311th Knowledge Seekers Workshop January 16, 2020

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense too for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and health care centers the universal enhancement
spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from
space to spaceship technology has started every order is subject to a
contractual agreement and might require additional accessories priced separately
for applications according to each case you can order or contact us at office at
80 K F m dot global for additional information welcome everyone to the 300 and 11th
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday January 16th to 2020 and this is a
broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department
and part of the public teachings in English we welcome once again mr. Moran
kesh of the Keshe foundation and I believe he’s ready to begin today’s
workshop hello mr. Kesh is that you in the
background yes good morning good day to you as usual where whenever you listen
to these series of knowledge seekers workshop as your way of your traveling
around the world in different cities in different countries or the expansion of knowledge and
technology then last week we will do from the city of Beijing
this week we are in the beautiful city or country apart as we have conference
tomorrow and even one next week to the most beautiful cities in the Middle East
Istanbul that from there on to the rest places as we expanded knowledge and
sharing knowledge with governments scientist and knowledge seekers
application foundation as we were talking in the last weeks about the
process of peace and as we have seen this has become more or less suddenly
based and structured as we promised there shall be no more war and the world
nations are leading and running to that position we heard what happened in the
Middle East in past two weeks unfortunate loss of people but what has
brought home is nations Startalk and this times are the Iranian leadership
and American leadership sometimes in the next few months weeks will meet to start
the first phases of negotiation and peace this is what they promised
what be know what will be better is that a meeting the return of all
leaders take place in Tehran during the conference check on peace conference and
technology is the habit that defeated meets on the grounds of victories and
the same shall be this time but this time science and technology wins over
or they call the animal behavior of man and the meeting shall be in Tehran and
as we succeed to enter these calls and this read there’s a lot of things need
to be prepared we said the prerequisite or opening up the universal community to
man who was man starting and reaching that point of peace when the peace talks
completes and done between what we call the present time of Iran and the United
State there is going to be a massive problem especially in United State of
America and Western Europe and in an immense way in Iran and nations like
China as we enter peace there is no need for development of weapon technology and
we reach rapidly into the face of how we transfer these huge structures companies
employees these nations have brought together to create peace or to create
war to be used in the Beast time this is going to be one of the biggest hurdles
for the whole humanity millions and millions of people are involved in
making tools of war and now that we reach this point and we have reached
this point we come to the step that how are we going to keep these people
employed and how these huge finances award is going to be employed you will
see after the talk and the completion of the peace table between Iran in United
State the peace movement will take a new phase a rapid phase we see on the back
of this movement with the leadership Russian leadership President Putin the
structure for a peace negotiations worldwide will take shape by autumn
and what we see what we promised once the mankind reaches that point of peace
we will respond accordingly as I said there shall be no war and as we said as
there shall be no war we respond accordingly and the calling
responses the policy as I am the Keshe foundation head of condition in last 24
hours in a very direct way if the pattern of work in the condition
knowledge seekers and the world leaders called the same way in the January of
2021 will make the arrangement and facilitate the interface internationally
will universal community under open expands across this planet this is what
was the wish and this is how it shall be responded to if the war leaders endeavor
to carry on in what we wish and what will be carried out to the compress in
Tehran or not I will see the next step of progressive auto and development of
the weapon technologies now that is not needed and the world leaders enter into
the peace negotiations that there be no war by some certain October of this year
which already is on the card what we promised the universal community will be
visible to humanity will make that available and this promised land will be
delivered this is one of the main reasons that I set by March 21 2021 I’ll
step down as I have fulfilled my work and we have achieved what we promised
then the future of mankind is in the hand those who we choose as more leaders
to be the interface and connection most probably be the universal council and
the earth Council this is what was promised and as I said
we seen end of war now as we have reached a point now that the resources
of man has no more room to make weapons man rapidly in less than six months with
results what form using technologists been released and collectively world
peace will take shape and in knots quick ones
as I said January 21 is a date the time appointed for opening up the universal
community to mankind then you’re in the hand of the safest hands mankind could
ever be and man will start a new cycle in the depth of the universe there are
some prerequisite to this completion as I promise you there will be the end of
kingship and as I told you a few weeks ago the kings and what we call the kings
of this planet who the core kings we cannot have anyone above another so
there shall be no king and to this effect we have seen the
first step as I told you a few weeks ago Belgium who King took the first steps to
see how he can take refuge in Canada and we told you you let’s start in different
ways and we saw the first British monarchy taking that step in the last
few days so the process will complete at this moment the only safe place that in
the future mankind decides what to do with the Monarchs for what they’ve done
right or wrong or what is there to be done all be gathered and collected in
the state of Canada they have the luxuries of Western world and till that
time then this planet will have no king no Emperor no Archbishop’s and no folks
and no leaders in the path of the religion and the faith they wanted to
control is not only the king she was a man but it’s the kingship of the soul of
man has to collect swiftly close bringing all the religions to work so we
see the end of Vatican we see the end of the leadership in Islamic world the way
we see as Imams ayatollahs as a rabbis and every other shape of all priests we
cannot enter to see the reality and still carry the myth of us then we’ll
see the beginning of the end of many what we call false beliefs so many
things in reality adding to the joining of the imaginary so community one of the
first things which is been agreed that a man will be taught is to understand the
station of his soul understand the power of his soul and in that process in
switching from believing in the statues and all sorts of things to understand
the station of his own this is the responsibility of the team which already
work in these levels across the universe and to do that bit merit is to teach the
soul of the man the physicality will form in so many ways we will endeavor
and we will lead into the full a structure of unification of man through
peace and then you understand why the mankind has gone through the steps in
past few years and as we promised and we deliver so many technologies as I said
everybody said to us from the bringing when we see it we believe we torture for
years and now this year till January we deliver so much technologies that you
cannot normally believe you can eat it you can live it and you understand how
the technology has come to change and then you understand in what we say we
deliver now this time today it’s the time of the harvesting the truth about
the creation of money so we’ll have exciting time to come and
as I said I know they’re 14 months is not that I stepped down as the head of
cash vanish I hand you over to Universal community as I promised
and then mankind will take a new course in so many ways is the responsibility of
all the knowledge seekers and as we bring the completion of the whole
process to see the transition time and in so many ways the universal council
the earth Council and core members will make the basic the core platform for the
transition and it’s the time that the world leaders will take their own steps
according to what needs to be let as we will see there is no need for Kings
committees no need for Vatican then mankind has to understand and decide
what they are going to do with all the is relics feed the churches feed the
most speed whatever assets which over years has been collected by the hard
work of the totality of human beings to build this establishment are we going as
a race to keep these to remind us or do we keep these and then the man in a
hidden way still believes in it somewhere in the background to his own
leagues as we see in the structure of the African reef they still believe in
their own local beliefs and statues but there still are Christians or Muslims
and this cannot be because then we go back on the false path of the past so in
a first steps those who desire to lead or chose to lead will choose to lead
have to decide are we going to do what Muhammad did to
destroy all the houses of temples and temples and the statues or we use these
inappropriate way that it becomes part of the life of the man very my son the
way we saw the British did by selling the churches and become schools and
homes and offices and in so many ways they have lost their value of the
understanding in this structure there is a fundamental work to be done in the
coming weeks and months they’re what we call the enhancement units which were
ratings for the world leaders to understand this will be completed this
suddenly we will have the first to hopefully in shape first week of
February all the accessories and equipments to be mated completed and
sometimes before end of February their pictures and these units will be
released internationally then they go through the phases of their licensing
and certification by sometime March will be released to the positions of the
nations as they have ordered in this platform we will show the first usage of
it in city of Tehran in a conference at the same time will be shown in China and
in Arizona so we never buy 19th of April to our units in three positions around
the world the simultaneously the same day will be operating and showing
depending on what you expect from the wishes you do when you enter the system
you wish will be fulfilled in so many ways if you wish to join the soul of the
create we shall be is not that the Machine
disappears who it means you choose the time of elevation and if you have other
wishes will be the same so you understand what you wish is what you
shall receive you wish to get rid of your cancer or your Parkinson’s or
whatever these machines are the enhancers of the soul of the man and the
physicality is a subordinate to totality so in so many ways I have laid out the
work for mankind and in so many ways my mission of nineteen years has reaches
completion I tried to bide as much as possible to reach the final point as I
said this year is the time of seeing to believing you show you so much that not
on you believe you give to be part of it and then we understand how we actually
brought everything to win that position as I said we will see two ways of
handling the Keshe foundation massive sanctions closing down of different
functional Turkish condition or elevation of technology to the level
that becomes Universal as part of the totality that we all move forward they
also try to bring closeness and sanctions and also sir games to stop
shall see the demise of themselves be the world leaders be the government’s be
it whatever the beauty and what we call freedom of the totality of the human
race and the creatures of this planet are more than a fish of a few hundred
Hall imbeciles and this will carry on the same we carry
on teaching but as I said the last one was Syria we shall not see another war
the what we call the dream of the man to reach his creator will be completed by
end of this year as the world leaders who gradually take steps in the
direction of their orbit call abolition of kingship equality in science and
technology and knowledge and one of the first things that the world leaders will
agree on that no race of the man will shall ever make arms and this will be as
I said that was it for the journey bring opening of the universal community to
humanity and will be very interesting to see how you your nation’s leaders will
respond and behave towards this mode and I said as we have implanted everything
that we want and we achieve what we want to achieve is not very hard to get to
what we want we brought the condition of the world
peace we brought the sharing often knowledge really and in so many ways
those are opening in every aspects of our wish to the authority of the wish of
the humanity so in so many ways my teachings are numbered and by 2021 if
mankind if mankind really wishes to achieve the totality of peace and wished
to conquer the universe or not to conquer but to enter the universal
community the work of the universe new teachers
will be appointed and these teachers are masters in their work and are not
prophets they are not gurus there are those who will teach man the new
knowledge of universe and will take step by step to that direction and as we said
the prerequisite for January delivery is the end of the kingship of the man from
his soul and his physicality in this process we shall see many many many many
