Biological Science Behind Sexual Restraint

Namaskar. Today I’d like
to talk about the biological science
behind sexual restraint. According to Ayurveda
the food that we eat is broken down into
seven component parts. Chile, which
is the fluid, essence of our
digested food, blood, flesh, fat, bone, bone marrow and what’s
called Shukra. These seven elements
make up our entire body. And Shukra is further
subdivided into three parts: lymph, spermatozoa
or ova and seminal fluid. So apart from food
lymph is produced from water and air,
and sun in our bodies. And lymph moves
through different vessels. These vessels the entire
immune system, lymphatic system is a series of organs
and vessels, lymph nodes mostly in the head
and neck, and in the joint areas of the body. And the lymph moves through
body movement: exercise, deep breathing
and self massage or massage. So why is lymph
so important? It’s the cream of cream
the final component of the food
breakdown process. So it is found in every
element of the body. It is so important. In Western medicine
mostly lymph is confined to a physical level. But in the new science
of biopsychology given by my Guru the role of lymph
has also in mental level
and spiritual level. So I will explain
that now. Physically, we know
that lymph… it strengthens
the immune system, and it helps to ward off
virus, disease, and bacteria. The Sanskrit word Ojas
means “bright”. So, someone that has
a good supply of lymph has ojas. And it means their skin is glowing,
eyes are shining, hair is glorious, and there’s a beauty
and glory to their body. And also they
have a capacity to endure more mental
and physical stress. Lymph also
provides food to the embryo through
the umbilical cord, and when it gets
into the different organs and glands
of the body the lymph is
the raw material. And the glands
are the factories. So, in this production
hormons are produced. And these hormones as
we have seen in this channel are necessary enough… Adequate supply of hormones
to enable us to express the feelings or
the propensities of mind. An example
would be a shyness. If I have a shyness,
and there is an inadequate supply
of hormones from my pancreas. I’m not able to express
that feeling. So, the hormones secreted
in the higher glands help us
in our spiritual… Enable us to have
deeper spiritual experiences. Not all of them
are necessarily external. They may be
felt internally. Then also when it enters
into the reproductive organs The spermatozoa and
the ova are produced. Mentally lymph
by the Yogis is known as
food for the brain. Because in those higher
regions of the body the lymph acts as a… it helps to increase
our memory power, our concentration ability
our meditation. Lymph actually goes to make up
the ectoplasmic particles from which our
mind stuff is made of. There was a famous yogi
by the name of Swami Vivekananda and he credited
his extraordinary memory to his ability
to preserve his lymph using it in
the higher glands. So, we also can see, that scientists, who spend
most of their life and they’re using their mind
and intellectual pursuits, they have very few children
very few issues. So, what is
the result of the insufficient amount
of lymph in the body? As I’ve just said
it weakens… it would weaken
our immune system. Doctors have
identified compromised
immune systems as one of the causes
of diseases like HIV, AIDS,
STD diseases. And lymph, for example,
if there’s a lack of lymph in the system like legs,
then this problem of elephantiasis
or swelling of the legs would occur. It’s the cream of cream,
so it strengthens the nerves, the flesh, it purifies
the blood, and also
low sperm count. Infertility was once thought
a problem of the female, but latest research
shows that because of low
sperm count of the male that infertility may
also arise in this case. So if… Why is it important
that we conserve our lymph? Actually excess limp after supplying the the immune
system and the glands it is converted
into semen, and it has to
come out of the body. When lymph is used
in the higher glands and producing those
subtler hormones like melatonin, serotonin. Then those hormones
are utilized in, you know, meditation and
mental pursuits. So in this way it is wise, if we
can preserve lymph for use in the
higher glands and whatever is produced
in the reproductive organs can be used for,
you know, that sacred act
of creating children. So, in this way, how do we
conserve our lymph? We have to
guard against. Today there are
many ways in which we
can lose this converting… then the lymph
is converted into semen through pornography
or bad discussions of impure topics,
excessive sexual activity. The Yogi’s talk about satsanga,
keeping good company. So, these are some
points to note. And also
there are ways and certain yogic
practices that help us to preserve
the lymph. I remember one of
the disciples asked the Master: “Sex is bothering me.
What do I do?” And the Master
kept quiet and then the disciple
again asked my Master: “Oh, this sex is bothering me
what can I do?” And then the master replied:
“Yes, that’s its nature! And your duty is
to deal with it through your spiritual practice
through your thoughts.” So there are certain
yoga exercises that can be done. Although, again,
nothing in extreme. It can be controlled
or utilized, this lymph can be utilized in
a psycho-spiritual way, through meditation,
through the yoga asanas, and also eating a sattvic,
vegetarian diet. Because lymph also
is converted into semen when the food
which we eat is non-vegetarian, or too spicy, or onions and garlic,
