Cobot Knowledge Lab – et internationalt førende videnscenter for kollaborative robotter

What is a cobot? It is a robot that can work closely together with humans – and a lot more. Cobots can create flexibility, effectiveness, relief and increased competitiveness. Something already spotted by a lot of Danish companies Collaborative robots Collaborative robots Collaborative robots I think the best advice is just to give it a go. The market for collaborative robot technology is told by the International Federation of Robotics to have annual growth rates of more than 50 percent. So how do we support the leading position of Denmark when it comes to development and use of cobots? With Cobots Knowledgelab – an international leading research centre for cobots. What will you as a company gain then? You will get exclusive access to worldclass laboratories and test facilities at the Danish Technological Institute. You will get the opportunity to benefit from international expert knowledge and get new tools to calculate business cases for investments in cobots and a plan for implementation. Be a part of Cobot Knowledge Lab and take advantage of the opportunities in collaborative robot technologies.

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