7 STUDY HACKS Every STUDENT Must Know… | #ShrutiArjunAnand #Funny #Sketch #Tricks #MyMissAnand

Feel hungry oh too spicy.. need water now lets bring something sweet also bringing that English Revision notebook I was sitting to study for 1 hour but studied only 10 minutes cause of all these distractions so to make yourself free from all these distractions should sit for study with all preparations now where’s she is going hmm.. its a nature’s call :-))) just coming hmm..Its too common..:-)) whenever our Mumma make us sit for study we usually got that nature’s call…:-))) if this happened with you too tell us by hitting Like to this video and get this video to 200,000 Likes Read Slowly.. what’s your problems? why are you teaching others?? don’t to read it slowly.. Our Vocabulary & visual memory get stronger if we read loudly thats why I read loudly Anantya, I got bored of these regular school, study and exams Katappa Enjoy what you have you’re right but did you know I studied a lot for my Maths Exam I am worried don’t know how much I’ll score Katappa A great person says Wow your English too is getting improved what’s the secret?? Ok I am telling you the secret the secret is this U-Dictionary app with a new feature Aha Moment and it help us to improve our English Fluency also here comes daily 9 quotes which we can see and hear as well we can also challenge ourselves with it our Pronunciation practise goes well with it We can also send these quotes to our friends through Whatsapp this app is so awesome I too will download it t Anantya Switch Off the TV and go for study Anantya you are playing since long now go and study what are you doing with these cards go and do your studies all only ask for Study! Study!! but who will tell us when and where you study?? and study how much I am Kitabi Devi Our brain works so well in the morning time so morning time is best to study where to study a peaceful place and there’s no disturbance at all study how much Try to study 1 to 1:30 hours continuously then must take a 15 minutes Entertainment gap I answered all of your questions submit your assignments fast why are taking this much of time to sort out this problems I use different coloured highlighters or markers and highlight at the book’s end with it its make easy to find the book isn’t it awesome hack?? must try it surely will help you a lot what are you doing?? lets go to play I need to wrap this gift but couldn’t found the end of this tap give it to me you can do like this wow what a nice trick is this it comes in Single colour where did you find it in rainbow colour I bought it from Canada for how much?? 1000 dollars If you want I’ll bring it for you as well No i don’t want it its too expensive I am kidding :-)) I made it myself and its too easy to make it you need to just take different coloured highlighters transfer colours like this even you can try this

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