A student on the RSM MSc in Business Information Management programme

– I chose BIM because we
live in a dynamic world of technology-driven changes. It’s becoming more important to understand how exactly technology
impacts a business operation, just looks at how processes run, how the products are produced, why consumers purchase their products. Combining this with my interest
in big data and analytics, BIM offered me the perfect opportunity to specialise in the business
technology related field. Essentially, it teaches you how to translate the technical findings into business decisions. It also teaches you how to
translate business requirements into something that software engineers, for example, can work with. Some of the trends that we’ve
already discussed in class are the Internet of Things, e-commerce, mobile advertising, big
data, and data analytics. BIM students are ambitious,
which really motivates you to work harder in class every day. They have a desire to
reach management level and they also have a high
affinity for technology.


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