hurdles but in this process we shall see many many solutions and is the job of
Keshe foundation knowledge seekers and it’s the job of the what we called the
missile council to make sure the path is done through the soul of the man who
know the physicality and offices of the buildings which the man has made you
elevate the soul of the Meninas not that true leaders will appear from this
structure one of the first groups of these leaders which lead mankind to the
point job of a core prosperity in the universal peace we see in his Excellency
President Xi of China and in so many ways to extend the knowledge of the man
to the level of his maturity we see in some designs were hominid of Iran we
learn through the Americans the humbleness not to be arrogant and in
that process we bless those whom the United State who understand and we bring
peace through the next what we call administration we shall see a woman and ahead of the
American Institute we will see the totality of disarmament and completion
of what we call cleaning up of their what damages and mankind has done to
this planet in a very large scale and in our process we see the stepping down and
closing a particle this we don’t want to trade by the Vatican and what we called
the Pope and in that process the stones of Vatican shall return to this original
place and in so many ways of a relic there was such a building in such a
place Colosseum shall become the place where we celebrate life in the coming weeks a series of what we
call new technologies on the basis of what you understand will be released
which means it makes for cash foundation supporters to move very rapidly as I
explained to the knowledge seekers campuses I starting of the teaching of
this year on the Tuesday you have to start new research and development both
in your dimension of the plasma and the physicality on both tracks that you
understand models come in the time to come when you use these systems the cash
our nation Chinese team is heavily involved in their structure of the new
those technologies for clean up the Iranian teams are up to other part of it
we will see what come from Modi’s to set up in in the Western Europe and we look
into four core African nations to bring in new ways and announce to humanity
through the earth and not true the Western modernization of ignoring
everything possible the financial affairs and the world banking will
change and already in couple of teachings before I explain how and in so
many ways their finances will become financing on the sole of them and not on
the dimension of physicality in understanding this you understand I’ll
start teaching in a very compressed way in the small segments in the next time
till next March and summer 25th of March I’d say we say goodbye we separate and
apart from both in life of the Keshe foundation and all
these teachings we will stay in accesses of the whole humanity
I thought that they are take position as a man and the totality of pollution at
acacia Foundation’s a structure as we know it as the structure of the Keshe
foundation spaceship Institute has been said will take shape of its own and
those will lead negation addition will take their own directions on position
this time we will not allow what happened two years ago to take place as
more people with the capability to understand the final position of the
foundation will take over and when we said are there any questions are we
going to the teacher not seeing any questions on the chats
here quiet a minder ten days you can put your virtual hand up in the zoom chat
and we can acknowledge that and allow you to speak your panelists you could go
ahead and ask a question now I guess you might have to warm up the
audience a bit more mr. Kesh I think the Sun is warming up I think they had their
shock this is what they wished this is what shall be delivered the only biggest
problem is most of the knowledge seekers around the world will have a very
product a big dilemma what am I gonna do with what I believe up to now be the
Christian the Muslim Jew and what am I gonna believe in the tool be able to
expand what is to come accept understanding that I believe in my soul this period of time this transition time
it’s a very very difficult time what we’ve seen from experience from other
conditions in the past and life of the universe many people many creatures
decide to transfer in the dimension of the soul which thing is the
understanding in the dimension of physicality is very hard and through our
experience in the universe many many what we call in this point of transition
decide to take dimension and they’re huge in the damnation of the soul to
become the light as reprocessing a bunch of police and path of life will create a
lot of uncertainty how you come to the position not to eat under the annual how
you come to understand that you are the what you bleed was for you
to decide whatever name of shape he gave to it how I become to trust in me as a
soul in the span of universe and the knowledge which I need in a coming time
mankind many militias to the point of using understanding and comprehending
the strength of a soul when you run into problems or you look for the solution
you don’t read the books as there are no books in a place but you put the feeling
of the motion of understanding that problem into the what we call passages
of the universal community and you shall receive us this is how it works the
present time in the universal community if we are what we call understood if we
understood Olivia in line to understand the totality then you understand you
have access to totality of the knowledge of unions and it’s open to you at the
point of demand elite it is a different way than what we are used
we call it the open source policy or technology or working things out the
universe works under opened or called universal policy on a per mission our
understanding that all the fields of universe are connected and it depends on
which string you tap the world and in so many ways the totality up to what comes
to understanding that we are not alone and your soul is part of the same as you
give knowledge you receive knowledge for those who need them
tyrella position the understanding of totality is very
this is one point that is very clear if mankind has now gone through the phase
which we have sat out mankind will be left in the doldrums was thousands of
years to come we set up the structure to achieve and if the structures done
achievement entire frame of what is being said this time will let mankind to
his own demise you know in a way that we don’t see any more progressive
development in this race on this planet for the rest of this existing life can
be sure we will not be something he’s now going to be the end but the end will
come in the Hamilton as I said this is a third time we tried and we never ever
been so close and reached so many across the planet that as this time and we hope
we hope that the mankind does not let himself down this time to cross the all
the threshold when the universal nature you wanted to see the aliens what you
called as your alien to them from January 21 yes in the hand of yours and
what will come and how you will see many many new knowledge that will change the
course of many things mankind has grown trips up this one and I said mankind with the new Prince
you have three months of honeymoon learning interaction and by 21st March
then marriage will take place or the separation will be altered so now you
can see why we even launched Universal possibilities that doesn’t go to
dispossess we have made it to zero as possible the only thing the only way
which mankind why not always not go through this two
leagues they’re stepping down after religious leaders and the surfing down
of their kings we cannot enter a world of peace and equality with some people
claiming the force training that Dada heads and our above and understand more
he cannot run two horses we will achieve it you will understand in next 6-8 weeks
how will be cheat mankind likes to see to believe it we make it to believe that
he can see it mr. Kesh I think we will achieve it because I’ve seen it no other question and there was a
question from Wolfgang and the live stream how long will it take to
normalize the quote frozen mass of mankind by using the conscious souls and
the spaceship units the process doesn’t need time and you don’t need the
spaceship unit most of it will come to the changes in the ward leadership you had a question I think one when we
see the enlightenment of the first sold in these processes in these machines
mankind always start thinking very rapidly and you know the bad habit of
the Keshe foundation when we do think of ideas we go live on the main unit and he
can watch as I said to one of the leading professors in China and what we
call Chinese medical where Chinese medicine University few days ago is you
will watch through the window they change up the physicality to the light
and then would you call our light to create more you will understand that the
mankind has regeneration of the soul to go through the transition after birth of
understanding the existence within the fields of the universe in the what we
call transition time or matter state transition it’s not that you die or
something happens reality is the level of the soul reaches the point that
chooses the donation of fields of universe and not in the dimensional
physicality of English and mr. cash is that a permanent
condition or is that something that has to be reinitiated from time to time or
which the moment what that connection with the soul that you just mentioned
the that the universal unit will allow that connection to the soul the way it
works you will see that in a way is that the soul by elevating his position was
in some circumstances the whole at the physicality so in a way you don’t die
society’s dead his physicality becomes in a part of the energy of the soul
where up to now we see the physicality and the soul in trapped inside the cell
reversal but then man gradually learns that this is horriston
in the dimension of physicality you manifest yourself in emotion and that
when you want to travel or when you want to whatever to do then you transfer into
the direction and the dimension of the strength of the soul occur it’s very
easy very very easy now you use the plane and a train and a boss then you
use your soul the best transportation cyst
hero time travel yeah I can wager I can hear that’s
Italian so always can wait what are you waiting for you know the cappuccino any other
question a dream about you this morning mr. kasha
I know many people dream about the worst things but is the woman dreaming about
it yeah I was I was dreaming I was making your bad we we go through the
process of completion of what we call that first phase you will start seeing
this is what the habit of the man is in elevation of the soul through the system
and through it then you find out that the first step is that souls have no
kingship the Kings will have stepped out and in a way as you become the light as
the soul of the man you become in a way if let’s say Pope meets and knowledge to
see the light or the Moses a focus on Jesus was what we call privileged then
you are understanding they always to plan more my money does not matter how
they shout and how they crying how they are is the beauty of it that you so
liver him Elijah so I’m gonna show you still go to university but you know if
you need you can take the dimension of the soul the whole process of mankind
their life and living will change in the coming months but we don’t do this now
when we during the day we are in the physical and then when we going to sleep
we we got the space and then we come back again in the morning
oh I think we do too already but we are not aware of it or we don’t want to cries OH in a way we do but let me put
it this way if we all become knowledgeable enough that we become
aware of most of their life structure we only been aware of the physical
structure of eating and sleeping day and night we come to recognize our what I
call a schizophrenic partner which is our soul and then mr. living beside her
of the life as it has to me it’d be very interesting absolutely
interesting to see how many of the world leaders will volunteer to go into these
machines and at what level they ask the machine to interact maybe they would love to go in because
they would love to change but they don’t know how and maybe they think they the
machine would support them on day on the changing maybe they do and maybe the
indy to go through an experience to understand that own what we call it pain
and suffering through this operating mankind will understand the suffering
goes physicality first before anything and then he decides if I’m going to
carry on with this or our Liberty body call it the different dimensionless
length are we gonna stand the suffering are we gonna listen to the suffering or
we take a step to move away from it and do a change make it now we decided suffering of our
physicality and nothing else ourselves nobody else but suffering is unnecessary
a a divided as many of you in China how you were suffering with the killing of
animals every morning yeah that was really powerful for me because I really
arrived in a point where I just want this to stop
I for was enough for this is enough this has to stop
cannot be he made it very clear that point by give me the strength when when you
ask us to the last stage you remember when when you say to us that we supposed
to fly and I remember that when we were practice that was the experience that
didn’t want to be sorry that they experienced I want to repeat it again
make me focus more on on the on the heartbeat on unconditional love but yeah questions why some animals decide to
leave what do we because you said in this process some some other existence
animals decide to become their sole thing this this elevation this position
is only for man who just speaks in most probably handful of weeks
we will release a new technology you all know but in a very what a call simple
advanced way that will start elevating the soul of the whole planet it’s all
these creatures you will understand this then they have the choice as much as the
man says good morning mr. cash everybody thank you very much for your efforts for
