’m fine with it I’ve had family since I was a kid trying to
coerce me I remember my father trying to pay me you know and he would get his
friends together you know when we have people over watch
this watches Michael and then you know he would offer me $10 which to a kid it
you know in 1960 or early sixties you know that was a lot of money man you
know all of a sudden he watched us Michael
just take one sliver of this beef and eat it I’ll give you $10 I mean I didn’t
go hmm it was not an option it wasn’t gonna happen his friends would be like
what’s wrong with this kid it wasn’t gonna happen so you know it didn’t work
for me but I still don’t condemn people for eating me just cuz something doesn’t
work for you doesn’t mean you have the right you know to judge others for it so
no meats but at the same time same with you know the vegetarian stuff it wasn’t
veggie you know vegetables it just wasn’t my thing so I would only eat
these limited few things you know and got used to that bread do you know toast
cheese something simple and some people love and admire me for that which I’m
that’s fine some people hate me for it don’t care it’s fine because that’s
their trip if they like me for it there’s something in them that’s good
that sees light is something they like that’s great they hate me for it there’s
something evil in them a darkness that they’re projecting onto me that’s great
that’s the other thing we learn to let people have their thing okay so that’s
something to consider when it comes to the foods I I know some of you are gonna
be hot on the trail with this one thinking you know God he’s gonna you
know condemn one style or another and it’s not me and I don’t do that it did
it because it’s not truth it really isn’t so I’m fine with what is and love
you all you know whatever you know foods and diet you choose it’s fine
but do discern what feels right for you if you go off meats and you get sick you
might have to consider meats or a supplement for meats like I said I
personally wouldn’t be the type to to want to kill things as little as
possible you know but that’s that’s me and my expression that doesn’t mean I
wrong people for it alright hopefully I’ve addressed that at least and enough
for now next question when it comes to topics teachings like a Course in
Miracles you know there’s course in miracles’
versus say other like motivational teachers Christ consciousness versus
motivational teachers everything has its place there are some very popular
motivational speakers I’m not going to name names but if I do slip forgive me
but I typically I don’t think I’ve ever and I typically don’t want to use
people’s names because then it becomes an ism that people go after you know but
there are motivational speakers and and they they really they spout you know how
much they make they have their own planes and their own airports and their
own launch pads and their whatever you know it’s like oh I have a swimming pool
in my kitchen I’m so wealthy it’s like someone’s being helped by that that
someone is maybe on a fundamental level maybe it’s a business person that would
hear that rather than hearing me talking about Christ consciousness so is that as
evolved no but is it doing as much good at least for somebody for where they are
in the moment yeah technically you could say that so that’s alright
so I’m I’m not one to myself get all impressed by the high-rolling
so-called spiritual teachers but they’re really motivational just learn the
difference of what you call them they’re not spiritual they probably shouldn’t be
calling themselves that and I don’t think some of them do they say what they
are you know they’re motivational teachers or self-help gurus and other
terms for it so that’s that but I don’t compare them and don’t see them as
similar other than that they help people to great great spiritual teachings like
the Christ consciousness Course in Miracles and so on what about the course
versus some other books there are some books where people said that they’re
channeling God God’s messages gods you know input God’s feedback and so on
understand that the ones that made it very big maybe everybody had a copy
you know these these and and you guys are watching you don’t have to type in
there what I’m talking about and expose them I mean if you feel there’s a need
to go whatever that’s fine but you know you don’t have to but there are some
books and we should all know what they are really but if we’ve been around that
you you know it should come to your mind but yeah there’s books you know this is
God talking and it almost never is it’s you know there’s a guy who said God
talked to me and here’s what God says but it’s really not it’s really my
interpretation of God so it’s like if you come to me and you say Michael if
you were a rose what would a rose say and then I would be sort of channeling
the consciousness of a rose this happens people do this you know shaman do it
with plant medicine and so on you’re channeling the consciousness of that
thing or an animal animal medicine and so on meaning animal energy animal
symbolism so I don’t mean medicine extracted from an animal you get it all
right so you know instead the person sits and kind of wonder what God thinks
about this and they get a real nice epiphany like ah but that doesn’t mean
it’s God because it isn’t most of the time but I will say and respect and
honor it’s someone’s version of God and that’s not too bad that’s better than
their version of their ego so it’s better you know but it’s not it’s not
what you were sold to believe that it is so I’m you know I don’t get real
impressed with that stuff either right because I know what it is it’s you know
this person’s version of and that’s what maybe that you title it you know God as
I see it okay that would be more honest but it wouldn’t sell as much and then
