305th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 5, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense too for the first time in the history of man
a system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the
physical body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user
of the system hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not
be solved in the world of science to bring the body of the man into near
perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge
by donating to us you can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward
slash donate hello everyone and welcome to the 350
cures workshop for Thursday December 5th 2019 this is a broadcast of the Keshe
foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the public
teachings in English my name is Jeremy I’ll be your host
today along with Flint mall housing and of course we are joined with mr. Moran
Kashyap the Keshe foundation and I believe he’s ready to go with today’s
teaching and information hello mr. Keshe are you there yes good
morning good day to as usual wherever and whenever you listen to
these knowledge seekers suppose we have some new teaching some here some new
ideas as as usual share on Thursdays we welcome many of the people in the
background who come from different establishments and government
organizations to the teaching and we know many of the National international
organizations and dominum shows how it started especially on a financial side
since we went into American market listening to his teachings and has made
a lot of difference technology and diplomatic ly and financially for the
governments of foreign nations are in so many ways has brought cash foundation in
new damage one of her most important things which then you work as a starter
is that a we compound Asian changes approach in past few months in respect
to work with governments work interfacing the code in the past
whenever we announce we are going for example – such as such a country their
team or what we promote people in different part of especially bell
start calling them hotels their governments and sending documents
studies abroad and blah blah we give these documents in the advance of any
communication with the government um you’re doing choice you go with this
which is going to European Court of Justice or you go with the technology
which contains your government and we have seen the change of governments and
two of the governments especially now has set up a special security system for
the calls which come in that they can trace who it is what it is and further
wrong we tell you what we were doing to do with them please all telephone covers
of numbers and people there will be as part of our evidence to the European
Court of Justice now the two nations we advanced warned we are going to they’re
already transferred documents to us all the cause and whoever made and they felt
a recurring the way government or the other coverings and they thought they
called the Brazilian government and and recalled this and that we are collecting
all these data that’s why we give you a trance warning that you start making
your calls this is adding to our file in European Court addresses or dodge
damages which are setting in there to come up we know as we said before this
is how cash foundation is working from wrong we had on reorganization
internationally supporting and since last time we were in Brazil and the
officials international officials came to an agreement with us in a background
that this is what we’re going to do because they realize how much damage has
been done deliberately to steal a technology from the benefiting other
nations so please make all as much as you can to all the hotels to all the
government officials what you made to everywhere now you are making us more
solid in claim against the state of knowledge it’s very straightforward and
you did not realize how we set you up but this is the way the foundation works
from now or initial contacts with officials on government the case
organizers we give the case of the fraud which is set up by quarter Belgium we
give them artists appeal and they can read immediately armed officers in a
business this is criminal we could not beliefs happen this has led
the court case of Belgium with the Keshe foundation and what is happening with
the human trafficking – we hear abdication in this structure cultural
government there is a possibility we hear there is a possibility that now so
much human trafficking cannot happen without the knowledge of people on top
now the investigation into the whole structure of the human traffic from
Belgium and what has happened occasionally ssin is streaming
technologies has mesh together and they’ll come up in the European Court of
Justice in our appeal and we hear a lot of people are traveling to different
countries trying to arrange how they can escape once this hits out this is master
of time which will come out these fools very impressive at the moment we arrived
in a beautiful nation of professor for a second time in past 21st all the
government we are collecting data please do we give the name in hotel and
everywhere else we set you up and you fell in it and now we have a full
evidence this is what we were looking for to go to european court of justice
system and the government for harassing scientists and everybody else then you
understand how cash foundation has become when we informed you the last
time we were in brazil two weeks ago then nations of great powers to stay
with them within their structure of security you should have got the tangles
that the game choose or indifference to bring the
physical damage and actually connecting the killing of scientists to human
trafficking and the rest of it and thank you very much for the Belgium team and
the German team you done us a huge favor you just walked into what we wanted now
we have octal names telephone numbers and everything else
which is done and everybody else we tell you where we are we are in the country
of Malta on the 1617 18th of January please call me little more later and in
the same ways that we are becoming very wise and governments have become very
wise because the ditches are coming up and there is one thing you most of you
do not know work run this way most of the world leaders and their families are
sick and turn into cash foundation because it how we change we support the world
leaders their families to growing governments with their health and they
can see how much lie has been told and how much has been checked from humanity
now please make more calls and the more you make the easier it makes for us to
do our work Four Winds come to European Court of
Justice and other cases which are running around as I said we are aware of
abdication of one of all it is one of monarchies has asked and is making
practically we the name underneath this has been received to our securities and
we never speak out unless it is there and you would understand one of the
world leading monarchs or what Accord of the biggest crocus monarchs will soon
abdicate and will be the end of a promise because the structure is
extremely dangerous for this nation and we have to see how much the other
nations are popping it up to our part will go but as we know the King has made
a trade requesting for arrangement for him and is really to be safe we will go
into this in full detail you might hear it from us
or even coming to a public domain in coming times the the beauty will it is
that we all become equal nobody is aware know what and there is no kinship
there’s no what we call structures to damage others another hand as we are
will where we launched a development of the one called enhancement unit the
enhancement unit has been a success and is picking up a lot of people are
waiting for his physical appearance it will be most probably presented in Dube
2020 what we call position it will be predominantly will be displayed already Oh January and we lean into deliveries
to what white the enhancement unit was to correct what has gone wrong with the
human body as you know there is a conference going
on today in vain in respect to environmental cleanup of the mess we
made and the government’s have no answer for
it all what agreed in Paris conference and other one and the other one cannot
be met because the need for energy the need for a new style of life puts demand
on the coal stopping of the coal or because generators or power stations
were stopped to start in 2020 but no government has that Chinese government
cannot overcome as economically will do and to sustain many other nations like
what we call act nations who have called but the natural resources have reached
the maximum cannot ride the nuclear technology but then they have to go into
the coal and gas which this creates a new dimension or addition an extra what
we call co2 or what call climate warming and whatever they want to call it today
we and asked the following case our nation you hello sir – can you hear me yes we just
heard the last time that you about to make an announcement and what did you
hear no no announcement stuff is no one else
for that’s good announcement what we do we make announcement that in Mexico
Conference hundred-person in conference in Mexico cash foundation will release a
new system for health of this planet we have developed and the same once we show
the what we call the enhancement unit for body of the man we will deliver a
new technology mass production for absorption of the co2 in a new large
quantities especially in cities there is an option for us to make this system to
be individually tailored or nationally taped
we have the technology that we can extract large amounts of co2 from the
environment and convert this into a useful product this is our response to
what we call the conference in Spain that the world governments small leaders
in the next few days will make a lot of speech and our new birthday no solution
for ax Keshe Foundation will submit such a solution we have a big dilemma with
this development I explained this before this extraction of what we call co2 or
what the quorum cause of global warming part 4 promised will not change but on
the other hand this increase in different levels of whatever we have in
the environment has come to us over 50 years as we become most more industrial
nations most of our generation have received and
most of the plants and even human bodies have adapted to this new changes that’s
why we see so much cancer to increase in what we call materials in the
environment through the exhaust pipes of whatever has created a new condition new
evolution in the environment that the body of the man has to evolve with it
and as we cannot be more so fast we end up with cancers so part of the
evolutionary cause of cancer is part of what we see and is not just a global
warming it’s going to get tired the cancer rates partially due to this
they’re putting too many metals in the space that we are breathing the new
technology which will deliver it and will be mass-produced is to return and
change this position again the systems for governmental level will stay add
values that we consider to be correct if the government wants to or in a what we
call portable version for individuals who want to do but government have to
decide what percentage at what the rate we are going to clean up is not that is
going to be done now that is in our hand and we can extract it is how much
governments allow us to extract because if we increase the level of oxygen in
respect to co2 we will create a different dangerous climate condition
this is part of what we do we are not coming to sort problem we are coming to
stop another problem – if you understand in a way
we have created a tree that releases oxygen but how much oxygen can be put in
the game which Dutch people play that he could buy a tree in Amazon that it
creates more oxygen now this tree can be made to be in your home you have full
control of how much you convert but then if millions of us convert at the same
time what damage we are going to create to ourselves the problem is not the
mankind does not have the knowledge to stop anymore but is if we return to
fires what damage is our courage course on the planet again and then if the
damages are not going to be more than letting the co2 to be created by
controlling it to a lower level in a way now that we have developed a technology
for what they call enhancements for human body we have developed a
technology for enhancement for the planet we’re heating the whole body of
the man with the new technology now they’re keeping not only of the planet
but this process will have direct effect on every single being on this planet who
in the past 50 years hundred years due to man industrialization have start a
war with the pollution due to industrialization creates cancer creates
new positions we call cancer now that we have the knowledge to convert we now
understand the life of the vertical people how they convert co2 into oxygen
and we now we have the knowledge to do this conversion what is going to be the
consequences on us and our children was this new technology in conversion
and extraction of co2 brings us are we going to cry in 20 years that we have
converted too much as you know the life on this planet
came through they will ability of the co2 and oxygen now we brought it from
underground to over ground and now we are commenting it over ground
we are conversing in a way one condition to another the technology as we said now
we understood the promise of man being able to mutate materials this new technology which is going to be
released and it will be shown in Mexico coincides with my arrest when I went
from Europe to go to Brazil to have the Brazil Gulf oil disaster and it’s
appropriate time to be shown an appropriate place for us to we go back
to Mexico to complete what are started what we call ten years ago following
that once we can come to that point cash foundation in the coming month will
release new technologies which will be added to stick we can convert we have
the technology to convert most of the plastics in the oceans into gas but
again we add the carbon and a hydrogen level how we’re going onward knows we
have the technology as I explained recently to come well this is a coffee
machine running we have to wait to the stops start
so what we going to do is to come with the public into get element but what damages that’s
going to bring from now on not only have the core knowledge and the technology of
the plasma and against technology every step would take has to be considered
