AWS Knowledge Center Videos: “How do I check my VPN tunnel status in AWS?”

hi there my name is Ben and I’m a cloud support engineer here at AWS I’m gonna show you what the check if traffic is in passing over your VPN these steps are going to be different depending on whether you’re using a static VPN or a BGP VPN first thing you want to do is sign into your AWS console once you’re on the service page scroll down to the VPC service and click on it this will bring you to the V PC console next go to the left hand side and scroll down to the VPN connections click on your VPN connection click on the tunnel details tab below what you want to see here is that the status is up this indicates that phase one and phase two is established and you should be able to pass traffic at this point now let’s take a look at what to check when you’re using a bgp VPN for a bgp VPN go ahead and sign in today w s– console once on the AWS service page navigate to the V PC console once on the V PC console go ahead and scroll down to the VPN connections and click on it select your VPN go down to the tunnel details tab here you want to see the status is up and that you see two BGP routes or however many BGP routes you’re advertising if you see this you should be able to pass traffic regardless of whether you’re using a static VPN or a bgp VPN you want to go and verify that the routes are in fact showing up in your V PC route table to do this go through the route tables link on the left hand side select your route table go down to the route propagation tab here you want to ensure that route propagation is enabled for your vgw once that’s done go to the routes tab you should now see your on-premise route showing up in the EPC route table everything checks out here and you’re still unable to pass traffic or your tunnel then there’s likely further troubleshooting steps that you need to take for example you need to make sure that the appropriate protocols and services are allowed through your security groups if you’re trying to paint make sure the icmp is open do the same thing your local firewall thanks for watching and we wish you continued success with us here at AWS

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