Client Testimonial: Sharon S. | 1-800-KNOWING

Hi, I just experienced a guided
meditation with Shawna and she was talking about intuition and how you
access your intuition and I have to tell you, that was an amazing experience.
Shawna is authentic and real and she has incredible energy, she’s
knowledgeable about the topic and how to guide you through what
you need to access and she really gets into it the depth of how
you can bring yourself to the full, she is, her voice is wonderful so, in guided meditation she has a very calming
effect and she is very specific about how to access what
you need to access, and I would highly recommend,
having a session with her or even doing one of the courses,
the upcoming courses, because she really makes you feel
amazing and helps you to access what you need to access.
So, I’ll be there and look forward seeing you.

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