Brockport Study Abroad: London Awaits

Hi, I’m Sammie. I’m Alexa. I’m Nicole. And
I’m Sarah. Welcome to London. Brockport had so many different programs and whenever I would look at all of the SUNY programs I always kept coming back to the Brockport ones. It’s
not as hard or as scary as it seems. I thought the application process was going to be really
difficult. I thought that I was behind on paperwork. But it’s really not hard. If you
have any interest, put your full effort forward and you will get abroad. It was my goal to
be like “oh, when I’m a senior I’m want to study abroad in London.” That’s what I wanted
to do when I was 18 and now I’m 21 and I’m finally doing it. Immediately it was just
very friendly and very outgoing and helpful and wanting to be there for you. Leaving Europe
I hope that it will help me with the job opportunities in the future. The international business
was really awesome to be taking abroad because I actually get to do reports on comparisons
within the UK and the United States. I have a lot of group projects and the students in
my classes are all from different countries. Not only are they from England, but a lot
of them are from different places all around Europe so really getting to work with kids
your own age from all these different places and get a peek in their lives. I slowly
am putting together the map of the whole city in my head and figuring out how to get to
and from different places and I think that by the end when I go home I’ll know the city
like the back of my hand. I plan to visit Norway and I just booked a trip to Spain as
well. And Germany, Italy and Ireland are also on my list. I hope to take away back a confidence
level with me where I feel like I can go out and no matter what situation I’m in I can
handle it on my own and be independent in that sense. I was always like a mature person,
so this just pushes me further because I went away to school but I was only away by one
hour but now I’m like a whole ocean away so I think this is preparing me for grad school
where I like really go away. So this is like the mini-step before I’m a full-fledged adult.
It was something neither of my parents ever had the opportunity to do and they said it’s
a once in a lifetime experience and if you can get the money together and go, you’ll
never have that opportunity to really be living and absorbing the lifestyle of some place
else. Do it. Like no matter what worries you have, push through them because it’s so worth
it. You learn things about yourself that you never ever think you would think of.

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