BTC Information Technology

I actually had a friend who told me about
Bellingham Technical College. He graduated a couple of years ago and told me the program
was kind of in my alley, lots of computer work so I took his word on it and came up
here and checked it out I chose the Technical College because I wanted
to actually work on the skills that I would be using in the workforce. I didn’t want to
go to a community college and take a lot of like you know, English and Math. There’s a variety of students who are new
students just fresh out of high school as well as mature students looking for a shift
in career or focus on what’s emerging in the workplace This field is always changing, I am constantly
learning new stuff and it excites me to be able to tell them about it Healthcare has been traditionally kind of
behind the curve in adopting health information technology so there is tremendous opportunity
for students and a tremendous need in the industry for people with the skills and the
understanding of the environment as well as what’s needed to support it I’d say Bellingham Technical College gives
its students knowledge, but also the help it needs, you know, we’re students so we’re
learning at the same time, but I think that the instructors are there to give us direction
and help us when we do need it Bellingham Technical College gives its students
the experience and knowledge they need to go into the IT workforce (music)

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