317th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, February 27, 2020

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80 k FM Global for additional information welcome everyone to the 317 knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday February 27th 2020 this is a broadcast of the
Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the
public teachings in English my name is Rick RAM and I’ll be your host today
along with Flint mal housing and of course we’re joined with mr. Moran kesh
of the Keshe foundation and as usual I think he’s ready to begin today’s
workshop hello mr. Kesh are you there yes good
morning good day to you wherever and whenever you listen to the issues of
knowledge seekers as usual somehow we found ourselves something to do every
week and I hope this week we’ll be able to find something good to do the number
of points which we would like to raise step by step in respect to the catch
condition work with virus those of you who are Iranian son listen – if you do
not know after now that tonight at 9 o’clock Central European Time
there was another emergency meeting of the Keshe foundation Persian group to
extend the support team which has been built up in Iran and then we carry on
with other sections as it is we know Brazil has received their first in fact
person from Italy and we are looking for the Italian community to come back to
the conditions if you need help with Italy
that we can set up Quechua nation has developed systems that they can be
deployed we can cover a number of countries as the production comes up in
one way it is important to explain in more detail for the knowledge seekers
how to protect themselves and how to go in a mode of prevention and disinfecting
the stage of recovery is already gone so if you don’t have a wireless option now
you don’t need to recover it’s just preventing it to come as we
hear a number of world leaders have been put in safe position secure from public
the number of world leaders will not be seen in public directly for a long time
to come many ministers have been locked behind their offices they would not die
at nursery and run the governments through behind shut doors these
countries number by number increases because if the government’s lose their
ministers and head of armies the government runs into problem we have
seen in the past few days the system or second command of Iran Health Ministry
has been taken in many many Iranian leaders are in quarantine because the
way the virus was a spread deliberately was put just before election where all
the Muslim civilians what you call a sheer background go and they sprayed the
shrine and people touch the shrine and they carried it it was a deliberate act
we can see it and in due course who will tell you how it was done by whom it was
that and these ministers during the election time last Saturday Sunday and
Friday before met each other they were in what we call political campaigning so
the infection at the highest level ministerial members of the Parliament is
very very high – Foundation has reached out and we have
taken a position which we expect to emerge across the world by different
Keshe Foundation organization the procedure Keshe foundation Iran has
taken they have set up what we call the leading group which is all the Keshe
foundation what we call leaders in each district and where the application
condition of Iran Shanna’s Mohammed II has taken a step
and covered all states appear on every state in Iran today is covered with
hundreds and thousands of what we call Gans availability for any immediate
response the channel is run 24 hours a day and people literally come online ask
for help I wouldn’t hours material is delivered to them and then they are
taught online how to make it for themselves
I was uncalled till about four o’clock this morning we estimate we saved many
many lives children coming online they know how to use the internet for
themselves for their family people who are infected now we expect as of
tomorrow morning number of Iranian hospitals in Tehran will respond in two
using the technology to prevent and to reverse this is the job of the Iranian
government officials hopefully to announce and if this takes place we’ll
let you know which hospitals the technologies used and which doctors that
you can get immediate help we expect Church foundations around the world to
do the same what we call the immediate response group is in the background in
Iran is set up well and our doctors and people responsible for each district and
they respond the minute the order what we call calls come in the response group
gets in touch with the people in the district who has carrying in what they
are carrying at least together in Afghans water and we seen they’re all
report immediately touching a fever and loss of the pain so we are already
gathering all these people will and get the testimonies to Baba mention
next few days the procedure is very simple you need to set up the
headquarter operation and in each area covering a distance peach estate and
then break it down to the cities and major cities in that district the number
of infected people is beyond understanding of the present time what
you see on their figures on the charts after Nations is first for public
consumption the reality is worse and the reality
cannot be discussed because most of these ministers heads of states have
never been trained to save their Nations they’ve been trained to spend the
nation’s money in the way they should not have an out there is nothing to
support but the biggest problem now we see is the doctors and elite stupid
educated what we call a specialist who because it wasn’t in the table when they
went to school fifty years ago technology has not gone any further the
reality now is I literally go online people who come in if it’s online I can
help I teach them step by step what to do what to expect how to set things up
to protect we have cases of children who are online their father the mother and
them or been infected and they start helping the whole family while I was
doing this this morning and last night he brought me a beautiful memory and in
a way is what we call DejaVu repetition of what you’ve seen this goes back to
1970s 80s when I was a student in primary colleges a nuclear physicist
trained or getting trained in many parts of my education the knowledge was so
elite I was coming up literally as we called off the press that I used to say
it one-to-one with my professors across the table
they were teaching me of their own books of their own research and on PhD
research for me to carry on there was no book it was more – more specialized
how for example to control nuclear reactors how the nuclear bombs were
running out of control what we have to do if he hits a nuclear power station
and it was a strange thing while I was helping this young girl it was the same
feeling it’s just 50 years age gap I was in a position where I used to see the
cross a professor we taught the edge of science but nobody could imagine this
nuclear technology was so advanced and now I teach youngsters to save their
lives one to one and you see their gratitude you see their kindness you see
how they absorb and observe the what we call the technology this technology has
a big problem is too advanced and humanity was kept in dark by the events
we had if he would have stayed in line with a group of Peter files and other
nations who are heads of these Peter files with what we call free energy
group they would have killed many children this technology would have been
across the planet very well used but fortunately unfortunately you’re in
this position but we’ve got to make the best of it
our total loss of virus up to today in China runs beyond 5 million we do not
exaggerate later we have conference China pass 1 million some weeks ago we
are heading for 5 million mark or recall losses and Iran situation is building up
to be in crucial condition is not the fingers which are there Italy is next in
line we estimate Italy will lose massive numbers in the coming weeks the problem
with this is very very simple but now we see a tailor-made disease what you have
to understand you have to be prepared for such a
eventualities they are deciding who gets infected and to who’s benefited hit let
me explain to you this china got hit be wrong got hit now we have Italy got hit
it’s strange enough the American president is supposed to be in India for
a big transactions to snipe off the wealth of the nation he is in India no
reported cases we see the same in America now taking hold all by those who
flew from Italy or at the same time we see the conditions Western Europe will
be covered in next two weeks the problem of Education our nation supporters is
you are caught what we call sleeping on duty we prepared this is taking hold
beyond Chinese government reports no contamination is some 20-plus provinces
increase in the original position India where if you hold him back for the
president to leave and side from the money for his business expansion in
India as now has become his center point he wants to change India to headquarters
of his empire and psyphon everything up we see that very clearly the problem is
United States is going to get hit very bad as I explained in part of their
teachings very recently past few days what a plan was was just to hit to
disable to start a new kind of war to take over but the problem is deeper
unfortunately Italians took it from the Iranians and they’ve taken across
now is not Chinese who took it first now his Italians and the Iranians in
Middle East now isolation starts and this is the problem you have Keshe
foundation supporters wherever you are equip yourself with gas water as much as
you can people will call you back when they need it
as there is no hope we had a case last night on the emergency backup in Iran
the gentleman came in and he made a lot of accusations that this is a
money-making scheme you’ve done this to do this your fraud on the rest of it
insulting all the backup system even going to their private church and two or
three hours later he calls back crying he wants help for his mother
apparently she’s infected this is how people change this is the shape of the
things to come this virus is tailor-made until a
controlled China with such a massive infection is not reporting anything in
India with such a massive infection in Iran we hear nothing in the India India
is fabricating figures and in they are controlling to the president’s iPhone
their safes and central banks through contracts fake contracts in the name of
his own companies this will be disclosed later on but the reality is back to what
I said from the beginning of the teaching every man on his own here the
last man standing they have tailor-made genes into the
virus that’s why they Italian got hit worse by the Iranians and your spread
the infection from Iran was supposed to damage the Iranian structure that I make
a military court attack at the point of weakness but one thing as I explained in
other teaching these people did not calculate these two nations share a flag
but in different directions Gino Bay is in Iran and Italy is very
close so Italians picked it up and now Italians live in North America on the
rest of America what we saw as I said in the last few weeks every Chinese
restaurant in the Western Europe and most of the world became empty as people
refuse to go to Chinese restaurant now we see the Italian pizza places are
getting empty then where do we go next shutting borders has a started trying to
hold back has a started we expect a massive a massive natural disaster in
China will be followed bit flood and they followed me drought
the only problem for Chinese is very simple nobody will be there trouble and
are infected and nobody wants to be affected with their infection the same
can see it for Iran the same can go right through Europe now nobody is
prepared to send their people to save the others
again it’s become one nation all Stanley for themselves this is how this was not
calculated to be now it has turned up to me that way the biggest loser in this
game will be United State of America we will understand in next four weeks if
the events take place the way you see it state of Brazil has been first report
soon will you make announcement on Brazilian chatline regarding supporting
Brazil the Brazilian Keshe foundation you have to set up the way we have done
in Iran you set up an emergency team and in that emergency team you’ll find out
who’s holding hands where in which State and how fast you can get to the
knowledge seekers the Keshe foundation Brazil has to be compactive directly
with all the Brits means which are there and the structure to be set up that it
can carry out all the doctors who is carrying the technology and where this
is important for all of us Keshe foundation knowledge seekers there is
one thing for sure condition management who have followed the procedure and
follow the procedure we put out today you’re safe we don’t expect any
mortality within the condition knowledge seekers across the world who are
familiar and news ganses and made a cup of life just one second please you got you sorry there is somebody who’s trying to
be very clever on the Keshe foundation family a church just got a rate thank
you very much Rick just cover me for a second till I do
I think it’s been removed mr. kair so far as I can see so I think it’s under
control now okay we had that whole night yesterday people I put in a complaint
and I think they acted on it we had this on the Iranian Channel absolutely poor
by the middle people trying to save their lives
yeah deliberate misdirection they’re trying to disturb the workshop today
yeah yeah Islam by the people from Germany we followed big tract it is over
ends up with red circle people we inform you Fred
while you’re at this explaining these things Italian police investigation on a
matter of Fabio officially has been cast on by the Keshe foundation supporters to
the Italian police and are following it up and if that procedure takes off we’ll
take it up and we have we will request for the rest of red circle immediately
because we have enough evidence this is what they are doing this all comes
through Germany we are monitoring it because don’t forget these people have
no no scruples or that is that’s their proc we had that two or three times I
had to delete last night what is important to the Keshe foundation
knowledge seekers is one thing make sure you have everything and you have enough
to give to the others we open a channel to each country you do not open a
channel to support your people every channel we control through the Keshe
foundation that people of that nation can come in that we can monitor because
people are in this sub panic and many many people even the old
knowledge seekers I don’t know how they cannot support it and give the right
information so we try to centralize into a central organization into what we call
Central Committee organization application edition worldwide we support
Italians we’ll give you a chance to go back in on what we call Italy support
you talk in Italian we monitor we come in when we need when you need help and
you allow Italian public to know to come in this will be set up by today don’t
set up anything which is not under control because we need to be able to
support you in a coming days this is announcement which will come
internationally once we start holding and controlling the condition in Iran