Humanity I wanted to ask like we in moon cash foundation for us it’s easy the
notion of this soul how to confront our soul and make these steps because we’re
looking for this and it’s a long way we have come but what about the majority
outside which are in the system which they have no notion of the soul the way
we will think about it and how to access the soul and it’s difficult to explain
or to show to be accepted and what about them which are the majorities and this
is the gain you have not listened to the teachings in the way which we thought
and especially for example last week two weeks ago we heard an American president
for the first time openly speaks about the soul Rick can you go to the if you
can find through the Trump section where if we don’t break any laws copyrights
where he refers to the soul you as the happy doctor man he thinks he’s the only
one and his song as his physical direction as I always said when we teach
we teach for the universe and you always thought those who are the
knowledge seekers and listened to the teaching have received the knowledge of
the relation of the soul we have already reached the soul of those who you think
haven’t heard about the vanish and the work of the elevation of this unison
with the year of the merit they listened to the year of the soul of the matter so
the whole humanity and the whole creation on this planet so the religious
leaders and the kings they would go away like that
you think they leave the position easily if they are not forced to do that they
have to decide that going we shall see we shall see in the coming time that
many most the problem is how majority would face their selves that’s not your
job the majority have nothing to worry about
how the how would you face your soul that’s what it kept me rich that’s our
problem modules thank you very much thank you very much
I pray for that as we say we wish for that thank you very much yeah because we’re one so when you
that’s why when you live at your own soul we all gotta live it at the same
time I’m a very good magician as I said you
thought I’m teaching you with the my graphs and the energy unit and in
teachings we have elevated totality of the so lawton but used to burn the
magicians that’s why I’m afraid to be magician because I’m afraid they burned
me they excludes me they hurts me because people don’t like it when we we
the problem is that the soul of many world leaders has already been has
become aware of the position we still go to work we should run offices we still
nothing will change but then we do it in a totally different way as I said to a
friend of mine we all been waiting for the revolution and ever the revolution
happens this time without so understanding of it and saying why what
have we done how long we’ll be waiting bodies we haven’t asked you to go on the
street and march in the Christians the Muslims and Jews and the governments we
elevate the soul of the man that itself launches himself to the direction of
elevation of product it’s extreme it looks complicated to man because man all
these things it should be something to be done there has to be a reason and a
cause and effect but the Universal dimension there is no what I call it
cause to do so if you do it because is that we done to benefit others yeah
that’s the problem because we think materialistically will say how much
effort to change how much effect that’s exactly what the problem he’s
within how much weight for all these people let me show you the way
with all these systems Melissa’s very few systems will be keyed and set to
combat this Altima very few systems and those systems when we do it let you know
granmagnum decide it’s very much like a Chinese restaurant or in the restaurant
or any restaurant or English as you choose which restaurant to go to the
system’s necessary you choose I have a cancer I want to get rid of my cancer
but I so want to suffer in the dimension of physicality in this planet or you say
I have no diseases but I want to be at the point of understanding the work of
the universe and be part of you knows then you going to machine shall erase
your thoughts that never thank you for showing a little bit of what’s waiting
for us usually eaten thank you thank you you and everybody or everything else who
is doing it the Chinese the Chinese Keshe foundation has been extremely
working hard first Austrian and the Canadian team who are the backbone
behind this structure the relentlessly working to see it to be completed to be
ready especially a team in Austria Italy Canada and the team in China is what
will demonstrate to say this signature it’s not one it’s many many people now
are involved in this structure of this machine this setting about the
as you know I spent last week in China and everyday we achieved a high level
and more and beautiful achievements and in seven days wish him enormous leaps in
the totality of the water French the dress Factory was completed and the
contract signed in there on a shelf it has been paid and we’re coming to
production very soon this is headed by charging and his team and the team is
set up there what we call the lateral side and their systems of it working in
an undersea meet what I call the guy behind all the work jamming and in so
many ways with work of the internal child we’ve seen in this step next steps
in many many ways in development entities foundation China then as you’re
aware all this is relentlessly followed and set up by when he is coordinating
this team and is coming up was our team in there what we call the computer side
and now we have the beauty of having start back with us in the structure of
the Keshe foundation making sure everybody knows then and we have come to
the finally made the big sites work for the co going into manufacturing and
largest scale of the product station is in China at the second factory we have
reached the total understanding at the corners over here of communication and
negotiation which we hoped completing March and you will see a massive
structure two factories in China now one is one way of beings what we call open
immunization what the structure and we have achieved and we have signed
memorandum understanding which will be to large corporation
collaboration between the two districts out somebody’s my company is open on the
Yellow River with building of new research centers and then we change the
signing of the agreement with the Chinese medical school University
Chinese medicine in the trials that started in his fine lines in his sons as
already started and we have come hopefully we can finalize it the
discussion will complete hoping the next few days they join collaboration of
setting up recessions as within Chinese leading University in Chinese medicine
the Church foundation they have apparently already located the research
center and the Keshe foundation will provide and knowledge the financial
backing for this area centered in conventional war leading Monaco
universities and as these things take shape
we will see more collaborations in that position at that structure China will
become the backbone of many many deeds for this foundation development and in
the way we see there is only taking the same kind of shapes and we are ready to
what we call take a leap into setting them up there with all the research
center factory home what we call the production line accomplishments in the
case rendition in the breaking space agencies there is on one side the
questions always be purchased and are what you need to have it ready for that
units which are going there for the enhancement of its and second location
negotiation started at what we call the original building of the structure for
cooperation between the unions and the many friends in the state Wiseman to
take place in the space along with many other aspects we take shape by science and technology
in exchange for peace and you’ll see that this next steps in developed these
are very very small small small dots compared to what will come to mankind
after the total peace treaty which we need what we call we’re on the united
states where the meat were they may present without it we have no more
cancer cell we have no reason to produce anymore defense technology so what are
we going to do with these guys and they’re all so talented sitting there
making more weapons they will start making these weapons and then you’ll
understand when we’re reaching that foot very very mu you will see in the coming
weeks changes thank you very much thank you mrs. cash which is teaching us in
private very rich and I hope anybody subscribes to private teachings which is
very useful thank you very much as you talk about the private teaching their
campuses I apply which is you know they’re structuring themselves into
research groups this week hopefully they come to some sort of conclusion maybe by
tomorrow or next week then they start a process of research into what they like
to do the captions are in that process then we will merge into their work with
the universities this is our work this is not something new
this is what we setup origin if you remember when we went to China you need
to connect to join the campus I’ll be there and what we call a university
which we found out later on it was a lot of what we called unforeseen conditions
which was we understood later on was very much this time
with Beijing University we structure a totally different way that we are
already inside one of the leading universities and we leave unsigned to
the government or to the authorities or the talk shows of the universe but
providing the technology and the backing of it more strongly joined in the chase
Commission knowledge seekers and Chinese circus will work together somehow there
is a big problem in these situations and that is as you know Iran and China
America to have larger extent or lesser extent but it protective of their
knowledge because it stays and always is giving them economical advantage for
security advance now that knowledge they possessed are sharing knowledge with
their purposes in America and missions in China and everywhere else and
knowledge of plasma it’s very hard for governments to go through this
transition and then the trust needs to be built this is now universal knowledge
is not something it’s just exclusivity of one nation but in a ways java
knowledge the crystal being confidence into the society as a small in
respective knowledge technology no sense looks like scientific knowledge
revolution in silence it is coming up we we’ve seen moves from the Chinese
government because you have to understand Chinese
no Chinese organization company private or whatever can enter in any shape or
form negotiation with outside of multiple companies or whatever and
strange enough in three of our counties in our seven days we see Chinese
government or officials in the direct indirect way I’m opened up and for the
foundation one of our core signatories is canna space program company which we
do not understand how they turned up to be under agreement but it’s not a canoe
in the to so the Chinese have a star laying in the roads for this process and
maybe maybe in a coming time when I talk about the China way so we will explain
to you something very new but we have to wait we have to understand it and we’ll
see what the next abhi would be all open on all universities and scientific
organizations to share or do we go to the next step of forcing conditions as I
explained before I do not like fighting and that kind of thing but at the same
time you can make conditions that the other side has no choice to make to
accept the conditions of increase or decrease in value of their position when
Lincoln tell you the last time in summer when I was living in China permanently
we have advised the guy who comes his only reason the report about the
condition not working and he wanted to know what is my outlook in regarding the
China international position in the recipe and this was few hours I wasn’t
even enough to know that he came into the office writing things down they
start writing he was down with us they wanted to know more details what we see
and what is my right my rise in Chinese government into the
administration which is reports co2 was zero trade with the United State which
means we don’t need to go through these all these tiny fights and it gives the
president just something to talk about we just don’t create that condition when
we have no trade there is no tariffs there is no discussion and Chinese took
this in a very strange way directly to zero trade and what they did
Chinese administration has sent out an order which means has to be carried out
that no Chinese organization governmental organization or those who
are connected to the government along another within three years from January
of this year should have any computer any electronic system which is made or
controlled or design or has any connection the United State zero trade
when we don’t have it we don’t buy it and this will hit badly the United
States electronics and computer industry this is a cleverness or state to finding
the solution to what is advisable what this means we don’t need to tariff you
when we have no equipment to use your technology and what we see in the
background CPC has a boys and and administration’s of people like how way
and other major computer producers in China to produce and develop within the
next three years full technologies to replicate all American product now you
understand it can bring as much tariffs but you cannot telephone is nothing to
be tired on with what we have signed and set up and wanna have set out for the
Chinese Keshe foundation in next 12 months we
leadership of the team of a foundation in China we will see the development of
the full productions in harvest in China that China does not need to import any
goods that it can be lobbied or typed on and this process is part of the factory
which we have taken over as of this month the process for it so we are going
on the same path of delivery of the technology we didn’t know how – how in
science of it relax – into the Chinese the structure so in that process by
making China as one of the leading nations to be independent of food and
technology from the United State nobody can tell with the leadership of the
Chinese government CBC and sections President Xi on a peaceful path we will
