301st Knowledge Seekers Workshop Nov 7, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. one of the things to consider when we
speak about going to space its what do we define the space as and what do see
or what we consider as a space we take a space in our physical body on this
planet and at the same time within a structure on our physical body there is
another dimension of life which we called the solar thermal and even though
it lives within space dimensions of the body of the man has his own life and has
his own line of communication and what we define space going to a space we
already know the Inner Sanctum or the creator of our physicality travels the
depth of the universe has been the space travel all the time has a line of
communication with other parts of us be true dream we call it also subconscious
some people they call it or we have the choice that physically move the
physicality with its soul in a way we have a bird caged in the physicality of
the body of man and that bird is called the soul of the man we can open that
cage and let it loose at the point of death when the operation of this cage
rots away and it cannot hold together and this beautiful bird becomes free
still it takes life in the universal dimension because it has a life it
exists on its own or we can carry the cage in a box and take it anywhere I can
take a birdcage in the car I can take your breakage in my hand and walk around
the park it doesn’t change the entity and the essence of that bird
still little bird still sing still communicates with other birds in the
park and this is how our soul is so we give option those who understand the
process of the creation can take that caged that bird out of the cage and free
it because we trusted it come back in it’s very much when you have a parrot at
home you open the door you let him fly around the house and it comes back again
any calls in the cage because we trusted a nose that’s very belongs to and this
is the process that we have made an option to man the soul of the man is
that bird but is in cage in physicality of body of man and for the first time
man lost man can see that he it’s him who has entrusted the bird to be freed and he has come the time that he does
not need to see the cage to break up to rust that the bird can fly out or by
accident open the cage the cage his door is open and the bird flies out that
accident is when we die on the street the bird cage opens up that belt still gets read but now we we
are teaching how the man has control over this door of the cage and he trusts
that the soul will come back to the body or the bird will stay that he can create
that atmosphere after home the cage this is the problem we have and this is
what we call it different ways of traveling but to be able to free that
bird without accident or when the cage cracks rust and we call it death we are
teaching how to be able to control to trust that that bird when we release it
can come home or can make a home that we can go to when my children were young four or five
years old they wanted a bird a cockatoo I bought the macaco too and this bird in
the cage was very young few weeks old when we got him
and these rats is free in the house he knew it goes back in and he sleeps there
and he lays eggs there and he came to the point because of the diseases
carried we had to the doctors told us this bread cannot stay in the house
because he’s causing problem in the house health problems so we decided that
we love the cake the bird we didn’t want to let it go it was part of us so we
decided if he let it free it will die because he had he didn’t know how to
look after himself because he was unfit we decided we’d take him to sanctuary
and we give it to a sanctuary we kept we carry the cage in cross a park and as we
were walking to go to the sanctuary in the park to be given to them an old lady
sauces all the beautiful bird we said they have a problem we love him but if
we leave him here we don’t know if he seemed she said I’ll look after it give
it to me he can come and see it anytime you like and it was just like a gift so
we gave think we got the old lady in the car we went to her house we put the cage
there we showed him how to look after the bird and the bed was free again in
the room and every now and then children said mama can we go and see him
so the call the lady we go on scene and the pet is there and it was a new home
it was awful and this is how the soul of the man should be is trusting that very
cause can make a home for us so in this process we are teaching different ways
of freeing the bird or carrying the cage to bed is still
there if you want to carry a cage and go somewhere you get in the car that’s your
spaceship still the cages there and the bird inside the cage is the body of the
man and that bird is a solid tumor because we haven’t trusted that we get
the bird back we take care of the cage in the spaceship or there is another
line of teaching which is the understanding the structure of the cage
that you can make the cage not to rot that any free as a bird but they can
open up and you can carry the bear the bed is freed only to fuel it you don’t
need to do anything it travels the space of the room the space of the garden the
space of the city and it comes back home again in a way when we teach about the soul of
the man is in getting the man to trust himself and to trust himself he has
become detached has to come detach from physicality detach from the world they