what are the consequences and sequences of the change we cannot anymore just do
things and hope somebody will clean it up if you’re extracting co2 what we call
global warming which is not is due mainly to movement of the earth water
Sun if cleaning of the plastics what are we going to do with the materials which
we have changed the plastic one’s going to be this next sequence of it
conversion of the plastic at this level as we see in the oceans will release
huge amount of gas of carbon huge art of hydrogen will be released they bring new
conditions of a car more in a proximity of the oceans as a receiver floating
will create a new cycle of co2 then what we going to do with it how am I gonna
store these gases how are we going to store these new materials how are we
going to convert them the one of my propositions to the government or it is
in the meetings we had with different organizations is are we going to create
what we call tank farms holding gases in a long term as I was present with one of
the future world leaders in the past few days I explained to him he showed me the
tank farms and I said we can do this we’re against he said this is the land
available witness to it I said but how are we going to convert and hold chances
in tanks in such a massive quantities what is the consequences for human race
because they are huge energy sources they are not anymore sitting there doing
nothing is another oil anymore these are what we have to plan now that
we understand the ecology of it it’s not anymore
if and when things might go wrong that we had to initiate the new technology
and the new science which is developed by the Keshe foundation round of all
different scientists and allows this to her extraction of materials and will is
in our command extraction of any material in space is in our command we have gathered the knowledge we have
access to the technology and now as we gather different fields in charl in old
from whatever ever we need now we have translated our technology to be used on
this planet in a coming time as I explained to sort of all leaders and
governments the mining the way we do is finished opencast mining depth mining is
over there technology in a coming months will be released internationally Keshe
Foundation has entered in saving the planet through the new technology and
will will be ruthless in delivering it in my body enhancement unit will be one
of the smallest things the foundation will ever do as we build up for a space
development to be shown in Tehran in a row we release more radical technologies
physically that will be developed and distributed by the Keshe foundation
manufacturing division from space around the world so in a way today’s nothing is
very simple we are releasing a new technology new system that act all the
co2 as much as you like but we are not creating another problem we’re trying to
create to solve another one what are we going to do with abstractions with
cleaner cities how are we preparing our people to go through what we call the
reverse evolution which has caused so many dead so many cancers and now has to
go through another process and what would we create in perming time the
Keshe foundation research centers will go through this evolution to develop
these technologies we start from January bringing the Keshe foundation experts
from all over the world in two or three centers scientists from Iran Sciences
from China scientists from all over the world Brazil from America from Canada
will be brought into one or two centers that the development become real rocket
we have acquired properties and positions that allows us as a Keshe
foundation to move in this position in due course the Keshe foundation will
make announcements as we said by setting up developing these technologies we have
become industrial power and this will give us a new position and opportunities
for environmental cleanup and everything else we have in past 48 hours submitted
a full dossier to one of the world leading governments in respect to
cleanup of one of the most radical pollutions involving the nation’s and in
due course we announce we have entered a new phase as much as
we teach about the soul we have to return the physicality and this planet
has a soul and it needs to be corrected a life we have developed and now we
delivering what we call the body enhancements which would change its name
to the soul enhancement technology where it’s easier to enter and interact with
the soul of the elements and the physicality of it as we entered a
us-based technology meaning people from different aspects of all the time how do
we do this how can be done what has happened what can I do or how can I make
this and that to this effect we respond the following from beginning of the next
term of the cave SSI in January every Friday possibly half day and if he picks
up to a full day 9:00 to 5:00 which can cover all the continents all the Keshe
foundation knowledge seekers and questioner has possession which means
you have a problem you don’t understand knowledge seekers collectively all
through our experts in different fields we will try to answer and solve the
problems there is one point which I have mentioned and the brought to the
attention of the condition team is very simple we are not allowing people to
come in and claim there are professors as cash Foundation they do this they do
that this platform will run that collectively everybody shares knowledge
answering questions and not one person is correct so we allow different views
different knowledge seekers with different expertise to come in and to
show what they can do what they think of it how do they do it what is the new
inside this goes with what the campus education
from January will come in – we do not go in teaching answers and whatever we go
through collective teams to do develop new systems new insights into all
aspects so it goes in a way Kansas I into a research and while you’re
developing the thing to achieve something collectively are different
groups you learn what you have and from other parts is easier this way than
people coming in and talking about the guts for example if you come up with a
new system for cleaning water and then you set up to do it
the Keshe foundation research centers will connect to you and so the knowledge
seekers online zoom or they can come to the research centers for a while to
develop what they were discussing we are training the research and development
from Kiev SSI directly to all of you as I said we are not allowed to peer-review
we are allowed to encourage the develop and the only thing is if he’s too much
crazy ideas we need too many crazy people to prove
resume works so try to collectively as a students and only seekers to come
together from the next term enroll yourself in and start enhancing your
interest you don’t come in and sit – the others miss telling you why do my
chances you me want you to collectively come
together and start putting ideas how this technology can evolve into anything
that two three maybe five or ten people want to work together to develop it and
you’re given opportunity are free what we call the labs which is getting
developed and then you have the opportunity
to take it in to be able to deliver for other people to benefit but this is
substantially different now what we done before because it’s become o you answers
you do this and you know that you none of caught it you throw it backwards we
don’t know what others in the literature or hundred rooms and different Apple we’re
going into part of converting the knowledge into practicality and as we
said we don’t give no degrees in campus society but if you can achieve to change
things for Humanity or one man is what we make that mix and that would be part
of our work on the other hand see where we had to shrink the Keshe foundation
store because of the situation in Italy the knowledge seekers from next week we
the new opportunity with the new products which will come to catch
foundation shop hopefully by next Thursday this brings in all the items
which we had before and the prices as we promise will be kept on about $9.99 euro
or $19.99 euro you don’t need to pay 100 an odd year or 50 year old 60 euro to
different people like you buy everything a 999 delivery everything will have
American certification and European certification we have secured the
technology systems that all our products from next week will carry both American
certification and European certification that can be shipped to anywhere around
the world the American store us will join will be merge into the total cash
foundation website so we don’t have the separation as the Keshe foundation has
separated with global global has nothing to do with the Keshe foundation product
and we bring as we close there or the call kept us down to become and we take
over as a key foundation we bring everything back in order to the Keshe
foundation as care viewers where the global has to do its own operation and
Keshe foundation is the owner of the website and spent four years so
we offered the products through the Keshe foundation website as of next week
we hope to release between 30 plus items and the following months we increase
this to 300 units so you see all the paint pads
all the what we call and call patches and everything else run about 999 over
$19.99 you will see the return of many many things which was and it was what we
call taken off the Keshe foundation to the operation of Italian nautical
insertion now will come in a bigger way with a range of colors and everything
else and we can reduce the prices to half of that it need me this goes back
to our distributors who were cheated and moved on to the Italian operation the
next few days the head of the Keshe foundation will call all the
distributors into a meeting you have to make it very clear choice you work with
the Keshe foundation as you were location Edition and you were taken out
all you stick with the people you went to and we close your account this is
where it’s rate forward till this situation with Italian organization is
sorted with the central government of Italy how they’re going to handle such a
work we have to be very correct and so we thought we’ll disconnect and richly
cross all the distributors accounts who went to what we found and they were
treated they will lie to and many of them come back to us and we understand
this position we have to be correct and at the same time in setting up this new
parameters we encourage our distributors to become in a very large scale much
more bigger operatives in a way if you think you can do some other foundations
products we encourage you we set up in different way and we allow you we would
like to extend the sale of these bigger to what we call different public’s
different groups different hospitals and we allow we trained a new the signatures
or the oldest images to make a new management distribution in a way we are
not going out to find sales group we are using the existing cash foundation
people who stay loyal to the foundation to work and build their own sales team
group internationally cash for our nation has to grow within and many
people made a long effort to do this over years and one drug affair does not
mean everything is long said we allow the distributors to meet you receive a
call on the Keshe foundation hello Keshe foundation next few days to come into
this meeting the run is very clear those who work with the punishment followed
engines of the foundation will be supported by the foundation and we want
to increase we want to develop the culture of the Keshe foundation Gans and
other products internationally through our distributors we are now setting up
another parallel for those who work locally we will announce this in the new
course Bernie settle so in a way we are looking to those who are distributors
for the Keshe foundation to set up a management of distribution and a sales
team for the Keshe foundation worldwide other ones we have to go outside to
bring people from outside and we see when we bring people from outside the
cheating and the lying we saw in Italy there were not knowledge seekers they
were brought in and they thought they took opportunity but Italian officials
look at it totally different they talked away with it but criminality is shining
all over it an Italian government has taken a very very serious vo in this
matter because they need a cash foundation for something else in a
structure which affect Italian what they call position
internationally we are taking in the nation to any point we are taking the
nation that would be profitable can combo for both so additionally we are
bringing centralizing everything is cash condition and not the globe of global
operation has to go through its own way and the structure he has in way other
said would increase rapidly from next week
they’re doing the cataract on the translation of it that you can have in
different translations certification European certification American
certification will come with all the products delivery will be very rapid we
are holding a massive stock the available for dispatch and at the same
time we centralize everything in all the tool China has and become a has become a
center point of work uptick Asia and Asia and and in when we hold our storage
there falls in child commit distributed from China which is easy for us to do
and the knowledge seekers in China supporting us to achieve this point and
will party off with the same process as you saw before there was delay in
deliveries for a specific reasons that to discourage the foundation that has
already been sorted we have structured everything back into order and we bring
everything on the banner of totally be controlled by the Keshe foundation
Austria Keshe foundation Austria has become the center point and the work of
the Keshe foundation worldwide but the operation will move into Malta in 20 these are announcement we had to make
because I think the global warming and the conference was important for us to
know these new machines will be seen in moved on in Mexico and as our team are
working in different angles we will announce a new research center which
will be opened very soon we are in a negotiation car and by the end of this
month will complete it and it will become part wrinkles are people will be requesting
three maybe five top Iranian scientists to join us in this research center the
same from the American side we are not looking for knowledge seekers who are
enthusiasts these are scientists these are literally what we call work with the
cash partnership technology universities and other parts you’re bringing no knowledge is every normal we just got