see in the ultimate goal of extending what we call knowledge of peace we’ve
seen the new mobile president put in to move in that position of international
disarmament or discussion of our arms we see all these things step by step taking
shape very very rapidly you got to realize this revolution base what we
started this can be so radical that does not have time of years it will affect us
immediately in weeks when the east and west opened up it took a couple of years
for Western Europe and East Europe to start finding out they have no borders
we have no soldiers what we’re gonna do cutting it out with the
evolution and evolution which will come in next few weeks
suddenly factories companies organizations were geared up to the our
manufacturing and defense have nothing to to sell they have the products but
there’s no pious and then what’s gonna happen is two solutions go bankrupt or
find new products new ways to do things and this is the point when the Keshe
foundation knowledge seekers have to be standing by and be aware which company
runs into this position and approach them directly let’s talk about the new
technology let’s put things in the new way let’s see what we can do with the
knowledge you’re holding here thousands of people such a high talent this is
what your job is headhunting to convert the companies
into a processing or new piece processes it happened before 20 years over 1990
now it’s a second evolution but this time it’s all of us what happened with
all the people who used to make arms in Eastern Bloc they’re gone
what do they do shopkeepers open up the factories companies doing other things
and we will send good happen investor mode and this will be very rapid very
rapid this is where you will see we are not talking about this will happen to
humanity this is for the answer started let me explain to you what happened last
week and why America’s submitted totally to the Iranian state of peace and hours
before Iran take the step not damaging anything that it could affect there’s
only Iran they chose a specific position they block the total radar with what we
call plasmatic dog Americans had no communication with the people inside the
same thing as was repeated where the drone was repeated on the ground the
American defense had no knowledge no knew they could not see inside even what
was happening to their base it was an electronic blackout
it was a visual blackout very much when you look into the Sun the reality when
what happened in those view 10 minutes showed their total incapability of the
most advanced nations in the world he went to stand supporting his own
soldiers on the ground they have no access to initially enormous power in
capture of the drone then rushing shamaness on the sea for the first time
this was shown on the ground blocking the State of Israel for ten
minutes and wiping out electronically order system now is a reality it’s not
that as I said Iran will not allow Iran to nuclear it is our nuclear has no
power so we have to find an excuse the power of the technology delivered in
Iraq has literally decapitated the whole of the defense technology as we know it
today you asked the Americans show us any any
pictures of the zone in Prague where it was the scene and their work
at the screen of what was going on ask them let’s see if they can show us
any satellite they have drones they hadn’t noticed can we see the drama
pictures it was hidden in Internet the news of the passengers the American
soldiers were frightened because all of a sudden there was no light no movement
it was written they were frightened by the cut of communication don’t forget
the we only the passage of history to tell us about the casualties in the
night the casualties of pride the casualties of the most advanced
technologies were nothing we will see the fallout of last week in the coming
weeks and months in American defense technology cuts because – solders in
when what it is is the American taxpayers and American Senate has to ask
the producers the providers of these technologies to Pentagon American Navy
and Army where he is and why your system did not respond
what have they bought from you that in a position of what is got to deliver has
no functionality this is the question we have to ask our militaries now when they
buy gun when they buy an latest whatever have to ask does it can
overcome the Iranian new plasma technology it’s not that we buy if we
done is can it be or is it already obsolete some is microphone is open come
closer please in so many ways we we have seen the beginning of the end many
governments now they have to ask their purchase military positions that does it
can it overcome in what Iran has delivered as I said in the past you saw
how much some of these were jumped when the chemical plant was head how the
Americans blamed you know for it but a day and was one of their own we tend
sender if they could prove show one piece of that rocket was made in Iran
haven’t you seen how they prayed before we sat down and banoffee and the rest
they knew it was one of theirs so now we see the latest defense technologies salt
in the nation has become absolutely these are walls of castles which have
crumbled so what are means making defense technology is going to collapse
or do we see the major of peace and we use these for the advancement of mankind
into a space in development a new structures for Humanity this is the
beauty of what is to come we have no choice in a way with what we
seen in the past days in Middle East the to that’s happened first
of all that I’m one of the highest-ranking officers of Iranian army
secondly the death of the wars because of it
no one we’re going to what if meaning military scientists use this technology
this is exactly what I said go back on the teachings how many mothers and
fathers would not ever see their children and how many children would not
see their fathers and mothers when they’re buried in the depths of the
oceans we hear there may can say they had no casualty in math but the flight
to Israel speaks up on the truth we got an opportunity for peace and we
got to push where the delivery of the technology probe’s in his new job of
transition support is invest in Europe in America and in other part of the
world to keep your eyes open for weapon technologies who were supposed to be so
advanced that they start announcing the closest and going and open under
alternative technology that they keep the employment we do not touch
economical conditions and in a process run teaching classes in the house
advanced factories but one thing we assign with us when you went and you
made all the tools to kill you became part of it
we signed a peace treaty before we start this is your job you will see this
coming up a bench release position in Eastern Bloc invest in the past 30 years
and I know how they will come up you start seeing major corporations in
defense laying down people do you see cancellation of orders by people like
Pentagon’s and other organizations as they cannot do and you have to be in
there what we call the bridge all my blessings sir thank you you’ll see the release of this
enhancement unit will force turn on Pistons will force the background
confidence you will see we have given it two months cap beginning of the March to
nearly middle end up it will create such a pressure on governments to walk into a
peace talk there is no truth you will understand more and more when the system
come when people paralyzed in chairs and wheelchairs people in calm are people in
also some health conditions things in not what we call power up the
physicality we enhance and then we’ll see how the world leaders and their
families want to be in front of the queue and then the conditions where it
is inside of history we will release the list of world leaders and ministers and
prime ministers and families with diseases which they are waiting to die
for with and then you see when we say there is no priority path as we call it
in a Turkish Airlines fast tracked for business class on the first class then
we understand a strange thing is that all these people have families brothers
sisters children and alternately the system don’t forget this is an enhancement unit
is not a medical the other question Achilles that had his hand up earlier would you like to go ahead Achilles doctor unmute your microphone is there anyone else that would like to
ask a question there is a fundamental question that it will stay in the hand
of those who will decide in the future of mankind using these technologies is
that would mankind who raised the memory or the part of the memory of the moon
the new generations and the present generations of wars would we see it so
harness that would in the structure of these systems we take that from the
essence of the soul of the man and mankind from there or call the beginning
of time of the life of their soul these are the conditions which has to be
decided by Universal Council we do not modify we allow the soul to make
decision that this part of the memory in the dimension of physicality of the man
to be erased and there is a specific point within the RNA and DNA which
especially carries this behavior in this message I’m present mr. Keshe
I remember when we were in the motion that I just couldn’t think anything bad
like it’s like if somehow we create the condition and I just I just remember and
I noticed that even my dream I could not think anything you know I just noticed
that somehow by creating this condition where it is or the I just just was
impossible to think anything bad this is what I remember so I was maybe thinking
that by using these machines or all the guns and on the screen which is creating
condition were naturally will not be normal Wars could feel free and another
real question you said before that or why you already know doing it or or in a
new sad is very easy that the soul should go out in a bracket cage you know
like the body now we should be very very easy now remember you use it was in the
motion tissue that is like a scales where we can decide which part of the
scales we are if you want to be physical or not physical and you should be very
easy steps and I remember it was you can even go in the bathroom and desert we
are going to space and then come back out of the toilet and and they just few
minutes are gone and I always remember that so so when
you said to me wait under now now the only things I do work I some time I make
games where I can do that I said to myself I can do this now and I took like
if I’m ready doing it and thinking that this way another she said when you think
is not it you always said that to the moment we think in is not it so so it’s
all about feelings and learn how to record record feelings and through the
feelings we can change your structure so a practices I’ve been practicing this
yeah so I suppose this creating condition for I think things happiness
as a switch as a switch because I remember you also said that also you see
I’m contradicting myself all the time because also you said that no need
practice there’s a switch it’s just matter of hundred percent trust and I do
remember the last day when you asked us to fly and so and things start to
changed for me and remember this heartbeat and I remember thinking about
I think what you said you know the killing of their honeymoon it brought me
to the point where for me the suffering was enough like I had a clear it was
renders and I declare I was unnecessary and then happened you last last thing
you asked us to to fly and I remember things are to change it in me as I
brought back the feelings of had been enough and two there was not necessary
to suffer and there was these feelings of unconditional law and I remember my
heartbeat kind of changing but then I remember how to a point where I had fear
and Aveda it’s where I go back to everything is normalized again but so
that point when I think back about that experience that I could never forget
that for me taught me that the trust is unnecessary like we have to have a full
trust is unnecessary to the universe and and and to our soul and that everything
is gonna be fine and you remember was well the use at the
moment we were ready to lose everything only then we gonna have everything and I
I think when I was in that moment where I felt all this changing happening and I
remember me lifting up and down and then rotate do you remember when I told you
the story not what happened between us and everything stopped because fears I
had of unknown and and that it were taught me that like you said before we
have to focus on ourself we go back where when you elevate yourself
everything got elevated because that is true what you say that it’s very easy do
the swap from this sort of the physical like you said that it’s not an issue
issue its that when the moment come we had to be ready to have the full trust
to make the jump and because it would happen as a switch and you you you said
meantime I believe it we don’t even need prepared it’s all about two to full
trust yeah before definitely food trust and of course I’m conditioned or not
because unconditional love means you are ready to give up everything and I
remember you said once it’s just a bit like when you have to be like you know
you said it was once that people who want to kill himself
ironically there are the kind of ready because I’m ready to give up everything
even those two should not of course tough because he’s unnecessary yeah so I
just wanted to be nice and music is Deponia talk about this switch you see
three years ago I remember it was maybe more
I talked to me about a vision I had there was this switch because there was
a there was a noise this noise created this if you throw a stone in a water the
water ripples and you can see that the color water then these noise created
this the same ripple in the air and then it says don’t get the scale when you
hear this noise it wasn’t it was an unusual noise it was a very different
noise be created whole effect in the air I could see just the air moves like
water and then it says don’t get us killed because we stretched and go off
and then we’re gonna switch you back a new planet and it’s gonna be different
and when I came to the new planet it was so different it was so beautiful and it