touch from everything else that the wealth is within me not belonging to me and this is where every man makes
extinct in many of the teachings I have referred if you understand that you can
put the soul of the man to act be the soul of physicality of the man you can
make anything you like the soul of the man is the Sun and the
soul of physicality in the palm of the hand of the man is earth you move it in
the direction you create water you create food but you don’t need to have
it increase the energy that the physicality of the man can absorb we
give the earth in the hand in the palm of the man he creates what he needs he
takes what he means from it then if you understand this you how the
soul of the man to carry the soul of the physicality of the man with it and
whenever he comes he makes that and that on the thousand meter one meter in a
cage of physicality or leakage of non dimensional so it’s not methods of
flight is the method of man understanding his own potential his own
grace so because we have so many people who
are so physically attached we teach about the spaceship for years this is
what it was they still wanted to see they can get into something but as I
said I teach for the universe not for the man what we teach in the dimension
of soul of the man many travels of the universe which here the soul of me are
educated to understand what they missed but as this is the last time we bring a
messenger on earth we teach everything for mankind to carry all the rules are
in the book there shall be no more messages is for man to translate knowledge scientifically and then to the
understanding of the soul of the man what we call theology ethics ethics of
using the science in a way that does not have no one but it implies and the prize
is why we love the others I was talking about this a few days ago that there is
a paper written by me the station of the scientist as a prophet the prophets we
call Muhammad Christ or anybody are for the soul of the man conduct of the
behavior scientists like Pedro Tesla and others
are to elevate the same or the physicality after this time we have put
the two together in Mongo then there is no difference we teach ethics all conduct and
physicality it’s for the man to understand where the two marriage and
when it’s needed to be done the totality which counts not the
individuality what you can serve counts not what serves you so in this way if you are physical we
have given you to switch all these reactors if you have moved in the
dimension of understanding part of it you you have the dynamic system you get
some energies you put a glass of water you mix the energy and something else to
get there you still the camel bird you put the orange take the energy but you
still want that physicality that you are doing something with it you drink the
water for the Sun of those who understand the totality then they don’t
need the cage that the free bird and this is the essence of all the teaching
is not different ways of flight is understanding the existence of the
universe then if you travel with a spaceship or do you see them the
citizens of the universe in a physical damage if you travel with the soul that
you can create the physicality you take that out of the equation you travel but
you know you have connection with everybody it’s very much as I said once
it’s like you get off out of London and you go to New York you’re there on your
own but you still pick your phone and speak
to the family in London it’s not finished now the soul of the
man given the man the same opportunity we teach for the time to come and we
teach from now till that time to come and that time comes it’s not anymore the
end of the world something will happen is the maturity of
the one’s understanding of his own creation welcome everyone to the 301st knowledge
seekers workshop for Thursday November 7 2019 this is a broadcast from the Keshe
foundation spaceship Institute Education Department part of the Public teachings
in English my name is your creme they’ll be your host today along with Flint mall
housing and of course we were joined with mr. Moran cache of the Keshe
foundation and I believe he’s got lots of interesting things to relay to us
here and we’ll begin today’s workshop hello mr. Keshe are you ready to begin
yes gonna do as usual whenever it’s nice to be back and it’s nice to be able to
share knowledge is free will be done which is interesting enough as created
enough mayhem for those who thought knowledge has to be a way they patented
it we intervention right ahead with everything with it and mankind has
realized something very simple Keshe foundation gives it away three because
as I said there is no pattern in the universal design rights to his property
as we are all this property so we have no intellect to be excuse me mr. cash we
can barely hear you there there’s microphone issue sometime you just not
on the correct microphone no it’s very distant it’s like it’s not
connect the different microphone pointed this way this is any better not really
doesn’t seem didn’t seem immediate enough that that might be dead
bitter is it any better that’s a bit better it just doesn’t sound as full as
it should for some reason damn it to hell no it’s about the same it’s become
a stranger I know but it doesn’t even matter no no it’s faded again oh oh we do it
you know switch the settings or something you can go into the settings
in the Zune preferences and make sure you this is any better
ah that’s better good very good I had to change to iPhone Pat one second