people are asking oh my goodness the popular Channel one of the biggest ones
if not the biggest channel these days you know very big on manifesting and
prosperity and stuff which is in itself tells you maybe it’s a sort of a limited
consciousness because it’s on stuff but there is someone out there that’s a very
popular channel and and a lot of you have asked you know
what about this channeling versus A Course in Miracles well there is no
versus really because of Course in Miracles is the teachings of the Holy
Spirit and of Jesus which are sort of the same but sort of distinctly
different but it’s the Holy Spirit and Jesus Jesus meaning the one that
attained Christ consciousness so if it’s Christ / holy spirit channeled in a
course of miracles and there is no consciousness higher in the universe
then God itself with God’s beyond the universe there’s no consciousness higher
than these then why would I even need to answer that question
that’s the highest now when these channels say you know oh well Course in
Miracles it’s wonderful look but I mean one of these channels says course is
wonderful but it’s outdated we the channel happened to be higher
because we’re more recent which is a great God you can’t you can’t defeat
that the fact that they say work because we’re newer we have newer information
you can’t argue that because they’ve made a self Proclamation that sustains
themselves it’s perfect for an ego statement but this is very important
whether you understand that or not it’s very important because when I’m
discerning to listen to a channel a channeling the book a teacher whatever
you know anywhere along my way I’m looking for it to be consistent the way
I talked about a few minutes ago about consistence is important but I’m also
looking to see does it stay congruent with what I already know to be true now
I know God can be trusted Holy Spirit Christ Jesus that’s good Krishna you
know I know that there are certain consciousnesses beings that I can trust
that are aligned with real truth now you can come along you can dress great you
can talk the talk you can even manifest stuff materially like you know look at
that I just manifested a gold coin that’s fantastic
but as soon as you are incongruent or out of alignment with what I know to be
light of God I’m done because from then on I’m just tempted to settle and so I’m
not interested and that’s a good discernment for any of us so I’m not
saying you have to dump the teachings of so-and-so because they slip and say
these things but it is cool for you to be able to rise to a level of
consciousness to be able to see through those things so those teachers teachings
those channels um they don’t really do anything for me let’s say that one of
you sent me a mean that had a quote from one and the meme made sense that’s great
it says something you know love is the universal law of all laws great I go wow
that’s true that’s all I don’t diss it just because it came from them if they
happen to get a tidbit of truth that came through great but I’m not going to
choose to be a follower of follower on any level major follower minor follower
when I know that they’re also biessing people to a degree biessing meaning
they’re claiming that something I know is of God is lesser than them what would
say that other than the ego that’s that’s that’s completely an ego axiom a
proverb of the of the ego you know we’re better than God itself I mean it’s just
perfect so it doesn’t interest me so um you know if you know who I’m talking
about and you have interest in it don’t let me tear you away from that you know
if you’re getting something from it by all means get something from it but
learn to open your eyes to and go WOW yeah I see I see that when people come
to you and say well you know this teacher said that it’s beyond of course
the miracles because the course is old you know just it’s up to you whether you
want to reveal that to them or not and say really well you know it’s up to you
if they’re growing from that other if they’re actually becoming better people
from it I would think twice about shooting them down on that but it’s it’s
you have to discern what feels right you okay and on that no you know
edgar cayce fantastic stuff man casey his accuracy his clarity the beautiful
stuff but one time and i’ve told this story before in a couple of classes but
there was a time when there was a popular channel from europe and casey
was obviously a channel of sorts but in in america but there was this very
popular channel and casey had to come in just at the at the ending of what we
called mediumship europe have the mediumship seances and all that today
what we call channels you know but they have mediums in those days much more so
and Casey’s coming out and he’s not really doing the medium kind of a thing
it’s not spirits per se he’s channeling instead the Acacia chrec ERDs so he’s
essentially he’s tapping into the consciousness of all mankind different
than a deceased being and so it’s much clearer much more beautiful and much
more effective than useful i think so there were these people that went to
this medium and they said you know did you hear about this edgar cayce and he’s
amazing and the beings channeling we have heard of edgar cayce and you know
and he’s he’s okay you know but we could help him if he comes and lets us channel
through him these beings and so they went to casey hey Casey guess what
everybody knows this channel they’re so popular the beings that come through
them want to come through you Casey’s like oh I don’t know you know trying to
keep an open mind all the stuffs a little weird to me because he didn’t
know about any of it consciously so he says okay so they went into a
trance and he said what should we do and the answer inside the voice that spoke
to not needed you’re doing fine okay let it go he lets