was a little shocking to me and then said to me I will tell you all about it
and all the time this was three and a half years ago the thing is you will see
women taken our opposition in cash vanish
because they somehow interact and makes their what I call creative and creation
skill the position for all of us will come according to our own understanding
and what we said a moment people is that the creation of peace will come out of
the position which has been created and needs to be created I see in what we
said just now regarding the situation within China and that what we call
electronic and computers a simple step announcing distant weekend days go by
China has forced Americans to sign and cross all the economical dilemma of
whatever they created with China for nearly a year because in a very simple
wise move the Chinese short lawmakers we don’t
need you and now all these were assigned for I saw yesterday is literally just
shop a little bit more till you do yours you know think you don’t need us but we
need you we need you to keep peace inside economical sanctions and America
will bring huge what I call submission to American Western board
the biggest problem for Humanity is how rapidly mankind will repair the physical
damages into what they have done to each other in past years infra centuries and
thousands of years this is the power to which we watch 1c
is not that now that we have the knowledge everything’s gonna change in
everybody will change to whatever mankind has a very weak witness amazing
weakness and this is what we call love and we will see mankind will choose to
keep to this planet for the love he has for his family and his loved ones for
this reason we will not see huge changes imagine no happen with opening but in
essence this revolution in in science and technology will will change a lot of
things in expectation and the behavior of the matter and the world will be
interesting is how the what we called European nations will sort out the
situation in what they thought wrong to apathy one of the most abused continents
originally by bad and dead true but internally on themselves in different
ways and something we shall be very very interesting and we will see it in the
coming months we will see it is when for example the Pope will cover bed after
attic how the man is going to take this to the
Africa he sold so much to the Africans and to the others across the world what
happens when so many diverse leaders in genomic world and in other paths of
belief of the soul of man will one after another later what we call their hats
down and the except that the copic and rank the join of ordering man and
mankind is really left in deciding on his own so what do we have to support
this what are what are the capabilities which we have to support such a changes
he’s not been easy it’s not gonna be an easy job that these religious leaders we
will handle the kingship because of easy our biggest problem is how we’re going
to handle the religious leaders to tell us that their term is over this is one
of the biggest dilemmas or the war leadership of religious leaders and the
biggest problem is how individuals are going to feel it this vacuum job their problems are not solved in one go
the problems now has to be handled in a very specific way by the religious
leaders in how we are going to tell people that now we
nothing to replace and it is us that has to stand on its own neck this is the
beginning of an end but this is the end of the beginning of the bigger problems
I can see this coming up I can do this I can see this clearly coming up in a
coming time when the religious leaders have and they literally abandoned
churches we’ve seen this before these are the first time we have seen
religious leaders just changing position and abandoning their flock the
complication is huge the complication part when these religious leaders trying
to explain to humanity and these are part of the problems which will which
come to us it’s not that is I can see that sequence
and consequences of it and reality will hit home very very quickly when most of
these religious leaders themselves being sick enter these machines were saving
their own lives and then they become wise to the reality and that point and
net was gonna I always said mankind will take my technology not out of the lower
pit what you did bring it will bring it out of fear of his demise mr. case we
had a question in the YouTube regarding that and perhaps you’ve already answered
in some ways but I’ll ask it anyway from Alvin Alvin them is there a way plasma
technology can change the brain structure in narcissus sociopaths and
Psychopaths just like autism can be treated you in so many ways these machines will turn
up to be showing the alternative to to the present problems but not necessarily
will will come to be the final answer primarily mankind will be come to
understand the alternative mankind will come to understand possibility of the
solution for themselves okay so and mankind in time once is
shown this new way new paths will come to appreciate it and developed new
technologies around it and what I see the process of development and
commercial somewhere between middle of this year to the end of the year and
sometime beginning of the following year it will be so rapid not mankind what it
took us less a to 300 in this evolution to get will achieve in months very
rapidly because you got to realize huge huge number of people are highly highly
educated in given specific part which just needs this to be added to or to be
completed that they can deliver extremely beautiful structures and
whatever we need to make our needs this is the the beauty of it the changes will come very rapidly we
see now as I said the end of the war between China and America economically
since China sure we don’t need you there is another submission this is one
thing puzzles me I’ve never seen a nation trying to glorify his losses as
the Americans do they’re very good at it every time they lost the glorified as
the win and only themselves believed in it and understand it outside nobody
looked at it that way and this is what we saw now they’re making situational
channel resolving again out of China making one more without a war they just
stopped zero trade and wouldn’t days we see in this country we seen the same
situation now in respect they saw they’re very proud to kill but they
killed him sad to be shot themselves in the foot directly that was our wish by
attacking what we call airport and interesting is there is nobody ready to
go to the war and the interesting part is what mankind is going to do with his
own physical structure and the wars within himself can we use this machine
so elevated in a way if you look at it the worst thing is that the as the Kings
will abandon the kingship we’ve got your storage replaying erection saying we
bring what we call democracy we bribe and do whatever a guy to bring with it what are we going to do with the gap in
the religious leadership and what the resentments will come after it what we see if you remember I told you
we see the what do you call it world leaders monarchies abandoning ship
and just you know asking for refuge and taking you places in Canada what
happened with this British Prince we already knew from an internal security
weeks ago and now we tell you is the same the Belgian monarchy will take more
we’ll take one for refuge in Canada due to the fact of many things which are
coming it will see the same thing with the beginning of the end of the British
monarchy this a Japanese Empire will move and in a structure we can handle
this but how are we going to tell these people who to the soul
have believed in christ of mohammed and now they are told now is left us all
because we are not there to do because we have discovered the truth the reality
is that the religious leaders when they step down is because they’ve seen the
truth i understand it and then now how are you going to go what are the
application of this change or do we build another system for people to
believe in and go and pray to to elevate their souls or they understand they can
do it themselves or there is a process of achievement then it’s gonna be very rough rides for
human race in the coming weeks we seen it step-by-step yesterday you’ve seen it
Americans and Chinese finished what I’m making it started but it was a good
thing because now I’m making lots their power in what we call domination
electronics because other nations will follow suit because now the highway and
the others are building new electronics it’s Enterprise the Chinese will supply
to other countries and we’ll see step by step and what we call the cleanup going
what happened yesterday in America way to ponch 3m the pants now have become
under huge huge the structure of contaminating creating cancer the punch
and 3m will have a lot to answer in what we call the cancer process and what we
saw what we call the commoners of Michigan have done with 3m yesterday
we’ll bring all our big these companies to answer when I’m wrong and how they
can put it right the 3m legal on the back up to the punch
what we call cancer PFS is gonna have a lot of implication and what is important
to tell to people Michigan and how they done it and how 3m and the pond have
done this contamination is how the business damage who can repair it who
can correct it and how they never collect it and how many people have a
cancer correct and the same will come with other things we don’t yourself don’t forget we have a 14 days left for
the Italian government to decide what they’re going to do with the Gates
Foundation any other question we had a question
from Chris well the use of money totally disappear when you can feed yourself
from the edge of the universe when you can’t shelter yourself on an idiot
universe what do you mean money for the Porsche or the bicycle we hope I mean we
got to wait and see and understand the next step the World Economic Forum will
collapse this is with other that the way we know it the world power system
collective running and accepting a continent these queues as immigrants and
refugees that customs will become a laughingstock in a very short time mr.keshe the way my understanding my
understanding is that the one of the job of the universal console is to focus on
the vision of focus on for example what you said before now in correlation of
the army people that they’re gonna go out of job soon you know and how what we
can do with all these buildings you know this army or and so so now it’s a time
where we have to focus on the on the vision too so to speak to embed into
good so how can these people can be served the humanity in a such a way to
help the transition so so now it’s where we should focus we should focus on on on
the vision how we would like to make this transition ago like you know the
army and then schools and all this such a sexuals affinities was my
understanding is correct useful see visions preparing conditioner that is the job of
the sort of what I call universal councils why do you think we gave me the
job we made it easier for ourselves yeah mr. Kesh I have another question when
the eastern and Eastern and Western bloc the whole thing collapsed and all thing
between them at the same time collapsed because all their own factory they
stopped working but in recent years I know in particularly in one country in
Bulgaria in couple of City all those factories they picked up and now they
producing massive amount of the arms right now so what’s going to happen to
them right now they go back through the same fence again they go back from the
same phase there the world leaders have to find the solution that every man
lives in comfort every man has what it needs we are not going back to the
Communist times of equality but every man has the opportunity to elevate his
soul and if he wants to live in the mission of the challenge elevate his
physical condition that’s the reality of the time this is
what is upon us today in the process of this elevation and the transition have
any casualty of the man what are you look at the beauty of or the bricks good day mr. cash morning can I ask question yes
thanks God two to three times the fauna and other in the same time with me maybe
maybe it’s not mean to ask mr. cash I have a haven’t heard about the survey
this first even the computer knows allows the world in mr. cash I have an
old car I applied nano coated wire since end of
2015 I have to I put two wires to it and I noticed before about six months the
shiny luck in the car start to coming up you know you know this shiny rock which
all the cars have yeah it started to come up from the car and start in all
all over the places it’s not normal and yeah I mean it’s not normal for for for
these cars it can be in one place or two places but not not the whole upper top
of the car and I don’t have any rust in the car even when there is scratches or
rock knocking but I don’t have any roast so it’s my car ready to fly now I don’t
know are you ready to fly they’re flying cart will or flying
objects as I call it will be shown in structure of their enhance being on it we will show what I asked is to show the
two systems next to each other one is for enhancement of the body of the man
and one is for the enhancement of the environment when we show these two units
will try to have these two next week when you can produce materials and
condition of the space Monique and Cruz produce condition of the human body this
these systems we will have they’re all part of it by next very quality
candidate and then as is the Chinese New Year be stepping down for a few days and
then the team will go back and start finishing this part and then we’ll see
and will show total cooperation there is a teaching regarding this year taught in
2016 funny yesterday I was watching it respect world to this to devices this
device is now also always existed we we will deliver new technologies in the
coming weeks totally as I said will change the process a new new
characteristics the number of teams of scientists around the world which are
working way to to complete this process we have a complete process in what I
call it in March and they said when we believe and see we believe it so now
we’re gonna show you so much that you don’t even know that what you see in you
believe then the other question Thank You mr.
