BSc Information Management for Business (IMB) | UCL School of Management

The programme is a marriage between
technology business and entrepreneurship. The actual programme itself has evolved
from employer input and it’s all about giving students the opportunity to
fulfill their potential in the future. One of the key challenges is ensuring
that it’s absolutely current for our students and particularly on the side of
technology which is changing all the time there’s always new innovations. We
have to ensure that we’re addressing the current issues. The lecturers who are
teaching with the modules are research active and inevitably it brings the
cutting-edge technology and the new knowledge back into the lecture theatre.
We start from the very beginning so there are no expectations in terms of
your skill set, but be prepared to be challenged be prepared to learn skills
that maybe you thought you never would learn. In the vast majority of our
modules most certainly in the first couple of years on the degree there’ll
be a big emphasis on working in teams. It can be challenging but it’s important
because it reflects the real world. Once realised that what you’ve learned
within the programme is very applicable in the real world you’ll get an incredible
satisfaction. It covers modules from engineering,
programming, business, marketing and every aspect, which enable me to gain most
skills for business in the future. There are elective choices that kick in
from year two and going to year three, we have themes that we suggest but actually
students can come along and take any elective that they wish on the programme.
Our role I believe, is to support them in beginning to identify where they think
their next steps are going to be and then putting the infrastructure in place
to help them on that path. We also make sure that we provide the
necessary environment for them to learn in their own time. Wherever you go on
campus you’ll see pockets where students are working so there’s lots of study
spaces students can use. We’ve also got this
fantastic new Study Centre which is dedicated for students which is
brilliant. We have two libraries, one main library
there’s also a science library there’s workspaces there that can hire a laptop
we can work in the lab you can take it away with you.
There’s loads of restaurants and cafés there’s a gym there’s a swimming pool. I
don’t think there’s anything that a student would wish would be here that
isn’t here. There’s so much to do there’s always something for everyone. The
programme itself provides such a good foundation for really any field that you
choose, I really feel like the possibilities are endless. I think once
they’ve gone through the IMB Programme they’re really ready, willing and able to
make a difference.

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