to see how we cut the magnitude bring it giving the scientists a groundwork that
they can enhance it I met with a beautiful scientist from Iran and my
visit in the way last week they have developed a new technology a fire
extinguisher we’ve seen this in other part but they’re trying to merge it with
the Gans technology we support it and as I’ve said to them we’ll in-house this
program if it is what it shows to be the case relation to sexual liberty and what
we call commercialization is available to them we have other scientists from
the world I can tell how it can be done
many Chinese scientists are doing the same we start supporting this some of
this microphone is old yeah there is because we have Americans milk we mister
just part of the same mother just be just before you mentioned about the
Chinese that we missed the sentence there about the how the scientists were
going to do something and we missed that connection there between us – do you
hear about the Iranians yes yes yep so the scientists would be welcome
different technologies will give them room to see how we can merge it with
their plasma and gas technology as I said from the beginning of the time when
we started the Keshe foundation there and present knowledge is built on the
past achievements of human race we are not something off the ground just
ourselves we have built knowledge on the knowledge of our own fathers and
forefathers so we have to respect this and we have to develop this in the
correct way so we build on the knowledge which you have gained in universities in
your work and if it’s practical if he can be done if we can support it we
bring it out and we support you to extend the knowledge to be able to bring
new technologies out this technology is not just a gas of co2 or others
scientists in Iran are working heaven in agriculture not apart and they also
don’t understand it they claim there is something wrong because actually when I
look some of the science especially in Iran do the job is laughable because
they haven’t understood and they claim a lot and if they understood it and
they’ve done it properly they will see how quick it is but they have to learn
ooh not poon feed more blueprinting and people copying and then she’d keep quiet
and those who do not understand and they blame for their own lack of
understanding these kind of processes with us has come to an end as I said we
have moved their own ways and we will develop new ways you will hear some new
announcements might sub-par issue that the Keshe foundation will please the
book number four in a very short time in 2020 book number eight in conjunction
with a new pattern will be released and as you know we released a pattern to be
published but won’t pattern for us freely that everybody could access to it
we are now patenting it to lock so in so many ways as I said we are returning
back to Belgium very soon for that reason we are releasing the books Keshe
foundation book number for the creation of the solar system will be released in
2020 and all the diagrams all the what they called the book will be more than
what was done originally added more chapters to it the pageant for the
creation of magnetic field the original magnetic field the book number eight
will be published as you know the book number nine the soul was collected in
all the teachings in part by Sonora during his lifetime which we are now in
position of all the documents and these will changed as pop teaching
it’s underhood comedy was collecting and other knowledge seekers and a book
number nine totally question is how are we going to
demonstrate the soul of the man said number four will be three will be
published in 2020 the creation of solar system in much more depth you’ll
understand more book number eight will be done this is one of the reasons I’m
redrawing from public life and to concentrate to be able to do more
research and more development the the kiss repetition Allah and the others
will take over that he allows us to contribute as much as possible while
we’re on this planet and you can enhance the knowledge of math we write that
circle if he likes to come and complete the pictures on the platform number four
foot number four we welcome him whatever he has done it says that’s what we do
with him outside is that he’s being able to good illustrator for it he’s invited
back to work with us to finish book number four because he understand that
were the same way he had the intellect to write the pattern for the creation of
this what we call magnetic fields we invite you back if you want to write the
patterns to collaboration the same as before in Keshe foundation we don’t keep
enemies we keep those to understand what the enemies themselves are in this
process number of books will be start releasing in what we call book number
five and six we don’t work in the background we work directly so in a way
whatever those who want to be involved in the what we call the graphics of book
number four and those who want to be involved in the pattern of the creation
of magnetic fields which goes back to essence of the creation of the Creator
we are opening a door in 2020 I put more time in that as now the technologies are
getting developed and what we call marketed by the Keshe foundation team
so in a very simple way that core essence if you want to do the
restoration for book number four we can do it they don’t need to go back on to
anything else at the same time you’re a good pattern writer and a creation of
the what we call magnetic fields would be a good place to complete the home
what we started years ago this is part of working the way people and they it’s time to come
cycle as I said by March 2021 I would leave the Keshe foundation operation
totally and all these things has to be completed by the next 18 months Dhar kids and work to complete the full
knowledge and technologies that mankind has enough to build on that will not
fall in their traps of the past to be controlled but those who call themselves
and religious leaders or hold the key to the door of a mosque a church or a
synagogue we open all the doors to complete the knowledge and also have
contributed to us more will appreciate it how this technology will take shape
in much much deeper shape and form now that we have understood and completed
most part of the research this is a part work that has to be completed for
mankind to become knowledgeable to enter the final phase or what we call
distribution and understanding of the knowledge that in a space we don’t
become slaves the slaves to no one except on ignorance if we do not
understand it there has to have a meeting or be called away as a process
and it reaches that point it is not magic is not that we have to show as I
said many many times I will not show any magic because the time of magicians in
the name it to raise dead so make blind man to see is all over because now we
have raised as full of the man to understand the totality that the
physicality is part of its operation and this is what the changes will come this
is what the process will add up to all our knowledge in the process of the
teaching we have to understand teaching will never end a man who says who knows
all of it is the man who none of it because if Nuno’s none they
will not claim we just share knowledge that’s why we called knowledge seekers
and we invite everyone to come and join and share as I said we are making it
possible for all nations or governments to be involved as part of our work and
part of our what we call process we will announce in the coming time clinical
trials which has a started with University for diseases like Parkinson
all the brain diseases with I’m sorry I’m signed an agreement your days and
hopefully within next week or so as it gets its final shape we announced
clinical one of the largest clinical trial or properly evaluating and
developing a pattern understanding of the whole process in the coming time in
this place as we cannot take doctors we have to develop technologies which can
diagnose the disease or we go through the balance of the soul through the
universal enhancement system that once you go into the system the body enhances
to what he had to be to be perfect one of the important points about
enhancement unit is that is a space unit in his space we suffer from viruses from
the energy packs and this system is said to extract any additional or depleting
virus system the enhancement unit is a space technology unit and this is what
many of you will come to realize this is why the system works so beautifully more
with the soul of the match than the physicality of the man
the soul of the man is an energy pack independent of amino acid strength in a
physical dimension as I said step by step in different teachings I open up
the truth about the universal sees the enhancement unit this is why the enhance
on unit the new system is so vital to be utilized internationally very rapidly
because in the dimension of this system we do not interfere so much with the
physicality but the system as is no plasma and instead today
amino acid a strength of the man it keeps steady continues the same strength
so any addition as is stronger in feeding it depletes itself at the same
time if there is any reduction against elevated party system so in a way the
system the enhancement unit is not as you will thought at the beginning you go
in there and get Parkinson you get corrected and then you go you don’t have
the Parkinson comes from the space gap in the energy of what we call emotional
physicality and the system balances it and then you see it you should have
understood this when you saw the man standing up after two days three days
using the enhancement unit internal without any physiotherapy
without anything else without actually doing anything by just enhancing the
soul in the system the physicality just followed the new technology can new
space technology this is what you do if you go into a system
and you come out of the system with a cancer you vote in you come up with a
community cancer is emotional you’ll find out is the soul of the man which
sorted out but if you go through the evolution cancer you’re talking about
attraction of the soul of the man in the dimension of mythicality with the soul
of the planet to adjust each other that they can accommodate each other that one
can live with a changes with a physical dimension of the planet in the new
system in what we call universal system we consider the soul of the planet in
which back to the soul of the map in that process move the core would search
will find a position to accommodate each other that does not lead to the demise
of the map now you understand more what is Universal systems set to do the whole
process is not just making you to be better or not a cancer the universal
system in the position of not use will be used for different aspects of the
health of the body of the man or feeding the man and the rest in so many ways
what we see in the coming years at we say Ingrid why the Pakistan is never
bring a more cut is because every corner they find they open a shop a soul in
every corner of this planet you will find an enhancement unit people going to
feed people don’t but people want something it’ll become as known as
anything else and this will take a lot of changes to the human race
this bringer several changes to human face we do not worry about whether food
we are not to worry where the material comes well we do not to worry where the
shelter comes from this is part of the same process and we need to go through
this face to become what we call the true human race people who understand it
people who not only look after their own physicality in their soul that have got
the soul of the planet and in turn collectively we change the planet and as
more and more resistance are lodged in a space technology but cleaning up the
body of the man by Mexico are cleaning up the damage we done to this planet by
ourselves and then we will explain to you what mankind has done in that do you
not even know that we extend the process are what we call rehabilitation the new
enhanced technology the new enhancement system is in reality a total system that
mankind has to gradually learn to be Antonia wait as I was explaining to
number of knowledge seekers in past few weeks if you look at ain’t
tray of the in Houseman unit has the shape of the universe is not a sphere
inside is a wall inside and in so many ways when you take it by ratio is a copy
of our universe and if you look the soul of the man the currency demand it
referred is a central line of the universe creates balances of the energy when we put math in an upright position
we create the same condition through the soul of man we call it the move of the
universe not the mum of the mother the universe is the move for all and
everything has been created and when you look at the systems which is planted
around it these are life other universes affecting his work internally in a way
when you look at the shell of the system is a universal collection of different
universes creating interacting field inside and inside in this pond their
balance and balance as the body and the soul of the man the new enhancement
systems are replication of the creation of the Queen each that’s why we release
the pattern the book on the creation of the magnetic field on the creation of
life in the universe by the create this also list had to be brought to
mankind this way that it was in the step and in gradual steps when you enter
plain house on unit you will see satellites and at the same time you
become part of the whole structure your soul has to find balance with itself and
we did I mention that the universe soul on that kind will understand when we
call it a universal system does not mean applies to everything is a copy of the
universe itself and in that process the body finds balance in every aspects when
mankind become wise enough and understand looking at it when you see
the man inside have been like a solar system in the galaxy of the universe
they will shine on his own as a star the new in husband unit is not what you
thought the new enhancement unit is a copy a replication of the true-life
ignition and start of the life as what we call the god the create sorry we
messed that line the mr. Keshe you said the new enhancement unit will
will be a copy of exact replicas of the universe it is exactly what we we expect
from a life in the universe is a copy of the replica
of the creation where the creator started the whole life we call him God
be calling our whatever but in the pattern to be released and the book to