Kesh pretty huge good morning from for mr. Kesh and everybody else I miss yes
my name is Shawna and I have a question about the enhancement machine I
understand if you have a artificial components in the body that there’s
other methods that you can use for treatment but is there a eventualities
at you will be able to enter the machine if the condition for the body is such
that that artificial teeth such as a hernia mesh are removed thank you can
you explain please would you mean the exactly I remember you saying that if
you have something artificial in your body there would be a condition created
in the machine that you wouldn’t want to use the enhancement machine at that time
and that you could target the body with other technology but if I have a desire
to use the machine will I ever be able to if I have artificial parts in my body
we have foreseen this in the universal system yes what you will see as part of
the universal system is this is the dome we have developed and actually you will
see it that if this is the body of the man I’m not a very good boy you don’t
have a tail won’t you model you like two legs this way we have developed the
technology that we can isolate systems part of the body to keep at a condition
there with this new system Mohammedanism so if you have a gnat same because I had
this dynamo with this guy a few weeks ago who has there what do you call it
you old that is hard operation and I could not help him because that time we
didn’t have the technology but now in the design of the enhancement new radius
we have developed a system which we sandwich the body and we can isolate
certain cards Malaviya processing or targets at and possibly apples so when
you have let’s say cancer of frost and we can target directly the cancer of
process and the brain of it together at the same time not to touch any emergency
yes this has been this is done this had to be a lot with Arman and I had to sort
it and I design a system to overcome press arm and her death and pieces that
we could not help the technology would have created more problems but many
people have other pieces of things in their body so with this we can create a
stable condition in the given positions while we are
sorting the problem somewhere else and maybe watch that to be if you have a we
have a problem I’ll be attesting this now in China this is getting tested by
doctors in China we have a volunteer which is blinded my due to an accident
and and he has a platinum plate and I designed a system to for the doctors to
my pass and not in fact this platinum and he was with me with the doctors last
Sunday can his vision is coming back his his
improved in the staff for weeks his vision his try the stem cells and
everything else and this is part way that we could
that what we call it we do not touch the environment up there what do you call
the platinum plates in the head and now we we look at it in in totally a
different way and this has been a prize that you can go in if you are aware by
policy however you call it hip replacement the the machine should
be able to isolate to keep it at a what we call a perfect position as it is
while the rest of the body is getting processed yes it can be done now he came
in a few weeks ago we could not as they say was it need is the mother of
inventions and for years I tried to solve a certain when Alma went through
this I wanted to help you in every way but I could not see it not happen but
now yes and can you give us some hint mr. cash about how the fields are
directed that way I mean you’ve talked about it many many
times of course I’m thinking specifically with with the enhancement
unit we were discussing it in the plasma group trying to determine how what are
what are the criteria or what you could use a reactor that is orientated us in a
certain direction or creating a coil around that had certain fields all these
different we we called we call it a trade secret we have a very funny case a
the Spanish guy was even copied the magrav system he’s taken our micro
system which is blue he’s made the green Mullins made his own name and he’s made
a plasma unit copied his asked to buy one of these units he wants to copy so
we said no you cannot have it he takes everything and changes to his own name
and he become what he called it the inventor
of new technology it’s very amazing many bonus works such as taking a magnum unit
the blue one is made exceeding green and this very interesting so we try to keep
these trade secrets how we monitor where these machines go harder and all them
whatever so as I said we keep it a trade secret but our secret is we have to
bring it to testing and then evaluated and understand it and then this we will
teach we don’t teacher anymore you can buy units for half a million now and 1
million in 8 weeks time and then we’ll see I’m sure there will be people
replicating and trying other ways and means of using the technology and in a
way it’s beneficial because then you have competition in the marketplace as
they say we don’t have a competition whoever copies our system they pay us a
fee for it according to what they do with it you will understand how soon
will operate this nobody can copy this enhancement unit because specifically
you designed in a way that you can only make sure that works in a proper way so
even if they pull it apart fully together they cannot copy it that’s what
you sir very much you will understand you will see it is as well say is not
magic words understanding the technology they said if you worked within the ages
of the foundation you will and we will gain and we’ll see there was a question from Dan and the
Q&A in reference to why was the double ball reactor used and then in reference
to the universal unit he says our soul is in our our universal unit that you
have put in in the universal unit of the egg so it’s like I guess he’s referring
to us like a double ball reactor and then he says in order to gain the
confidence and soul area of physicality I’m not sure what he means by that
statement it is there a relationship between the idea of the double ball
reactor and the idea of our soul inside of the universal unit yeah we’ll see
it’s just how we’re going to do it you’ll see is something which we will
structure it around it and we’ll see people need to understand more we’ll see
we’ll wait and see how things will take shape okay there’s a more technical
question on the production of Gans and Dan regarding the production of the Gans
at room temperature what is the difference between a Gans made in the
fridge and one made with water at the temperature of 15 degrees above the
ambient temperature this was raised in the case family questions and tagging it
everywhere a thing they have to want tested on come and tell us we already
did this some years ago three four years ago
it goes on what is the difference in strength of fields involved such as with
Gans made in summer at 35 degrees Celsius and that winter made at 4
degrees and one marked part of the question does
the interaction continue in the water the nano coating of hydrogen and oxygen
together what would you mean he says the birth of plasma between
hydrogen and nano hydrogen does the interaction continue in the water the
nano coating as he’s done with the Nano cooling process the nano coating of
hydrogen and oxygen together in a way you could consider water to be dye they
there’s a term for dihydrogen oxide as in it’s an oxide of hydrogen in a way
does that I mean it’s already nano coated I’m not sure what he’s actually
getting at their next clue should some people are worried about the 5g
technology and I think it’s programmed to kill all the human race and so on
is there any counteracting technology in the plasma technology what they want to
make is 6g I think you actually mentioned one time
about 9g and 50 G or whatever of the plasma technology the process of what
they called Apache and now we’re talking about the other levels of communication
is how much energy in such a short pulses can transfer rapidly and if you
make these powers now on a stop frequency into plasmatic what would
affect me and how how will change the position we have a question mr. Kesh who will be
the first leader to take the first step to announce plasma technology and goalie
jan mentions this in the youtubes he goes on to say ayatollah khomeini will
be the speaker and this friday prayer for the first time in years
well he surprised the world it’s hard to make predictions sometimes but don’t
forget we have requested for how many – we’d give the first speech the opening
speech of the conference in terror which you have to understand the world leaders
to satisfy certain internal consumption of the world poll files of nationality
and some other hand there they have to satisfy international demands and we
will expect it we will expect an announcement on the dimension and
direction at the same time you have to understand general who was or called me
signed has been a very close close close person today I think we will hear some
rhetoric and we will hear some other actions and some talks but underneath of
it Iran will offer an olive branch
instead but with authority and with power and not on the levels of
submission this is what is expected from this and you have to listen between the
lines in the Union talks you have to realize when isn’t blocked all the
assets of higher law how many he didn’t is from because is not more financially
physically attached but when he touched those who are peacemakers and those who
are informational in the strength of the Union knowledge meeting he responded
with a pro wisdom and we expect a very deep deep fundamental change in Iran
attitude towards leadership or leadership in science and technology and
advancements in this and we will here as usual some rhetorics which is no more
with of course read situations and the consequence of it will stand on its own and you have to understand me on as well
some hundred ninety people by mistake we will respond to that could we expect strong olive branch from
the base apiece and we will see a new step new error but you have to separate
the rhetorics and knowledge and information is coming behind it and we
hope we hope there will be a world of wisdoms and taking Iran taking
leadership in earth science and showing that science in a different way than
what had to be shown in fairness he’s a very wise man he knows how to handle but
he has a domestic audience which I’m extremely angry with the situation has
to be addressed mr. Kesh I found a teaching where you
discussed a diamond structure for Gans production I excited would have
implicated to me rather than a you know one-dimensional flake opposite each
other a eight-sided potentially alternating plates but that is their
teaching that shows the effect that that would have on your Gans production and
can I then maybe transfer that to it three dimensional gas production where I
put a plate on top and bottom as well that is that can be done this is part of
it but you you have to understand how you create a condition what will bring as I said I out into chocolate the
limitation of this knowledge is the imagination of the man sometimes will be
surprised what you see the other question in the process of the
creation of the universe if this screen is a blank sheet in the
motion of the field of the universe mankind has to reach a point that
understands the position of his soul in the universe due to interaction of
different fields in their motion does not matter in the direction they need to
be a point where a sea has said that this seeds become a position that the
other fields of the universe can attract and interact and in a process need to
creation of the fields now this seed of fields become the seed and moisture in a
way for the peril in the world of oyster the animal makes the ship and then it
takes a seat and increasing environment inside it to grow each other in a
universal condition for this position with the barrier amounts of energies
which move creating so many trillions of stars and galaxies to create this seed
to start a star or a galaxy it’s very hot
as man becomes aware of his position in the universal condition man will find
out and the point of separation of his physicality due to the creation of his
soul this seed takes right offense and in our process when he finds balance
will become that seed then in so many ways now you understand why the soul of
the man is so important in the dimension of the creation we nourish the baby in
the womb of the mother for it to create a condition of the existence of the soul that this soul become the first seed in
the creation of the condition of the existence in the universe that the
totality of the field of the universe in collective interaction lead to creation
of line and sustainability that this life in turn will link in the strength
