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Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Knowledge Process Outsourcing KPO With the advent of technology and internet
platform, the job market is seeing new job creation. There are jobs which were earlier
unheard of, but now have become one of the most popular career options in the country.
The Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs as
they are referred to in the job market. This is a career options which requires technical
skills and strong communication (verbal and written) attributes.
The emergence of this career options is largely attributed to the growth of IT industries
and trend of outsourcing. India, being one of the most popular outsourcing countries,
at global level, the demand for IT professional or outsourcing workers has increased manifolds.
This career is perhaps, the most lucrative and high paying one for graduates and post
graduates from general or commerce stream as well as science stream, including information
technology. Those with strong technical background can be part of the management and strategic
team in the company. With KPO jobs, professionals have a chance
to work in international work environment with good salary packages. These outsourcing
firms hire students, graduates to IT professionals to cater to the requirement of clients based
abroad or out of India. A KPO professional will be involved in legal research, CAD/CAM
applications, business research and analytics, intellectual property, web development, market
research to clinical research work. BPO work would be in the areas of content
writing, data entry, medical transcription, software programming, financial services,
human resource activities to website development and maintenance. In terms of educational qualification, students who wish to join KPO firms will have to complete
school education and also get the bachelor and master’s degree. KPO jobs are technically
demanding so it is essential to have a complete knowledge and understanding of the selected
field. Colleges have created Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) and Master in Computer Application
(MCA) programs to cater to the demands of KPO industry. Specialisation is a must if
working for software development, clinical and other research KPO firms.
There is a very high demand for specialised KPO professionals but the supply is quite
low. KPO career is demanding and rewarding, since the salaries are at par with global
standards. Educational institutes have tailor made curriculum to groom KPO aspirants and
meet the demand of the industry. Some of the famous KPO firms are Tata Consultancy
Services, Wipro, HCL Tech, Genpact, Evalusserve, Ugam Solution, WNS, 24/7 Customer, ICICI OneSource,
EXL Service, Copal Partners, Pangea 3 and TechBooks .
Job prospects in KPO are many as professionals from diverse educational backgrounds like
economics, legal, commerce, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, finance, architecture, journalism
and mass media are needed to be part of these specialised firms. The scope to earn handsome
salary package is very high provided the candidate has high level of proficiency in the area
of specialisation. As per industry estimate, there are over 30,000
jobs that are expected to be created in KPO field itself. To get a glimpse of the job
options and scope of growth in KPO refer to that has listed jobs
and details description of career in KPO. Browse the comprehensive and compact website
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