Beyond Today — Three Keys to Knowing God

[Darris McNeely] Is it possible to believe
in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, but not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity?
Yes, it is. How many of us want to live forever with God?
Let me ask you another question. Do you really know God? Do you know who He is? Do you know
what He is doing? Don’t be too sure that you know the full answer to those questions and
know the full story. If you want to live forever with God we have to know who God is and we
have to know what He is doing with human life, with His whole creation. As I get into this
subject there’s a scripture that I like to turn to. To me it’s kind of a bedrock anchor
scripture on this whole topic. It’s in John 17:3 and it says, “This is the way to have
eternal life.” It is a part of the prayer Christ made on the night before His death.
“This is the way to eternal life,” He says. “To know you the only true God and Jesus Christ,
the one who you sent.” He’s praying to the Father. Now we’re going to show you today from the
Bible three important keys that can help you to understand God and the Bible because the
Bible gives us absolute truth about God. Three keys to help us to understand. There are three
keys at the very core of knowing God and knowing His purpose especially in having a relationship
with Him. With these keys we can be assured and have an eternal assurance that we understand
and we know the true God, the God to whom Jesus Christ prayed. Let me begin this today with a story. I think
the story that I’m telling going to tell you illustrates a lot of the confusion that people
have about this subject. It’s a story that involves my wife and I. Both of us had been
in Jordan in the Middle East a few years back. We were observing the Feast of Tabernacles
which is one of the annual New Testament biblical festivals of God. Now my wife went home earlier
while I stayed behind to go into Israel with a colleague for some further travel. My wife
was on a plane. She got on the plane to leave from Amman, Jordan, and she happened to be
seated right in the midst of a group of ladies who had been in the same area of Jordan for
the recent days touring with a very famous American evangelist, biblical sites, and on
a study tour. Well they all got to talking on the plane about their experiences. My wife
was kind of the stranger in the midst. They started quizzing her, “Who are you? Why were
you over in Jordan?” And they got to talking about their beliefs, their biblical beliefs.
And suddenly one of the ladies kind of pointed at my wife and challenged her faith. She said
to my wife, “You’re a member of a cult.” They kind of shouted this out. And here my
wife was 35,000 feet in the air trapped in an airplane with a group of ladies. All of
a sudden she’s kind of being challenged and she’s thinking, “Oh boy it’s going to
be a long 10 hours to get to Chicago.” Why did they say that? Well they said that because
they came to the conclusion that my wife did not believe in the traditional teaching that
people have of the Trinity. That is that there are three beings in the Godhead, the Father,
Son, and the Holy Spirit. And because she didn’t believe in the Trinity they thought
that she actually denied Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Him being who He was. My wife
thought pretty quickly. I think God helped her on that answer. She gave an answer and
she told them very quickly, “I do believe in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.” And you
know what it calmed the waters. Everybody kind of settled down and the flight went pretty
well from that point forward. It illustrates the confusion that is on this
topic and it illustrates what people don’t understand about the very nature of God, the
most bedrock aspect of reality and God. Is it possible to believe in the Father and the
Son and the Holy Spirit but not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity? Yes it is. You
see many churches who believe and teach the idea that God is a Trinity. And by the way
quite frankly a lot of people who are believers in their churches they don’t necessarily even
know what their church believes on this topic and probably couldn’t explain it. It’s one
of those topics that’s so bedrock and yet people just don’t know. But it has become
the litmus test, the bedrock test of who or who is not a Christian in people’s thinking. You know if you would do a search into a textbook
on the topic or on the internet, you would find a number of interesting statements about
the doctrine of the Trinity. Probably one of the most interesting one is this one that
is from a book called “The Forgotten Trinity.” And it says this about the Trinity, “We hang
a person’s very salvation, their very salvation upon the acceptance of the doctrine. No one
dares question the Trinity for fear of being branded a heretic.” Remember that’s what they
said about my wife, that you’re a heretic basically because she didn’t believe that.
