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– [Bart] Picture this, it’s
a beautiful day and you’re cruising down the road. Happy to be out of the office. And you’re hugging the turns
and you’re gaining speed and you’re going down hill. Now you’re going so fast that you can’t go, slow down, somebody stop me! (exhales) Brake Pads! (fun music) Some people say brakes
are just as important as your engine. There I said it. Geesh. It feels good to
get that off my chest. Without brakes, you don’t just crash into each other all the time. Well it sounds pretty fun. Doesn’t make much sense if
you’re trying not to be dead. Most of us have disc brakes on the car. But the disc is only half of
what’s needed to stop your car. The other half is the pad. So as technology advances,
the materials we use for brake pads changes drastically. Bertha Benz, Mercedes
Benz fame gets credit for inventing the first brake
pads and they were leather. That was in 1888. The first disc brakes
used in production were in a car made in 1902 by
the Lanchester Company. It had thin copper pads
that wore down quickly from dust and dirt and really
they were pretty useless. The idea didn’t really
catch on ’till 50 years later when the Jaguar
team won the 1953 Le Mans. Demonstrating the
superiority of disc brakes over drum brakes. So, the brake pad or shoe
as it’s sometimes called is made up of the a
solid metal backing with a brake lining. Which is relatively
soft, but tough material with high coefficient of dynamic friction. The job of the brake pad is to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle to thermal energy through friction. When the driver presses on the paddle, two brake pad contained in the caliber are hydraulically
clamped around the rotor. Nope. Think of a crab, pinching
a spinning quarter. When the pads come into
contact with rotor, they create heat. And that results in an small amount of residual material being left on the disc. This material allows
the pads and the rotor to stick together. Brakes create friction in one of two ways. Abrasive friction and
adherent or adhesive friction. Thinking about abrasive
friction, let’s move away from brake pads and think
instead about sand paper. You know why sand paper is abrasive, it’s because it wears
down what it’s rubbing. On the other hand when
the brake pad comes into contact with the rotor,
that abrasive friction causes a lot of heat and
is pretty destructive. It gradually wears down the rotor. Adherent friction is what happens when a thin layer of the brake
pad bonds to the rotor through the process of heat and friction. When the brake pad presses on rotor, it essentially sticks
to the residue that is left on the surface. Higher end brake pad, use
more adherent friction because it’s less destructive
and the rotors last longer. Alright, dynamic friction
coefficient is measurement of how effective a brake is. We talk about the forces
on the pad and then the force on the rotor. The force on the rotors
called brake force. To figure out the dynamic
friction coefficient, we’re gonna compare the two. If the brake puts a
force of a 1,000 newtons on the pad and the resulting brake force is 400 newtons then the
dynamic friction coefficient or DFC is .4. A normal commercial brake
pad has a dynamic friction coefficient around .35 to .42. Some high end racing
brake pads can achieve a DFC of of .62. And that’s keeping a lot more force. Most consumer brake
pads have a cool feature called a warning tang. And as we know, the
warning tang clan ain’t nothing to mess with. So if your break pad’s worn down, these little metal strips
will scratch against the rotor and let you
know in the most annoying way possible that you need new brake pads. Materials used to make
linings on brake pads have evolved to be the most
durable, most efficient, most brake paddy. The materials must be able
to withstand extremely high temperatures and
tons of friction in order to function properly. Asbestos used to be used in
brake pads for a long time because of it’s ability to
dissipate heat extremely well. It’s since been discontinued due to it’s harmful effects on health. Asbestos has harmful effects on health? Now you tell me. (cough) Modern day break pads come
in many different types, depending on how durable
you need them to be or how much you wanna spend. There’s four common categories
of brake pad linings. Organic. Semi-Metallic. Full metallic. And ceramic. Some are so expensive
there usually only reserved for race cars, or DJ Khaled. So, you got an old car that needs brakes. And you don’t really
feel like sinking a lot of money into it. Organic brake pads. Sound great. These brake liners are
made of materials like glass, kevlar, fiber, rubber, and resin. Because all those compounds
can withstand high heat and they’re relatively
inexpensive to produce. The heat actually helps the materials bond together tighter. You wanna know the coolest thing in a lot of organic break pads? Cashew. Cashew containing friction
dust has the ability to absorb the heat created by friction while retaining breaking efficiency. Organic break pads were designed as an alternative to asbestos pads. They’re quiet, they’re
easy on the brake rotors, and one of the softer break pad materials. They don’t need much heat
to generate good friction and they produce a minimal
amount of break dust. There’s a couple of
downsides, but that’s life get used to it! Organic brake pads wear more
quickly than other brake pads. They also have a high
compressibility, because of their softness, which
can cause a mushy feeling while braking. It’s gonna lose some of that brake force. And that’s why its got a lower
dynamic friction coefficient. But for normal use you still
get a pretty good brake for your buck. – [Man] You suck!