it go send the message back to the channel in Europe and hey you know Casey
said no and the beings try again well he needs to understand we can raise this
level of channeling and so on it’s on his information if he lets us come
through they go back to Casey second time and I’m not sure if it was just two
or maybe even three times they went you really need to consider this Casey
they’re telling him when he’s in trance you really need to consider this because
they said that they’ll let these other spirits can come through you and it can
raise your level of channeling finally Casey the voice coming through him which
is Christ consciousness in a sense coming through him says do those beings
know better than the God that created them and what that meant that was like a
holy disc it was so cool it was like you know wait a minute you think we need to
open up to you who are you you’re just deceased spirits that act
like you know something you know a little dish you don’t know a little debt
and you come through people and it’s impressive to some people this is a
clearer channel and we don’t need you we’re doing fine don’t impose your stuff
on us just like we should say to people just like you should say the spirits
that oppress you back off not interested I’m all about the light of God and
that’s a really cool level of discernment okay then discernment
how does Jesus compare to other teachers there’s because Jesus isn’t teacher he’s
the Christ everybody else is a teacher Mohammed Buddha they were all teachers
and they we know this I’m not kind of trying to fighter compare anything very
simple all the teachers taught their regions their people their cultures
their races etc Jesus actually is known in the Bible and lost books of the Bible
we can discern that he was he went to all cultures he went to the Americas the
Native Americans talked about this in their legends he went to India he went
to Europe you know here and there everywhere so again you know be careful
understand that when I’m talking about Jesus or Christ I’m not like praising
like some fundamental Christian I’m just I’m just going with the truth you can’t
argue dispute the fact that there is an alignment there’s a higher consciousness
than most you know so you go with that you go with this this is the highest why
what I want to settle for anything less now mind you I quote all the various
teachers Moses Buddha etc but I still choose to let the greatest priority be
Christ itself as a consciousness I’m happy that Jesus you know reach that
level and that becomes a great model Jesus reached that level but my job is
to also reach that level so I use Jesus as an example because he is a human that
reached that but it’s Christ in Jesus that’s the more important piece not to
Jesus himself okay so hopefully that answers that
and I’ve done talks on some of these specific talks on each of these there’s
one I’ve done Jesus and Buddha so you can look that up on YouTube and or some
of my videos that are sold on my website but the YouTube things are all free so
go to either one and see where I’ve talked about Jesus and or Buddha okay
then was Jesus married I talked about that in a specific talk on just that but
was he married you know I could say you need to discern
that why does it matter is it important to you so if you could imagine him being
married and you could imagine what kind of a person he would be in partnership
try to be more like that that that would be a useful thing to get caught up in
belittling him and making him married to make a more human instead of less divine
isn’t really gonna help us so I would steer away from that but I have done a
talk on that so go look that up how do you know when to trust someone and again
I’m having to be somewhat brief because there’s lots of questions but don’t
trust anyone that is to say don’t trust anyone’s ego when you say how do you
trust someone what you’re really most of you would be meaning when you ask that
is is there anyone I can trust to be my partner’s anyone I can trust that won’t
lie to me you’re coming from a fear or defensive fearful or defensive plays and
you don’t even need to ask let’s just let’s just nip it in the bud don’t trust
anybody don’t trust their ego you say don’t trust their II
go but trust only one thing and that is that deep inside everyone has a spark of
divinity that’s what you can trust meaning I can trust that even when you
act like a jerk I’m trusting that there’s a light in you and I release you
to find that light but my answer’s no you know about whatever your wanting me
to do you want me to lend you money and I know you’re a flaming addict and that
you usually use money for your addiction the answer’s no oh you don’t trust me
actually I don’t not the addict but I trust that part of
you is made in God’s image when you find that part I’ll lend you some money you
see but it’s when they find in access and integrate and live that part do we
really need to forgive people even if they’re harmful such as family it says
yes you have to forgive everyone but you don’t have to move in with them you
don’t have to lend them money you don’t have to do anything love and forgive
them but you can still say goodbye see again underneath this all is discernment
meaning what feels right I’m gonna love and forgive you but what if you were
sickly abusive to someone in the family or to me or whatever I’m still gonna
love and forgive I’m loving it forgiving who you really are
I’m loving it forgiving so I can see the real you the one that is ego based
there’s nothing to love and forgive that’s not too real you it’s the false
you so I’m gonna say no to it I’m not gonna enable it I’m not gonna kiss its
feet I’m not going to say why don’t you just abuse us some more no the answer’s
no to the abuser and yet love and forgiveness love and forgiveness
it’s similar to the last statement which is I’m gonna trust the real you I’m