be released in conjunction with the universal system mankind will come to
understand what I have given we use the ways of the universe to interact with in
ways within the county of the man and in this process we create many many new
conditions many new lives many understanding for the man himself thou shalt not steal you will understand
very soon in these systems no one chemistry not even on the
universe the understanding of the motion of magnetic fields in the space of the
universe leads to creation of new lives and in so many ways we do not have a GPS
to know where the position is where we want to go but with the new enhancement
units the technologies which is developed mankind will can position
himself anywhere in the units we do not need to put satellites everywhere to
fight where we are we use the knowledge and the connections of what we have
developed to position ourselves in any position in the universe creation of the
motion creation of life and understanding how life would look at
that position will become part of the world
application foundation knowledge seekers and desert centers in coming months and
days we have to understand how did magnetic Lila started
what is his origin what led to the creation of fields even if there is a
creator we call the God even if he led ourselves to that path of need he has to
have a position he has to have a real direction and the question now becomes
the situation between egg and sperm did the egg and the sperm came first or did
the soul of the man first or the interaction of the fields of the egg and
sperm led to the creation of the soul which led to the creation of but this
question said same with a creator did the soul of the Creator which led to the
creation of the universe came from interaction of the fields that through
those fundamental structure of the field led to the creation of the Creator the
soul of the community that itself led to the creation of the physicality of
creator or the co God which is the universe we see in the coming time in the books to be
released and into what we call way to release around the world as pattern
which is the easiest way to ship knowledge for the human race we bring
this question to an end it’s not the matter did the chicken come pressed for
the egg it’s a matter of what led to the creation of the egg or the kimchi this
is what we have to understand and as you know many foreigners have a problem with
the kitchen and the chicken now we have to understand please we create in the
kitchen daddy and out and create a condition for the chicken to be born did the field led to the creation of the
Creator but the question comes what did the fields come from what is the life of
a man but a hinge nature a mere enfant the
is questions if my kind answers before his step in the universal what we call
arena will come to understand that is equal to all other preached of unions
that no higher and stood more donkey and sounds more that he cannot be magic there is a huge problem in many cultures
in African cultures and Middle Eastern cultures in part of what we call South
America in part of Asia that people would not even give a cut of the hair to
you because they say he can use it to control us they believe in what we call
black magic because they can control and do this and that what place have a
position in a way that those who understood the access to the soul of the
man or do they control the imagination of the man to create what the man wants
to see as I was talking to a friend of ours in Sydney they control people
through black magic but the darkness and blackness of their magic is the man’s
lack of understanding of the totality of his own soul and then would and can we
enhance and soul of the man that he cannot be abused this way who’s gonna to
to you the money black magic or the white magical rainbow magic in the
universe and you believe in it because they can do something but here’s the
trick these are the fundamental questions that
we have to answer with the present knowledge when it take mankind
I mentioned of the new space technology in so many ways where does the essence
of the soul of the man comes from and how can some of us get access have
access or developed access to a higher order yeah we can make it magic for
those who are in the lower order how can we set up systems that uses the higher
level of the whole structure of the universal magnetic gravitational fields where does mankind lead himself through
his soul not through his physicality we had a very very interesting what we
call encounter in our meeting or in our visit to Istanbul couple of weeks ago as
you know you can join what we call different kind of shows on Bosphorus and
the river we were joined with hundreds of other people and on this venture
each nationality has a flag on the table there were the Jewish people there were
the Bulgarians there were the Chinese the Iranians through the Japanese there
were the summaries from every culture every flag was on the table to show
which part of this planet you come from but all hundreds of them were
concentrated on what was there to be a jerk all night it was very interesting
very very interesting thing happened and it was part of I sit as outside observer
and look at the conduct of the man at the table we were sitting I was the
Iranian as a plug of Iran behind me there was a table of Iranians on the
edge of our table there were a Saudi couple and then joined another Saudi
couple with the flags of Saudi Arabia on the table a space kept up two chairs and
then the other side were many six seven rows our Jewish people when the program
started you have to understand there is a subconscious mentality you can’t put
the Saudis the unions and the Jews together there’s going to be mayhem when
the function starts going these people are expert they know this
is what is the function they emphasize that every nationality comes out answers
to their own music sing their own music that he brings in unification or people
understand a little bit trying to calm the situation but the sweetest thing
happened is the Saudis felt outcast and they asked removed from the room so
before salaries moved out because they couldn’t sit on the table with the
Iranian and there were they Jews on the other side this is the mental lock this
is what was going to happen to the mankind in this space if you were to
start that logically had it when a music start and a dancing started the Iranians
the Jews came in order to brawl with a flag of Israel because there was a lot
of death what I did I took the Iranian flag and I joined them and I get a flock
of Iran in exchange for their flag they hesitated and then they took the flag
and they gave a flag and we would kiss the black and then the Iranians and the
Jews didn’t know anymore accidentally one of the Iranians was a beautiful
perfect answer and they Jews wouldn’t let him go what we saw was mankind loving each
other the collar tag and the beauty of it was they were all eating non kosher
food and a non halal food and none of them cared because they start eating
from each other thus advancing in each other in the space we’ll have the same
position we need to dance with citizens of universe as long as they don’t care
fear in us if they create that fear mankind will going to space the same way and those who choose to be our caste
will create a problem for themselves in space in your dimension of universe the
soul of the man should shine as an example of his planet and the soul of
his creatures irrespective of color race and a path of me what we learned is very simple would
mankind mature so fast to get to that point or would mankind still be
tormented by those who want to amuse him for his development of his own or would
mankind have a fear to go into the system that become equal to the others interesting will we not what happens
when we put these systems for the war leaders and a common man to pull end
together would a sole power to the other that you’re a son of a king or would the
King bow to the soul of the father that you feed me my existence is because I know me understand how we have to behave
in a space technology of today and in what is coming up my words will be
understood by mankind very soon as I said to one of very close friends I’m
sending a unit to city of Brussels for the Kings to walk in first to meet their
nation I wonder what excuses they find not to
enter it one will be gifted to etiquette and we see if the Holy Father will let
his love it and would they come out as they wanted remember when we gave the key to the
nation’s to the government’s we announced it as we send these units to
the government and all religious leaders we announce it and it’s for public to
see them how they come out would they go in for the illnesses of the end come up
as new man I wonder who’ll refuse a gift of innovation of a soul the trees on the
prisoner the one who saw was prison by the priests for centuries I wonder if
the Islamic leaders will refuse to enter and what excuses they find not worth as I said I’m a good teacher know how to
work and how to teach when we give this system to the world leaders to the
nations the leaders of the nation have to walk into it first as I said last
time the days are numbered round about twenty twenty fifth of January we will
show the first unit and you have B will get the ball you just walk it and let’s
see now you understand why some more leaders are planning their application any questions Thank You mr. Kesh you did have a
question earlier from Dan and the Q&A he mentions the Romanian government has no
solution for water contamination by sea vessels such as dead ships of leaving
moons how can we help this little problem this problem exists for many
Asians this problems of sequence have any especially oil contamination when
they wash their tankers in the open expanse of the body called open seas and
he gets washed into different areas from different countries and from shipwrecks
there’s something which we have created and there is a solution for it
it’s not just the rainiest you have it heavily in the Gulf of Mexico you have
it heavily in Persian Gulf you have it in anywhere there is the oil
export because if you’ve been in the oil industry you know what they have to do
they have to wash the tanks from anything else of they create castles
inside mr. explosion he didn’t have any picture
of the oil that had to be cleaned up and then dump it in the ocean and he just
washes and cilantro sometimes obviously some accidents before this with the new
technology is recoverable but as I said from now on when we go into the recovery
mode we have to consider something else what and Hall own blood damage has been
there and what has created as in your lifestyle Romanian officials don’t like
to work with what we call pig flow because part of the officials income
from EU is so good why should they a lot of people have to understand the
position of world leaders the bank account is more important than their
Nations the position of power is more nerd then their what they call the
nations have an appointment why European community come governments
who are facing this who are now doing anything because the subsidies are very
good and a few people decision-makers are making good money from it if this some of it is deliberately
introduced we saw people who go because then they can get what they want from it
they they create uprising and all sorts to be done we seen the announcement of
the change of Commerce spoons was in Iraq in a few days announcing a
resignation the same in Malta but same in other countries we saw until the mid
set of opera volution a secondary revolution in Iran two weeks ago word
affair in the back and everybody thought that’s gonna be there but it was a
cleverness of the government understanding that it was a setup
revolutions come up later on and they created a false uprising and those who
were really the creators were waiting to create the biggest revolution you
brought forth and they thought they’re coming they’re going to capture the
whole earth object people didn’t understand two weeks ago when it was
announced from the mihrab is burning the banks as I said we are very clever
people we did the same thing with those who we said that we are going in the
made all the cost now we know who they are and we used their all their evidence
in the court of justice the same thing happened in Iran the officials became
aware of a massive finance for outside mainly by Vatican to start a revolution
in Iran and the transferred huge demand money into Tehran and to all the cities
that paid the rogue’s what we call the thieves the bandits to create that
Russia and the central government became aware of it and they set out the fuel
burning of the banks that they thought is that other have a started they came
out and they captured a whole lot that’s why you heard about the end of it Sun
night and all the internet so cross the veil you supposed to receive
instructions from a Vatican and America people have to become clever
understanding the work of the nations and governments and how they do not
allow manipulation anymore this is why two weeks ago I announced clearly my son
denied see with the nation of Iran then we don’t enter politics because they
wanted to pull the foundation into it and we were fully aware of what was
going on I don’t talk out of place at talk
because it’s the place where to talk the royal to the nation of Iran and as I
said we always work with the rebels who are elected to be the rulers we don’t
work with opposition we work with those who are empowered to rule for the
benefit of their nations and to elevating their souls they elevate
themselves to bring a good nation up I support Iranian technology across in all
my negotiations where Iran can export the technology I support it I’m there to
do it not only for God I would say doing the Chinese I’ll do the same with
Austrians to meet all the nations I want and in Vania we see because we
negotiated in carbon Keshe foundation and knowledge seekers a member of
universal council know how we talk to your government and we were told
internally through our securities there’s too much money in the background
you just just they don’t they don’t want to wait because some people are getting
many well paid you know many of me know exactly what’s going on because they set
up meetings with at the highest level security of estates we spoke collectively even if we try to do
cleanup is not a benefit of some and you see whatever the resistance come is
because someone is pocket is getting a bit less lubricated I think you said any other questions mr.
