A recruiter talks about RSM’s MSc in Business Information Management

(piano music) – I’m really looking
for people that are able to talk business, understand business, and can really bring
in technology insights into that discussion. I want people to be able
to read a balance sheet, I want people to be aware of what it means to function in a sales organisation, to have pressure on KPIs, to have a sales target
and so on and so on. At the same time I want
people to understand what the latest technologies are, what’s not there yet
today but what’s coming up, what potential practical
applications could be, but at the same time
understand current technology and be able to understand what it takes to actually run a project,
to run a programme. Whether you talk about financial sector, whether you talk about retail, whether you talk about high
tech, anything basically, you see that the role of technology becomes increasingly relevant
in any type of business. So the combination of all these facets is really the thing that I’m looking for and when I look at the
people I’m working with, the people working in my team, many of them are former
BIM students actually because I truly believe most
of them have that skill. (piano music)

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