All-knowing Watchers | 전지적 구경 시점 [Gag Concert / 2019.07.27]

(All-knowing Watchers) Happy birthday, honey! Thanks, honey. – Allow me to clear your plates. / – Sure. Jiyun, I remember you’re out of cola. Thank you so much, mister! – I bet it’s hot out. / – Gosh, it’s so hot today. You can rest here for a bit. Thanks. – Excuse me. / – Yes! Could you make formula for my baby? 160ml of water at 38℃. And four spoonfuls of formula. Miss, so I should just bring you warm water? No. Do it for me. I’m eating now. Gosh, what a rude woman. Gosh… What is it? What the… Who are you? This is a family restaurant. I’m a family. Oh, family… Let me refill your beverage. I’m really sorry, miss. It’s really busy now. Oh… Did I ask for too much? I’m asking too much from someone that only makes $8 an hour, isn’t that right? – What the… / – Excuse me. – I’d like some more juice. / – Sure. I’m sorry if you’re offended, miss. How about I bring you a beverage on the house? Missy. I don’t need that. Do what I asked you to do. Do you get what I’m saying? Do you understand? Sir, is there anything else you need? – The bathroom… / – Oh, the bathroom. – Table for two. / – Oh, hello. I’m sorry, but we’re out of ingredients. – Oh, let’s go somewhere else. / – Okay. Excuse me. Can you throw this out on the way? – A poopy diaper? / – A poopy diaper? Why are you just standing there? Miss, you’re asking for too much. You changed your baby’s diaper here earlier. Other customers are eating. That’s dirty. You shouldn’t do that here. What? Are you calling my baby dirty? Hey! Do you know who this baby is? He’s the only son for three generations and I had him 10 years into my marriage! ♪ Congratulations, congratulations ♪ – ♪ Congratulations on your birthday ♪ / – Excuse me! It’s not the time to be congratulating a birthday! – Ow! / – Oops… What’s going on? The part-timer here is doing such a good job that this customer gave her a poopy diaper as a tip. – What? / – What? Are you insulting my baby? Miss, that’s not what I meant. Missy! Let me give you some advice. You’ll never succeed with an attitude like this. So listen to me and… Oh… Never mind. It’s not like you’ll understand. Just live your life working part-time like this. Move it! Let’s show them what part-timers can do! – Part-timer red! / – Part-timer yellow! Part-timer green! – Calm down! / – Miss. I think you’re being rude. My gosh! Talking back to a customer? Hey! What’s your name? Eom Jiyun? I’m going to write about you online so you can never work here again! Let’s go, son. – Gosh… / – Lady! What? Take your dirty diaper, lady. Hey! I’m going to get you for this! Geez… Jiyun, are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Hold on. – Holy cow! / – What is it? They made me a regular employee here. Wow! Really? So they’re making you manager here? You worked so hard here. Congrats, Jiyun. – Jiyun? / – Huh? How dare a part-timer be so casual with the manager? Mr. Lee, do you want to get fired? – Why that… / – What are you all surprised at? Pass out flyers if you don’t have anything to do. You part-timers. She’s the worst!

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