within the next seven days the Iranian support teams will
distribute the technology across the planet in groups of 30 to 50 officers
from the Sahara Iran what this means the only people who will travel into China
during disaster or Italy will be members of the SAP are equipped with the latest
knowledge and technology to support nations as we said support is universal
and we bring this beauty of Iran to all the nations this is important for the
Iranian central government and Iran support to be ready to deliver this
within the next two weeks the Iranian SEPA will be part of the international
rescue team and most probably the only international rescue team which will
carry all equipment necessary to support hospitals governments and operations
till they train the officials in the right way this is the only way we see
that we can use such an elite force dedicated to safety of a nation to
safeguard the international borders and the government these are not mercenaries
the men of peace trained to reverse the condition of what we call Crona spread
by the Americans as usual Iranians have to clean up the mess these people do in
this way we’ll announce in collaboration with the Iranian government and SEPA
half Iran which groups through Iran Foreign Office
will contract nation by nation are flying with the latest equipment to
deliver the technology to save God and then teaching messaging to the Keshe
foundation to develop one of the most important things for the Keshe
foundation members is as such that do not dismiss anything do not dismiss a
single cold do not dismiss as wet I will like you in the background the Keshe
foundation team to record this part from now on because this is important to all
of you and your life can depend trusting you have to know as I explained
in the other teaching and I explained again in detail how this wireless works
a fundamental point to understand is this virus mutates this is one thing the
Gates Foundation did not calculate they wanted to change the code it reduces the
population but one thing they did not consider was the mutation of this virus
ha it mutates will come and explain later on but what we’ve seen in the
Chinese structure and the Iranian structure is that you get rid of or you
solve the problem with virus if one is left
imitates to a new word if one is left imitates to a new one and every time
imitates it becomes stronger the reason imitates is because now we understand
the Keshe foundation to our knowledge that viruses are packs of energy which
they encircle magnetically by their field the cell in the body what is the stranger other people they
do not understand how this virus is transmitting for example from Iran to
easily go back to the knowledge as you know magnetic fields trouble and if you
have the same strength being from another part of the universe which earth
that’s what we see the depth of the stars and the sides of the universe as
you saw the map as I explained what is clearly indication of why it jump from
Iran to Italy the Iranian and the Italians have
deep-rooted in blood for centuries and it was obvious the next step from Iran
was Italy and as he jumped to jump further he has mediated to a stronger these people infected environment in
country but men never counted on plasma technology of the wireless now we see
this rapidly mutating into North America as many Americans are Italian descent
but the problem is Italians have taken one corner of United State and the
Iranian the other side in Los Angeles and disaster
covers the whole of this nation this what we see clearly and that’s why is
rapidly growing in Italy why in Iran the other point is that what we saw the
change from China to Iran was very clear I was expecting this and when he
happened and stood was the seeded it and spread very rapidly
why for centuries sir Claude has makes blood now you can see this genetic modification by the gene
itself will encircle the planet we are in dark ages of man destroying himself
two degrees of Mister gate when you buy a patent to destroy is destroyed you now
you understand how it will go so what is important for you to realize that you
cannot stop just because you have caught what has happened the virus has made a
link into that cell through any obvious combination of amino acid what is a
strange and what you have not understood and in world of medicine understand this
gene has emotion this gene when they set it up they never understood the world of
the physics he has created his own soul if you look at the crown what we call
virus is like this and then it has a second circle the existence of the two
leads to creation of magnetic fields which gives it the life to mutate this
is why is called the crown virus and that’s what they call it Crona because
it sits like a crown over the South exactly what we explained it does for
past 10 years how the virus works out are the viruses the shape after
crown or corner corner virus is the shape of embedded encircled to magnetic
field one of the plasma of the amino acid or the cell and one of the energy
of the virus he has created his own life and this will take shape when nevada and
imitates man man from Africa to Asia and India and China and imitated by Shaitan
colors are going to be able to survive this virus will be with us for a long
time to come in envelops in the encircles the whole
set the logic behind it by the Gates Foundation was to reduce the population
my message the cage one nation is very simple we are seven billion happily
living on this planet we’ve got our own folks as a big family if the place is
too small for you you don’t need to eliminate seven billion eliminate seven
members of your family then you don’t need to suffer with us what we see and
what we have requested the Chinese government them very soon will release
data we are aware and we know as I said before mercury minimum and LED are
playing something in this virus injection as we saw with children
immunization we could be heading for another disaster with so much poison in
the body injected this is time to tell time to see so in this process you can
see how the virus is changing and mutating its energy which has found the
energy of the cell and when it has created his own soul which means he has
a brain it will dictate where he wants to go and he has so many in diverse
energy pack which will go down the race channel to every nation now that you
understand how this energies transferring it’s very simple this cell
as an energy pack needs an amino acid a protein you’re a skin on the table
you’re a spit on the chair you’ll sweat somewhere else and as these are weak now the virus makes a connection to freedom
because in essence they came from the same amino acid structure field this
virus is transferring itself to the leftover residue of the body of the man
that’s why when you touch that button of the layer when you touch and no be
somebody else’s touch it has carried into the beaker structure and now it
encircles it you invited by touching it it connects first to yourself and then
it shows yourself what is interesting if you go back to the few teachings before
I spoke about the emotion of the animals and that’s why I came from the season in
this position now you understand this virus has emotion what is interesting
very simply has a deep emotion it means it copies the emotion of the man who
gets it this is why some people walk away with it initially it’s good
and then they catch it for a second time and they die the sign of emotion of
control of this cell became very apparent the brain of the man the skin
of the man and the cell of the lungs of demand are part of main part of
operators of the emotion of the man as the skin the brain and the law are all
of the same self so what happens very strange when you have asthma you have
emotional problem you see what happens with your breathing when you cannot
speak you call when you get a stressed you call so this shows the true nature
of this voice and once enters your emotional circle your emotional system
which your long represents you that’s why you get asthma attacks and you spray
yourself to kill it but it all sorts of the emotion this time is a very powerful
asthma and what we see from all the reports in Iran and China a very clear
pattern of asthma attack and then with the heart fail
but they call it the infection of the log it is in a way and asbestos very
strong powerful but live and decision maker let me explain to you how you die this is from the report from Chinese
health authorities and directly from the hospitals in Iran from the doctors that’s your body this is your lungs are making very big
and this is your heart the virus enters through two channels breathe into your
nodes or breathe into your month go back to the teaching this is the soul of the
myth in so many ways if you understand the depth of knowledge the way we do as
I told you there virus is a living thing and he has a soul he has created itself
an emotion in passing in your what we call breathing channels it transfers his
emotion to the soul and then soul understands and tells it where to go because so cannot show the pain of the
or feeling of the virus so they create is your arm you’re like somebody’s
microscope and then it tells it that is needed how he can show it’s our own pain
to the body itself now you understand how your bird tau brain and the soul
have decided this is where we create condition for it to find a place in this
process as it takes position your lungs according to the scientific data is
flooded as it tries to create food for itself changes the condition of
the long and then it lives what we know as I explained to the doctors before is
that we know each long works one are on one are off even though they work
operational exchange of the energy for the blood is done on these sequences
depending on when the virus enters the throng which is active or maybe the long
which is inactive at rest not really ready to defend itself allows the virus
to set in so it grows and by the next readings and the change of time the
second long starts the transition of the virus so what do you have a more
advanced working against a weaker one the two logs start exchanging energy to
build up to support each other and we see lungs getting flooded and change of
condition an estranged from the Iranian doctors who have been witness to many
deaths they report these people are extremely healthy they’re young at least
there’s a car who cane he’s a month in year and out of nowhere they say cardiac
arrest and in the last five hours they died from cardiac arrest all the
patients with this virus died of cardiac arrest now we understand how as I
explained in other teaching in this process of exchange of the energy which
in the two lungs as they get everything now they lock in into the energy of the
heart and the heart brings energy from the rest of the body
and they consume it and the heart cannot cope with serving the body and the virus
and it goes to overrun and heart attack and death now now we understand the
process yeah dealing with the energy transfer emotionally and when it
capability to meet it with the traditional medicine we know not with a
new case for our nation and plasma technology we know how in a cup of life
which I gave you I specifically when I did accommodate this I gave you a copper
nano copper and a zinc some of the copper are at the element of the zinc so
you produce hidden amount of said oh no the copper and copper creates uuo and a
copper and zinc you do co2 now you understand why this water works and why
we insist or 50% if you don’t have the cup see you 30 percent co2 and 20 % as I
said if you understand the teaching of the church our nation over years said
and it’s the elevator of the soul so in taking reading and covering you keep on
strengthening the soul for it to strengthen the soul of the wireless to
give it satisfaction of life and this is how most of this process of
so comes CEO is to take the energy from the virus co2 is to create the
connection now you understand why we set this process now I want to explain to
you how you can check first if you have the virus if you do not have ganses you
test what is known as a 10 second breeding child every morning or in the
day you hold your two nostrils you close it with your two fingers and you hold
your breath for 10 seconds if you do not cough or use another out of breath 90%
Europe but if within this 10 second you are forced to come or you see irritation
of your throat to cough or you see you cannot hold your 90% chance of have
received a kind of infection by the virus depending on which state you are
then you will see sometimes from ten to twenty five days from the first day when
you test and even notice this you will show fever you will show the rest of the
virus infection the reason is that this virus takes his home-brewed spray it
away in the log so the lung is already carrying the virus but you don’t see it
this is what we call matter state testing whether plasma testing the
process is different if you have made yourself the gansan subset and co and
co2 you do two things if you Aspray McGann’s
water of this combination or called the cup of life on your head and on your
chest on your back once a day twice a day if you’re worried and you feel pain
or headache or pressure you’re 100% infected do not go for
psychosomatic and placebo because you don’t need you have a headache or trying
to understand if there is a pressure it’s a magnetic field pressure is the
pressure you feel energies transferring inside you this is what we are looking
for not the headache that I take aspirin if you feel on the head it means the
energy transferred from the guns to the walk be called the soul is taking place
at a high level and that energy transfer creates heat or what we call magnetic
pressure if it wasn’t there it cannot make it the same is between your lung
and the gans water you put outside and we told this before you feel a pressure
people say there is a pressure they cannot breathe even in China we have
seen people who report pain when they used against you can use they’re
uncertain baby or 90 percent or you can check a hundred percent this is the
procedure that will be used in the hospitals by the doctors when they start
using against technology for identification of people have the virus
or they don’t first physical don’t rule against and if both are
positive you got it you got to understand if you can make
for yourself three or four different cups of life even though they’re all
from the same material whatever they create a slightly different strings of
yes and you need this to cover yourself for a long term to cover from any
mutation of that virus same time when you think you have it immediately your
immediate family people who you’ve been wind and where you been you go back you
inform you give a copy keep a paper you say this is what I do I think I’m
impacting you better cover yourself if you go and you’re not aware and you
have overlooked or whatever we start the next posts this is your head this is
your body this is your arms you have to follow this procedure without failure as
you understood this disease affects the soul and the long and in dark process
the soul of physicality which is the heart of the matter is in between so
when you understand the minute you are infected the chain has been built the
separation of the physicality from the soul starts because they are aware of
