CalPERS Information Technology: A Destination Employer

The California Public Employees’ Retirement
System, or CalPERS, provides trusted benefits for more than 1.6 million public employees
and their families. With a long history of proudly serving California,
CalPERS is as fundamental to the state as the sun — helping to provide brighter futures
for those who participate in the System. For more than eight decades, we’ve built retirement
and health security for people who invest their lifework in California. Their contributions
help move all of us forward through services such as education, transportation, safety
and the environment. As stewards of the System, we ensure that their benefits and earned retirements
are as enduring as the state they maintain. Throughout our history, CalPERS has always
been at the forefront of innovation and technology. And as is our tradition, we have continued
to forge new territory and discover new, efficient ways to serve our members into the 21st Century
and beyond. We recently launched our most significant
leap forward with the release of our fully integrated information system – my|CalPERS.
This internet based technology platform is revolutionizing the way we serve our members,
employers, and stakeholders and is a testament to our vision to look to the future to provide
more innovative and efficient ways to provide sterling customer service. CalPERS offers a wide range of opportunities
in all IT disciplines. At CalPERS, IT acts as a catalyst for transforming
how we conduct business through creative and innovative technical solutions. With new and
exciting challenges arising from a variety of technology endeavors, CalPERS staff are
given the opportunity to develop creative and intelligent solutions through teamwork
and cooperation. As a destination employer in the State of
California, CalPERS attracts, develops, and maintains a competent, creative, and highly
motivated workforce. So come work at CalPERS and become one of
the many who are proud to serve those who serve California.

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