for example, heating foods. Because in that
breaking down process the lymph is
converted into semen. Consumption
of alcohol. So these are other ways,
you know, stress, these are other ways, in which our lymph
is converted into semen. So, through these methods
I’ve just explained about the meditation,
the static vegetarian diet you will find
all over Asia the temples,
the Buddhist temples, they don’t serve onions
and garlic in the menu because it’s
traditionally known these two foods to heat up
the lower energy centres. So these are some ways
for the male they wear. In this channel you’ve learned
how to use the langota, the male underwear,
which protects the organ, and the Tandava dance,
the vigorous jumping dance. And finally another method
is by after having our bath we apply cooling coconut oil
on the joint hair and we comb them. So these are some
useful yogic practices, that you can learn
in this channel, which are explained
in different videos to help us to conserve the lymph
and use it in the higher glands for spiritual purpose. In this channel also,
we’ve learned the 10 yamas
and niyamas. The universal
moral principles. And the 4th yama
is called Brahmacarya. Brahmacharya in
traditional interpretation meant the
preservation of semen. But our Master has given
a much broader definition and a more
practical definition. “Brahma” – universal
consciousness. “carya” – to hold, to hold, or behold,
or to see, or to treat all beings as
different expressions of universal
consciousness. Plants, animals, humans
even inanimate beings. Because the traditional
interpretation caused an impurity complex
to develop in family people. Because they were unable
to conserve their semen. But the rules for
family life are different than the rules
for celibate life. So, it should not be expected
that family people have to follow
the same rules. And let me be clear here,
that our spiritual progress does not only
depend on this point. Rather in this channel we’ve learnt
so many practices, and all of them put together
ensure our gradual and continual
spiritual progress. So that is important
to remember. Having said that spiritual Giants
whether it is Buddha, or Jesus, or many
great Indian Yogi’s, I’ve mentioned
Swami Vivekananda or Ramakrishna,
Ramana Maharishi, they observed
the brahmacharya. This preservation of semen
to help them to attain higher
spiritual levels. Traditionally societies
all over the world before this
present generation of, say, the last
60-70 years, before that
Brahmacarya, or this preservation
of semen, celibacy, basically celibacy was
observed before marriage because it
was felt that this would produce
very healthy children. So how many
times in a month should sexual
relations be done? My Guru recommends
four times a month. But when it comes
to number of times in the spirit of
conserving that lymph and utilizing it
in higher glands the more self-restraint
the better. In this way we don’t
become susceptible to different diseases
and we don’t lose our spiritual inspiration,
our mental strength, and our health
remains good. So, if it seems difficult,
don’t worry about it. Let it be a very gradual
as you practice your meditation,
your yoga exercises, you follow your
diet and fasting. Because fasting helps
to check the overproduction of lymph from
the food which we eat. So, that’s why monks fast
four times a month, monks and nuns. And family people –
twice a month in our system. So, this is the science
of maintaining celibacy in a very scientific
and rational way. And these are the benefits.
So, I wish that you grow on this path
continuing your practices. And the mind, it has
a desire to create, procreate. There’s creativity
on a physical level, and there’s creativity
on the mental level through the arts, the music,
song, dance, poetry, writing and so on. And finally, there’s creativity
on the spiritual level. Trying to become one moving
towards the state of unending happiness
or limitlessness. Let’s move along that path
keeping these points in mind. And achieve
that noble goal. Thank you.
Namaskar. You


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    Qi Gong masters call the area where this energy is stored the tantien and some of them have achieved a remarkable mastery of this energetic center that enables them to do things that look supernatural.

    Wilhelm Reich called it the Orgon energy because he discovered that there is an explosive discharge of this energy during an orgasm. He tried to build chambers that were supposed to reflect that energy back to the human system for the purpose of healing – with a mixed level of success.

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    The latter is the crux. If you cannot do that and you just build up this energy without being able to use it you create all kinds of problem. So this is a very advanced practice, and trying to do this when you’re not ready for it is a reliable way to develop all kinds of destructive behaviors either towards oneself or to others. A prime example is the catholic church where priests are required to practice celibacy with absolutely no concept at all of how to use this energy of even any sensible purpose just because they consider it a “sin.” And then what happens is that by now the Vatican has payed more then $4 billion to settle for children harmed by sexual abuse…

    Sexual restrain is a very advanced practice and a good indication that one is not ready for it is that one experiences it as “restraint.”

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