Quote goes on. “We must know and love the Trinity and this concept this teaching to
be fully and completely Christian.” That’s quite a strong statement to make about a teaching
that really can’t be found in scripture. Admittedly it cannot be found. You are called a heretic
or a non-Christian by people if you do not accept this teaching. Yet look at the many reputable sources on
the Bible doctrine and you will find shocking admissions about the teaching of the Trinity.
A few of them will go like this. “The Trinity is an absolute mystery,” or “the Trinity is
mysterious in its origin and its content.” “The Trinity,” they will say, “is impossible
for Christians to understand.” That’s an interesting one, impossible for Christians to understand.
Why would a fundamental teaching about God be impossible to understand? You’ll see terms
like, “it’s unintelligible” or it’s “widely disputed,” and it is. From all the study and
the reading that I’ve done on it over the years every one of these statements is true
by their own writings. If scholars, theologians, and religious authorities admit that we cannot
understand such a major doctrine said to be so essential for salvation, don’t you think
that should tell us something that may be seriously wrong with the teaching of the Trinity?
I think so. Those of you that are watching this program,
bear with me a few minutes and keep an open mind and let me show you from the Bible what
we can know about God and about the family of God. And really when we understand the
truth it sets us free from a lot of error and ignorance and opens up an entirely new
universal understanding about God. What we’re going to do is look at the biblical keys to
knowing God. Here’s the first one that we want to talk about today. There are two God
beings. Two, not three. Let’s turn to the book of Genesis 1:26 and a very important
bedrock scripture about the creation and about the creation of human life. And here’s what
it says. Genesis 1:26, “And God said let us make man in our image after our likeness.”
“Let us make man in our image after our likeness.” Who’s the “us” mentioned there, the “us?”
Why is it in the plural and why is the pronoun “our” mentioned twice in that sentence, in
that verse? In fact throughout the first chapter of Genesis, the Hebrew word that is translated
God, the English word God is the Hebrew word Elohim, and it is a plural noun and it denotes
more than one entity as it is used in scripture. And here it’s used about God. Why did our
Creator purposefully use these plural expressions of “us” and “our?” The reason is there’s more
than one. And that’s very plain. And frankly, it’s accepted and it’s understood by people
who can be honest with the scriptures. That’s what Genesis says. Now let’s look at another passage in scripture
that really correlates this. It’s out of the New Testament. So in the book of John 1. Here
really we could say is that the real beginning of the understanding about this topic about
God and what we need to understand as the first principles. In John 1:1 it says this,
“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was
in the beginning with God, all things were made through Him and without Him nothing was
made that was made.” That’s John chapter 1:1-3. The actual Greek wording there says that the
one called the Word was with the God, the God, while the Word Himself was also God.
There are two beings that are mentioned in these verses. John clearly describes two divine
beings in this passage. Again, not three. If God were three wouldn’t you think that
there would be a reference to three but there isn’t? There’s one called God and the other
referred to as God the Word who was with Him. Down in verse 14 of John 1 it explains exactly
whom this Word, this being described as the Word, actually became. And it says this, “And
the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory. The glory is of the only
begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” The Word was conceived in the flesh
is what it’s saying as a physical human being. The one we know as Jesus Christ. So you see when my wife said to these ladies
in this airplane 35,000 feet accusing her being in a cult, she believed in Christ, always
has. Those who may not accept the Trinity cannot be branded as denying Jesus Christ.
It doesn’t happen. Here in this passage in John we have two great personages, two uncreated
eternal beings. The God or God the Father as we know Him and the Word who became Jesus
Christ, both divine and both presiding over and very deeply involved in the creation. What does this mean? Well frankly it means
everything to us. It means everything. It means that the classic Trinitarian doctrine
is false. There is no third Being, only two. If you hold this idea that there are three
you have a wrong understanding of God. You really cannot worship the true God described
in scripture with a concept of three beings. You have a false concept. You have to examine
and you have to believe the truth about God if you’re going to worship God in spirit and
in truth. The Bible tells us God is a family and we’re going to see more about that in
a moment, and that’s really where it really comes down to what it means to us. What you
believe about the nature of God does matter. We can’t have a relationship with God unless
we understand the truth of who He is and what He is. The booklet that they we’re offering on
today’s program is entitled, “Is God a Trinity?” And it reveals what the Bible really says
about this topic. You may be surprised; it is one of the most thorough researched books
that we have put together on this topic, “Is God a Trinity?” You can call the number on
your screen or go to to get your free copy of this booklet and get it
today. Now we’ve talked about the fact that there
are two beings. Let’s go to key number two. It’s this, God is a family. God is a family.