catch and yes we have a mirror’s yes from respect sweaters loud I think he
had the question last week we didn’t get it in perhaps he says what kind of and
actually this question is a lot of people do have especially experimenters
but lots of others so the question is with what kind of device can measure the
fields of a plasma their type and their strength
thank you but weren’t the platform we make there is no measurement tools for
it unless you as I said create this term which we developed years ago you need a
system that is more or less that can take six axis field of magnetic field
that it gives you a spherical image then you have to work on a high level what we
call frequency and very low level frequency then you get a full spectrum
of the ball of the plasma and neither guidelines there are people who say they
can measure the plasma the tools for it that he can change it but the plasma as
a plasma of pins need to be considered as a spherical condition not at the
point of interest you so which field strengths a spectrum you
want to measure it’s very much like if you look at the planet Earth are you
drilling in 2 meter deep from the surface or 50 meter deep or 5 kilometer
deep as you go deeper the field strength will change and which gravity gets to
where why do that this is the condition that we we don’t have the tools for it
yet but we are developing the tools for it but we have developed tools to
measure fields to give us a kind of a spectrum in the blue field detectors
which we use in the reserves and the Keshe foundation we have XY and Z so we
see which way the fields are coming to the detectives and then we have an
average come on field change in the total field within that detector we
measure this very ho condition and a pinpoint accuracy of few centimeter from
each other then we and a reuleaux detectives the other data gives us as
well shape that what stronger fields are coming in in which direction and what we
care fields come in Direction a lot of knowledge seekers who work with me
they’ve seen me use these two this one is to creamish collaboration color one
is black and we monitor their – they usually talk against by the way I look
at I look at the axis of this desert with the ELISA and he showed me
the fitness coming into the media point we have as verification of the what we
call universal system in the lab and we try to turn the feeds on the systems in
a way that you measure the fields interaction and every measure is
independently if you have the tools which we have created and these tools
are rich a much more efficient way to do it it
gives us this very cool image but it depends how you interpret and understand
their figures because he as you to see but when you use to be sorry-sorry broke up there mister
question how you intercept me how you interview you figures it depends on how
you different figures on there yeah how you interpret the figures gives you the
strength of the field of the plasma you’re looking for a lot of teaching
needs to be done to read these figures because to you oh the high one is very
high and the low one is you know going positive or negative or whatever
this shows a high energy field is in the direction of where you set up and or is
it really in the week one or is the week for causing the we the the machine the system which
but Keynesian years ago thus the system which we measured one to nine with it a
very simple software them cool and body called detectives you can literally buy
the software and the hardware of the shop but body makes it difficult is
playing before the companies which we what we call Commission to make this for
us is under parameters which I wanted they they rent a hospital MRI for
several nights it costs a lot of money you know you go for an x-ray how much to
charge you at night whenever island system is not used they use the husband
of our eye they pay for it and they create all the levels of the magnetic
fields in MRI and they calibrate the system the process of calibration takes
a long time but each detector and collective detector in calibration comes
into play and then write a programs for it and if you don’t have that one of the
easiest way is to nurse are the fields and see how you feel this occurs very recently they say when
I hold my hand around the gas or around ball a forms an uphill disk I said where
do you feel warms where do you feel cold the power of your hand on the back of
your hand or middle of your flesh is the field coming from the core which hits
you up or the back and then he makes sense and he make evaluation of the
emotion of the field many people have worked with answers and listening is
just to assist oh then it is those who understand the emotion and the motion of
the fields are the true knowledge seekers who understood the work and he
allows them and interacts with an emotion they interacts with the
understanding of it because they passed the position of physicality go through
the essence of the motion of the fields 19 that presentative knowledge 6 have
the caper till the tool sensing but they sit and watch the core is it moving how
fast is moving is anything moving anywhere otherwise I don’t believe it
but if you understood the work of the plasma you should feed it many knowledge
seekers who reach that level they work that way maybe they work with a feeling
they don’t see anything so it means the rest of you still need something for me
to go and buy your detector to see it and then if the numbers is there what
you like then the answer is there we had this in city of Cameron with the
scientists from the University past few weeks they went and they used the wrong
hands for wrong thing and then they blame oh this is fake doesn’t work and I
looked at this at war – a university students here scientists and
have an innocent teaching you give me two minutes I show you how it works you’ll have to start moving away from
instruments those are matter state and in the plasma
field if you can feel the fields you can react the fields then you start in
understanding the emotional as all of the man how you because now you pass the
physicality you feel it inside you I told you very very earlier on few years
ago two or three years ago about the stereo system in your head to find a
position of the soul of the man and then new systems and then you will see new
systems coming up that you can dictate your emotions to the systems I was
explaining to knowledge circuits in past few weeks the new enhancement system you
see we have to give it to the nurses or the doctors to press buttons are
accepting they can do but the systems for dros who have elevated point that
they can use it control it without ever going to the control panel you have as I
said to move away from gadgets the best measuring tool is McCain himself
you carry the soul you carry down the the counterbalance to every other soul
is you master net and your emotion is your detection confirmations your is
your monitor you don’t need the the new plasma
technology can be shown in the present monitoring system which we are used to
combat you to digit on an an order you can see it you will understand this very
soon once you start working with these dances with these plasma systems with
understanding more of you entering into this hopefully they can pass the
citation on a weekly basis on what we call to become students to develop new
technologies and you start learning each other’s language and school of thoughts
and knowledge then you will see what is and what is possible how you can develop
why don’t some of you join together and develop a system for the texas up fields
in the level of the soul i wanna how many of you will join to unravel the
secrets of McGraw one of the most beautiful souls in the foundation has
worked around it but he doesn’t have the scientific knowledge but he hand he has
understood the true essence of this alex alex has understood he see is the
feature of the fields he understands what it is to be done is never been in a
what i call scientific world but he understood the essence of the field and
he plays everything together but he doesn’t know how to flick the last
bigger because the knowledge of the understanding of the fields is with him
but he cannot translate into the physical dimension if you ever seen the
soul of alex it shines like a star the rest of my saw him it was just loving
that so he’s understood the knowledge he feels
it he doesn’t cover besides your background and if you reach to the level
of what Alex does Alex feels he sees he understands a lot of you will jump with
the joy that you know your soul has elevated so much you don’t need to
seedings Alex tries to bring the fields into physicality to show that it works and lots of you do the opposite and it
doesn’t work did only that the detector of the field has to be the soul of the
man through the emotion you feel danger you don’t go somewhere did you have it
this dangerous detector you feel going somewhere and it feels good do you have
a detection because you relied on the fields that you receive it mankind has
to make that difference from now on he’s aware of it you make a decision on it
even if you put two you can say micro hurts mili hurts and what does it mean kilohertz what does it mean the higher
higher frequencies Evo has mankind understood what it means the high
frequencies ago the more you go into materialistic world remember what I
always said plasma has no frequency you plasma has cannot have a frequency
because he has nothing to fight to penetrate if roads on the passage of the
freedom of the waves of the fields of the universe when you’re a feather in
the weather the wind will take you wherever he wants and the soul of the
map the energy of magnetic field of the man is that whether when you become a
car when you come a bird you have a resistance then you have to wiggle
around it to find a way through it you flap your wings more so none of the
knowledge secure so you don’t listen I teach very simple then you never ask
hardly find a detector the detector of the fields in the space I’m off to go
back to CERN to tell me what is the field of this and if it works and I come
to space planet Zeus and do it as I said to one of the knowledge seekers very
recently Iran has wasted too much money in search for the Iranian plasma physics
lightly nothing as you know one of the biggest contributors of CERN project is
Iran amazing enough when you go to a lot of
universities you see a little of Iranian coming from Iran scientists in plasma
and nanotechnology to teach and to work and to research and the government’s
look at em they bring some of the knowledge of tavira under the 10-0 of
work the process of the of pragmatic field has to control the soul of the man
and then you know this recipe you can understand the process of conversion why
does it feel reduces in the strength why do the fields interact in different
strengths and dimensions do you need it detect do you have a detector in your
soul just don’t go there or disease that field is not the mother or the father or
the friend I – if you’re looking for a space development of the fields try to
understand the strength of the fields and what does these strength mean to you
not anybody else as I said may be many different colors of red and
we can all look at one picture and see each one of us those different colors
but we still say it’s red but if I measured the red in your eye and the red
to the measure of the others they are never the same because you create
different gravitational magnetic field strength in your blood in the structure
of the soul of the man in structure of the soul of your physicality you can
never see the red color the same as your child your wife or your friend or
another guide look at the same breath as I was saying recently if you were in
1980s 90s as the British government was trying to get people just get university
because there were so many inlets in England they allowed any kind of
education anybody could get a degree I’m one of the top universities in England
created the degree course called different shades of white you could have
a degree in it because each one looks at the same color while in different
spectrum and differentiate and the system what we have to
understand what this shape needs to us what this rapid means to me because to
my soul to my strength of the circulation of my blood magnetic field I
see it this spectrum of bread and this spectrum red means to me joy but to