gonna love and forgive that you and I both experience the false you that’s
what I’m gonna love and forgive but I’m gonna affirm finding the real you should
we allow astrology to affect us astrology does affect us but it’s
affecting us as a reflection of what’s already happening in us a full moon
doesn’t happen to you it reflects that you are having an inner full-on
experience full moon example just burnt Mercury retrograde example is saying
that we collectively are affected by the full moon Mercury etc but those effects
are already there actually you could say they’re triggering things that are
already in us but they’re really even more accurately reflecting things so we
collectively every so often get in a certain mood the moon just reflects it
it’s hard to believe for some people but that’s what’s happening so mercury isn’t
doing something to you but it’s reflecting our need to go back over
things you know reconsider contracts communications agreements or whatever to
reconsider some of these things but it’s us that needs to do it the mercury you
know the planet isn’t forcing us it’s just you know reflecting it back hey you
might have missed something oh that’s right but who is it that’s talking my
soul it’s mercury within my soul that’s reflecting that to me okay is it okay to
use hallucinogenics well of course you do them you know so how can it not be
okay you could do it any form of hallucinogenics I don’t care if it’s
beer calming you down or hallucinogenics that actually alter your mind and you
start to see things you know someone was asking in a session recently about it
just a day or two ago and it’s you know they thought well I know you probably
don’t approve of that I don’t have any disapproval or approval of loose
energetics you do what you do but but how could you try to get how could you
convince me that I would need that to to know higher things I don’t need it and
to think I do need it is actually a dysfunctional thought that means I’m
totally unplugged and disempowered from the truth of God I don’t need anything
so centering God that’s the truth the hallucinogenics I know for some
people here’s one of the values that may be the only value of them is
that they show you that there is something else if you go to them to get
to something else you’re off because it can’t give you got it can only make you
realize there are things other than your linear thinking of life so you go while
there’s more yes there is and you could then say could say and more ultimately
as god I’m going to get in touch with God
great and now you won’t need those other things anymore how can we choose the
best teachers authors and so forth to study I kind of covered that already but
I would say find one that’s consistent find one also that teaches at the
highest level I think it’s fine if you want to if you’re going to mechanic
school that the guy who doesn’t have to be all Christ II you know and part the
engine you know with through magic like the Red Sea Moses you know let them
teach at the level that they teach at there’s nothing wrong with if that’s
what you need to learn if you need to learn foot reflexology you don’t need to
have a Christ at being get a foot reflexology teacher it’s great healing
arts you know mechanical skills whatever it happens to be that’s fine but don’t
think that is all just like the hallucinogenics mundane more mundane
teacher of hallucinogenic they’re there things that can show you something in
that moment but when you say you know how can you choose the right teacher the
right would be whatever you’re needing in the moment but if you’re asking the
highest teacher teaching go for something that’s consistent and go for
something that introduces you as closely as possible to God so therefore their
teaching should be somewhat applicable they should be you know sounding right
for your heart you know consistent and consistent to other teachings that you
know have been right if somebody comes out you know and and says oh it’s all
completely wrong of course the miracles doesn’t get it get your Casey heat
that’s old stuff man he doesn’t get it it’s okay for me to say I’d like to add
you see me quoting Casey and Socrates and anybody else but you don’t see me
saying they’re passe they’re nothing they’re lower
they are great for what they’re doing you know so that’s about it you know
that’s about it there when I sometimes and I do my best to be really loving a
patient with all teachings but you’ll see y’all hear me sometimes make fun of
some things like religions and so on but I’ve also if you hear me all the way
you’ll hear me credit them for teaching people that are at that level I don’t
really believe that there’s a you know something permanently wrong with them
and completely wrong with them but I will sometimes make fun of the things
that go on to control and the games and the you know all those kinds of things
because that’s that’s my way of discerning to say you know here’s where
it’s kind of cool kind of right and here’s where things go off a little bit
whatever that subject may be all right so I’m gonna close with the question
came up tools for discerning so let me just you know cover these briefly the
first thing to ask yourself when you hear something learn something does it
resonate with your heart it just doesn’t resonate with you don’t
say it’s wrong if it doesn’t resonate it’s just not right for you so does it
resonate you know kind of breathe into that and sort of adding to that sort of
for that first line does it resonate does it feel loving because as far as
I’m concerned as far as I’m concerned if it doesn’t have a loving vibe I’m gonna
question it now that gets tricky because there are times like Jesus running them
money changers out of the temple doesn’t sound real lobbying to see though that