what is to come you need to support both the process has to be in this way the
first thing you do you spray your chest you wet your chest we’re against water
from cup of life every hour this is on a condition that you are infected for
prevention we come to nature every hour once you tested you are the headache and
you felt the tightness of the chest and it did the test you coughing this is
your next step within five minutes you put cans water on either side of your
long what this does it transfers the energy of the virus into the Gans of
what you put in and this will dissipate into the atmosphere onto your clothing
so you’re depleting the virus energy this is all you can do don’t forget the heart is in center of
the tube if you look at it in reality with a brain you have made your a star
formation and in a way gives a chance for the soul to take is right then what
you do after you covered the body immediately you cover your face with a
spray or wet up that yes then you spray please do not try to wash trying to
spray against water around your head again
by the same principle you transfer energy out and at the same time you
transfer energy in satisfying the soul their face is to take the energy from if
table selves affected or landed on your face the head is to elevate the soul
because of the Xingu the third step is to take immediately water counts water
to wash any possibility of any material of contaminated to be present at the
same time feeding the soul every 15 minutes to 1 hour you take one
set what about a 50 mm of Gans wood now the next step for you is to put the Gans
water in what we call Hubble bubble and she said whatever you call make it
coca-cola bottle with two holes in it and put it sticking in a pipe a straw to
the bottom and a sternum up don’t fill it up with the Gans water and you inhale
you inhale at least 10 minutes in every arm and what you do by inhaling you take
the energy inside and by having the other energy which is weaker outside on
the skin you deplete the energy of the virus you will lose your temperature
within the first war if you have a higher temperature the temperature
should come down within one hour to three hours max the fever goes do not
get fooled if you had a coughing covering depending on how bad did the
longest damage or repair itself in over days you might lose most of the
irritation very rapidly to the sweating will go once you’ve gone through this
process you carry on for two to three months the strangest thing is you wanna stop
somewhere this is when the soul is satisfied and informs the arm to not
give me any more water we see this with all the technologies when I used to help
people always tell them when I give them the system they said when do I stop I
said oh come back soon the day you say oh I forgot to drink is
the day that you have reached the steps of completion you bring the system back
because when you’re not hungry you don’t eat when the body doesn’t need it you’ll
find out you forget doing it because there’s no need for it
this is for recovery spray your body long and back every hour if you have
seen the positive sign of the breeding and against then spray the face first
every hour then spray the head every are you do this for three days
and after that you step down to prevention that is you keep yourself
safe two three times a day then you drink water every hour then you inhale
every hour for 10 minutes directly with a wat concept please do not drink from
the guns itself and if you follow this process you stand a good chance of
surviving the situation those of you who do not see the 90
second problem the ten second problem and the 90 percent with egg answers your
feelings okay I’m not your life doesn’t stop ugly for prevention you display
your body every morning and evening just when you get up and just before you go
to bed you spray your face every morning and
every evening you spray your head the same during the day you need to drink at
least 300 mils to 500 mil off against water in the stages and you need to
inhale at least once or twice a day in 10 to 15 minutes this is recipe for
preventing for you but you have to do this with all the members of your family
and cut the dog and the door handle you spray the house you spray everywhere in
the house use me as you have when you make your cancers the first cancers when
there is a salt on it you don’t throw the water water away you can use that
water to spray in the house to spray the handles because that residue absorbed
will keep some of the girls holding energy many can this in fact or gets the
energy of their wires this sheets the pillows the boss you get on don’t be
afraid I spray they say the lunatic is my life you wear a mask always sprayed a
mask before you take it off from wait for three minutes then take it up
because the gans will go go inside and change the position of the
what we call any contamination one of the worst thing people keep on telling
you is that when you put a mask on your face don’t touch it because if the
bacteria has come and sit on it but the biggest problem is the other way
you have bred into the mask and if you have the infection the mask is infecting
the others when you get the mask make sure you drop it in against what’s or
see you all or a cup of life make one box and put water in it you can swatter
and drop these masks in it because you have to deplete the energy of it
if you put it in a plastic bag as I explained your plastic bags I advise you
to do comes from the lack of understanding of the totality because
you remember and you see the connection plastic is become a breeding ground for
holding to the wires never ever use a plastic bag to put your Ganci paper bag
is okay because still life but we can control it and you can soak in any goes another hand remember to wash to de
SPECT your hand whit against water you get on the plane spray the plane you get
on air boss sprayed of us because not only you disinfect yourself
inspectors and be very very calm because there’s one thing using the technology
you have most probably protecting yourself Elena as I said ok
nation as we see knowledge seekers have no vitality up to today we get infected
but because we continuously used the material you protect ourselves as I said
to a knowledge seeker a bottle of Gans water in the fridge has like a watch of
basarab for drinking water in the fridge you need it now it comes your
environment in the environmental energy pack you are gonna be very careful
wherever you touch your fingerprint is the carrier carries an amino acid and
when it the infection whatever you breathe is the carrier wherever you sit
you sleep with touch you kiss anything which has the amino acid
combination which is this is one we are looking with are raising an alarm we are
looking to see the combination from iron would ever change to magnesium that we
start seeing infection among plants I mean no acid the same is only the
difference between the iron and what we call magnet we have had two reports up
to now of skin being agitated when they spray the Gans on doesn’t show any
rashes at the moment but its irritation we are watching closely if you see when
you spray it against on your skin and you get irritation we are of school of
thoughts that as I said the brain the skin and the long are all the same there
is a possibility we only see in two cases up to now worldwide after reports
we have that the virus through his mutation is moving from the lung to the
skin and if this happens we do not know but assuming we are right you will see
virtually flash disappearing and getting infected we have not seen this stage yet
mutation to the strength of the skin of the man in the level of emotion has not
be seen for the received two reports and I informed the Iranian team to watch for
this yep so this is a total understanding you
need to understand the totality oculus you have to understand the emotion of it
and this is crucial for the knowledge seekers there is a discussion if we can
use dynamic system for this virus possibly yes possibly know possibly the
dynamic systems become another trap we can’t extend the virus in but we can
from the dynamic system to the body to spread it come we use what can we use that what we call the
new systems globally made yes can be done
the first system the first what we call station is getting built and getting
ready in Arizona my job and the this structure will wait for Iran inside
there is one matter that we will not complete the technology in China as
Chinese are very fast misleading technology and then threatening we
deprived the nation of China from stealing again in a way we don’t let
them to commit a crime on our behalf John is here he can show you as you know
the building for the first enhancement unit Center has been bought and he’s
getting designed and should be ready in X hopefully by April then worldwide
don’t be ready for use his John behind the screen somewhere can you see him
here John would you like to explain to us what is your a step at this Center
they show us what you are doing out of ink okay we can see your full table yeah we see
all the pictures you have to open it before you open it you have to open it
yes but you have to open it as a folder scream you see all your pictures you
gotta open what another time before you share it stop sharing open up one bucket
and stop sharing it open the screen the picture you want this is how most of
centers around the world will be more or less according to place in the condition
Arizona carries 10 unit six units is for what we call enhancement of the body
four units will be used for development and testing for materials space
conditions environmental changes and others we’re trying to share the Arizona
Center with American Space Agency and Iranian station c4 deepest space trials
and this is one of the beauty man common man will use the center as a scientist
watch and develop technologies for a space as we said Keshe foundation the
making a Space Agency Iranian Space Agency working together in one team and
then we share in this part we will not allow any Chinese interference or
involvement as the Chinese steel technologies they don’t share we need a clear indication where the
Chinese that they stop the behavior we allow them to share we plan it to share
but they shown the other would be a via would you like to take forward please yes yes John you can see the picture yes
John we can see it can you hear me so this is a concept of how we’re putting
our facility together we’re getting some help in interior design and layout by
other knowledge seekers we have a team of three beautiful women helping us put
this together in the game French women from the United States so you can see
these they’re helping us dramatically in terms of coming up with a concept that
we feel is going to be beneficial for showing off the technology let’s see if
I can just go from one picture to another hit your left to right arrow
keys in the keyboard what next one the left and right arrow
keys on the keyboard miss recommend it I’m sorry I’m gonna do it this way you see that it’s still the same picture
says my screen sharing this pause did you pause me mercy resumed sure go out
on come back in okay now it’s working okay no no that’s another picture the
other side of the of the building this is our front entrance when you come into
our building wandah create create an environment
before you even W in welcome to a new era what we’re doing is changing the
dynamics of the way we do the way that we do things we’re very excited about
what the machines can bring there for everybody when you walk in the door and
you see this demonstrating new space technology to the world it’s so it’s
more than more than just the machines where we’re setting what we want to do
is introduce this technology to the governments of the world and part of the the beneficial willness technology that
we’re bringing will open people’s eyes to what it is that’s coming forward and
we hope to be able to demonstrate some other features that will allow allow
people to really take notice of what what these machines are all about this
is our conference room we set it up with what I call the City of Hope the City of
Hope is the vision that I have hold called a wish for creating a new
community called a light a light city of light with our thoughts and our our
emotional energies anybody within the knowledge seeker community wants to add
their energies to the City of Hope please help support it we believe it’s
going to be a community where new technologies can come forward to help to
help everybody so that’s part of our dream so anybody that comes into our
conference room they can share and our dream and our wishes
so that’s what we’re doing in Arizona we have a large facility you’ll only see a
piece of it with the other buildings but with the other side of the facility we
have a lot of office space or we hope to bring in doctors technicians to help us start the document what the benefits of
these machines will be in the shear videos and in correspondence with the
rest of the world community any questions I have somebody asking me can
you show us the room again with the machines or do you have a top view of it put some recessed lighting in star
lights this again is the dome we’re building a big dome over all of these
machines so you’re gonna walk in this room you’re
actually gonna come in down here at the bottom of the of the screen you’re gonna
walk in and you’re gonna see all of the machines you up here in the front is
where the operators will be these things will slide apart you see this one’s this
little part here and the patients will be in here you can actually have a
little seating area in the in the center area here where people can also sit and
get the benefit of all following machines I’m playing with the thoughts maybe to show you the real system ten elevated souls sitting in that 12
elevated souls standing in did you hear me John yes I said I’m playing with the
thought to show the real system sure it’s been built it’s exactly as you have
put it and we will wait for a few more days maybe a couple more weeks and then
you see the real machine as you have shown the the machines have been built
they’re getting assembled tested for assembly and everything else for what we
call the units to be put in it looks exactly as you’re showing and the
Chinese team and the factory have been working trying to get it Austrian team
as well for dentistry during the holidays and everything else to get
everything ready and we we have the unit’s structurally built because
there’s all our testing to be done to get everything that’s more than perfect
and it’s exactly as you show it I would love to share the picture but we wait
till it’s done properly position wise as now it’s going through its assembly
section then it’s amazing to what you sure of what I see on picture in front
of me it’ll be hopefully completely complete in there
I end up sometime mid-march when everything goes back to normality in
China and then we ship out or just an assembly final and dad in April we can
produce up to 500 units a month in progressive motion this is beautiful it
was as politician told me he said it’s just extends the imagination but it
brings us back to the womb of the mother how much it would imagine and it’s very
it’s very beautiful exacts are only gorgeous when you see it when I saw the
first pictures of the assemble units it’s amazing is absolutely amazing and