– [Bart] It’s a funny joke. Alright, now let’s cut one
open to see what it’s made of. – [Man] Uh, we didn’t get the pad yet. – [Bart] Hey, what I gotta
do everything around here? – [Man] Sorry. – [Bart] (chuckles) (swoosh) (typing) Hey, what’s up Buddy? How you doing? – [Anthony] Oh, hey. You know
I watch one of your shows. – [Bart] Yeah? What’d you think? – [Anthony] Eh, you spelled Diesel wrong. – [Bart] (sighs) I know. – [Anthony] Anyway,
what could I do for you? – [Bart] Can I get a brake pad please. – [Anthony] Okay, what kind? – [Bart] I’m gonna cut it open, so. – [Anthony] Oh okay, I’ll be right back. Got your brake pad for you right here. – [Bart] Wonderful. – [Anthony] That’s spelled B-R-A-K-E. – [Bart] Thank you. – [Anthony] Welcome.
– [Bart] See you in a week. – [Anthony] Alright. (swoosh) – [Bart] Okay, So Anthony just sold me some organic brake pads. We’re gonna cut it open
and see what it looks like. And how long it takes to do so. (electric saw) We’re almost there. – [Man] Drill baby drill! (electric saw) – [Bart] So again, it’s
a mix of a bunch of different stuff. But we got through it pretty quickly. I’m excited to see how
the speed at which we cut through the pad is gonna compare with the other two types of pads
we’re gonna cut into. So if you’ve never seen a
brake pad, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a
little angle on the edge. Zack get out of the lab. That’s a chamfer, let’s talk about that. If the surface of the brake lining is not perfectly aligned with
the surface of the rotor it could cause some problems. And that could be because
of debris or maybe it was installed improperly. The extra vibration usually
translates into more noise. One way engineers deal
with this when the design the brake pad is through chamfers. A chamfer is an angled
cut on either end of the pad that controls how the
edge of the pad reacts when it’s pressed against the rotor. This cut ensures the
largest amount of surface area touching the rotor,
cutting down vibration. And in turn, cutting down noise. Okay, so you got rid of your old beater. You traded up for a
nice midsize luxury car. Good for you! You got a good deal,
but it needs new brakes. You wanna spend a little
more on your pads. So you go with semi-metallic. These brake pads are made
up of anywhere between 30 to 65% metal. Like steel, iron, these
are tough metals that can handle a lot of heat. And the rest is made up
of friction modifiers. Like fillers and resins as
well as graphite lubricant. These are materials that bond together and dissipate heat well. These are arguably the most
versatile of brake pads. They last a long time and provide better performance than organic pads. They do however, produce
a little more noise and a little more dust. Wait, now let’s cut one open. Eddy! Give me the semi-metallic brake pad. – [Eddy] Uh.