please go ahead and you hear me any better
ah that’s very good now I think I keep talking a little bit make sure you keep
talking keep walking what else you want yeah that’s great that’s perfect thank
you thank you if your children are we going on the
iPhone really call it headphone system when underwater I’ve never done this
before okay so they come for you that can be a
it’s actually much easier than the other one don’t ever get something on your
neck and get in this pool all the time okay if you’re happy with this we go
with this one okay thank you sorry in butter we’re here to serve but the
customers be happy even though Dahl was more than grow didn’t get enough he
wasn’t good enough he wasn’t big enough whatever they keep on complaining yes
those darn humans yeah we um everywhere huh they couldn’t do it in their planet
they come to messes up nah it’s okay no problem
anyway as we’re saying we’re sharing knowledge with you in so many different
ways and as we started this 300 series we start building more and going in more
detail in understanding of the totality of life in the dimension of the
universal condition not mankind for past 300 sessions we covered everything the
man needed and everything else now we try to merge the two together meanwhile
we have to in a way do some backtracking and clean up or explain some of the
things before in the teaching last week one second please of getting coded
message I don’t understand you in this process as you know the last
week teachings has created a mayhem for a lot of people especially those who
listen to us and they were not here before and as you know in teaching of
last week I referred to a Turkish foundation which is connected to us
another part of the work we do at the K global as I said we explained some
things in there which those are shareholders came into they’re listening
to the teaching and then now they’ve got a bigger shock this is not just a system
which case foundation is marketing its total new technology and so we have to
explain to your shareholders of banks and all the authorities of whatever
companies who bought the shares of global this is a cash foundation program
nothing to do with hope you Accord welcome here but the knowledge here
belongs to the foundation and the foundation is the basis of the global in
operation by the knowledge they benefit by it and whatever we discuss here it
belongs to us as cash foundation knowledge seekers worldwide and in no
shape or form is set out to affect the value or the shares of cash cash
foundation global operation this is your misunderstanding and this is what you
have to understand do not come here to collect information that how you value
your shares we give no value to know sheís this isn’t knowledge we shares
with more needed decades to decades up and it’s not for you to come in and
benefit by it and to what it suits you this is home of knowledge sharing freely
and do not try to be clever to benefit by it because you think it was conscious
in some whatever distant cousins of the foundation set up for the future for the
humanity another hand approval must write that
what we said setting of structure like okay if global has brought the manner of
finance to listen the truth about their own soul and this is exactly what we’re
seeing feedback on the channels tells us this so we have new resources new people
who put money and Ethan stop doing whatever they like add up their own
lives and maybe by coming here and they have to listen to it because they tell
us which minute – which second we spoke about the word shows they have to some
points listening today there is an all the time they’re coming here to value
their shares but here we have no shit but at the same time it brings people up
men to understand their own souls men of money and finance understanding there is
another dimension to the life and this is amazing in what we see and
what we hear the shareholders of God he has no banks and he has no company and
we are not a religious group we are scientific group who understands the
work of the universe and so anyways we have brought the house of God house of
money and house of man all in one point that they’re all one and none exist in
reality no dilation another hand in our teachings we are very very
straightforward we go ahead with what we thoughts are more we teach there is a
lot of questions about the new system which has been launched by Keshe
foundation Austria in respect the health unit this system will be launched to be
used in March sorry in January of 2020 people keep on sending us messages where
can I go how much it cost these machines we do not own even if your partners is
supporting the doctors to set up the health centers around the world are
operated and owned by organizations by companies who bought or by the system
from us they decide the operation they decide the cost they decide what type of
conditions and the processes they want to use with the system in a meeting of
the world ambassadors on the 8th 9th and 10th which is tomorrow in Brasilia in
the country of Brazil we in the presence of number of old ambassadors who have
confirmed will attend and the National what we call delegations which attend
the conference will explain a new system which will shock the world of science in
another way this system will be offered to the governments at 100 million euro
per system this system is not for public use this
system will go up to 100 million up to 1 billion cost to set up we already have
