Customer Case Study: ElliotLee Estate Agents

“I’m Elliot” and “I’m Lee”
Back in 2004 we started Elliot Lee estate agents We currently cover the boroughs of Hillingdon, Brent Harrow and Ealing We do residential, lettings, sales, property
management we’re very proud we have been in this business for more than two decades now collectively working in both sales and residential letting. We also operate a very extensive property management
division as well and giving our landlords that reassurance
that we can look after their property on a professional level both locally and overseas we opened 10 years ago
We’re very proud of what we have achieved We’re regulated members of the
National Association were proud of our credentials we like to do things the right way that’s allowed us to expand our business by receiving the trust
and confidence from our local community and we need flexibility in what we were
doing and we had a number of sites and with different numbers, different
departments and the system allowed us to diversify with who dealt with those
calls and if we had a particularly busy day or that department was particularly busyit would allow other members of staff to log into that system and take those calls from an internal
point of view, it means that we utalised our staff far more than we ever did before. It
really allows us to do business in an extremely professional manner and
we can change the system to deal with the needs up the business at
that particular time it allows us to be more proactive. We can turn phones off, we can turn phones on, we can divert calls and we can monitor calls and we can
listen to calls We can do absolutely
everything and I very rarely when I come up with a query or change I rarely get ” No that can’t be done” 9/10 it’s a case and yes that can be done and it’s implemented very quickly after that it allows us to monitor and keep a
breadth of all the calls that are coming into the
business and we can monitor what numbers they come from we can monitor what extensions they come, we can even monitor the cost per extension we found that’s aloud us to focus more on the call side of the business
and keep our staff motivated the voicemail e-mail alert often we are on the road, doing valuations and appointments it allows us to stay in contact with our
clients 24 hours a day so when I’m out, if I come out of a valuation I look at my phone and generally
I have an email with a voice recording on there and allows me to react
to that client a lot quicker really allows us as a business to make
sure that the message that we’re sending out is spot on. We listen to a majority
of our calls from is the calls that our staff make and we
are able to grade those on a percentage basis and to make sure we’re delivering the exact message that we’re trying to deliver and it also helps us massively if we
have a client saying that they said one thing it really helps us go back and just
make sure that that has been said because obviously the public are the public
and and sometimes what they think they said is not quite what was said it just really allows us to make sure it has been done correctly in-house Yes we have used the call centre on a number of occasions very, very efficient we called through, we were dealt with very politely invariably we got a call back within a very short period of time we also use email fault report system
which again is exactly the same if you put an email through then the call
comes back to you very quickly to sort out any problems that you may of had The other telephone providers before, the
main issue that we had was the we were told one thing by the
salesperson and I was actually installed some entirely different happened we had
a very basic system before and when we first started
we had literally the phone would ring,we would fight to
pick up the phone and we had a click system we then went on to another phone system
which was all singing all dancing but we could never quite get it to do what we
wanted it to do, so we were quite aprehensive and engage in other telephone Supplier
we chose Pioneer mainly due to the fact that he
represented that came to see us on the day obviously he had a an in-depth
knowledge of the system that was being input into
the into the building We’d used a number of different providers
in the past and had a number different problems and i’m lookingback the sales representitive didn’t really understand the product was coming in and the chap that we had fully
understood what we needed answered a lot questions that I had and a lot of problems that I had previously he was able to answer in depth, because he had that technical knowledge and that was
the main reason that we we used Pioneer. We would definitely recommend them to another company unfortunatly we wont recommend them to our competitors
because we feel we have the competitive edge We would certainly recommend them to any other industry

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    August 17, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Lettings / Job agency work = immoral, work-shy apathetic middle-men! I mean come on by dictionary definition you are parasite's! No debate on that fact.

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