three four teams rather one working around the clock to make sure these are
out the first 20 units will be delivered in April we have everything set up for
it and a completion of the chart with the 20 units in June we start the mass
production 500 about especially program playing unit and you’re waiting for the
head of a foundation so under the medical side to take this position and
then we stop Bing is the first pictures other
pictures are the real building which is now on will indicate foundation
structure now you see how it’s gonna be looked this price will bring the soul of
man together and it’s beautiful we will see the same thing in Tehran hopefully
once we paint the situation we are still carrying on with the Tehran conference
as we show secured Iran from breast disease within the next few days our
forces are certain you know we’ll be the first nation declaring free from all
viruses an open city made every effort and I’m sure the Iranian government’s
will do everything possible I won’t see these kind of centers from now on across
the planet Brazil Austria hopefully in a little Island in New Zealand where
everybody is waiting for and across other finishes as we jump into and
develop and release under these machines will be part of the learning curve and
using care which means we learn again and our scientists sort of spend more
time to teach us more thank you very much John it’s a lot of effort she’s
alone let us watch my child and Jamila and others and we will see the beauty of
this technology in the coming weeks as I love to show you the way you operate
good it was a chance we have to do it properly and then you will see this is strange with this virus a lot of
things changing we had a report yesterday that one of our teams
condition in Tehran went outside to give a cup of life to somebody on the street
and show them our papers hard to do in the world something in that order and he
noticed a woman walking through it four bottles in her underarms says this is a
Gans plasma water she bought it from the shop
this is for Corona so as you understand people in Iran listening are making the
waters and selling it on the counter and people buy it and my hope is they don’t
sell empty bottles will carry a certification and you will see this
right across the planet a plasma water when you see a local
application issue with the plasma water which is supported by the condition
figures that they can check is original because will produce a nature as labels
for every system which whoever carries the Keshe foundation certification can
put it in the market then you understand how far it has come everyone walking
down the street accidentally carrying a plasma water for
Corona and she knew apparently exactly what to do with it the shopkeeper
explained about what to do with the beach how it is exactly we went
through the same situation as some five years we gave the key the government hit
did nothing we taught you in around whatever with a lot of kicks we gave it
acknowledged comments to approve it only said people have taken in new using in
themselves and I said how would I know these waters
are really good bye I said very simple two things trusted and see if they are –
is there if he can secondly is sprayed on your body and wait and see if you
feel any difference then you know he says real or just afraid in so many ways
mankind has entered this place technology collectively as I wished and
again as I said the man would accept this technology not out of his beauty
but of the fear of the demons of his own but as I said we all be ready by this
time very soon we all understand the plasma and against technology is because
now everybody needs to know how to say against plasma kiss remission will
become part of the world recovery in the coming days a week this morning we have
received requests from a government to respond immediately I pass it on to our
team for documentation to be release for it this week we have flown systems
across the world the new technology insistence to be delivered to government
yesterday education edition one of the nation’s received a call from the
University they want hospital sorry they want to use a technology this afternoon
we meet with bunch of doctors who want to implement the technology as there is
nothing their patients are dying we see the reversal there is a picture
which was shared on Thursday on the screen on one on Tuesday on one world or
Nation one race one planet Rick would you like to show the picture please what
is interesting is the difference we see the Chinese you’ll sing gases and as a
call he would why to smoke and then we see the new against technology
implemented in China in recent days against technology the waters which has
been supplied by Keshe foundation knowledge seekers in China he’s got Korean writing in the
background from gas to gas technology and you can see how casual they are
Keshe foundation knowledge seekers through Chinese army or are distributing
over 1 ton of liquid today as they tell us we have that conversation recorder
thank you very much jack on the other hand if as we said you can interfere
with no one’s life and you can save your life that’s all it is
you have the last by understudy this virus is a product to what mankind will
come to understand many advanced traveling from China to Iran to Italy to
South America have brought with us it’ll be very much
the virus brought from Mars from Jupiter from Planet source which is the energy
pack which does not the humanity this is a pre run of what
are we going to face worldwide once we open the universal community to the mode so in a way by teaching you to use the
cup of life you carried this cup of life and knowledge of it into the depths of
space that when you need it we don’t bring your extra energy back to us to
contaminate our environment what you saw just now from child in there enhancement
unit you’ll become the decontamination of wireless units for those who become
the travel of space as you see the technology is coming together very
rapidly in every shape or form collapse of leadership collapse of moral collapse
of what a common entry system and a pharmaceutical controlling and dictating
with a world where they would like to threaten the mankind individual
extension of the soul of the man by the man himself extension of the ability to
support and understand the technology to live on this planet and Beyond by total
understanding of the technology of the creation of universe if you read my book
3 the original universe you understand what you go through is what is written
already it’s for you to decipher try to be the user understanding of the plasma
out of his pleasure not out of the fear of it when it comes because don’t forget
I told you something last type and maybe you understand more of it this time the
body of the man has the soul so as the wives and interesting it out
so is the cup of life and if you understand this and you understood it
how long in our process have we been through this the intermediary takes
bring balance to both that’s why your life is saved today is the comeup life tomorrow in his
place is the enhancement unit viruses and energy parks are part of our life
now for the first time we learn to respect them and how to live with them
and they all have a soul as I said in the coming weeks the
Iranian SEPA will go across this planet not only to support and reverse but to
teach to understand the technology but men as a whole we know no borders no
nationality in no religion and no color when you see the support of Iran on your
land it means the end of the reign of something a corner in any other diseases
you have a friend for you at home and you understand we extend support to
every nation that will come as part of one set of one nation they can government wanted to make this
about the biggest enemy now they see they have to let I mean because the
closest friend thereby to their lives in a way if you know how did the making
government and its people shut themselves in the foot in a very short
time twice they kill the hell of Sapa and then they spread the virus and now
they have to be saved to Sarah as I said a fool shoots himself in a foot and
expect to win America and we have seen the fool we have seen the end of the war
now we see the end of pharmaceutical warfare which was supposed to make a lot
of money but there is one question stands as I released my pattern which I
own to humanity is spend to be open those who use and abuse the pattern they
buy after stand the course of justice in due course whoever owns the pattern and
bore the pattern of this virus and is ready to kill more has to stand in the
human core of justice for genocide we need the same Saddam as we had to toward
gates and those worst friends if you go back to the time in 60s women
in Europe in England in America fought for their right to choose the right to
life they fought to have the right of abortion or not has to be the same for
the rest of the mankind is our right if we want to be in that to the population
of seven million and not for one crazy man deciding on humanity we’ve seen what
I call the rise of the second Hitler and we seen what happened to him this time
there should be no norm for those who set this up we need to set an example we
don’t see these craziness out of people thinking having wealth they can dictate
decision for 7 billion people my suggestion is they can have an
injection in the morning even in lunch as food for them and their children the
way they got the result of all the injected with the same poisons if it’s
good for all of us is good for them a man a chef with cooks tastes awful first any questions okay mr. Kesh and as usual I will tell
the attendees you can put your hand up and we can allow you to open your
microphone if any one of the panelists has a question they can go ahead you do
have some questions in the in the Q&A here can i while you’re looking for the
questions can I raise a very important very important point about those of you
are making of life some of you have seen the picture we show the region with a
cup of life and you saw some green materials anything everything has to be
good some of you are creating some reddish
orangish yellow material some of you are creating I cannot draw it but I draw it
in blue you see white only in your what we call a cup of life understand what
you create the copper is a matter state strengths near enough of the plasma of
the copper co the orange is the strength of the copper in its own spring as a
single atom copper this one is co this one is co the one you see as white is a
copper in strength of zinc and what is interesting many of you which you see
why you usually see it on two levels because the bottom is co2 and the top is
copper strings of said then if you leave your cops and start straight we’re using
it you will see after a few days or a few hours all become green because this
is Atmos very conditional zero and if you add more oxygen to this you will get
this to green as well the best one you make which has the zinc copper which is
good for the soul and physicality is this one those of you who get a white
Gans from your cup of life you have one of the most powerful one this is good
they’re all copper based they’re all effective what it is the other point is
please when you gather against in your cup when you create against in the
bottom of your cup do not empty the water give the syringe and go to the
bottom and collect against and fill up with some more fresh salt water that the
process carries on you need is this will go on for years if we can control it for
months and months when you get your guns and you put it in a bottle to wash it
you can see that you go down and the water you collect on the top is salty
keep this to a spray on your body or your glasses or front door and the
handle do not get rid of your salt water is one of the most part on your hair
because it’s the best cycles so it carries a lot of good energy in it and
you carry on again and again till you get a sweet water which is good for you
to drink begins does that lose his power as long
as you can see it in your bottle what percentage of salty use is the road
if you have a good temperature you have a faster production if you are sitting
living in the city centre are producing because of the high level of co2 you get
a faster production if you living in a rural area you see a slower don’t keep
on asking I did this I did that for those of you now you are not in the
Russian in a hurry for the Chinese system we advise to connect the two
wires into a battery those of you now because you are producing corporation
and you have time what you got to do is to get rid of the battery you don’t need
the battery the battery was done for the Chinese community to be a speed up while
you do you connect I’ll put it this way you connect these two together and then
you connect this one and all you need to do get another piece of wire which you
used here and connected between here and here that’s all you need you don’t need
a battery you just connect this you cannot connect these three together it
not gonna work properly you need this piece of wire to connect these two
together the resistance of the wire brings a balance and create a beautiful
mainly green cans over days if you’re in a warmer area it’s there if you put in
the balcony you get more here the houses get less if you got a good airflow you
get the more production the battery was for emergency drop it reduction with it
also China with the disaster in Iran we still teach people stupid if you have
time you made the first Gans box comply just do the rest just with a piece of
wire you get the same there why is to create a potential difference
that the salt and the environment of their Gans is created so don’t ask I
have to clean the battery I have to do this can I use this it’s a very straight those of you who are very advanced in
the knowledge those of you who are advanced very much in the knowledge if
you understood the weight difference between the zinc and a copper if you can
create a mass ratio of the copper in respect to zinc you only need three
copper wires or three coppers it’s a very specialist way to do it so you
don’t need to look for anything because you’re nano layer in between is in salt
water you have created a plasmatic condition so matter condition does not
apply you can even if you extend the knowledge
put two copper wires nano-coated outside your plastic aunty no need for
connection even you want you can connect let’s read together and then connect the
two together and then into a third wire connect the two together you get a rapid
production of chance in a massive way but and this one intended only but these
three have to be what a core nano-coated mr.keshe have a question from Achilles
the says I have a question about the one cup one life set up I set up two cups of
life and after four or five days I observed that my copper coil inside the
salt water became a shiny whitish yellow color while the tail of the coil outside
the saltwater has been slowly nano coated from the connection point towards
the water surface by my understanding the zinc plate is pushing plasma energy
to the nano coated coil in the middle and the copper coil on the other side is
pulling from the middle could mr. cash please confirm that my setup is correct sorry having a bit of bandwidth problem
there mr. Keshe I’m not kidding you correctly yeah hello mr. dish your voice