another could mean danger the same color you if you look bad we say the beautiful
Spanish red you seen the Spanish warm air the most gorgeous warming red color
we have a stride different shade of head we see in the Chinese flag and the
Chinese wear for their wedding it’s a very slight difference not saying and it
brings the condition of ruling victor in that color with calmness you go to
africa people wear but added different color of red and it means Monique but if
you put the three at each other you see there is very slight difference with it
and different people have different emotions in respect to these colors so
it’s for us to understand is our bread we see the soul is it morning or is
accelerating a marriage or accelerating a school of thought or communism or is
it bringing up the language that’s why we created is a council gives us
different understanding of what respecting the totality this is what how we measure there is no
true for measuring the phoebus’s of plasma under support that plasma field
means to you from nod to see that way love or do you see there’s a hate
there’s a danger or a welcome but so this part the same strength if we stop
digitalising the three designs of the plasma understand the emotion of the
field then we have actually achieved more the converse two dimensional
measurements of all the fields of the universe if you remember I always said
when we were testing into her people don’t understand when I put the reactor
running I stood back around watch people coming into the room so how they bent
and where they bit because the plasma field of the system interacted with
their body and they usually bear forward understand the more liquid formations
very fast it should some of the hands on your body eggs you know jump and of
course a oh this is there this is now a three meter field this is where I want
my measuring tool of the field was the humans coming into their to the
laboratory you see this very clearly shocked what kind of measurement tools
you want why do you want to measure the strength of the solve all the scent of
the color of red developing new tools with us who cannot
from with the physical tools anymore now that we are aware of the totality and
it’s very easy you can teach the artist and you know hey Thank You mr. Kish this
weather slab had a following question that he was wondering so one field for
example the co2 gans can be two three or more fields in different directions one
by another I guess yes that would be certainly true so with the details
really the resultant of all the fields at one particular point yeah measure all
the field is the emissions at that point mm-hmm that’s why you have to go three
dimensional in order to see where the fields are might be coming from her
developing stronger and so on it’s hard to do from one particular point perhaps
it is you can do an average of what it comes to and you can see what is taking
or one is giving and you can you can visualize you can answer people you know
if the noon it it’d be nice if and but I call it the nobbies they create
something like what we call a lie detector and see how the change of the
field shows the truth about matter not as this temperature one away in checking
the environment of the room what they do with the plants but now under the
strength of the specimen be very interesting how they developed it but at
the same time a new field new ways should be how do we create what we call
resistors capacitors and different kind of electronic things which we have
created we know what their function is in the dimension
the process where you create a capacitor will create the interaction of the field
or the user as a diet or as any other things or the resistors or transistors
or any kind of ante for happily those two those with the fields of the Gans do
we need electronics all we need Cosmetics new systems come here and you
can do it with a single gal she doesn’t need to be a pocket but you know the pollution over here out
our shoes this is the second year trying to get things lined up there was a
question from g-man on how how do we get the training and authorization from K
fssi for the promotion and sales of the new units we are setting up a new there
was a Kevin blundell set up these contracts which are actually funded all
up put in this place there the contract set up by Kevin runners or flawed and in
a way his condition doesn’t even a stand responsible for it for two three reasons
the cash in the contract it says cash condition and is signed on the Italy and
then it’s signed by Karen Brown there and cash for our nation is not in Italy
there’s no cash condition Italy so this is all what we found out a lot of things
are gone so a new contract it’s getting sign out according to the work and all
the agreements and contracts are with the casual mission Austria as I
headquarters of the occasional mission operation mallet actually at the moment
and then you can just go through the website so you want to be a body called
sales or be part of the sales team you have expertise or knowledge about
selling and then started off the budget and then you’d be protein the team is
getting done that’s a speech in this recording you come in as well and it’s
very simple you learn the knowledge for cities you get trained by it all you can
train people to do and it’s a very straightforward
you have to transfer the knowledge of the soul and a physicality is not
selling a machine to change things it’s a different kind of approach and same
time we are setting up a backup a structure but can have the doctors and
scientists to develop or to be able to operate the right way with these
machines right send you’re in Paris two occasions um it’s only are you in the
background but it’s the best place for them to send these things hello or Allah are you in the background our
team had been what do you call it jet night beyond in past few days got to
realize that Finnish national picture now is referring the the team since
we’ve been in Brazil I’ve been weeks ago have traveled all over the world and a
whole lot suffer from a heavy attack nobody knows when the day or night and
then one called the managers from all across this planet all of us and this
tiny I can seem it’s in the back must be still there we we use a common would
call to what cash foundation Oh mr. Kesh foundation.org and it will
respond actually an avenue to can contact the foundation if you want to
sell or distributors to be a distributor mr. Kashani in the cash store and the KF
store it mentions under the universe enhancement spaceship unit for any
questions related to the universal enhancement spaceship you know he’s
email us at office at 8 e dot k FM Global without either correct and
address then you can send it there too but that is to answer about because a
lot of people have a lot of questions which this will be answered in the
Friday question answer sessions that it doesn’t go to other way little this we
set up that the people who want to purchase have questions does it affect
if I have a what they call it implants in my tooth or if I have this on that or
how can it be used what is the dimensions of it we
answering most of these questions through a large pattern to that way but
you can send it through there for time being there for the foundations has room
for the distributors will set up a backup or they can know the people who
want to sell or there is people bunch of you wanting together we prefer three
system unit centers which means there are least three units in one sector we
are encouraging that we are supporting that side we will announce the
establishment of the 20 unit center in Brazil as we did before and our target
is to raise this unit this Center to about two to four hundred units in the
next year to make you want the largest centers in South America then we are
looking at in the what we call the United Arab Emirates
establishment of the new center will announce that very shortly we have just
got to complete couple of things and then we announced it though we answer we
said the center in Canada will complete that very soon so by the time it comes
in in the January at least between 10 to 20 centers around the world will be
operational in January February March and then we go into the escape operation
and there people who want to use the system or try the system I’m not
encouraging and the wait occasion when the shades are encouraging any single
sale we try to bring people together that they work as a group there is going
to be a conference in Brazil we try to fix it for 12 of what are called
December next Thursday in the afternoon local time we announce it if you want to
be we just got to fix there when you win next 24 hours if you want to be in this
for our 5 hour which the conference to meet with all the knowledge seekers or
government officials that I understand more about technology and this
conference will be only Bardo school security cleared and then as usual if
you receive everything else we were trying to do it on the 13th but I don’t
know things I’m finding 13th and Saturday and Sunday is impossible for us
to do so we are looking at Thursday the top of December for afternoon conference
is a free entry there is no fee to pay and it’s held by the Keshe foundation
for all the knowledge seekers in South America who want to be here or Brazilian
war to be here we try to accommodate it that way and in the next few weeks we
announced new establishment of the what we call
health centers manufacturing centers and collaborations in different part of
Brazil in South America with the condition the same goes for us with
Mindell a system goes out with with China and other places as I said if you
are knowledge seekers a medical background as a doctor the Keshe
foundation is recruiting heavily in the coming weeks with setting up their
centers to back up the sale of the what we call the health units the universal
units that the doctors can be supported the what we call the new teaching can be
supported today users at the end and at the same time as I said we are opening
the new positions for manufacturing especially especially in Austria in
Austria in german-speaking and for the con man German singing if you are from
Czech Republic which is easy for you you know your education about sign talking
for a job these jobs are coming in line from
January hopefully we are more normally we have completed negotiation for
industrial manufacturing units hopefully in Austria very soon and we prefer to
not malicious understand to carry on with conditional if you are from other
part of Romania Bulgaria or you can move for Germany to be part of this evolution
in technology and send your request to the Keshe foundation the structure is
what we will be completing in the process of next body for six weeks
hopefully we are looking for at least couple hundred people to start at the
beginning in this position the same goes with Arizona as I return
the Health Center has already been purchased by what we called cash man
supporters and not be operational from the health center
hopefully by end of March and what they call it enough January February when the
units are answer these all we prefer to have doctors who understand that
foundation work then going to universities and recruiting direct from
what we call fresh doctors or bringing in other doctors from other fields who
just want to have a job without understanding the totality of the
knowledge there are research positions available in Austria and researchers
body for position available in United Arab Emirates very very soon for
research in two different aspects of the technology any other question day mister yes we have a couple people
with their hands up like mr. Jalal here for example you know we call him John
hello mr. Toren are you happy now are you satisfied with the announcement from
Iraq unfortunately I didn’t hear it I was at work and was very disturbing and
I will listen to it and I think when you announce it it’s good we don’t know
nothing just here through the security is when you set up the new government
will accept on your government your Prime Minister would accept down and
coming time to allow for people so to speak we sent them mr. cash all of us in
we send them to be in peace and they will be they they cannot escape our
fields but now I have to okay the conference this is come the second one
the conference in Brazil it will be live-streamed no we do not marry any of