to the soul of the creator that in conjunction and interaction of the
fields of this unit in a coming time there shall be a merger of a bigger
which the totality will lead to the creation of the creator’s condition of
existence I have explained this before but with what mankind is about to come
to reach when the coming man mankind will come to understand how the
universal community would greet mankind as the soul of the man is part of the
creation of the soul of the universe and then and I said we hoped that once man
realizes his position he will not become arrogant to lead to his demise in the
universe then you understand why in many teachings originally he always taught
and said that the mother is the most important factor in the structure of the
life the decreased she creates the right soul buddy eventualities leads the
creation of perfect existence in the dimension of the universe in totality
what we will see in universal condition and direction is that the what we called
the nursery of the earth the perfection of the soul is the ultimate goal to
create a perfect star and system and in so many ways mankind should not suddenly
be taken for a fool when it comes in the condition of the
interaction and life the universal community and at the same time mankind should
realize that in a universal community he will not be used as incubator for
creating our condition tailored me or those who understood a little bit more
about the structure of the creation in the universe as I call sobs hard you see
to create condition of life because the universe should not be a boring spot or
the wisdom ultimately the troubles of the unions are aware of is knowledge and
in so many means I always remember the world of dr. Ariel crystal she used to
say that the earth is very what we call expensive commodity for his minerals and
very high state value one in fact he showed that how much still has not
understood the value and the position of the man in the universal community is
the strength of his soul in what he can give and create in the dimension of the
universal community that in the future those who have understood the process of
creation will not take man the soul of the man and the heart of developing the
old structure in the depth of the universe due to the lack of the
knowledge of mankind no soon understands as I said as we take you to the universe it’s no
use you going in and not knowing that you have one of the best routes and they
tell you nothing about it unless a little higher value in the market and
that tell you is rubbish mankind has to come to understand this
why the universal community is interested in the soul octoman is not
that they can take it and they use it but the universal community knows that
this cannot be done so we brought mankind to the level of peace and
understanding of what we call universal peace for him to understand there is a
need for perfect soul that from it becomes a perfect creation of the new
dimension of universal in the coming time mankind will understand new
universes are continuously in creation very much I can create new states that
need universes need perfect souls for their structure to begin and soul of the
man is one of those gifted Souls and that’s why the world leaders those who
take their seat up what we call leadership have to understand they
cannot compromise in any shape or form in the future and in the future
contractual agreements and understanding with the universal community these wars
will have an hour meaning were you in the coming months as the structure is
set but the world leaders on this planet should understand this next time
clearly that mankind does not become a nursery for the physical
of the man to create soul and human race has to be in total control understanding
of the position and the freedom of his soul in every dimension of the universe it’s very much like don’t see it you
plant and you water it and watch it grow the soul of the man in the seed of that
plant in that tree now you understand the function of the Tree of Life the
meaning of the Tree of Life the starts with the life when the soul of the
mankind has always been so ignorant to the knowledge his knowledge of the
universe has taken the knowledge been given to him by samples of the universe
in a physical condition and not in true essence of his understanding at creation my hope and my deepest hope is with what
I’ve told you I do not make you slaves of your own soul in understanding
creation of the new universes and conditions in the universe in reality the expansion of the universe
needs new C books to guarantee survival and planet Earth is one of those
nurseries nurseries of the soul the only thing that we have not managed
understand is why these citizens of this nursery kill each other
destroy each other where in the future they themselves become the structure of
the life would you like to see your children get killed as you kill other
people’s and other entities should BATTLE education animal-human in
the process why there is an interest in his structure and the life of the man on
this planet is not the physiology of the rat but the soul of the man is because
to take the truest ecology of demanded other position dimensions is too
cumbersome because then cannot be replicated but when you take this or
after man me adjust himself to the dimension of his cavity when we take the
physicality of the man to depth of ocean he cannot survive but if we take the
soul of the man to the depth of the ocean in the side us on his own creation in the dimension of the existence at a
position in the sea where Emeritus now as I said I will not allow man to become
in the slave but another hands mankind cannot become the ransom taker and
selling us off our job is not to allow that Muse on
both sides and this is one of the reasons we have abolished the kink that
no one becomes the property of no man and each soul needs to make his own
decision of his own freedom free troops in the time to come man will learn the
ways of perfection the ways of perfecting his soul is a structure of
his soul and the knowledge it carries the wisdom and understanding comes from
the intelligence and not from us in the coming counts we need to explain to warn
of humanity what is awaiting mankind in the dimensions of the creation in so
many ways as you seen a queen looking after the
eggs in the nest of ants by creating ever this has been the job up there for
the universal community but now in so many ways universal community has taken
a step to make sure that is perfection from the beginning not going through the
what mankind has been poor the life of his physicality but at the same time now
we understand why the pro counterparts have said if I tell you what how
beautiful the other side is you all commit suicide and that is when you
understand and your soul become the soul seat of another universe if in nature’s
perfection how many of you would not be the creator of the unit the totality of
the knowledge has to be transparent to the man on the planet the totality of
the human race irrespective of color race and push as there shall be no
religion man will nourish his salt perfection that at the point of when he
chooses his separation or amalgamation he creates the perfect light to me to
creation of the seed of the universe would you like to be the seed of the
universe who would you like to be a part of what others have created when he
becomes named what this time in the way of that newly found their conditions this process of transformation has been
hidden from my cut in many teachings I have referred and you are fully aware of
it but now we make it very clear do we understand the position of the soul of
the man do we understand the reason for creation of the man and do we understand
how so detailed the structure of the physicality of the man has come to be the process of creation and positioning
of the soul is very simple this is and this is the soul of the earth and this
is the soul of the Creator in strength of loving the Creator mankind is a
strong in the strength of being loved by the Creator he has a dimension according
to the position of other universes willingly and this position of the
strength of the soul of the man decides the position not the soul of the man
will create his own universe from another set would you like to be the
creator or to be a dust in the created environment for what it is mankind has to understand more before
the point of meeting and mankind away has to understand the totality of the
knowledge before the doors of the universal knowledge has opened up to the
man the gift with this knowledge is that the soul shall decide what position in
respect to his creator will shape and take according to the strength of the
souls he has gathered human his life on this planet
the physicality of the merit is nothing but the position of the interaction and
absorption of the fields of the universe through the salokya me in so many ways now maybe now mankind
understand the purpose of this creation many of you have asked why are we here
for what is the purpose of life now you understand in food not only yet dare to
create a new cycle but if mankind saves the universal community as a whole at
that point of strength mankind will become and can choose to be part of or
to be the Creator and then that shows and depends on the pride of the soul and
the physicality of the map during his life on this planet it’s very much like
when you’re in the womb of the mother your physical condition besides you have
a blue eyes you’re gonna be short long you gonna be born in a rich family
you’re gonna be poor suffering dimensional now you understand in one of
the teachings what I said if you care about your physical children what would
you do how much you care for the life of the souls which your life will lead to
the creation and if the religious leaders can explain
this to us it means to have already been enlightened and they have kept secret
from humanity to abused the physical dimensions ultimate so it means none of
the world religious leaders and leading scientists in the religion have
understood and you will understand why so they all would take what we call the
turbines then we put the heart of the matter to accept all the knowledge until
then be using dollars not the man true the same power of the head maybe maybe and it’s my wish maybe that
by the time I stop mankind has started a true journey
through the strands up to you the reason we have introduced ain’t
husband units as well we would like to reach the point of the perfection for
the soul of the man before his departure to his new destination it’s very much
when we let our child fall we try to give the best education and the best
clothing before we let our child marry into a new dimensional life the purpose
of the enhancement units is this and Nothingness the rest of it is according
to demands the mission of insecurity and under study there is a beautiful verse in world which means we have given all the Apes
all the barricades of God to the soul of the man and it’s for it to elevate
itself and now that we have seen that weakness in the structure of physicality
we have given man a gift in a way we give to you the knowledge that through
that gift you create perfect souls for the new universes to be created in the
emission of the creation it goes back to the same the fields of the universal
community from the soul of the Creator around wrote in when we put you there
and you create the condition you need to creation of new universes and this as
it’s connected to narrow so community of Mansfield the strength will lead and
attracts new souls which are common denominator to the strength of the field
of the man and compare this field itself is needed that in interaction with the
other souls created and the stars and galaxies created by the strength create
that gap strength or condition of the confirmation of the existence of the
universe which means in fact if you think the soul of the man could be like
that proton in the structured atomic structure of the gold in the center where other protons and electrons and
neutrons from other universes collectively leads to creation of the
galaxies and creation of universes and those who become part of the incas the
creator in the now his job of those who call themselves
the religious penis to enlighten the flock of man to the truth of the
existence of the soul and use that opportunity before their closing up the
shop as we say to prepare mankind that the man will not suffer now with another
new loss not going to be where it is that they start creating another cut and
forces that used to be the man in direction of his County is looking for a
purpose and it’s the job to all leaders and those who abuse man to show unkind
to the writer but this time shall be more beautiful mr.keshe are freed had mentioned in the