trailed off there from sound like a connection issue Daniel can he hit once
I could can we can hear you now yes yeah we had that we got the call
interruption when he gets it takes off the bandwidth now I’m calling shouting
different I found that’s one go okay can you repeat it again because I didn’t
hear it properly okay and the question is from Achilles tha I have a question
about the one cup one life set up I set up two cups of life after four and a
half days I observed that my copper coil inside the salt water became a shiny
whitish yellow color well the tail of the coil outside the
saltwater has been slowly nano-coated from the connection point towards the
water surface by my understanding the zinc plate is pushing plasma energy to
the nano coated coil in the middle and the copper coil on the other side is
pulling from the middle can mr. mr. cash please confirm that my setup is correct
or wrong thank you if you have followed us at of why you need to explain if you
explain advise follow it and have a look but your setup is correct unless you
want attention if you follow the way we said how you connected how what you use
copper in spent how many turns right hand call term correct left-hand turn
good all these success playing games in one of the iranian videos we seen
something very very especial and that we see using two coils in the middle and
one is on the zinc side and one is on the copper side and we see literally co2
shedding them among coil towards as long as you follow the procedure of nano
coating your coils doesn’t matter how you put it
what a space cap you did is it ok 5 centimeter can I use a left hand turn I
think we possibly passed these Chinese questions you created is there if you
want to understand explain some more explain but this thing has to stop next question okay there’s
question from Joel Cornyn first he says Thank You mr. cash for all that you do
according to what I have understood we need a lot of Gans water to apply the
process so can we put the Gans in the chemical test tube and put that into the
water to be to drink that during sub put it in several hours before drinking the
water what can you repeat that
okay well the basic idea is that put the Gans in a test tube and put the test
tube into the water for several hours before drinking the water instead of
making the Gans water and putting the Gans water in the water he wants a
faster method against watering them water who puts against what they know
what you put water on against and you drink the water you don’t dilute it you
put them and put which farther on the Gans maybe you should they explain that
do you have the cup of life you take the guns you put it in a bottle shake it let
it settle and you drink this water that’s it
some people say what about if I get this and put this in and then put some water
on it you dilute it you dilute in the strength you have what I what I call this is not
questions these are attention-seeking questions because why now lot of you
that wonders do this long as we have new comments they don’t understand it there
is a bunch of what I call incompetent deceiving people on internet set up
their thing with kroehner and we are monitoring it with specially join her
for a reason these are Chinese and East Asian people and there are people who
report who has found to the organization to eliminate new scientists new
technologies there is a number of kroehner groups which is set up
especially by Chinese names of Far East names these are well organized by the
pharmaceutical to attract fools we’re up were to eliminate under stop be very
careful with these they seem to doing the survey up there what we call it
Crona and they’re actually part of what I call the the gauge group when you
create it you use you followed the system of the day you guys cannot be
anything worried except what it is and then you put it in
a cup you the first couple of times will be very salty and then you move it to
what I call two or three times you put water need to change the water when it’s
fully settled out till it’s salty actually if you drink some with which
with the salt it’s much better in fact then when you totally wash it out it’s
just not what I call it advised workers long don’t like salt what about us
office one of powerful ones and in so many way Prince
Coast realization comes with it as well because you have Nico in it and you have
the plasma attached to in the plasma environment and it’s much more
effectively we can drink it or if you can stand the invitation your skin or
your head or be advise you not to be inhale but even if inhaling it because
of salt brings a lot of damage repair to the cells you got to understand
something very very very important for all of you if you are affected by the
krona virus you will go through the first
fever the cop the coughing and then you go through that long collapse flooding
and then the hearts each other and death this is a procedure we see and the most
horrible time for the doctors is this phase where people go through heart
seizures what you got to remember is that the
transfer of the energy for your body is the whole name of the game here on these
videos or of the virus in the space you got to take the energy out which is
coming and the worst thing is if you get an energy which is below and tries to
catch up with yourself with this kroehner we see interaction connection
feeding with softest bass development in deep space you find a matching weaker
which takes from yourself and then what you don’t see the self disappearing very
quickly this will happen especially muscle tissue wires in what we call
energy transfer in the long these are what you need to watch when you bring
the energy transfer in of a higher order or the Lord with this wires we have a
higher order that’s why we can take it out with what you call Co and we can
level when you come to the weaker viruses we should link into the body and
they try to grow you come back the opposite way you feed and in that kind
of wireless you don’t you’ll see you all you have not seen mankind has not seen
this violence yet but you’re come across in the space in this situation you need
this to fit to the body we have not seen this wireless operating
on this planet yet but there is something very important for all of you
to understand is that when this virus comes in and takes over in the first
stage as I said you see temperature and fever because the others receive too
much or the other cells get damaged very rapidly by it because it’s always when
you see the fever you’re already 10 days in it so you see
the damage in fact to the cells with the Iranian system we see this within 12
hours which is puzzling us puzzled us at the beginning know me understand how is
don’t we can work with it so what happens when this has been here 10 days
this cell has literally damaged from the interaction with the krona energy so
once you handle it with big answers and the virus disappears and you’re safe you
will see about 24 hours to learn about 72 hours suddenly another fever high
temperature fever this high temperature fever comes from damage cells from the
virus if you get a high temperature means your body affected by the virus at
this stage you can use Cu or + salt as a drinking water and inhaling because now
you have entered the phase of physical bacterial condition damage & Co and salt
will give you that and the fever will go you need at the second stage fever to
add salt to your inhaling and to add salt to you
or guess what are you drinking to understand the process at this stage
when you see the second stage second cycle of the temperature fever you ask
your doctor for strong antibiotics because now you are in metal state three
days to four days your fever will drop but the process of recuperation by the
cell and making of new cells will take up to 30 days so those of you who are
infected long term like in China and like in now Iran you have a first fever
we help you then you get a second period the first fever is a virus we were
secondary where is bacterium up here when we caught it you got to understand
as we’ve seen in China they release people after they had no sign of fever
no sign of virus 26 days dated released and they’ve infected the whole area
they’ve been released into because the Chinese authorities have not understood
this is a mutating practising what we call virus the cover of this technology
is the only way that you can keep this under control
unless you should your people on the street max execution because it will
come back as I said to my request to the Iranian government was very simple my
responsibility is to defend the territory of Iran by covering his army
and his military they confessed to protect the nation not to kill the
nation we teach the members of the support the
remembrance of Iranian army the members of police how to protect themselves on
how to teach people to protect themselves in mass media teachings and
progress which is in development and it should be with all of you who live in
any country unless your leaders are making money out of the crisis unless
your leaders have been paid by Gates Foundation to accept injections to kill
more of you very straightforward bring all the Keshe
foundation website them my responsibility is to be correct with all
men in all levels many Chinese are becoming rich on buying
mass for a penny and selling in a pound stealing technologies from Keshe
foundation and making millions or your and your family knows the soul and you
pay for it from the pain of the people daughters in Canada with a star with
salvation you got to understand this virus has
mutated to him manatee he was tailor-made to kill now he has
tailor-made yourself to control but as I said we make man ready for interaction
with the universal community and the stupidity of the man has brought that
interaction much easier for us now you understand what can entail you
contacting and becoming in touch with man up universe who have energies of
different level than you and what you can give to them according to your
energy could be a virus to them you got to understand the totality don’t
panic if you get a few at such a time I understand why explain to your doctor’s
wife you educate them learn them educating you their book finished 40
years ago knowledge and science has gone forward a lot of doctors may critical of
the technology because they never understood and it’s not in the book is
not there let it be they’re the ones who have died 5,000 in China and millions
more behind it staining and ignoring and denying does not put the truth away it
still died because of your own behavior other questions it’s a question from Skywalker about
wood silver Gans or gold Dan’s help they’d be beneficial I think pasta
squish okay you have a question from Neil you know how yes if people have an
organ transplant or ro or sorry and or take and are taking immunosuppressant
drugs could the cup of life Gans boost their immune system that might cause a
risk of their immune system attacking their transplant this we do not know I
had this question before this we do not know because you are dealing with two
different dynamic system one of their body on one of the organ they can
connect them and they quote what do you call it bring them together chemically
this we do not you create two dynamic situations if you have a heart
transplant or you had a long transplant time will tell you might not even need
any more medication because you make one of both with the energy brands mr. Kesh good morning
this is Jeanette Orozco for the spanish group i have a question for you what
happens in the case of people who have had transplants of metella because they
had leukemia no they have to say depends on how it is that’s how the two organs
reject or accept each other and how is being forced to accept our biggest
concern is people with a longer and heart transplant we’re looking at it we in a way we see a danger with it in
energy transfer between two different cells and in a way we see maybe there’s
a benefit word in balancing that with that either might not need any more
medication but that has to come through the researchers and some places like
Arizona and the recession tarantella and will tell us to take as I told you we
have just touched we haven’t even come near it we are near to touch the
beginning of this knowledge let us touch it and then it’s a skyscraper
we haven’t even entered the building you will understand that this technology
will bring mankind where you rapidly to into the space technology very rapid
very very fast gansan plasma will become as common and
saw some water in the coming weeks as people start using it because they try
to understand to save their lives as I told you quest one of our Nora C Carol
said the woman was walking with four bottles she didn’t know what it is just
the drinking was because she believes in it and she’s bought in the next minute
or so it’ll save their life and that’s all she needs to know but need
certification if we see anyone putting anything out in the market with on
certification authorization we report to the authorities when there is something
which I have to explain to you we have found enough criminal evidence to take
action against Jay foundation X directors in how they transferred
everything from Keshe foundation to another company we have received enough
evidence in black and white and how they advise the knowledge seekers on support
and agents to put the order as this company it’s the same as case condition
and we have the four four different solid evidence and this company is in
defrauding people and will take action against them very soon in Italian Court
if you have and received emails from the Keshe foundation group in each of the
other time they’re saying that transmitting part of the order to
another company this is deception of fourth please
forward it to the Keshe foundation headquarters on their website or web
master at foundation.org or master and especially Institute we have seen number
of emails which has come to us that during the time when they were
disappointing the money taking their water for customers from
Keshe foundation into a company in Italy you have said to do other people that
this is the addition or extension of part of the changing of the warehouse of
the Keshe foundation and using the logo and they were wondering why this
happening we need more of these emails as they are sending it to us to put in
for execution of fraud and deception and bring it company to the ability to what
is called trying to bring it to bankruptcy but years of our background
this approach here we keep it but if your a knowledge seekers who receive
such emails as the other subs of writers please this is how it because we are
handing it over to the Italian police and federal police for deliberate
planning or even premeditated running and stealing from company they email
agree it’s really simple email comes in a form of reading we are transferring
things to a new company in cash foundation and you knowledge seekers
thinking is the Keshe foundation have actually done a new switch over and then
you even thought it could be a Ford but something is wrong now we are in
position of these emails from you in document on the Keshe foundation emails
and a new company thank you very much for letting us having these and we have
we’re getting more and more of it and we are building the structure with the
