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Can we use a dance as a tool for
meditation and mindfulness?And if so how can we get to the flow state in order to
feel more free and get better results? Today we go deep in the Knowledge Drop. Hey yo, welcome to the Knowledge Drop,
this is Focus of the Flow Mo Crew, and Saiffa Studio
Helsinki Finland. Today’s Knowledge Drop is a collaboration again between
and Razzy D of the Filthee Feet crew Vancouver Canada now residing in
Japan. For the past years Razzy’s been creating breaking related content that
goes really deep as far as the approach and the philosophy of breaking so check
out his channel, subscribe to his channel as well in order to widen your
understanding of breaking. And while speaking with Razzy we agreed to
continue this research here at the Knowledge Drop today with the topic of
using your dance and our dance as a tool for mindfulness. Of course you can
approach breaking in many different ways and it serves a different purpose for
every single person who’s involved in the game and that’s perfectly fine, it’s
supposed to be so, but today at the Knowledge Drop instead of the physical
excellence and expertise, we’re gonna approach it in a way, how to use it as a
way to create, how to use it as a way to exist, how to use it as a way to express
yourself in the present moment. But what is mindfulness eventually? I think
everybody who gets involved with breaking use it as a tool for
mindfulness whether they are aware of it or not. As a tool to channel their
energies. Mindfulness is not about quieting the thinking mind, it’s about not
getting caught up, not identifying with your thoughts. Imagine yourself standing
at the side of the circle in a jam on the opposite side of a battle, if we’re
battling right now. Most likely some thoughts start to arise: that’s your
thinking mind speaking to you. We all have that inner voice, inner voice within
us. What should I do next, I’m not good enough to go after that solo, what
happens, what if, what if. That’s your thinking mind or the conscious mind
dragging you away from the present moment and distracting you from what
you’re actually doing which is killing that circle, killing that battle and also
that thinking mind is slow and heavy and often pretty negative. Learning to be
mindful is to become more able to concentrate on
the present moment instead of dwelling in the past or analyzing what’s about to
happen in the future possibly and the present moment is really the only thing
that we really have.The past is already gone, the future didn’t show up
yet so the present moment is actually the only thing that’s true and the more
you get distracted from the present moment, the more you’re gonna drift away
from living your life. And if your mind is not there in the present moment, of
course it can be seen in the way that you express, it’s not that deep; but the
good news is that we can develop on mindfulness skills with our dance as well. If we learn to let go of our thoughts just
a little, our conscious mind starts to
relax and our subconscious mind starts to take over and that’s the key to
getting into the zone or what’s also known as the flow state. I’m sure you
have experienced it yourself, think back to the time that you have danced the
best in your life. Most likely you don’t even have a memory of that moment or
there was no thoughts holding you back felt like everything happened by itself
automatically and everything went perfect. That was your conscious mind taking a break and your subconscious mind taking
over and that subconscious one is way more powerful than the conscious one
because of the thought process is so heavy that it holds the conscious one
back. The feeling of connecting and channeling something you can’t explain the,
feeling of creating without thought process, the feeling of when your inner
voice starts to speak for you instead of speaking against you in a negative way
or even quiet up, that’s when you get into the flow state and that’s when you
dance the best you possibly can. So how do we get there then? How can we use our
dance as a tool for mindfulness in order to connect better with the present
moment I think it can be trained but I think it’s more that we need to allow it
to happen instead of pushing it in order to get there. Mindfulness meditation often used breath in order to connect better with the
present moment and I think as dancers we can use movement for the same purpose
but in order to turn your movement into meditation
I think you need to descent into it, take your time. It doesn’t happen too quick, in
a competition if I got into a flow state it was always the last rounds of
the night, when there’s no thoughts left to think and no fears to face no more. So
I challenge you to make your Dojo, your practice spot, distraction, obligation and
hurry free to allow space for your creation. Turn off your cell phone for
your session. One small technique that might help in the beginning of your
practice: tune inwards, tune into your body. Feel how, how does it feel to be
you today, ow does it feel to be in that in that space, instead of what what
other people might be thinking, how does it feel to touch the floor today, how
does it feel to be inside of your sneakers, how does the room look like, how
does, how does this smell, hopefully not too bad, and how is the movement feeling
today compared to yesterday, for example. This way we can activate our senses
within our movement during a movement as well, not just the hearing part which is
here in the music but also visual sense and also the sense of touch in order to
connect it better with the moment and take you into the zone. You can also try
affirmations in order to modify your subconscious thoughts and also your
inner, inner voice to speak for you instead of speaking against you but
we’re gonna speak more on that in the future Knowledge Drops so we’re not
gonna go too deep on that one this time. And hey, hopefully this inspires you to
explore your movement as your meditation, so you can get the benefits
of meditation from your practice, create without thought process, and dance like
no one’s watching. And next up, head out to for more free
inspiration and knowledge. Shout out to Razzy D for allowing me to rock his channel
with the collabo Knowledge Drop and stay tuned for the new Knowledge Drops coming
out every single week. Alright this is Focus signing out, Saiffa Studio,
Flow Mo Crew, see ya real soon yo, peace!

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