nations who have shown interest to produce I told you
Keshe Foundation is moving in the different directions as still covers the
bases this is the technology belongs to us as conscious foundation knowledge
seekers and Cayce foundation organization to our organization Keshe
foundation Austria the technology will be disclosed to the governments tomorrow
and the price tag the basic start is 100 million dollars sorry
euros and we go to 1 billion for a full system this is it will be disclosed to
the world our masters and governors of the country of the Brazil and from then
on we repeat in the following meeting in the Kingdom of Morocco in December and
then we go on to our meetings in Malta Iran and other nations as we travel
along and we extrude what we call we explain and develop and release more
technologies oh this
time as I said before the Keshe foundation our operation as our as
you’ve been the loyal supporters and you always supported the shops and they’re
what we call the small items which we brought to cover and the technology
exists a new range of products will be launched in next few days of sorry weeks
hopefully be trying to be there before Christmas as I said all the patches and
put what you call it by the way you bought from the foundation before will
go at $9.99 and $19.99 euro we will not be those prices of 120 and 49 or 69 we
bring the price down that becomes reachable by every man that he can use
it that we serve both ways who can can use it and we’ll go to say those
distributors who want to come back to Keshe foundation I went to Italy we have
no role for the ones who betrayed us please do not request to come back and
be a distributors we must produce our words as you are part of the case
foundation you serve the goods of the condition you took the website up the
Keshe foundation I copied it down to do it we will link you to our website
because by contractual agreement you are one of our distributors so we put our
price at $9.99 and we show your price as 49:59 decision has to be by the customer
no point betrayed now we understand without Tony I don’t damage you I don’t
know anything but there’s one thing which most of the cage formations did
not understand in my work as a scientist in past 20 years I’ve been international
businessman in clearing houses of Europe for over 40 years I know where to look
what to look and how to do business I ran chains of retail shops and many
comms on very much like Yahoo or what you call very much like
and Ababa I own the first comms on the internet in 1990s I know the game I
trusted people would trust acacia our nation will support and do what was our
Eaton’s but now I show I’m not just a scientist not just a developer I’m a
very shrewd businessman and I tell the cash foundation supporters the profit
margin for us is good enough to carry on as the past all the patches and paths
all the everything will be run 999 1999 and as is the ethos of the foundation we
show and support all our supporters so the websites of those distributors who
betrayed will be shown under Keshe foundation link you have a choice you
can buy a product for $9.99 or you can buy a product for twenty nine or forty
nine but I guarantee one thing there’s a new revolution in industry of retail
through cash foundation I told you I don’t take nothing but I’m a businessman
much much better than anybody else I know the game of retail very well I
trust it I gave betrayed I’d have no problem
a man should be strong enough to take a punch
I took a punch cash foundation as all we all did none of us received our goods
for months while they were sitting off-camera I have no problem man has to
be strong enough to stand up I respond and I put foot the slips cash foundation
will sell 999 all the patches all the knee bands new
patches arm patches will be at $9.99 and $19.99 one item maximum two you cannot
order we give 25 cents and $0.50 Commission to the water core retailers
our goods cannot be sold on other websites this has to be developers and
the customs acacia English we deliver from the beautiful nation of China
directly to all our customers and we can go down to even lower prices and we
still can make profit you have to understand as I said we are here to
serve humanity and not to be served cash Malaysian Austria will become the
center point with the retailer of the Keshe foundation I do apologize to all
the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers and supporters who bought goods and did
not receive and we have refunded you we have put into operation massive refunds
and most of the refunds has been met I do apologize
Yura stop you ordered is still getting delivered through cache Austria what you
ordered a year ago which was not shipped for all the reasons we understand why
and for this reason I apologize from the thousands tens of thousands were held
back now we meet the demand and all our goods will be European certified
materials and goods in the coming weeks and months who will show you a new range
of products what this means we are in the process and the discussion started
very fast virtually hours that we introduce a new material for everything
else we do from agriculture to clothing the time our patches and trauma putting
other things is over hopefully our tree would confirm the
development in next couple of weeks and you do not need any more patchwork we
have developed hopefully the process we have been after for years and our team
in China has managed hopefully to put it together and we see the result soon
