A Tale of Sensitive Information

(music) There once was a
fellow named Joe, who could have
been anyone though. He’s just an example, Truly, just a sample, Just pretend that
he’s someone you know. This story’s about
Joe’s info changed, Lost, stolen, or
wrongfully exchanged. The effects were severe, And in case it’s unclear, Sensitive was
the info engaged. “Encrypt those emails”,
the policy said. But folks preferred
to not to instead. So Joe’s full
name, and address Were exposed, more or less, To anyone who
intercepted the thread. Two doctors discussed
records out loud While waiting for
a train in a crowd “Need to know only” They should have
thought, slowly, Before revealing
Joe’s info aloud. Financial stuff too
was at high risk When tossed in the bin
with a motion brisk. “Hey look, lot’s of cash, Right here in the trash! They should have shredded
it first, tsk, tsk.” The situation was
made much worse When exposed were
ratings adverse. “I wish that my laptop Wasn’t left in that shop; It’s lost forever
along with my purse.” I could go into
lots more detail Of other info
sent in the mail, Like the pre-award grant, Or the stuff on the patent That left quite a
mess and a long trail. Those folks who should
have protected him Left Joe in a
situation quite grim. But suffice it to say, Joe had had a bad day Being another S.I. breach victim. So please learn from
this tale oh so sad, Protect all info
that you’ve ever had: PII, PHI, And all other SI. You, and those you
protect, will be glad. Encrypt, and conceal,
and don’t discuss, Please shred and
redact it if you must. It’s all of our duty, Oh yes absolutely, To help us retain
the public trust. Report loss and theft
within one hour, Or anything else
under your power That may have gotten loose No matter the excuse, To prevent things from
getting more sour. If you have any
questions, you know That you can ask
your I.S.S.O. Do your part to protect Any S.I. you get, Or else anyone
could be like Joe.

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