Data, Knowledge, Information, Wisdom

Let’s talk about the relationship
between data information and knowledge. We’re going to do that by talking
about this box and as I give you data I want you to recognize the point at which
you know what this box really is. This box is in many people’s homes but not everybody has one, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and it comes in lot
of colors and the color is usually to match the decor of the room that’s kept
in, which is the kitchen. I have some controls that may be on the top or the
sides, there’s a door on the front. When you open the door a light comes on
in this door there’s usually a window, so that you can see what’s in here
and the reason you want to see what’s in here is because we cook things in here.
The most frequent things that we cook are beverages and popcorn. So at this
point almost everybody recognizes that this is a microwave oven. So let’s talk
about how we got to this point. We had all this data but the important pieces of data are that it’s usually in the kitchen which ruled out the dressers in
your bedroom and your console TVs and things like that. An important piece piece
was that light comes on when you open the door which says it may be a refrigerator
or your microwave or your oven. Some people have lights that come on in their cabinets but not too many. Another important piece was that we heat things in it, specifically that we heat beverages and popcorn, so that told you
what this really was. Now let’s talk more about the relationship between data and
information and knowledge. On this slide we’re going to have increasing
connectedness, so as we go up things are more connected and down here is
increasing relationships, no understanding, we have data down here
which has, requires no understanding and it’s not connected to anything.
We have information which has a little understanding and connected and what we understand between data and information are the relationships. What we understand between information and knowledge are patterns and between knowledge and
wisdom we understand principles. These do not build upon each other, actually the
only two that build information builds directly from data, but to make
information to knowledge isn’t a direct relationship and knowledge to wisdom
definitely is not related. So I hope that this helps you understand how data
information and knowledge are connected and that you can now take this and take
data to build information and then see the patterns and relationships so that
you can build knowledge.

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