that we can we deliver a new technology again that’s for that what we call
open market retail side as much as our putting effort to change the direction
like the what we call the enhancement unit which is announced recently and we
are meeting a lot of success and then at the same time these new products of
agriculture and other environmental and others I don’t what I just explained
will be presented tomorrow in the Brazilian city of brasília for the
government the ambassador’s attendees and the other governments will take and
will step by step we deliver the next system which will be offered to the
governments will be run about 1 billion beginning prices for governments these
are the things which governments have been waiting for to change the course of
their work the intellectual rights and the development belongs the Keshe
foundation Austria which is owned by totality by Keshe foundation underneath
of the grid sign 20 years ago passing of intellectual rights any order comes from
other sides works on the basis of before another hand we developed technologies
which brings both as you did wait and you source with giving the keys to the
governments and then giving the knowledge to the knowledge seekers now
we have set of two ways the next step for us is working with governments
technology is delivered we will deliver a 500-page documents to the governments
in the presentation of the next three days for what is and what most of
governments are seeking for is actually what we give them is fraction of what
they are spending at the moment to do what this technology does much easier
you got to understand other said
nation is rich in knowledge is rich in technology and is rich in experience
both sides be it on commercial beat unscientific we have no problem I never
had a problem maybe that’s why I was trained to be for 20 years while I was
developing the technology a businessman that I couldn’t stand a little punch
from little ants in their country or Italy I don’t take revenge a businessman
should be man enough to stand up and see well he made mistakes and how it
mistrusted he shouldn’t have trusted and I tell you one thing I can sell products
I’d get value of 199 and I still make a profit for the foundation simple as that and the profit margin we
make on the bigger items can support to put at that price as long as the Italian
company runs my message to the distributors who betrayed us is simple
cross shop you never thought cash foundation is so strong we are we have
and our team in the Keshe foundation background responds heavily by knowledge
by expertise I can put the patches at 199 and I still make profit for the
foundation Keshe foundation is a nonprofit organization I take what I
need to live and live a comfortable life but I’m not here to have no one and
those who damage the foundation stand level by level all the documents will be
passed on to the Italian governments how we’ve been treated that’s their decision
how they handled the situation on the other hand Keshe foundation Italy would
not close we’ll build it up to 300 million investments inside Italy for the
purpose that dasya has been leaned for being prepared and will be concluded the
Italian central government in the coming weeks I’ll be meeting with the officials
of government of Italy in next week in Rome or completion of what will be
announced in the press we bring in changes to Italy but not by the beat
area which was done but my businessman who knows what to do you don’t know who I am go on the Keshe
foundation one international website who are web world world and you will see I
own the first coms trading billions in 1990 30 millions in
1990s I know the game of Internet I know how to handle and I know how to meet $1.99 we still can sell we tell you how
correct we are $9.99 result because he has to cover all costs $19.99 whistle
after Howard occurs two to five hundred new products will be offered by cash for
our nation from shoes to hot clothing to breathing all in that price bracket
range watch this basic on the case rendition network retail shop a new
retail e-commerce is in progress for China we do the same in China we say
loyal to the nation of China and the Chinese government we have no problem in
operating Chinese territory and Acacia our nation stays to serve the nation this is important for those who come to
listen as shareholders of other companies we are very strong and we show
our power and what we do we know where to go and we know how to do business our
kindness and softness is not our weakness is our strength in what we know
what we can do I don’t listen to no market I listen to no one who issues or
writes peer review peer reviews are fees as much as other shareholders in banks
and companies who try to benefit by the work of the case foundation but they
don’t stand next to the Keshe foundation to sort out the problems which is
created by monarchies of these and going back to the teaching is very simple need a few we need a lot to change a lot
and at the same time I have no problem we will develop the technology on the
new finding grounds that every man will be benefit pride in so many ways the
knowledge has to go back into the steps of understanding the universal operation
of the systems as I promised in April of next year we will deliver the space moon
spaceship technology in Tehran I thank the meaning government enough issues for
him in the background trying to sort things out and the same time I thank
there our team in Arizona who will announce very soon the first locations
