Andrew Myers: Why I study monarch butterflies at MSU

My name is Andrew Myers and I am a PhD student in the Entomology Department at Michigan State University. My experiment
is answering questions about monarch butterfly breeding ecology in
agricultural landscapes. People love monarch butterflies. They’re culturally
important. They’re one of the only insect species that undergoes transcontinental
migration and it would be a shame if we lost them. I think the thing that I
like about MSU the most, is the community of people, of researchers and staff, and
the students. And the outreach mission of the university, I think creates a culture
where people want to do work that helps humanity. And it’s also scientifically

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  1. 4af

    March 7, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Very impressed with this novel study as it seems to be the first one ever to video identify the predators of monarch eggs and the first to video document the intensity of this predation both during the day and at night. The reason this study is important is because fluctuations in the intensity of predation is likely the main or a key underlying driver of the large annual fluctuations that we see in adult monarch abundance during the summer breeding and fall migratory seasons.

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