Italian police and in due time those who did this masterminded this transaction
to see for the foundation from two years of missile and millions of dollars have
to in a way repay back for what I did is a pre-meditated
setting a company bank robbing you were in management and running it and this
matter now is in the hand of Italian police first evidence is completely
there millions of dollars of investment of cash foundation has been taken out
two years and nobody call it I read it to you this is
one of the units come from there IRA’s does jl managed board KF
manufacturing Italy and the company why doesn’t the Keshe foundation over
appears on the product supplied by a company a sign of collaboration with it
the conflicting information was given to us by jujube and another one now we can
can we order product to support the Keshe foundation in the last call mr.
data to us he told not to make any English for KF
products with distributed price because he would sell the same products while
stock last now we have a full proof of deception fraud by names we have these
an email hard copy and a Tonya creases on top of humanist errors we stole from
the vanish and deliberately names putting changing defrauding the
foundation it is very very interesting to the Italian police and immediately to
the finance police because they told us their uncle is a corner or in the
Italian finance police even the Colin L have will be interfered and I’m sure is
going to lose his job in supporting a criminal activity in taking funds and
customers in the defrauded named and they left it on emails please forward
his emails to cash foundation once you receive like this he says we have been
experimenting with technology for ten years for four years we have been
decimating technology with the free meaning meeting and in blah blah blah
blah and southern cash foundation and they found out they received these
emails from this new company who says the Keshe
foundation is part of theirs and he says we received from Keshe foundation
manufacturing Italy we will usually carry out orders from Derrida will
usually receive emotions of conflicting information he says mr. so-and-so
initially mentioned to us only change of warehouse he later on informed us that
some products were available from kitchen KF while other products will be
supplied from this with the email given which is such a such a company already
disputing with them we initially approved the situation that was in
evolution stage thinking there was collaboration between KF and this in a
phone call we were told by mr. did it Cape Italy would close down and that we
would find the same product from them so you see how they transferred everything
across the Italian police is very very interested in this fraud it is a mafia
job style and you’ll be very interested now being getting more if you receive
any communication from the new company the names you know please send it to us
and then we you have helped the foundation millions of dollars have gone
siphoned out stocks have gone missing and the rest of it and now we have this
information it’s a lien police what we are talking to them very interested this
is a predetermined pre-planned and bankrupting a company while you’re ahead
of it nowadays the criminal offense and the worst thing
is they have threatened to use their uncle as a corner in a finance boys or
this is the thing we would like the world the police it so it sells they
want to interview the uncle because it become part of the criminal unless he
claims he knows nothing about it we were interesting there to the
computers of the Commission’s for answer does it take you to the corner but they
use the computers we never touch them so or everything to accounts the Quechua
mission documents and everything was been taken to ransom it’s been we
received back and Italian police is very interested to see how these people have
managed to do such a big fraud thank you very much for those who are sending us
and have already sent us this information how they managed to diverge
and they did the same thing with the supplies the surprise in China and
others have already are very interested because they don’t want to get involved
in this fraud giving all the details to us in the background in different ways
using different organization to gather this information and what they tell us
talk to 25 years is a minimum prison sentence mr. Keshe I’m told in the
background here that the email address that people can send emails to will be
info at cache start foundation yes ok sorry I have to inform you Keshe
Foundation is becoming globally one so as we called the dot foundation Keshe
Foundation becomes our new international communication line this has been in the
pipeline before this about the year two years ago as a foundation we could
register so you can go at info at catch that foundation so we are a foundation
register foundation and you can use our email directly for sending easy
information you see more and more cashed at foundation communication with all the
operators of Edition worldwide we are a legitimate well organized well devoted
people to serve and when we become a prostitute we handle it always to the
legal bodies as I said before the situation with Fabio
offices are in making our understand and all the document has been sent with
is getting followed by our people in Italy thank you very much for all your
support and maybe we are not making any money hole accusation we are explaining
what does not make sense on how it becomes make sense
Italian securities and police did not know that Fabio was part of the Keshe
foundation I was trapped in a murder – now what they could not see how he was
so beautifully untouched for the hole in the back of the head now they can see
all the connections all the documents of their what we call their four attempts
murders before has been furnished to the police we are not going to court to make
any allegation we are giving evidence to the police will die now in this case we
leave that to you and then we’ll tell you further on but we have enough
evidence on the back of it to show exactly how red cell phone has been
evolving it and now that they what we call the court cases activated we can
stop me documents – it is any other question you have a question from Renee yes can I
just say something one second I said this at the beginning of it can you
please let us make a group for Italian rescue operation
all those Italians who got a spread because of after death of Fabio and the
people who were in what we call in Keshe foundation in Bari the still obliviously
the foundation the way there could we need to bring you back together now we
understand the reason and how it was done we set up a system now that some
cities in Italy are closed on because of this virus we can make up and set up the
what we called Rapid Response the same as Iran that we can save lives we’ll
announce this through the universal council member of the Italian language
told the Italian groups how to join in and how we can support all the Italians
we have a very very large Italian condition supporting this is the time
they need us and we’ve said this emotion today hopefully or tomorrow we’ll call
cash foundation rescue italy and join us in it I’m setting it up as admin and
then we bring you our busyness to start running this that we can help as many
times as possible yes good no please okay yes there’s a
question in the Q&A and I’ve also got a comment that came in a few days ago in
YouTube that I’d like to read from Alaska Susan who says the first ganz I
created I saw a luminous aqua glow down towards the bottom in a curved bottom
container I felt that the luminous growing plasma filled the room and me
when I went to bed I could still feel the plasma presence within me and
without me like a glowing cloud of love thanks kesh she says what does glow or
for the love there yeah exactly well I think probably the one after
conditioned knowledge said mr. Keshe have reached a heart of many women I
said we are all women inside we reach everybody at the same time Renny has a question on can you give me
a hint on how to compress plasmatic fields I did this on the resonant
circuits and got a huge benefit from the setup but I think that this must be
possible in plasmatic – greetings from Austria Renny it can be done we do it
you actually do it you can do it in different ways and the only problem with
it is you get the expulsion of plasma and you cannot control it then burn this
horrendous we prefer you not to test in a soft way you do it in the magrav if
you understood the backup system technology voltage and current
production from the self-sustaining generator in increasing the voltage to
thousands of hundreds and thousands of watts is in hand education we will use
it in the enhancement unit and then most probably in the coming time we release
the promised generator for those who want it
but the essentially and the generator sets in the magnetic system but none of
you have managed to understand you will see the first generating power
units in the Magnum unit when we told you we have a generator it was just fine
at a time and a place for you to release this will come with a with the new
systems and then we release the power generators in a massive way there is a very big tank and I mean
enormous tank to mrs. Jensen Mohammed II of the Union head of Iranian Keshe
foundation she has done an enormous job to set up such a beautiful structure
supporting and distribution team and what we call all the things she’s done
for the foundation without her I’m sure the foundation and supporting the
union’s with this position where the krona
would have been impossible she set this up to help Iran with agriculture and
health and when the krona came in everything was set in and all it was
just to support in an extended again I thank all those who work in the
background and in the front in support in their first group support and those
who are in the face of it sitting in front and trying to support an answer
people’s questions as they come in the numbers of the knowledge seekers
increasing rapidly people joining it just trying to save their lives on their
family again I had to one of the knowledge seekers who’s been there he
said I’m just even speaking with my eyes shut because I haven’t slept but I’m
there to support I have to I’ve saved so many lives tonight by helping them and
the beauty of it is the minute they receive their call they have access to
the what we call places where they can’t see me now
now within hours gets dispatched people receive it and they put other people in
it we need to set up such a structure and time so hard work for months and
months of miss Mohammed in Iran and her team especially team in Mashhad in the
wholly beautiful city of my child they have managed to do it and I can announce
we hope we can announce it clearly the first airport the second business
airport in Iran as well on the gans protection as obviously
was given an explanation was given to their authorities and material has been
supported so any flaw of people in and out should be become safe we have taken
the responsibility and the case condition knowledge seekers in Iran and
they have trained their porter stuff up to a second or a second major airport in
Iran has gone undercover up against protection as of yesterday with they
need more and more training and we need to deliver equipment to safeguard most
of it in the next week we announce second and the third nation which one
the cover to get conditioned against technology we give 100% guarantee on no
contamination in fact this new Hondas guarantee to reverse back and I thank
again mrs. Mahmud II or her relentless work she I think so it’s about two or
three hours I was up till two or three and she was there four o’clock and it’s
on this morning 7 o’clock she was there again we do our best and this is I’m not
Iran central emergency system has to be set up right across especially Italy
Germany France United States in coming weeks will be worse hit than anybody
else China will let it go because China
betrayed the foundation Chinese leadership should not not known that and
we gave you our wish and you will understand very soon stating a gift does
not work with the foundation we took the love apart from Judaism we
took the love of course from national child does become an example for
Humanity you will understand what is important is
you have to you have to be ready to support yourself your family and
understand if you have the wireless just think how many people you shook hand you
stood in the bus wait and you travel bit and how many time you kiss your child
or your mother or your father when you make a cup of life every living things
is contaminating your job to support your dog you can’t your family your city
your staff work in this in the in the office – foundation knowledge seekers
even with Chinese manufacturers who work with us is an instruction to them to
protect their Islam and they work reading because they follow the
procedure we are here to support go to info add cash dot foundation if you need
if you want to set up don’t waste our time we don’t have much time
we’re literally strange to limit in supporting these things so visa from the
International realization don’t marry much hope that Iran support will become
international force to for rescue from the virus and with it will bring the
beauty of the nation toward the potential on us we bring love and care
to them and see if we’ll be ashamed of what they’ve done try to understand this
virus will travel very fast now in Europe through the bloodline and the scent and I repeat again our
past Chinese restaurant for past four or five weeks nobody was in there except
Dawn is sitting in the background now we see it human people are avoiding
Italians on the street any Italian restaurants another favorite place to be
pizza no pizza what’s gonna be next you have to
understand it made me look at it the man who gives you the food across
the counter it could give you the poise not like without him knowing and you do
not know when you arrived from Italy or from China or as much a fact you are very soon in Iran will accept what we
call coronavirus health tourism you come in we save you we send you back without
it your nation doesn’t notice and we accept because we know how we are
hundred percent sure of what we are doing now be a hundred percent safe to
the West in a very short time we will know maybe within next week that the
health center in one of the European countries will open on a cash our nation
what we call health center for this purpose where people were affected by
governments can be sent in for we were so concerned bad within seven days this
is a special center and a special process which we don’t disclose publicly
but in the university the whole process and the government officials can check another question we are need a tutor book remember every
day 3/4 moves from not just yourself ten-second if you don’t feel any
coughing or you can breathe and you haven’t got a temperature of Bieber okay
if you got against us just as Brady answers on your head
on your face and your front and the back if you feel a pain then you know your
position if you don’t feel a pain then you know you’re okay
in any case every day do this drink water and inhale begins here just to
protect yourself but when you learn this system and technology this is what you
will create inspiration in depth of this space and then in the coming weeks we’ll
