Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, Xamk

Smart home, smart cities, smart life. Networking is more than just connecting cables. We design secure network systems. We focus mainly on networking, data centers and Internet of Things Our program is international and it prepares the students to work in any place in the world. I think that at the moment this is a perfect time to study programming and become software engineer, because there is lots of jobs and it is a workers or employees market. There is a big market for IT jobs. A lot of people are looking for security workers a lot of people for service because it’s a major part of the business, companies and banks. So, they always need people who know how to operate in these areas. Of course it’s an advantage if potential students are interested in information technology, in computers, but we don’t have any necessary skills that we would require before hand. The best like personalities, of course to be open and social, because you have to communicate with the employer with the people. You have to know how to explain to them and to staff so they understand what you’re going to do. The most important skill for the professional is the ability to learn new stuff quickly, because you have to learn from the client and the new technologies that emerge quite often.

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  1. The Compiler

    January 18, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    I'm amazed how university pulled design and marketing this far. Even Harvard sitting in billions of dollars can't get their front page done good, and yours is more than exceptional! Well done.

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