That’s brought out in 1 John 1 beginning in verse 1. Here’s what it says. The Apostle
John writes, “We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have seen
and heard. We saw Him with our own eyes and we touched Him with our own hands. He is the
word of life.” “This one,” it goes on to say, “who is life itself was revealed to us and
we have seen Him and now we testify and proclaim to you that He is the one who is eternal life.” Remember Jesus prayed to the Father. This
is eternal life. He was with the Father it goes on and He was then revealed to us. And
John writes and concludes in verse three, “We proclaim to you what we heard ourselves
and actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us and our fellowship
is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.” Here in these few verses, it is very clearly
put together and revealed that God the Father and Jesus Christ form a divine family, a divine
family, a Father and a Son. And they have a very loving relationship. In John 17:24
Jesus addressed this other being as the Father. He said, “You loved me before the world began.”
They existed in that relationship. And here’s the beauty of the family relationship that
God has and offers to us as something that we can take part in. Those that don’t have
family, perhaps came from disruptive families, we can understand that. Two beings existed
in this realm. They determined a plan to share their Divine nature with the created human
realm. And that’s the beauty of what God offers to us as a result. It’s through that family
relationship that we humans can share in this love of God at a much higher level than we
can ever imagine. That’s why the family relationship between a man and a woman bearing children
in marriage is so important. What God describes in scripture in that marriage union is the
essence of God’s design for human beings, a man and a woman together in marriage as
a family bearing children. It mirrors what God is doing. This is why the family is so
important to us, and this is something that is frankly not offered by false teachings
such as the Trinity that hide the truth about what God is doing and desiring that relationship
with mankind. The God and the Word that we read about, they
purposed a way for this to happen. God decided before the world was even formed to bring
us to Him through Jesus Christ. There’s a very warm passage in Hebrews 1 verse 8. It’s
actually quoting from one of the Psalms, Psalms 45. And it says, “But to the Son, He says,
your throne, oh God is forever and ever. A scepter of righteousness is the Sceptre of
your kingdom.” The Father here is calling His Son Jesus Christ. He calls Him God. Christ
is not only the Son of God, He is God and He is a member of the family of God. The scriptures
throughout from Genesis all the way to Revelation reveal God in terms of a family relationship.
God the Father and Jesus the Son together and the God family. And when we understand
this it changes how we understand God’s eternal plan for us because it is what God has purposed
to have and to be with His creation. God calls us sons and daughters and we can
become a part of the family of God. And that’s where the lonely, the dispossessed, those
without a family come in because God offers a family relationship for those who accept
that. It means God is personal and that He wants a relationship and brings us many sons
to share the glory of the divine nature. The teaching of the Bible is that there are two
beings, God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son. And their purpose is to share their divine
nature with human beings, the human family. The traditional Trinity doctrine doesn’t teach
that. I haven’t found that teaching there. The Trinitarian teaching is a non-biblical
teaching that distorts and actually hides when it’s all said and done, the true God
what who He is and what His ultimate purpose is for human life. That’s why this is so important.
We have to get this right from the beginning. If we want to worship God in spirit and in
truth to know Him, we have to understand this very basic teaching about who God is, two
beings in a family. So those of you that have wondered about this,
some of you that may be puzzling over what exactly I’m talking about, the booklet that
we are offering today helps us to understand the truth. “Is God a Trinity?” will walk you
through the origins of the false teaching of the Trinity and it will show you the truth
about the nature of God and Jesus Christ whom He sent for our ultimate salvation. So call
the number on your screen or go to to get your free copy of our booklet, “Is
God a Trinity?” It will challenge your belief but it will bring you closer to an understanding
of the true nature of the true God. We’ve talked about the fact that there are
two beings. We’ve talked about the fact that God is a family. Now let’s go to key number
three and let’s look at that. It’s this, God wants a relationship with you. In Genesis
2:7, the kind of the second verse in that part of Genesis that talks about the creation.
