Blackboard – The New Learning Experience

Learning is a lifelong journey towards
becoming a contributing effective and proud member of society.
Today’s learner is on a journey, a path toward
self-discovery. Her journey is shaped by knowledge
acquisition but more importantly it’s about her
shared experiences. During this educational journey she’ll
develop a sense of self and make informed decisions about her
future. Her journey is marked by accomplishments and she’ll
experience new decision points and collaborative learning that exists
outside of the traditional classroom. The New Learning Experience is supported by our ecosystem of
integrated solutions that span K-12 education and Higher Ed. Blackboard Learn, our flagship LMS, has been redesigned to support the
changing needs of learners. With the new Ultra experience learners receive curated notifications
about their courses. Course content is instantly available and interacting with classmates and
instructors is easy. With Blackboard Collaborate, learning has no boundaries. Rich video and audio create a seamless learning experience
and learners can easily study with one another in and out of class. And our brand new Bb Student app ties
all of our capabilities together into a single, contained, learner-centric
solution. This simple easy to use mobile design helps learners move quickly through the
app. Students can view course content and
track progress through their course and video and audio collaboration is
fully integrated into the mobile product for learning on
the go. This is a lifelong journey, a twisting
path that rich experiences and personal and professional growth. And as learners experience personalized and connected education they build and refine their identity,
gain confidence and knowledge, and transform their lives, their
community, and society. This is the New Learning
Experience from Blackboard.

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