the conference’s we don’t even record them we do not even record them okay
wait you said if this free public and everyone can join yes so wait I know
you’re not pushing us there no way you see when we started these conferences we
knew we supposed to be for knowledge seekers of that country and to stop the
mayhem of people traveling halfway around the world to be few people travel
from here to be in present in some conferences
from different continents or countries but is primarily is for those nationals
to strengthen their what I call it work and we saw what we saw still when we hit
three weeks ago there was a need for a certain thing and developing this
structure in this country because we were not aware of the facts here and now
that we got involved in we see there’s a lot of misconduct a lot of good jobs and
he’s bring them back back together in balance and I see quarrel between
different knowledge seekers just trying to hackling for putting a boost I’m
wrong because there is just like children you know give or well he did
this did that to me but collectively to find their mistakes and they are there
to support core to enhance the technology of the world
there we go to Malta the Martins conference date has been brought one
forward the simple six 1780 dark n and we are into Mexico the Mexicans only
authorized this huge conferences three ponded it’s limited we can interact with
the government’s we can attract with the diplomats and this competence
next week is many body con government officials who heard about technology
they want to take it to the next step and occasional nations
supporters to come in and to understand the work of their and their governments
the nations then this is what we private try to do say with animals come to Malta
we’re immortal and if you want to come to what we called Mexico and the Indian
conference has been put back for no wonder nothing will be there the
broken has been put to me we are moving these conferences in a way
that we can have some effect and nourish to where we’ve been to what I call a – I
helped kill our nation supporters in this area where we are and then it goes
back and down and up there the no hope Jesse foundation supporters they have to
enhance it not just because something comes and goes but it needs a structure
which Lexia next two years will be set up in Malta as we move the whole
headquarters of the operations motor then based teaching to these four
different parts of the Keshe foundation and will be brought into under one cover okay coming to my first question are you
hearing me miss gosh yes okay yesterday we have a teaching and we
discuss the systems which is embedded in the body which comfort matter – feels
and then feels – matter and this is the lungs digestion system and there is one
system which convert field to matter and this system I announced the name
correctly of it which make the egg and the sperm is that hard to pronounce it problem with it so come now chica what
what system makes the egg and there were and the woman and what’s just to make
this mother like the reproductive system is that what you mean yeah but there is
or there is a Kali the ovaries yeah yeah yeah yeah you see yeah
there is something you have to extend your knowledge to let me check something
I have to leave in 28 minutes because we have meetings important meetings we have
to leave 28 nurse we will reach for the commentary our sly there you got to
remember or export beyond your understanding of today and that
extension is very simple everything everything any being works in the
conduct of different with all the stomach so each finger means God doesn’t
want you it means God doesn’t want you to learn the knowledge father let me
explain let’s see how he feels comes that it’s
the the first of all I was explaining this in soft I discussed this with
earlier customer in depth in one of the private teachings and in past few weeks
I repeated it with some other knowledge seekers if you look at any creature vertical horizontal very few you do not
follow this procedure or this pattern you see the soul of the man and
reproduction organic or animal creature is on two opposite end of each other in
a way when you speak about creature and whatever is the soul of the plan which
countries when and truck is – you’re breaking up mr. Kesh I think
Rick said truly God do not want us but we could almost make it up you know I
could hear the words that should have been okay okay can you hear it okay can
you hear me now yes we miss Eliza you sent in the last two sentences we tried
we tried to bypass the Creator see what happens we leak some information he
doesn’t want you to hear let’s see what happens under punishment what happened
if you look at all the creatures as man itself it’s all of them at the
production the control of the man in authority map and perversion of the man
are in two opposite end of the physicality a sperm is released when egg
is released whatever has happened in the dimension of the physical life which
through the circulation of the blood transfer the information to DNA RNA of
man and the truth sorata man is transferred back all to the sperm just a
thought because the software of it and this film is just a physical matter
taking that software where is going to be used so if we look at the total
creation the reproduction line and the soul of the man are on two ends and the
stronger always feeds the weaker up to date such a cell has changed such a cell
has become cancerous so a transverse number if that child is born will have
that information and then we call it that
parroted so it’s very hard for the soul to continuously to one by one it creates
the feel that as the sperm and the eggs release will carry with them through the
souls with dimensional existence in the software and this understands this
blissful Amman go to elevate the soul of what he creates innovation of the soul
of himself this is the totality of what we have
missed in the world of the creation what we elevate in our structure physicality
of what we learned and through interaction baseball of the man is
translated to their their the ovary and balls or the called testicles create the
transportation means for transfer of the software which comes from the soul of
the man in it this is how you carry the latest knowledge and information about
the changes of your parents or your creators he doesn’t go and embed it’s
already there it gets loaded up on your desk as you call it it’s just a software
Laura it’s a conversion unit and if you understand this then you understand why
the fruits of the trees and the room and what he called the soul or in that way
contact and how he changes how you do the transplant of the skin to another
and he change it as we said the skin is part of the brain of them and part of
the emotion is carried in it if mankind become clever in a hug he won’t look
into the structure of the brain of the man to find all the emotions he will
look into the structure of the physicality of the skin of the man but
he’s looking for a brain is good enough go back into medical teachings when we
did and you you only looked at the what we call the structured in part of that
teaching and on the part of it we already established this so if you
understand the structure of your skin how it learned how has the emotion you
touch it they feel the touch of the wall if you just docked touch it feels the
hate touching it feels in turn witching by our brain our skin Bombay almost
ignored and in three there is such a thing I can do what the brain does
so you understand how we can process it and it’s a lot to man because it’s been
focused too much but the wrong teachers looking at his own mother for
physicality any other question that leads to me to
my question which would be is the skinny part of the part of the danger detector
you mentioned earlier that we have a danger detector and yet we don’t have a
mechanical or electronic or electrical danger detector other than you know
certain you know sensors for a smoke detector or something like that but in
terms of a danger detector we don’t have what but we do have it built into
ourselves we can sense you know there’s a sense of something not being corrected
you know there’s a was that there’s a change in the fields you know and Star
Wars and that kind of thing everywhere everyone’s familiar with that but yeah
is it part of their skin this is the skin that knows in effect and we use
that as a sensor we can maybe develop that as a sense where we talked about
this in the plasma group as well as yesterday
you see if you understand did the structure of the skin of the man you
will find out only functionable working part of the emotion a reflection of the
feeling of the man is a middle layer familiar that’s why when you have
psoriasis or other problems or asthma or eczema or whatever is the middle layer
who changes is soft contamination or salinity if you like and then you react
with it because it is the layer which is a superconductor it doesn’t have touch
of the physicality outside is but in the middle and it carries the
motion and emotion on the superconductor layer and that allows us to reflect our
emotion in it and then it’s how we we handle this in totality issues then it
shows itself in our physical emotion of how we we interact if you look at the
people with sources on the knee or the elbow and their fingers look into it and
you will understand it and you just need to sort out the emotion and the skin
layer changes a lot of women can give birth they can get pregnant but they
have everything with them to become you just need to bring the change in your
soul woman cannot get pregnant for 20 years on this pregnant because you
elevate the soul would you also you give the gift of love unconditional and I
just changes when you love somebody dearly you gave two completely and that
giving elevates a soul and the souls is a position of worth living
recreating because now my love is appreciate it’s understood it’s the soul
which realizes the love not the physicality we seen many cases of women who have
adopted many children or could not get pregnant and suddenly they get a lot of
normal because the level of not wanting subconscious of dangerous aware of what
could be goes or they realized they can love without condition because now
they’ve been loved what those who they adopted and they can lower the condition
so they give life to be loved to love and it all comes mainly through the
condition of the soul and the soul of the physicality and compromise either I’ve said many to many people we meet I
have shown the way women can have children and as chakras are fathered
many children through the elevation of the soul because we elevate the soul of
the mother for her to realize she is valued she’s loved she’s worth living
the water and the Gans it’s just as I said managed to physical and you can do that
this just I’ll if they saw elevated us to the level early it’s easy so worth
loving worth being cared for and it’s worth that he can care for but as I said
mankind is physical I give you all cancers the puppet and bottle of water
to drink or whatever I don’t do magics but my magic is in my
knowledge if you understand it you already become a magician magic were
your own soul and nobody else to elevate it to understand it and then your
physicality elevates that’s the whole purpose of this Universalist any other
question ding-dong for the 13 minutes I have one
thing to say to Rick if you allow me mr. Kesh Rick if you take yeah he’s six
last week and this week we have a little bit discussion and reactive group I
think what mr. Koz said about plasma do not have frequency it will bring light
in our discussion Rick regarding Flower of Life and all of that yes also gave
some clues about the higher frequencies are materialistic but and he also
mentioned micro Hertz and nano Hertz I believe it was so that’s at the other
end of the spectrum maybe you could help clarify that a little bit mr. Kish no it
is what is the thing about frequency and plasmas can we pulse applause McCann we
inject a frequency into it or a combination of frequencies can we sing
to it only of course you can do anything to
ask for energy but but the thing is if you have the tools to detect the
reaction of the plasma this is the problem if you have the tools to detect
it what is his response this is your biggest problem you do something you
don’t see it and so it doesn’t work they actually hotspot you didn’t see it