teach you how to use the answers and against material for food if this
carries on and most of the roads and air and sea freights block we got to
understand in one of the European courts in past two or three days port workers
refused to touch container from Germany because it could have been and they had
contamination in Germany if the port workers stopped accepting goods from
ships on the countries they’re coming delivery post refuses to send or accept
post you can see the direction we are setting out we are highly international
dependent on food and other materials on each other and this will bring a huge
problem supermarkets empty nothing on the
shelves farmers cannot get their food to the market and the rest of it this is
something which we see has happened in past 48 hours in Europe and we know a
lot of governments have problem you see mean goods from China post our orders
postal systems do not accept any packages from China now Iran and now a
Tony then Jeremy France claims they have a process they cannot stop cure the
people but they haven’t stopped the transfer the beauty where the Keshe
foundation technology is that he can be worse he can prevent and he can
sterilize know technology has offered it’s not even the vaccine from mr. gate
I call it the injection of death then you understand someone you know when
mankind in United State is be sentenced to that by injection mill foundation is
doing that but on a very large scale interruptive continuously cover yourself this is
going to be four months but we get used to it is with us immediately we can
solve it is there anything wanted to say about
using Gans fir or feeding the question from Dan about that oh we prefer not to
do it for next couple of weeks but try to make as many against cup of life for
yourself and I teach you if need be to not touch them to nothing you can do a
different things with it just have it ready that you can cover there from the
strength of the virus it’s the most important thing and then I will explain
to you how I’ve given your life to the cup of life try to make three or four
cups at least each any other questions shall we call it a
day Rhea nearly three hours just one quick one about the couple people had
questions regarding could they instead of using the one cup the one cup
approach could they mix the Gans waters of the cuo the co2 and the zinc oxide in
at the ratio that you mentioned 53 yes you can
well you don’t carry the sort of mutation you have to understand this there’s a reason yes you can that’s
emerges okay and you explained about that earlier as well so people can refer
to the teaching on that but beauty of it is this virus does not know nope King
what a president or the Minister of Health and a person on the road the
worker in the office is befriending everyone I told you you will not see what leaders
this trip to India was to cash in as much as it could be for you hide in your
nest anything else so shall we call today Matheny agnostic foundation today we
have another information today that people need is what I call a blueprint
for life or we can call it a blueprint for coronavirus thank you very much
and hopefully we see you next week and in emergencies as we done with Iran we
opened the second what I call meeting of this week on emergency on Saturday then
they are the meeting on Monday as usual and today at nine o’clock what we call
Tehran time any one who wants to ask questions doctor’s officials anybody
wants to be online they can ask questions and we can guide and we can
protect then if we have emergency animals we open this channel for five
minutes ten minutes and now we explain phonology is worldwide what is happening
what it is there is a report we cannot confirm the violence has reached Vatican
and as you know what canister of all people and this virus works havoc
amongst all people we hope they are safe we hope that the podrace a safe an
esteem and at the same time once you understand the whole of Italy has been
wiped out with this thing it’s not just one place under them
and what we seen in South America has come true Italian traveling and these
people usually pay with it – what ikan Italians and the others who come in so
the holy city is on the roll of pressure and contamination and we’re the same
thing as they give sermon they can do as I said to one of our friends
would there be a mess this is my body this is my blood in the churches of
Italy this weekend or would be scared not to go to churches that’s where they
can get contaminated the house of God will have no one to worship schools
closed universities clothes the only thing they didn’t cause last night I
don’t personal against Napoli we don’t know how many people got infected in
that game and on the other hand touches are close to people did not go to church
in Austria to the pizza parlor priests people do not go to church now in Italy
due to wireless kit so let’s see what happens and how this thing will develop
in Italy and Germany the French claim that they found is nothing there because
they have a managed to contain all of it and we have seen other countries we are
monitoring all the countries around of already spiders
stay safe and spared the cop and against two other people and
to understand and teach if they love which that is their life they’re
laughing at not yours and we should all you hear of knowledge seeker really
listen to this teaching and you have made yourself to gain cup of life you
keep your life thank you very much very good thank you mr. Kesh once again
for yet another knowledge seekers workshop here and we thank others that
have helped produce the workshop today Thank You Flint and other people working
in the background to enable all this to happen for everyone come we have one of
the intros we used to have before which one in particular is anyone that soul
will choose okay are you open for that Flint your soul choosing oh yeah this
minute thank you and thank you everybody you’ll see you
in next week in at the knowledge seekers workshop as well as the one nation one
planet one race for world peace coming up on Tuesday next week and this has
been the 317 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday February 27th 2020 hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused choose a lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal Keshe foundation org forward slash donate innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this new plasma enhancement changes the
environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balanced energetic
condition as in the womb of the mother allowing every cell in the body of the
man to find its natural original field strength balance the shape and field
distribution in this new space plasma technology replicates the inner
structure of the universe and replicates the balance fields from which the man
was created the point of Inception in the womb of the mother not only
receiving balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense – for the
first time in the history of man a system has been developed and delivered
which not only enhances the physical body of the man but also enhances the
emotional part of the user of the system hence reducing and eliminating many
problems that could not be solved in the world of science to bring the body of
the man into near perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship
technology can be within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by
medical practitioners sports specialists and healthcare centers the universal
enhancement spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here the
journey from space to spaceship technology has started every order is
subject to a contractual agreement and might require additional accessories
priced separately for applications according to each case you can order or
contact us at office at 80 k FM Global for additional information the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race within the centre of the universe in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions of years these field to be into the
creation of what we call this would have possibly got this together
the same process repeats again because the Sun is the same as the energy center now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in this panel universe called the Sun the radius out
was the same thing again radius fields up and in interaction with
the itself with the fields of itself who needs to creation in that process of the creation of
planet the same process happens again in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling and exchange with the strength of the
other things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to
creation of sell mattress safety and that itself in coming together and
stowing down in certain ways as we call release to Under the Sun
we call this one this is the truth bothered life and
creation but if the soul of the math can
understand and absorb and be correct with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to
this nation and if the soul can understand with the same process can
interact can be correct can upload with his self the totality of the strength of
what he needs he shall become the son and then the same salt as energy a taken
a job in the solar system within the galaxy shall be common sense earth we call in the rain come from
horseback the solar system we call it planetary
system they come from the Rays will become their planet same thing happens with galaxies with
the solar systems which they get absorbed back into our party the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn’t matter what exchange so
what is the man fighting why do we fight for something which has come from the
point of the creation and in a process it was battle to be the soul of the man as the energy of the
earth used the face of the path the face of the earth and that process is the
same a solo our sole in reduction in strength in
interaction the emotion of the field of the environment least when assertion of
the existence of but once is completed does it need the
face or can it be and becomes free from the bubble called the soul of the man to
be feared attachments ancestors our soul is part of the process of the
creation the key to one question romance of being
the future to be answered as we saw the Sun came
and as we saw the earth became and soul what would be the listening of the
soroban helps free the point of departure would it become the Sun for creation of
mother the life of many lives or correction arrives this shall be and
this is how he happens when you create a soul which is not
correct which is misconduct by itself candle even believed the creation of the
next cycle of creation which has started the wrong way their own strength this is one thing the man has never
understood you become the creator of another universe another side and this is what you have to judge the
research to swallow what would I like that second three in the physical life create children in
the dimension of the life of the soul of the man what that man what that soul
will create if man has thought up to now that’s it my end my point that is
finished this is much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed and shaped form
they shall be nothing left but we know the part of the Sun is part of the
galaxy and of Spartan life who shall be discovered the judgment of man has to be according
to what he sees the future his soul can conduct the day of judgment for a man not in
front of to create that well my soul judges to pee and what shall create man never understood and shall never
understand till can solve this time I’m opening itself the reality is very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun the energy of the
Sun has become the earth and energy of the earth also lot man so shall be the
soul of the man which is an energy itself another cycle of life how can you change when you don’t
understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding
of the man but what is the future it brings we care about our children what
education they get what they were how happy they’ll be where they sleep now the man has to be careful and
consider what life shall be so brigade because those are the children of your
school as we see the rays of the Sun
on planet and seven billion gentlemen seven billion unlimited which is grown
so the soul of the man who go through the same process how many billions and
subdivisions and sub matter stated his cultured man your soul shall be it would
it be the soul of wars and conflict ever killing or wouldn’t be the soul of this
let’s say a solar system which is peaceful this is the truth and the
reality of mothers what I saw as I said many time recently we never understood
that the solar panels were indestructible and now that we
understood understand when departure from its culture that the same process
carry on a state where star and this woman man becomes to the death
energy source higher water which itself leads to the creation becomes a star
center music publication this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts at the point of death and not finished in so many ways if one understands is
after dusts specks of dust came together to make the earth in the solar system so
has this facts of the atoms has come to be the creator of man and the essence of
the creation of this facts on trust of the solar system has led to the creation
social beaded feels from the soul of man speech creation under the signified what
kind of life that would like to have to be created this is the day of judgment this is what Matt never understood now
you have to understand you have no to us up to today you are not aware of it
dropped they are aware I’m responsible your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul but inheritance aw what you become the creator of stands corrects into
combat citizens we don’t get parallel to this assessment
as you see the process does not stop me with oneself decide you wanna cut it off is very interesting in how he might read
now knowing the fact to have we’ll take the case for my to understand
and you understand those on the tools of war the tools of conflict they have less
they have nothing to start with they have to become to dust in the solar
system but others till the day they learn more as they cannot create a new
cycle to their own so this is the elevational – so not a man to be part of
the creation of beautiful life for the next cycle well you don’t have it you
have to become another cell in the body of the structure bigger for you to be
just there that he can done when you could have been the sole out they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of love for variation if you cared about your children on this
planet to have the best the true children come out of here and so in the
coming time how would you like to educate how would you like to be when
you are in conflict with yourself and of course are selfishly this is citrus and the man will take a
long time to understand as now that we understand the soul of the man is an
operator in a variation of the future agenda but whatever is gathered for the
salt at the end becomes his point of reference of his all creation of his own
planet but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the soul shall go find the creator of others this is the beauty of information and
one understands it understands no limitation