– [Bart] I swear to God! Eddy, If I gotta go back, this guy is gonna think I’m an idiot. (swoosh) Hey, me again Anthony. I’m hoping I can return this,
I’m looking for something a little bit more high performance. – [Anthony] Oh, totally. Returns are easy and simple. – [Bart] Sure feels like no one. – [Anthony] You know, I had
get these out of the back. – [Bart] Thanks man, I appreciate it. – [Anthony] You’re welcome. (whoosh) – [Bart] Sure feels
like no one, doesn’t it? Think he’s got a brother? Anyways, Anthony give
me this semi-metallic brake pad. This type of brake pad
got a little bit higher level of metallic components,
so we’re gonna do what we do. So I got a new blade and
and a new pad, let’s see how it does. (electric saw) Got it! This is a semi-metallic, and it did take a little bit longer than
the organic to get through, this top part ’till we got to the sparks. You can see a slight difference. Down here, that’s the
tang, so if you hit that it’s gonna squeal, by design. That means you need new brakes. It’s cool man, pretty sick. Somethings that are
unavoidable when it comes to any type of break pad are dust and the gas produced by super heated pads. There’s no way around it. Like your mom in an hallway. These things can be
detrimental for brake pads, causing a drop in efficiency
and lopsided wear. If too much gas builds
up, the pads aren’t gonna get a solid contact with the rotor. Remember, we’re turning kinetic
energy into thermal energy. And if the brakes can’t
dissipate the heat, then they get too hot, they
can’t stop the kinetic energy. (slot machines) Slots in the break pads
lets the dust and hot gases escape with out causing
pressure or extra heat. They can also relieve
some friction and reduce vibration and that means, quieter brakes! And now wouldn’t you
know it, you get bored with that luxury car. You trade it in for a high end sports car. Boy! That thing is fast. But the mechanic says,
“It needs new brakes.” (chuckles) Can’t catch a break! Am I right? Alright. This time you decide to
shell out some serious cash for some brake pads. So you go with ceramic. Ceramic just means a
solid inorganic compound. Like a brick or porcelain. This type of pad has a
longer life than organic and semi-metallic pads. It’s also pretty quiet
and the dust they produce is light and doesn’t stick to wheels. The downside is that ceramic
pads are super expensive. Let’s cut one of those open! Eddy! So help me gosh, if
there isn’t a ceramic break pad in this office I’m gonna be upset! – [Eddy] (growns) – [Bart] Oh man, oh man! (grunts) (whoosh) – [Man] Do you actually think he’s mad? – [Eddy] Yeah, I think
he’s mad I’ve never seen him like this. – [Man] No, he’s not mad,
Bart doesn’t get mad. – [Eddy] How was I supposed to know? – [Man] I don’t know. Eddy I think you really
dropped the ball on this. – [Eddy] Oh, you know
what? I just found it. I have the ceramic pad. – [Man] He’s gonna be pissed! – [Eddy] (grunts) What
do you want me to do? – [Man] Get rid of it!
– [Eddy] (grunts) (shatters) – [Man] Just be cool, act normal. (whoosh) – [Bart] I’m sorry guys, that
wasn’t that big of a deal. I kind of flew off the handle. No harm, no foul. So this is a higher
performance, ceramic brake. It’s a little bit different composition. I got a new blade, new
brake pad, let’s see– (phone ringing) Hold on. Hello? It’s Pep Boys. Anthony, how you doing? Oh, yeah I, no I, I forgot
I actually cut that in half. Okay. Same card, just put it on the same card. Yeah, alright. Well, see you soon buddy. (electric saw) See it looks like there’s
actually a little bit more copper. So as you can see, cutting into it, I think it came apart pretty quick. ‘Cause all these brakes
are designed to wear. You want the brake to wear not the rotor. Brake pad. There are of course,
other type of brake pads that we didn’t cover. Full metal brake pads are just that. They’re fully metal,
but as you can imagine they’re not very good for daily use. Imagine metal on metal,
you know that’s bad. Right? Oh, but then we can’t finish an episode without talking about the
holy grail of brake pads. Carbon ceramic. These pads are the best when it comes to performance, weight, and
the ability to handle heat. They comes standard on very
few high end production cars. But, they’re common in
drag racing and aviation. When things are going so
super fast that they need to stop even super-er more quick. I’m not gonna cut one open
because I can’t afford one of the dang old things. Carbon fiber brakes can
upward cost upward of 10,000. That’s more than my house. I live in a shipping container. This button is a subscription button. You know where you don’t need brakes? Drag racing in a desert. What a dumb idea. Check out this video, it’s rad. We got new stuff coming
out, if it’s the holidays you need to go to, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @donutmedia. And follow me @bidsbarto,
I take pictures of stuff and tell stories. Don’t tell my wife I
forgot to pay for that stuff at Pep Boys. (laughs)


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