but if we use ourselves or perhaps our skin as the detector and then still oh
you um using some other device let’s say a pulse generator or some other
electronic device can we feel you can you see you see the results of your in
the pulse yes but what is the actual reaction of the plasma you don’t see
because you see yeah this is that’s what I tell you you want to see or do you
want to feel and then do you want to feel it physically or through the sense
of the emotion as long as you rely on the physical vibration in a special in a
big mess you might find some solutions on the planet because suture then I’m
happy with that what is me here but our purpose is to teach to elevate the soul
of man to become the passengers of the universe at least they are aware of
their passengers of the let’s put it out another different strain okay we only have a few minutes left we
have on door with under with his hand up here perhaps we can go for that and we
also had our know I take out his hand up this world good morning this question
under new Germany good memory no mr. Kesh in the run of the last teachings
you said that master Yahshua said suffering is everything and my question
is did he meant suffering is everything or did he want to show us to use his
body react and full potential did he meant suffering is everything Oh Daniel
Yeshua Messiah Jesus did he want to say how to use this body reactor and full
potential or did he meant suffering actually I understand understood Christ
was one of the most pleasurable people God ever created
no one knew more about fun than him he never suffered in a way and the only
time they had met him to suffer the put him on the cross he took his Viscount
and annihilate he never encouraged pain or suffering this is the chance what he
called abuse of the clergy he have another talks about Christ and his
pleasures he is one of those who chose the path of pleasure and joy to teach
than those who took the source and fault of those who killed name of Moses
that was the difference this guy was just a man of fun and pleasure he wasn’t
there to take any roughness in all whatever you read about him
the only time which there is a train that he suffered when they put him on
the cross with two only heads or three nails on him at the time when he had to
face that the fun time is over now it’s better packing Dibango
he never encouraged suffering this is a made up for the clergy to catch you out look at his life he enjoyed the most
beautiful lifestyle him who enjoyed the most beautiful women in the other time
he lived amongst the richest you show me in any part of my religion or history or
Hadees that he suffered anywhere muhammad idris his name had to get the
sort get rid of these things he had to do nothing he just by being a fun man he
brought there what we called the pleasure of living he never took a sword
kill he never killed anything he just encouraged being at peace with yourself
in your life and a lot of courage email from for the culture doesn’t didn’t like
it because they couldn’t get people to pay for their suffering they created no
this is how is abuse by clergy you go through the whole Bible show for me one
sentence where he suffered if everybody would have made the life
Jesus lived this this planet would have one nightclub 24 hours a day this is
abuse actually the reverse of the truth which encouraged by the clergy but also
who made him to make to use him to to elevate their own on their own for the
gain of the clergy doesn’t come by money when it comes to the church becomes by
the submission of souls that you’re better than me and I’ve been a writer
you gotta understand if you watch some of these quotes when people can’t see
them they kiss their hand and they they feel powerful that’s why they become
clergy the money doesn’t count it’s another controlling and I
controlling this guy pants have you seen the world leaders go and kiss the hand
of the Pope is the power hunger not the path of Jesus I have a very good friend
of mine needs to be ambassador you can and he says Mary should come and watch
this only this when they come and see the Pope they crawl on their hands and
knees of course the garfield’s problem when in
the world leader bending up forward then he won’t sell it in any way text the
soul of the man with his pocket NORs Christ suffered no no never did the
only suffering went to was few nails for a few minutes I’m when everybody Gandhi
was poor tonight this was comfy and round with it the fun was over I’m not
there anymore thank you if you want to understand what suffering
is I live my life up past ten difficulty is in the hand of trousers don’t you
understand how much you suck we lost the dearest friend by caveat we have Naomi
as piglets so obvious stealing from her I’m always with exiled and everything
else with it but still this is a progress of mankind we look at in the
best but suffering was worth it the king will advocate and no kingship and so we don’t look at that suffering
as always it’s gonna this is the path of developing the soul of tamari and I had
a beautiful rich life before I accepted this position and there were some
consequences for doing changing so much abuse of this planner and his false
christs had a beautiful life I wish I had his life Moses killed Mohammed the slaughtered
and Christ got through the love he loved women and good wine and good friends we never suffer absently because I see
in South America a lot people say they want to suffer together with this off
when you suffer you lose part of yourself because they’re stealing from
the soul the soul needs to be elevated not taken by sensible friends very recently when
we send a fresh urine ad into Belgium as a gift to the monarchy I want to know
how many please to put on every border to find this entry then you understand
on what suffering it this is 8 o’clock sharp
thank you very much for today we we thank the judge transition up presume
for hosting us a second time and we will announce through the chance when a
meeting with me and we asked those who write to the government’s please write
more we were waiting for it and we abilities and providing us with all the
evidence which comes in but we can use dance is a systematic whoa what for
harassment and everything else by government you have to so much
especially that some authorities in the back past two years they opened up and
the game was more documents as you have made what college made by the way and
it’s all happening to other benefit we thank you nobody has harmed the
condition they’re all elevators are made a path track and those who write
whatever they write is not for us is for those knowledge seekers to judge
themselves it’s actually for you to understand what you do what you
understand about the work out thank you very much for today we have to go and
the Atlas is longer than last week as we as I said to worried the teaching came
we couldn’t find a place in Dubai Airport we taught from the nursery and a
very young Souls they were praised for all the souls and it was fun to teach we
teach in every part we never stop as long as there is a breath there is a
teaching in after that – Albert okay one quick question mr.
Keshe is your physicality location in Brazil for people to meet or is it
online that people are to meet we will announce the venue I suppose we are
there in Google we will read off now that we have arrived here and there will
be no so to be on this talk of the summer walk 12 Bergen music thank you
very much all right you thank you mr. Kesh and you know we have a very well
thank you thank you bye bye right what all right well thank you
everybody for wonderful 350 seekers workshop for Thursday December 5th 2019
and stay tuned for another workshop next week this time as well as believe we
have a testimonial workshop coming up on Monday at 8 p.m. Central European Time I
believe and okay thank you Flint for taking us out and for your support today
and chorus thanks to mr. Kesh for producing another great workshop ok bye
for now everyone you you
hello we are the cash Foundation our mission is to bring peace on earth and
join humanity with the universal community we wish and work to bring man
as equal to all beings in the universe by teaching plasma science and
technology equally to everyone no one is left out and no one is abused juice a
lack of knowledge by donating to us you can help achieve this goal cash
foundation.org forward slash donate innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information this video gives an insight into the
therapeutic progress of a wheelchair-bound subject diagnosed with
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s male aged 58 since his late 40s has been suffering
from the two of four mentioned conditions which over the past two years
have progressed dramatically leading to a substantial loss of control over his
limbs he was brought into the hospital in a wheelchair unable to transition
from its to a standing position stand by himself or walk unassisted
holding a pen and writing was also beyond his physical capability the
processing of this case started in China in early September 2019 using the
universal body enhancement spaceship unit the subject spent 15 to 20 minutes
twice daily in this unit under the supervision of a team of qualified
doctors and physiotherapists the progress of rebalancing this
condition through the use of the universal body enhancement spaceship
unit is presented in this video knowing that every case is unique the duration
of the full rebalancing for such a condition while steadily reducing
medications is approximately 16 weeks currently a team of healthcare
professionals continues with the process and upon completion will report its
findings to the scientific world day 1 the initial assessment the volunteer is
in a wheelchair he is unable to take any steps on his
own day four standing up the volunteers
stands up by himself after the plasma processing sessions and takes his first
steps using a walking frame day five the volunteer is walking using
a walking frame his walking unassisted walking outside
and is confidently walking towards his car day6 walking outside he’s walking with
more ease by the day day 12 plasma processing the volunteer
walks faster easily passes through doors and even manages to sit down unaided writing volunteer is able to write for
the first time after a very long period day fourteen standing up for volunteer
transitions from kneeling to standing day fifteen ongoing improvement the
volunteer is now far more agile they 29 is able to do squats on his own day 30 progressing various exercises
such as step climbing on elevated surfaces and walking backwards are now
possible day thirty-plus vocal exercising the
volunteer begins vocal exercises to restore his voice and speech the
volunteer practices motor skills and hand-eye coordination using a ball day 36 exercising
he practices further coordination skills is more proficient when step climbing on
elevated surfaces Dave 40-plus walking the volunteer is
confidently taking a walk in the park de 40-plus coordination now he is
confident to resume a normal life and go shopping with his family in the crowded
market is improving his movement coordination de 40-plus exercising he continues to
exercise in the public parks day 42 running unimaginable seven weeks
earlier he was in a wheelchair now the volunteer runs for the first
time day 42 running he is running
longer distances with ease day 45 running
he quickly progresses getting better day by day now he runs into sports arena
achieving 300 to 600 meters in different sessions in a way that doctors barely
keep up day 59 climbing the volunteer engages in
adventure park activities and successfully climbs on a net day sixty cycling you now add cycling
exercises to his routine you you you


  1. Cocho Luz

    December 5, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    <3 Light Miracles O:)

  2. David AA

    December 6, 2019 at 6:43 am

    زنده باد آقای مهران کش توکلی و کل تیمت که هر کجای این جهان و کهکشان شیری وجودش برای آرامش انسان میکوشین را دوستون داریم از کانادا.
    شخص خود من چهل و پنج سال طول کشید تا به برنا‌مه های شما شنیدم و گوش میدم بجز پدر و مادرم شما انسان درست و دروغ نمیگوی را باور کردم و به این دنیا امیدوار شدم چون همش دروغ شنیدم از تی وی گرفته تا اکثریت مردم چهان حتی چند کشوری هم دیدم… افتخار دارم به شما انسان درست عزیزی برای من زنده باد با کل تیمت.

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