DESTROY Procrastination In 5 Minutes – Study Motivation

while other students are complaining and
whining about how hard the exams are and how it’s not fair guess what you’re
doing you’re doing the work but you should never be satisfied with yourself
you must work on yourself consistently and as Les Brown says as you go through
the challenges of college and you look at it and you embrace whatever comes to
you don’t run from it step towards it don’t try and duck it like most people
do see most students want it easy think
about the people in your class they all want it easy but when you make those
hard decisions that you don’t want to make studying those subjects that you
don’t particularly find interesting but you know that in order for you to get
where you want to go this is what you have to do we’ve all had those days that
we wake up and we don’t want to get out of bed we’ve all had those days where we
don’t want to study we’ve all had those days that we don’t want to smile in
anybody now that we’ve all had those days there’s a difference between
winners and losers the winners can get up and do it anyway there is no success
without pain there is no such thing as climbing to the top of the class without
obstacle after obstacle after obstacle only those that are consistent and study
hard and do not give in to procrastination will make it
Walter Bond who once said what are you willing to give up what is your
discipline like what is your work ethic like are you just comfortable right now
you’re getting B’s and C’s in your exams and you’re comfortable you can’t get
comfortable none of us can arrive where we want to be if we’re comfortable our
job is to get smarter and stronger and faster our job is to get better you’ve
got to get to the next level and you’ve got to be obsessed with the next level
you can’t afford to stay the same I want you to travel I want you to have a big
house I want you to have a nice car but most importantly I want you to get to
the top when did you get comfortable when did you get off track when did you
stop when did you give up when did you talk yourself out of it I need you to
make sure you go to your desk and you get your laptop out you get your pins
and paper out you get your head down and you study I’m here to help you I know
you can get there I know you can get to the next level but you gotta study
you gotta rise up early and you gotta go to bed late you gotta be obsessive every
successful person I’ve ever seen in my life they are different they are
obsessive and if you want to get to the next level you’ve got to do something
different but it’s not just about the grades
it’s about bettering your life you have to
a good vision you have to make sure your mindset is right you have to make sure
your health is in check but we live in a world where people lack accountability
and until we become accountable we are all crippled by our excuses and all I
want people to know is that if you can get 10% better every single year in five
years people won’t notice you in five years you won’t notice your own bank
account you won’t notice your own career you will get bigger faster smarter I got
a message for the whole world I know that anyone that had a dream in
their third grade class that they had in their fourth grade class don’t give up
don’t give up on your dreams don’t quit I’m telling you that dream you had way
back when can become true

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