Complete Information About MBBS in China. | Full Procedure |

Assalam o Alaikum! How are you? I hope all of you are fine. Wherever you are….You will be chasing behind your dreams. You will be valuing your parents and completing the orders of Allah and his Prophet PBUH I am making this video specially for those people who have done FSc or are doing or there dream is to do MBBS or any other course in China or in any other country so I am making this video specially for them that what documents they need and where they have to go. does not matter from which province or city of Pakistan they belong The procedure is same First of all you need your Passport because it take few days to get it There are two categories in getting a Passport First is URGENT which I think you get in 7 days. Second one is delayed which you get in 30 or 35 days. I do not know the exact fee for Passport now a days. After Passport you need Certificates of 9th and 10th class FSc 1st year and 2nd year You need these four Certificates The most important certificate is of Matric (10th) and of Fsc 2nd year and you have to get it verified from your concerned Board like if you are from Rawalpindi Board you have to go there and submit it and tell them that i am going to any other country and I need verification for that let me show you that they will stamp like this and you will have to get this from Islamabad or Lahore Board I will add its clear picture at the end of the video. you have to do this task because it is time taking. suppose you went from Bahawalpur and have submitted your documents in Bahawalpur board after you have submitted these documents, these will be sent to Islamabad or Lahore and they will tell your where you have to go when you will go there they will give they will give it to you. I think it has a 2000 or 3000 PKR fee too I dont know what is the fee now a days so when you will get it you will have a verification that you have done Matric and FSc legally then you will take your passport with that you have to get Police Clearance Certiicate to prove that you are not blacklisted you dont have any Police Case on you or you have not committed any crime according to the Law of Pakistan For Police Clearance Certificate you to visit your near police station they will generate you a letter sometimes you dont need to go to Police station you can directly go to DC Office you will go there and ask them that you need this certificate they will generate that certificate Its a daily task for them because many students and other people come there for this purpose Its there daily task because everyone need this to go abroad Now you have your Passport your certificates are certified and verified and you too have a Police Clearance Certificate So with all these documents you need your Medical test For medical test you have to visit your Consultant that in which university you are willing to what is there requirement for Medical tests It has Urine test, Blood test, X-Rays and Chest X-Rays And Hepatitis test You will get there reports Now you have Medical test reports,Passport,Police Certificate and verified documents with all these documents you will go to your consultant There is not any university which receives online applications for admissions so every university give admissions through consultants due to security reasons now you will go to any consultant…its upto you so my advice to the students is to go to consultant with your parents or elder brother because there are many good consultants in pakistan and fake too.. not in Pakistan only everywhere is the same scenario so where there are fake there good men too.. due to these fake people…real men are also blamed sometimes stay away from these fake people meet good & certified people do not give money before admission to any one confirm completely after that give them the payment First of all Talk to them and take the address of the university in which you are applying email and phone number Because you are sending your kid and paying them too So it is your right to investigate when you are satisfied you have to do is 5000 PKR is the admission fee you will give it to them and they will give you the admission It looks like this on which name of university, your kids name and passport number is written in Chinese when you get admission letter then consultant take money form you Pkr 45,000 its different for different universities then comes JW202 this is the Vise letter which comes from China This is the original document it takes a month or two to come It looks like this..which is in English and in Chinese too When you get all these things then your passport,police clearance certificate JW202,Admission letter with all these documents you have to go to Chinese embassy in Islamabad Consultant will guide you completely When you will go to embassy they will ask you some questions. how many siblings you are? Why you want to go to China? What does your father do? He will ask you the questions which are written on your documents like Passport or ID Card. They will not ask you about your Marks They will ask why you want to go to Chine?Simply answer..for Medical or Engineering or if they ask anyone from family had been to to China? So tell them They will ask you simple questions They will keep your Passport and will return your all documents They will give you a date for VISA They will mark your Visa on you Passport and it is just for 30 days you have to move to China in those 30 days consultant will tell you by which flight you have to go you can book your ticket yourself otherwise consultant will book it for you now you have reached China Here one is completely unaware of Language ritual culture and people So ask the consultant to introduce you to other people who are also traveling like you make a link with them so you can make your group After reaching China,University bus will pick you up They will tell you about your rooms For the 1st year University will keep you in there Dorms(Hostels) after that they will send you out after that they will allow you to take some rest for 2 or 3 days There may be classes if you are late For late batch they have classes For those who are early….they alloe them to take rest till beginning of classes After rest they take students to hospitals for medical exam in which they test blood height weight….and make its record after that they send you back to your hostel Most of the food here is HARAM You have to look for halal that it is not meat of dog pig or snake Moreover I recommend everyone to learn cooking because i cook myself at home It is best way because it is economical too and you are also safe from Haram food I will add the detail ot Documents in the end and if you have any other question you can contact me on Facebook… facebook link is in description add me there and message me…..InshaAllah i wiill reply Take care of you….Allah Hafiz This is my Fsc certificate Result Card It is verified on back.In Islamabad they verify it on back This is the Admission letter from University which is in Chinese Name is written on it.I have removed my name after it Jw202 come this is Jw202 which comes after admission letter I have told you in Video I have removed my name from it Yours will be same…..which will be in Chinese as well as in English This is Jw202 which is for Visa after it you will go to embassy with all your documents This is medical certificate separate for every laboratory so to which consultant you will go he will tell you from which lab you have to get your medical certificate and of which type according to the requirements of University that which type of medical certificate you need I have not shown Chest Xrays in it but you will need them too consultant will guide you completely Moreover subscribe my channel Share the video to help others Remember me in your Prayers…Take care ALLAH HAFIZ

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