Case study: UniCarriers and Discema

Discema was founded 35 years ago, and our business is the distribution of drinks to Valencia and its metropolitan area. We have 8,600 customers and make around 1,400 deliveries a day to retailers. We began working with UniCarriers in 2014, as Nissan Forklifts evolved into UniCarriers. We started by purchasing two units. The UniCarriers electric forklifts work inside the warehouse, taking the products down from the racking and loading them into the delivery
vans. The main advantage with these trucks is that they are electric and don’t pollute. This is an important issue for our company, because we try to keep our emissions as low as possible. The trucks are also very agile and fast, and very efficient. The triple mast on the trucks is also important, since it maximises the height they can lift, allowing us to reach any product. The trucks are ergonomic and make a very comfortable workspace for the driver. They also provide great visibility of the surrounding space. I’m two metres tall, and in other forklifts
I find it difficult getting in and out, and staying comfortable during a long working day while driving. Battery life is important for our working
hours – our batteries last between 10 and 12 hours. In future, we want to add two more UniCarriers electric forklifts to our fleet. The main reason for choosing UniCarriers is that the trucks meet all of our requirements, and because they have a very good quality-to-price ratio. The service that we get is very important
as well. Keep in mind that for us to have one machine stopped for a day is a major problem, so having a service supplier nearby that can respond quickly is vital for us.

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