All-knowing Watchers | 전지적 구경 시점 [Gag Concert / 2019.06.01]

(All-knowing Watchers) What is it? Come on. What is it? Wow, no wonder that place is so popular. The food was so good. (Special guests, Lee Musong, No Sayoun) Hello, it’s No Sayoun and Lee Musong. – Hello. / – Hello. What brings you here? I heard there’s a great place for pork hocks. – And it was really good. / – Yes, that place is great. Very good. Why are you so angry? You don’t know? You have to tell me! They must be fighting. It’s good that you came. It’s going to be a big one. What did you do last night? Why can’t I ever get a hold of you at night? Man… I told you that I go to work early, so I go to bed at 9 p.m. You’re seeing someone else, aren’t you? Geez… My gosh, this is nice. Is this for kids? No, that’s women’s size L. What are you talking about? I saw the text you sent on your phone. “I love you, Minji.” Who’s Minji? Geez… Gosh… Try this on. Wow, great fit. Perfect fit. – Perfect fit. / – It looks great. I’m asking you who that hussy Minji is? Hussy? That’s my daughter! What? Your daughter? You are married? Careful! Careful! Move it! Out of the way! I’m so busy! Why are you blocking the way? Lady! You’re blocking their fight! What are you talking about? That guy over there transforms into a father every night at 9 p.m. – What are you talking about? / – He’s scum. I might as well just tell you. I’ve been married for 5 years. What? Why didn’t you tell me that? You never asked! You call that an excuse? Suhui, you’re the one I love. We were destined to be together. This is what we want. What kind of saying is that? Dear, it’s the lyrics to your song. I don’t know what love is or what pain is, but I won’t regret it once we’re through. Wise words. Perfect for this occasion. Perfect. Suhui, please believe me. I was so lonely before I met you. But now that I’m with you, I learned what love is. So what? Let’s just keep seeing each other! People, I am candidate 1, Lee Munjae! I’ll get rid of all corruption! I’ll make this place clean, people. I am candidate 2, Bok Hyunkyu! I’ll give my all to serve the people! I’ll get rid of corruption! – Stop it! / – I’ll give it my all! Stop fighting! That’s enough fighting! I’m trying to watch them fight! What’s going on? – That guy… / – Yes. – Is the world’s best husband. / – Oh. That’s having an affair. Changyun. Let’s break up. What’s wrong? Do you want me to get a divorce? Just leave my child? Why are you so selfish? – Hey… / – People! We will combine our strength to eliminate him… And burn him alive! Then, you want to keep seeing each other? This is an affair! An affair? We’re in love! Suhui, think about it this way. Think about it as a movie. It’s like a tragic love. A movie? Then this is the movie’s ending. Changyun! – Don’t ever call me again. / – Suhui. Suhui… Suhui! Dang… They just left. It was getting good. – Gosh, that was getting good. / – Yes. It was about to get really good. – The last song for our next concert… / – Yeah. Let’s sing “Meeting.” Let’s not. “What is Life” would be better. There’s so much dust. That song would be better. Hey, Musong. What year did you debut? I won third at the 1983 college singing festival. I won first at the 1978 college singing festival! You’d better stop glaring! – A real fight? / – A real fight?

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