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    When is your next video? 😀 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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    February 27, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    John, pictures look great! Where is the center located in Arizona?

  3. Adam Czajka

    February 27, 2020 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you Khoda just wish Poland receive the gift of One Cup One Life 🙏

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    February 27, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Peace be with all of us ! We love you,mr. Keshe.

  5. Julien Goodlife

    February 27, 2020 at 5:08 pm

    Is it normal I don't understand anything on these videos?

  6. Mike Hurtle

    February 28, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Let’s make one thing clear I’m an American and the American public didn’t release this virus PERIOD but I’m sure it was released because of President Trump and his taking down of the deep state.

  7. TheEnd GameFL

    February 28, 2020 at 12:58 am

    Minute 25:15 WHAT???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? IT IS "ALL" DONE BY THE PEOPLE OF GERMANY??? Explain that to me please, if I did understand THAT right!!

    I myself after watching a news shown an hospital from Tehran with Corona problems CALLED THEM BY PHONE SO THEY HAVE TO WATCH KESHE FOUNDATION – BUT THAT STUPID IDIOTS PUT DOWN THE PHONE BY EVERY TRY TO CALL THEM AGAIN!!!

    So what did I misunderstand??? And even in last chat I have asked, why that iranian hospital DID NOT KNOW Mr. Keshe and his one cup!!!??? And did not get any answer!!

    So I myself have many questions on bord about whats realy up on earth and which sides to believe…..

    And now that calling, that Keshe Foundation should be the one and only who controlled worldwide all peoples situation??? Anything is smelling here very strange to me!!
    And I have called the president number of that hospital and that englisch talking man denied all about that news on his hospital. Then he disconnect the call! What should I think now??

    And if you have no proof for your words, that germany try to destroy or disturb Keshe Workshops – it is ugly to shame them for anything, but your only opinion without any kind of proof!!!

  8. TheEnd GameFL

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    For sure we have opend our own channel for our own people!! because we are working in smal groups – which are connected to each others here!! We don't need any more dictatorship!!!

  9. Dennis Martinez

    February 28, 2020 at 1:06 am

    I respect your knowledge but Sir you are accusing the U.S of creating a virus to kill the whole world and it's own country. You are disrespecting us knowledge seekers from the U.S when you comment without proof.

  10. Tammie Ferrell

    February 28, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    Well, I'm not a youngster anymore, but I certainly have been learning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am from the America and can tell you Trump had nothing to do with it. It is the Deep State who wishes to control the world. They are in UN countries.

  11. Tammie Ferrell

    February 28, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    Question: How does this virus cause people to go into death throws (violent jerking)?

  12. Mircea-Constantin Serban

    February 28, 2020 at 6:09 pm

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    What a blessing this new tech is.

  14. I_love_Jesus

    February 28, 2020 at 11:29 pm

    This virus was released on accident by the Chinese p4 lab. The Chinese released this. America wouldn’t release the virus on the entire world the Americans depend on the Chinese economy. Now the world is going to go into economic collapse. The Bible said in the last days there would be plagues, famines and pestilence. The people don’t fear God and The deal of the century to divide Israel will break the everlasting covenant God made to Abraham for the Jewish people. Moses took the Israelites from Egypt through the dessert to the promise land. This is happening because we are about to enter the worst time in history the 7 year tribulation. The rapture is soon. The antichrist will confirm the 7 year covenant and that will start the 7 year tribulation. The false messiah the antichrist will be the one world ruler. Half way through the tribulation he will break his covenant and persecute the Jews. Then the Jews will realize that he is antichrist and realize the rejected the true messiah Jesus of Nazareth who they killed on the cross. They will realize Jesus is the true messiah.

  15. Discharge Summary

    February 29, 2020 at 6:56 am

    Please post another practical demonstration of 1 cup 1 life…..a previous demonstration was taken down by YouTube….I want to start making & using plasmatic water as part of my immune system support regime

  16. Hogarth's Regression

    February 29, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Viruses don't exist, its all about the vaccinations. Using the MSM as the messenger of fear and doom, the citizens will be running to the goverments. Save us with your bio weapons. The population reduction has begun. We were sold the invisible germ theory by pasteur and his cronies, whereas Antoine Behamp his contemporary had it down that your body if in a toxic state produces the dis eases like colds, flu etc. Where theres money to be made… its funny if it wasn't so sad

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