Creating a truly knowledge sharing organisation

There are three unresolved knowledge issues that every leader wants to resolve for their team. The first is that knowledge silos exist. Knowledge resides in the heads of key team members and that knowledge is often limited to only benefitting those in a close physical proximity around those individuals- but unleashed, the sharing of this knowledge would raise the whole team’s game. The 2nd issue is the Groundhog Day approach to resolving issues — with the same questions and problems being asked and answered by different people in the team, but when these experiences aren’t shared, efforts are duplicated and time is wasted. And thirdly is the desire to increase communication and collaboration across the team, both up and down, and peer to peer- to increase that sense of team & community. We solve these challenges for our customers by combining ground breaking technology, services and unique breakthrough processes. The knowledge sharing programme is split into 2 phases. In the first phase, a 10 minute survey is run from Fuse asking specific questions on ‘who do you go to’ in the company right now and ‘who would you like to go to’. For line managers it’s- what knowledge needs to be shared and who has this knowledge. This allows us to build up a map of who are the knowledge diamonds within each team & what knowledge needs to be captured, as well as understanding the community’s that need to be setup. The process of rapidly capturing the seed content can be done through a number of ways, either through education of the knowledge diamonds and showing them how to use the rapid capture tools within fuse to walk through their ideas, concepts or procedures as they take on the role of community managers. Or if their time is really tight, then Fusion will conduct rapid interviews, turning simple audio into polished knowledge video assets within days & making that available via fuse to everyone within the team from anywhere at anytime. Phase 2 focuses on launch, culture and changing habits and this is where we hold the hands of our customers, working with the knowledge diamonds and leadership to change the habits- that means knowledge questions are answered within fuse rather than methods that lock knowledge exchanges between 2 people. This aspect of a programme is always customised with a toolkit to choose from including knowledge competitions, visible leader boards, events where key contributors get public recognition, leadership coaching & continued access to our growing experience and communities & best practise education to empower everyone to digitise their own experience rapidly and quickly from within Fuse. So what does this look like at the end? Well first there isn’t an end, learning and knowledge sharing is a journey but for our customers that are on this journey — their experts knowledge is fluid rather than siloed, we have seen up to a 20% productivity gain in these key individuals as they are not being asked the same questions over and over and most importantly they are now fully recognised for their contribution to the business and the team benefits as they are more connected, more engaged and as a rising tide carries all ships, so does a team whose knowledge & experience is now available to the whole team.

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