must not have been right no no that’s just hard for us to understand that you
can be loving and kick ass at the same time you can say to somebody back off
and it come from love but you can’t say oh listen if it’s not too much trouble
could I get you to just back off slightly some people would not get back
off from that and they won’t back off so you have to speak more firmly so it gets
a little tricky but generally speaking loving it should feel loving
in miracles sometimes edgar cayce michael mere dad some teachers teachings
they sound boom like two-by-four you know to the forehead but if you listen
underneath it you’ll still hear and feel a sense of love and that’s a good thing
but also remember is it whatever you’re asking about studying questioning is it
congruent with other things that you know really feel strongly know that you
know it to have been true so before I can discern anything and all this is not
about judgment before I can discern whether I’m gonna resonate with
something or not here’s my Center these things are over here and some are in
here and so on spattered about teachings books whatever here’s my Center if
things are spattered about I only need to be looking at the ones that happen to
have fallen in right in this column of me my consciousness now what do I want
my consciousness to be Michael and what’s Michael interested in
mechanics or logic or psychology or whatever topic see if I don’t know who I
am I won’t know what things resonate with me so I I surrender my little self
to the I am of God and that’s what I want to learn right here it’s what I
choose to learn right here love God peace now one thing the spatter about
books teachings teachings it teachers videos presentations on TV or whatever
wow I’m right here even people in my life
hair are you are you in here because if you’re not no biggie
love you see yeah but love you if you’re in here Wow nice
very very cool and that’s discernment the ultimate discernment Who am I and
what am I about I’m not saying you have to be into the I M of God but whatever
you are into know it and it’ll help you discern whether something is right for
you if you are low self-worth and you know no goal of higher integrity there’s
a lot of things with resin with you maybe not even God now not
because God doesn’t resonate with you but you’re not resonating you know
you’re not so it’s like you don’t want to hear that stuff so people that you
sometimes argue with about love with God and not killing animals or whatever they
don’t get you sometimes because maybe you’re here and they’re in their version
now if you go over to them there’s a spattering there dot you go over to them
and they have their Center and their Center is I don’t care I don’t really
care I don’t believe in any that animals don’t have feelings and neither do
Republicans you know you know that might be their thought system so they they’re
they you know they or Democrats or whatever they’re into that’s their way
of being true to themselves but really what’s sad is they usually don’t even
know that there’s are themselves they don’t know that there’s an identity so
they’re really haphazard about consciousness about living and that’s
why so many things seem to be okay with them not really okay but why they just
go with it and day to day to just go through life like it’s doesn’t matter
because there’s no discernment there’s no Center to discern from so they just
go with but what they don’t realize even when you don’t know you’re thinking
choosing you are you never have idle thoughts of course in miracles’ tells us
you’re always investing in consciousness somewhere along the line so I’m gonna
find my Center and it’s in God why settle for anything less
you know don’t settle for any even a teacher to be your thing let it be God
and let the teacher fit into that column with you and be a teacher to you in the
your column but it’s your column at you in God the teacher could pass away but
their teachings could remain because it still resonates if it ever doesn’t
resonate you know like let’s say you you were into a certain teaching and you
kind of went even further into something you’ll know if you did it right if you
still honor and respect the one that no longer is your primary thing but guess
what if that’s true it’ll still be in your column as the thing you love and
respect and appreciate when it seems to have faded over here or even your love
and respect for people I used to love so-and-so but now I don’t like them
because of what they did now they’ve segmented from here
but they were never really in a state of love with you
they were always they were when your Center was dysfunctional they sue did
you find you changed your alignment now they don’t fit it’s all about in a
vibration resonance yes that’s true but it’s also its consciousness so who are
you what are you about make yourself about God don’t settle make yourself
about God that’s pretty cool then you say if things don’t resonate with God or
bring me closer to God I’m not that important to me there you go what kind
of diet do you have well let me check in this is kind of where I’m at you don’t
agree that’s okay cuz you’re over here anyway because you’re in a different
vibe zone this fits works for me and so on and so on you need you know
discernment you have to have a center to discern from if you’ve got no center of
who you are you’ve got no true discernment okay pray
that’s made sense and that the answers to these can you know bring some peace
to some of you who have written these kinds of questions and I know some of
you have probably hoped for a full hour on each topic separately as videos can’t
get to them all for a full hour but but I did an hour or so on the variety of
them and some of them are splintered off into their own talks so check them out
if you can all right thanks

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