Communication and Information Systems Sailor

I’m Able Seaman Nicole
Shedden. And I’m a communicator in the
Royal Australian Navy. Communications entails a various
amount of things like signal, shifting through the
use of flags, communicating from one ship to another by
means of flashing light, Morse code, and other radio telecommunications within the ship. I’m the gateway to the
captain pretty much. I see the signals before anyone
else on the ship does. And I get to distribute them
throughout the ship. We deal with radios, a lot
of different frequencies, different satellites. We get to recognise all the
different satellites that we have in orbit at the moment and
how we actually utilise them in our favour. And that’s another thing
where I thought my job was so exciting. From high school, I went on to
get my real estate licence and worked in real estate for
quite a long time. That bored me. And then pretty much to get my
mum off my back, I told her I was joining the Navy. Got myself fit because
I needed to get fit. So that was another positive
that came out of the Navy. Lost a lot of weight, gain to
whole heap of new friends. It’s been almost four years
since I left my training. Left [INAUDIBLE] service and went straight to
HMAS Canberra, where I served for 18 months and did around
Australia trips. I’ve done an overseas trip. Not only am I going overseas to
a different port, but I’m going over there with some
of my closest friends. And they can share in the
memories with me. It is cool to say I’ve got a top
secret clearance, it is. A lot of people want it. And it’s very hard to get it. So the Navy can give
it to you. And it does help you in the
outside world if you’re going to be looking for a job either
in the police forces or a major company that a lot
of people go to work for after the Navy. So that’s another thing
I love about the Navy. It’s going to offer me a world
of opportunities in the outside world. I see myself going pretty
high in the ranks, staying for awhile. I’m also hoping that the Navy
may be able to give me my teaching degree. I know I definitely want to
stay in because the Navy’s helped me from the first day
I hopped on that bus, until every single day when
I go out to sea and wake up in the morning. It’s just exciting job. I don’t do the same
thing every day. And I love it to bits.

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