It really does open up a whole new dimension of understanding when we read it. Genesis
2:7 it says this, you know it, “The Lord formed man from the dust of the ground. He breathed
the breath of life into the man.” Here’s this very close, intimate, warm picture of God
shaping and forming man from the dust of the ground, kind of like a potter with the clay
as other verses show. And it tells us God is not impersonal. You know in the first chapter
of Genesis God’s kind of far off and let there be light and He separates the water from the
dry land. But when we come down to this verse we don’t
see an impersonal God at all. We see a God who is gentle, who desires a close family
relationship with us, with human beings, the highest expression of His creation. Man created
in His image. Think about that. We’re created in the image of God to have a relationship
with God. In Philippians 2 there’s a beautiful passage
beginning in verse six that the Apostle Paul writes. Philippians 2:6 speaking of Jesus
Christ, it says, “who though He existed in the form of God did not regard equality with
God as something to be grasped, but emptied Himself by taking on the form of a slave and
looking like other men. And by sharing in the human nature, He humbled Himself and by
becoming obedient to the point of death,” even the death of the cross. Says He emptied
himself. God so wanted to share glory and divine life
with a human creation that He emptied Himself of that to take on human flesh. The divine
nature took on the nature of the human creation and just joined flesh. By coming in the flesh
God the Word took the longest of steps for mankind. His coming as the only begotten Son
of God makes possible our hope for salvation and for sharing that divine glory. That’s
the beauty of that particular passage. The very essence of salvation and the desire to
live forever, which I opened by asking you do you want to live forever, is to know that
God is able through the life of Jesus Christ to begin the process of a new life and those
who are called to the purpose of God. And that purpose is to put His life, His Spirit,
His very essence, His power into us in the act of a spiritual creation, forming us in
His image by the power of His life which is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a third being of the
Trinitarian godhead. The Holy Spirit is the very power of God. It is the very essence
of the nature of God and He puts that in us. The Holy Spirit is the agency of spiritual
conception into a relationship with God. So it’s just described in Romans 8:16 where
it says, “The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of
God.” God’s spirit joins with the spirit of man to bear witness that we are the children
of God. It’s through that spirit that we then become possible to take on and to partake
of the divine nature, the very nature of God and the purpose and the plan that He’s bringing
to pass. God dwells in us through His spirit, His essential life. God’s very DNA is in a
Christian, in one who has repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal
savior, been baptized and with the laying on of hands and then they receive the gift
of the Holy Spirit. That is the very source of the power that begins to connect us into
a new life relationship with God. In 2 Timothy 1:7 it says, “That God has not
given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. It is a spirit
and a power that changes us.” Ladies and gentlemen the Holy Spirit is not a third person of a
Trinitarian concoction. The Holy Spirit is the essence and the power of God. It is the
means by which God the Father and God the Son live in us and impart to us the very divine
nature. It’s how we enter a relationship with God. It’s how we take on the security from
that relationship with God. To be blunt the Trinity as that has been taught is a reprehensible
heresy that denies the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ. That’s the doctrine of antichrist.
Those who teach it and those who promote that false teaching will have to answer for that
in the judgment to the one true God. Think about that as we study the nature of God. The book that we’re offering today, “Is God
a Trinity?” explains what I’ve been talking about today much more deeply from the scriptures.
It shows how this false teaching of the Trinity confuses and blurs God, His true purpose for
mankind. This booklet can help you sort out through the knowledge of the true God. God
is in the business of building His family and you can be a part of that. Call the number
on your screen. Go to to get your free copy and learn the truth about the
Trinity. I asked at the beginning, do you want to live
forever with God? You can, in a relationship with your Father and Jesus Christ as your
elder brother. God has a family and He will expand it. The truth is what God is doing.
Begin to worship that true God today. [Narrator] Call now to receive the free booklet
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