Archeage: Unchained Delayed – New Q&A Information – October 15th 2019

Alright guys so as I’m sure most of you will
know by now, archeage unchained was due to launch on September the 30th, so 9 days from
the time I’m recording this video. On a livestream Q&A yesterday they announced
that they have since delayed the launch of Unchained until the 15th of October. The livestream was about 55 minutes long,
with about 50 of that being answering the most asked questions from the community regarding
unchained and the changes to the game from legacy, expanding or reiterating on previous
points etc. I watched the video earlier and thought I’ll
make a video and condense it down for you all, if you are interested in my opinions,
stick out until the end and I’ll go over it all. First up as I just said the Unchained launch
is being delayed to the 15th of October, so with that comes some other important dates
to remember. The PTS which will have the 6.0 patch titled
Shadow’s revealed will be up on October 1st. This is also when anyone who is a founder’s
pack holder can log in and create their character including name reservation. This PTS will last from October 1st until
October 13th, they will then take the servers down and prep for launch of the official client
on the 15th. There will be no pre-download, you can try
yourself to copy over the PTS files to live and hope it works but it’s not officially
advised. You’ll be able to download the archeage unchained
full client during the maintenance window. Another thing the game will launch on steam
at the exact same time as non-steam, but there will not be any pre-order packages or anything
like that so if you want to play the PTS, name reserve and that, you’ll have to purchase
on the site which you can find in the video description. The reasons they’ve given for delaying the
release is that they, aswell as the developers XLGAMES feel that to give the game as much
of a chance as possible to be what us, the community and consumers want, they have to
give us more than the initially planned 3 days of PTS to check out everything we can
and give feedback with enough time for them to alter it prior to launch. Worth mentioning that there will be 2 different
PTS servers, one for legacy aka the free to play version and one for unchained since they’re
running different builds entirely. All times and dates are for the PST or PDT
timezone and unless I misheard I think they said it will be midnight launch time. It’s worth noting that the full version of
the cash shop will be available for everyone to look at on the PTS. So they’re very serious about being totally
upfront with everything and to show what they’re selling prior to launch. If anyone has any concerns, they are more
willing to listen than ever before and are committed to making this right, anything at
all questionable they want to hear about from us. The good thing about the delay is that they
will have time to alter things that we dislike prior to it ruining the whole game if they
launched on the 30th and didn’t have time to get it fixed. They’ve 100% confirmed labor pots and expansion
scrolls will not be on the cash shop. There will be no more loyalty system either,
they’ve replaced it entirely with the diligence store. The diligence coins are the things you get
from the free section of the archepass battlepasses. There is currently no login tracker either
and isn’t planned to appear on unchained as of now. Diligence store will be the place you go to
get labor pots, expansion scrolls, stuff like that. Because diligence coins are timegated due
to the archepasses release dates, you’ll have to make a choice what you want to use them
on because you can’t ever just buy more. They’re saying they’ve been through the cash
shop with a fine tooth comb and did one of two things for every item. Either made them available in the diligence
store which totally removes them from being p2w or added them to some other in-game system
to get them instead. The diligence system is designed to give everyone
a choice on what they spend their timegated currency on based on their playstyle. The cash shop they’ve said multiple times
is stuff like seasonal furniture, normal furniture both of which are statless, costumes, crest
brainstorm, salon certificates, dye tickets, things like this. They’ve also said and this is a big point
guys, that the majority of stuff in the store is bound…Which raises some red flags. Now they also said they are still going over
it with XL games and they’ve told them and they agree that all items purchaseable for
real money need to either be bound, or not in the cash shop. They are very aware of the concerns that people
could still whale out by say buying tons of dye tickets though it’s unlikely they don’t
want it to even be a possibility or a concern going forward. They’re very adamant that everything will
be either bound or not sold. In terms of what is on the PTS and what unchained
will launch with, the 6.0 update that we’ll be testing on the archeage unchained PTS has
the new class swiftblade, the new graphics, new 64 bit client, changes to sieges, the
naval arena which is kind of a battle royale mode and of course much more. So we’ll get to look at that stuff and test
it out with the archeage unchained monetisation visible starting on the 1st of October. They honestly reiterated on the cash shop
multiple times over the hour long stream, so I think it’s important to mention that
they said they want anyone at all to speak out and get in touch with them if they have
any issues whatsoever with anything in the cash shop, archepasses, whatever it is that
could be a bonus for paying money, tell them and they are committed to look into it and
change it if it is an issue. Multiboxing came up which is important, they’ve
said the policy of 3 accounts has not changed at all. They are going to have issues policing if
say you have 2 pcs in your room and play them both at the same time…But so long aas you’re
not automating anything and actually pressing buttons on them both, they won’t take action
because you are actually playing them both. If however you’re automating anything they
will take action, they’ll be investigating anything and anyone who looks like they’re
doing this stuff. The guild cap and pirate cap was mentioned,
both have not changed at all and won’t be changing at least for now. The guild cap exists to limit guilds to 50
