7 Common Misconceptions About Distance Learning

Welcome to the world of Distance Learning. In this video we will discuss the seven common
misconceptions students have about distance learning. 1. Online classes are easier than
traditional classes. You think that an online class would be
easier than the traditional course. Actually online courses are just as hard or even more challenging than
traditional courses. For example, in addition to typical
classroom activities like readings, test, and papers; online courses
also have interactive assignments such as discussion board postings, collaborative projects, and game-based activity. This work will
be frequent, and may feel more challenging for you
to accomplish, whereas face-to-face courses might meet just two times a week and require little participation. Online courses often require students to complete activities almost daily and all students will be required to
contribute. 2. Online courses take less time than
traditional courses. You think it will take less time because you don’t have to sit in the classroom. The reality is that an online course can
take as much or more time as a traditional course. You
will be expected to check your email frequently, get all assignments done on time, discuss
your questions and concerns with your instructor and classmates, and fully participate each week. Therefore, don’t expect to succeed in an online course just by logging into the course once per week. Instead log in frequently and stay engaged to keep yourself on the right track. 3. I can work entirely at my own pace. Flexibility is considered one of the greatest advantages of online learning, but this does not mean you can
work entirely at your own pace. Online classes still have deadlines. In
courses with synchronous meetings and discussions you’ll have to show up at specific times
or places to participate, thus you’ll need to be a self-starter and
you’ll need to manage your time well. If you can do that, then you’ll enjoy
how flexible online learning can be. 4. I won’t get to know the
other students very well in an online course While you may never meet your
instructors or peers in person, good online courses help you develop
similar relationships to those you have in face to face courses. For instance, icebreakers and self
introductions give you the opportunity to learn about
each other, discussion board activities and collaborative assignment create opportunities for you to be
engaged with each other in significant mutually supportive ways. If you feel shy in the face to face
classroom you may even have an easier time
connecting with other students in an online class. 5. I won’t get individual attention from my professor. This could not be
further from the truth. In online courses your professors will
participate in your classroom discussions, hold virtual office hours, and give
feedback for each homework submission, just as they would in a traditional
classroom. You will have access to help when you need it. don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Initiate a conversation with you professor and let them know when you’re having
difficulties. 6. I wont learn as much in an online course. Good online courses can accomplish the
same student learning outcomes as traditional face-to-face courses with
high levels of engagement. 7. Online degrees don’t carry the respect a
traditional college degrees. Because the online curriculum is the
same that you would learn in campus based courses and shares the
same prestigious accreditation, the only difference is that the delivery.
In fact more students are choosing to pursue their degrees online due to the flexibility of the format So let’s put it all together. Here is what we’ve learned. Online course are as hard, or more challenging, than traditional courses. Online courses take as much or more time than face to face courses. Taking an online class does not mean that you can work entirely at your own pace. You’ll have opportunities to get to know your classmates in the online learning environment. You can still get individual attention and help from your professors. You can achieve the same learning
outcomes in an online class as a traditional face
to face class. Online degrees carry the respect of traditional college degrees. (Background music playing)

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