livestream almost two hours ago that had a question maybe a high-level meeting of
the religious leaders will bring unity between them if we all wish and imagine
and some of them will accept a new uniting role position in true humbleness
in their world religious leaders know their terms it is open and we say the
bell rang months ago humanity did not listen but the religious leaders were
waiting for that sign and that sign has been little bit they know exactly where
we shall see in our meetings and the heads of religions will put that what
they call head covers and the ropes of their shoulders and they become manner
come on man in our time we shall see that there will be no priests to use the
sword and no one must claim that I know
because I used to be this and that God your soul to become and get a better
position there is no agency work as I call it and
in so many ways as last Pope has said it will be the last book because he knows
what is to do not forget that these people read the true script and they
know what’s inside you have a technical question from
breathe Aryan Institute it’s called in life in YouTube says mr. Kesh I utilize
a 100% accurate scientific divining system do you know why the standard male
formulas tend to be seventy percent co2 30% zen a no in the beginning and
working up to using five to ten percent ch3 while decreasing as NM o and goes on
and women tend to need 70 percent co2 and 20 percent zen in own 10 percent ch3
and after building plasmatic body moved towards a 70 percent co2 15 percent said
mo and 15 percent ch3 formula is anyone discussing this at all is it possible
that male scientists are missing this subtle difference in constitutional
needs says thank you I’ve worked with many people that did you kind of get the
gist of that question or is it too technical for today’s discussion let’s
say it’s not too technical is his understanding he has to be valued I thought maybe he should make Plaza
scientific journal paper elevators represented in some way HIPAA doesn’t
become sacra sent and that’s what it is this is his understand but elevate and
create a new condition for the others to think and maybe to understand and
knowledge in their own way I would like to make one little question
I try to look for the hands but couldn’t find her to raise my hand it’s just so
after what you said that to me make really importance the vision that we
have because if you are the seeds of the universe is very important to become a
beautiful clan to have to have well our self responsibility on on keep our
vision clear basically our the universe will be the result of our vision if we
are the seeds karate most probably yes it’s according to your understanding just give you a lot of self empowering
and a lot of self responsibility because I remember you said that one man can
change knowledge is all the old earth but also the old universe the or galaxy
and beyond so there is so much we can do oh we we
man you should gradually to research and understand the position of his life in
the universe and this is why we start this teaching and this process and in so
many ways as we said before many people said when we see it we believe it but
when we show it and you believe in it you will give you will give your life
for it because then you will see the light of the knowledge of the universe and then unison thank you shall we call the day oh there’s only
one more question from Najib and the says it the Magdeburg ants can make a
soul more powerful depends thank you very much for being here today
and I hope we all got a full message of what is to come why we are here and be
ready for what has been waiting mankind for a long long long long time and if
mankind does not come to become kind to man then can you have missed the boat thank you right then see you next week very good thank you mr. Kesh thank you okay is there any announcements that
have to be made before we end today’s session we’ve got the one nation one
planet One race yes sorry Rick this is janitor Scott from the Spanish group if
you could please remind the people to sign in for the conference that is going
to take place in Mexico eight six seven and eight if you will be so kind and
remind people about the conference okay I’ll just put up a picture of that we
can show briefly here so that’s the you talking about the
Mexico conference 7 8th and 9th of February correct yes thank you called
new spaceship technology plasma fields energy systems as the topic of the
conference you can see the you can connect far to register and pay and so
on in the length that you see here it for the Keshe foundation store which is
which is at the regular cash foundation.org store link you go to
event and you’ll see the Mexico City information there and then the ability
to sign up can also see the upcoming events currently have the Malta on the
17th 18th and 19th of January and then New Mexico and then Kenya after that and
then the I R and event which is also available to be signed up to currently ok I think that’s all I can say but has
or anything you want to add or anybody else wants to add them no really
basically to America yes video would it be possible to add a streaming option to
the conferences at some point for those of us who are limited travel of our
physicality so that we could attend the conference online the only conference
which will be streamed note and be Auto Terra we put it and how do we sign up
for the online streaming portion is it available on the website this will be
done in accordance with the permission from the Iranian government and in how
will be allowed to a stream that we have put a notice on the Iranian channel that
is for others who are aware of the 300 euro for the Iranian conference or the
alliteration those Iranians who accept or take off against or maybe to to host
during the conference are given a free entry to the conference in a way if you
have a financial means we can pay for to one yourself and one your host in Iran
or another hands all the Iranian hosts will have a free admission to the four
days of conference in this process we try to bring about the condition what we
call understanding of the totality of the work of the
foundation and in the next few days I’ll be meeting with rock Iranians for
facilitating or organizing different parts of saying what can be done in the
Tehran conference we still await decisions from the observations are
accompanied if he allows the conference to go ahead and we don’t see any reason
why not well you have to understand there is a very very critical position
for the religious leaders and not the scientific leaders and that’s why we for
the position to the union leadership to take leadership in the scientific world
then the religious side that is once the world religions accept and see the power
of the new technology in the coming weeks through the Hasmoneans are other
things which are coming out how can they resist the truth and how they will find
their position in this structure and then you understand there is no seat for what we call priests and they will
resist it because then they won’t have seen but those who are you have elevated
or they elevate their own soul would put the turbines down and I’ll be dead but
it doesn’t mean their knowledge in dimensions different narrations of the
knowledge of man cannot be useful to themselves and others but there are
conference as I said if the Iranian religious speed is opposed and block we
will streamline and we’ll end the whole of the religious structure worldwide
through the teaching of those four dates and I will show you what is even if he
means to bring the prints of the soul of the past prop
it’s within my power and within my knowledge so there is no choice in a way
is a one-way track towards peace who Almighty prior to us knowledge were in
exchange for peace and no religious leader or world governance or officials
or leaders can block this process you will understand the step instead look at
the structure of where we announce conferences in past three conferences
Vienna resignation of the government through corruption and took place during
the time of the conference we saw again in Brazil today in Malta yesterday the
new government cleaning up the corruption of the past and create
starting anew afresh these are not considered as we touch we clean Terron is the seat of religion the
present need be weekly nothing is coincidental in the way we structure and
we take this tear on the B string inside Iran or from outside interview thank you Thank You mr. Kish okay this has been the 311 knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday January 16th 2020 and we’ll see you back here
next week at this same time and location and thank you all very much for a
wonderful workshop today for participating and for all the questions
everywhere okay I think that’s it for today thank you flag for being there for
production as well and take us out hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal Keshe foundation org forward slash
donate innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and health care centers the universal enhancement
spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from
space to spaceship technology has started every order is subject to a
contractual agreement and might require additional accessories priced separately
for applications according to each case you can order or contact us at office at
80 K F m dot global for additional information this video gives an insight into the
therapeutic progress of a wheelchair-bound subject diagnosed with
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s male aged 58 since his late 40s has been suffering
from the – of forementioned conditions which over the past two years have
progressed dramatically leading to a substantial loss of control over his
limbs he was brought into the hospital in a wheelchair unable to transition
from it to a standing position stand by himself or walk unassisted holding a pen
and writing was also beyond his physical capability the processing of this case
started in China in early September 2019 using the universal body enhancement
spaceship unit the subject spent 15 to 20 minutes twice daily in this unit
under the supervision of a team of qualified doctors and physiotherapists
the progress of rebalancing this condition through the use of the
universal body enhancement spaceship unit is presented in this video knowing
that every case is unique the duration of the full rebalancing for such a
condition while steadily reducing medications is approximately 16 weeks
currently a team of healthcare professionals continues with the process
and upon completion will report its findings to the scientific world day 1
the initial assessment the volunteer is in a wheelchair he is unable to take any steps on his
own day four standing up the volunteers
stands up by himself after the plasma processing sessions and takes his first
steps using a walking frame day five the volunteer is walking using
a walking frame his walking unassisted walking outside
and is confidently walking towards his car day6 walking outside is walking with
more ease by the day you day 12 plasma processing the volunteer
walks faster easily passes through doors and even manages to sit down unaided writing the volunteer is able to write
for the first time after a very long period day 14 standing up the volunteer
transitions from kneeling to standing day fifteen ongoing improvement the
volunteer is now far more agile they 29 is able to do squats on his own you day 30 progressing various exercises
such as step climbing on elevated surfaces and walking backwards are now
possible day thirty-plus vocal exercising the
volunteer begins vocal exercises to restore his voice and speech a volunteer
practices motor skills and hand-eye coordination using a ball you day 36 exercising he practices further
coordination skills you you he is more proficient when step climbing
on elevated surfaces they 40-plus walking the volunteer is
confidently taking a walk in the park de 40-plus coordination now he is
confident to resume a normal life and go shopping with his family in the crowded
market he is improving his movement coordination de 40-plus exercising he continues to
exercise in the public parks you you you day 42 running unimaginable seven weeks
earlier he was in a wheelchair now the volunteer runs for the first
time you day 42 running he is running longer
distances with ease day 45 running
he quickly progresses getting better day by day now he runs in the sports arena
achieving 300 to 600 meters in different sessions in a way that doctors barely
keep up you you day 59 climbing the volunteer engages in
adventure park activities and successfully climbs on a net day sixty cycling you now add cycling
exercises to his routine you you you you

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