Channeling Sessions – Passed Over Relatives | 1-800-KNOWING

Sometimes people come with questions
about relatives, loved ones that have passed over, they don’t
always come through. What I do is something I’m very gifted at, but it’s not
a superpower you know? So, I can’t always do everything that I would want to do. It depends on what is
gifted to me and my client through me, but when people come asking
about their loved ones that have passed over, it’s a beautiful thing, there’s
guilt sometimes, certainly loss, missing them, but sometimes there’s mysteries
around their death, that often happens mysteries that there’s no other way to
find out other than by asking an intuitive, by asking Spirit and those are
very, very gratifying and to have people walk away with closure, peace or just a
visit from a loved one that they miss dearly.

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