Christus vivit: knowing how to tell everyone that “God loves you”

Hi! I’m Cecilia from Argentina and I would like to tell you, young people, that at this time in the Church, your voice is fundamental. The Church is listening to us: that is why it is so important for us
to lay out our point of view, our opinions, our ideas, our criticisms,
our desire to build a better Church. The world and all of society
are rapidly changing, and we, as Christians,
cannot be left behind. It is important for us to recognise one another as a beloved child by God and to share that with one another; to know how to tell every living being on Earth:
God loves you As a woman, I feel that my contribution to the Church
and to the building of the Kingdom is becoming more and more important and this excites me, and I hope it excites you too. It is important to overcome barriers It doesn’t matter whether we are children,
whether we are old or young, adults, men and women. All that matters is that, together,
we can build the Kingdom and continue helping this beloved Church to grow:
the Church we all dream of.

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