players and so many it fairer, so large communites don’t get advantages from leveling up super
fast. Larger communities will have to make multiple
guilds and an alliance or something similar. Land exhaustion also was talked about and
basically the concern is that say I have 2 plots of land I’m taking up a chunk of the
game world and previously people would quit for long periods of time and still log in
every now and again to pay taxes. That means you’re basically keeping a bunch
of the game world locked off to yourself while not using it. They’ve said they’re not doing anything currently
to combat this because unchained kind of does it itself. Since you can’t buy tax certs for money anymore,
you have to log in and craft them yourself which means you’ll have to be logging in to
spend labor every couple of times and if you’re doing that, you deserve to keep the land since
that means you’ll be logging on every week 2 or 3 times minimum to play just to keep
the land. They’re discussing the construction skill
being able to at high level craft unbound certs, they know it could be an issue and
are in the process of making a decision since this could affect it. They’ve stated that they are going to closely
monitor the land exhaustion issue and if they feel it’s an issue they will react accordingly. Delphinad ghost ships were brought up, basically
they’re disabling or removing the pirate quests for the launch at the minimum so that the
rewards don’t destablilise the economy and make going pirate super early really broken
in terms of long term benefits. Goldselling is a big thing they mentioned,
so basically they always took the approach previously to go after gold sellers and ban
them, then remove gold from the economy when it had been sold but were always lenient on
people buying the gold this way. They said they’re changing this now and are
going to be aggressively banning anyone, buyer or seller who engages in any real money trades
at all. They can track everything and they will ban
you. The word aggressively was used. Archepass they went over in details, basically
they’ll release 3 at a time for now. They’re all different and based on different
playstyles so maybe one is for domestic stuff like crafting gathering etc, one for pvp and
so on. Basically it’s so that players buy the ones
if they like for their own playstyle, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy something that
requires you to play in a way that you don’t want to and so they’re releasing different
options. They will be 1500 credits each which converted
to real money is 10 dollars US, you can buy all 3 as a bundle or individually. It will be hard time wise to complete all
3 within a season but possible. The levels work retroactively so let’s say
you don’t buy the pass or one of the passes but complete a bunch of the challenges and
get levels on it or even finish it then you could if you like buy the pass and get all
those rewards so long as the season is still ongoing. They said the end reward will probably be
a costume that is unique to that pass and not available again outside of that pass. Trade system remains unchanged to current
live legacy version, they’re in talks with XLGAMES over this, they see pros and cons
in each system and they may change it in the future but for now it’s the same. In terms of mods, apparently there’s a korean
text mod and an FOV, field of view mod people use and they are going to be taking a harsh
stance on any and all mods. They understand people want those things and
they’re going to be looking into and exploring ways to within the game incorporate them. Last but not least is that they have confirmed,
we will be having the korean labor system from the release of archeage unchained and
the 6.0 patch. So day 1 of AAU, the 15th of October, we will
be on 6.0 patch and have korean labor system. Apparently there will be another indepth stream
next week with more questions and answers, solutions to any problems people find on the
PTS and any changes or more news. Now for the opinions time. So personally I didn’t watch the stream live,
I got a message on my community discord saying unchained was delayed and I like many of you
was pretty disappointed by this. I was super looking forward to the 30th to
get on this, I’m a lot more hyped than I thought I would be. So once that feeling went away, I realised
a few things. It’s only 2 weeks and to be honest, the reasons
they gave for the delay were really encouraging. Archeage has had a rocky road to this point
and there’s so many skeptics, so many naysayers and so many people on the knife edge of should
I buy it or not that they can’t really afford to fuck anything up. If even something small slips through the
cracks onto release, it can and definitely will affect the whole lifespan of archeage
unchained. It only takes 1 mistake for everyone to turn
around and say, we told you so, they never change and ruin any trust that they’ve built
up over these last few weeks since unchained was announced. So with that being said, it has actually boosted
my confidence in the company that they’re willing to put it all on show for almost 2
weeks prior to launch. This gives the community and content creators
such as myself to go over everything, put together a list of anything that could be
egregious and get it out of the game, or to let people know if something dodgy is going
on. Everything they said in the Q&A was exactly
what I wanted to hear, it seems they understand the position they’re in and to be honest they
haven’t said or show anything I think is even remotely an issue. The awareness being shown means that if they
do fuck this up, they did it entirely on purpose because the way they answer questions it looks
like they are looking at it from a community, consumer perspective. That’s the takeway I had from this Q&A anyways. So yeah, negative news with the delay, followed
by a sense of relief and confidence that it’s for the best. I’d rather they delay the game than it release
and be forever ruined, another case of “what if” in the mmorpg genre and the life of archeage. Either way, as always keep up with the channel
and as soon as I get access to the server, any further news or information, you can be
sure I’ll be posting about it. As always if you do plan on purchasing Archeage
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