6 tips to encourage experts to share knowledge with their team

You’ve heard it everywhere
Josh Bersin can’t stop talking about it, yes We’re talking about Collaborative Learning We know now that it’s the only way to make your learners actually enjoy learning
something But acknowledging that this is the solution to the engagement crisis is one thing but actually implementing it is a whole other thing. Today I’ll give
you six tips to help internal experts share their knowledge. Hi, everyone, it’s me Amanda from 360Learning. This channel is for learning executives who would rather have a strategic role instead of just creating training courses And we help you get there with one video every week, so stick around and subscribe! First tip you have to identify your emerging experts. People who are so
immersed in what they’re working on are usually too involved in their work to realize that that curiosity is what took them from being novice to an expert. These people are going above and beyond to push their skills to the next level. Learning how to identify these people based on their actions is gonna be key. Next tip proactively encourage your experts. Experts almost never identify
themselves as experts from day one. Great L&D executives should reach out to
these people and begin asking them what they would share if they were going to start sharing their knowledge internally Encourage them to develop a training
project with easy to answer questions for example you can ask them what topic
would you like to teach about, for which audience, and what impact would this course have and what skills would be at stake. Next tip you have to make
knowledge sharing fun If sharing knowledge is a formal process: HR requesting things on your calendar, having hurdles to jump, it’s not going to be fun and your experts aren’t going to opt in. Make it as easy as possible
and you know what make it fun! Offer badges for people who train the most courses or reward people who’ll lead trainings. Things like that. Next tip make
knowledge sharing easy. In addition to making it fun, knowledge sharing needs to
be as easy as possible. As easy as recording a video on your smartphone or creating a quick Google slides presentation. Never mind putting together
the perfect polished course. the key is to let expert shared things quickly and support them with a platform that’s designed for feedback iteration distribution and
evaluation. Stop focusing on sophisticated content Start focusing on
impactful content. Next step make them a part of the community. Organize drink and learns, foster collaboration among your champions. Let them debate and prioritize
your L&D roadmap. They’re your army of experts for the benefit of the entire organization. Last tip make them shine We often think employees need financial
motivation in order to get them to invest more on their team. But actually that’s not true. Most experts write blogs or share videos because they can feel
that it’s gonna have an impact and they like feeling like they’re contributing
to the overall success of the company It’s not for money. For example if one expert teaches others how to edit a video, he won’t have to help the entire
company with future editing requests Reward team members who go beyond their
scopes and objectives by making them
visible. At all hand meetings or within
your internal company communications. And you know what we’ve actually built the solution to do exactly that It’s called Leadership. And guess what Michelin,
Safran, and Criteo are all using it and loving it. And they’ve managed to
turn five percent of their employees into knowledge sharing expert. Yes! Five percent! Do the math, How many people would create courses in your company? How
many courses? What will be the impact on your company’s business? Learn more about our leadership solution by clicking on the link below. That’s it for today guys, see you next week!

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