for the first research and the health center of Keshe foundation cooperation
with American partners at the same time we thank the state of Arizona officials
were supporting us to set up the first factory as part of the Keshe foundation
Austria in what we call United State this is the investment by the foundation
and we are not looking into any market to raise funds what we invest from the Keshe foundation
is belongs and it’s part of the Keshe foundation totality going back to what we are putting what I
call the commercial side aside because the commercial side is what it pays to
bring the whole humanity that we don’t need to build churches and mosques to
rub the soul of the man that’s where the problem is when you’re trying to elevate
the soul of the man you do not need to rob the man and this has been a
tradition but the religions doesn’t matter what you call it the reason we
set up the Keshe foundation operation and the retail is that we don’t need to
bring man to trust nothing just because he’s in time of pain he has to
understand and it’s strength comes within him truly soul and we support him
through our ways the temples and mosques and well the way mankind made abused the
son of the man belongs to the past we support a full operation to elevate the
salat and through the operation of the Keshe Foundation and the systems we
develop we earn and we give freely and we said to serve is a very unusual way
to do it but it works and we have seen it I would like to thank all those who
support us with a new system we developed and released some four weeks
ago in Vienna the success is amazing and we see more and more of it coming up
as we will show we expect we know these technologies are revolutionary and it
comes many supporters of the Keshe foundation are trying to support for the
same price systems into operation we are there to support you we receiving calls
from different people who are even selling their homes and they want to
start a system we support you if you go to that length we go there a further to
complete the mind if you are putting your house for sale
to set up a new center to help others Keshe foundation will do the rest we try
to find a point that totality we work and we change going back to the teachings as you know
every few weeks by tradition we open a platform for questions that we balance
out it doesn’t become that we just teach and go
if there are any questions which I to answer in any shape or form as usual you
know if I don’t like to answer I don’t answer because I don’t see a reason to
ask but we try to cover in every aspects and at
the same time try to move on with looking outwards then looking inwards in
a coming weeks you will understand the Keshe foundation care for society
education part of teaching will be changed drastically as you know we set
it out we start teaching a lot of people got stuck with nano coating and egg
answers now the Keshe foundation education care for society moves to a
new dimension as you are a way we are scientific and as they say till you
don’t practice you don’t learn on those basis education foundation from the
first session of the next semester which is the beginning of the year for us as
usual we’ll start a new way of teaching a new way of collaboration and
cooperation what we would like to do the kitchen our nation teaching group will
announce and new team is getting put together in the background who see it is
true what we want to do a more will be done you have time till that time to
January to shape it is we go into research and development what we would
like to do the knowledge seekers as students of the Institute you can join
for a specific project so for example you meet on Monday morning on Monday is
for the day which a team meets or number of groups can meet on the given date
they choose to develop a specific technology
you are interested in electronics you’re interested in plasma in a space you’re
interested in making something for the home you have the idea in the group you
decide you start working on projects which means you develop new application
and understanding and in the process you learn the whole process of the work of
the plasma it’s not just nano coating it’s not just making the gas you can
come up with the idea you we put the classrooms in and together as a team you
agreed this is what we want to develop this term and this is what we want to
develop next time what ever the group develops and we see it commercially to
be viable to be done the foundation will support and knowledge seekers will
benefit by its profit so when you were spend your time in
developing using the other knowledge seekers and knowledge or collectively as
a team you develop in new technology and new whatever then if you decide it’s
good to be commercialized it goes back to the foundation we do it in a way we
finance the spin-off from the Institute instead of you going out once you
developed it as usual finding somebody you come straight to home it’s your own
home so their cash flow our nation will start nourishing is not learning only
the answers you learn the application of it you learn how to do it and you can
stop any way you like or you can move to another group or bring a knowledge run
or a group to the group you work and amalgamate merge different application
of the technology the Institute now is coming to its full flourishing when we
get there new students coming in they learn very fast because they have to
catch up as the English aces if you don’t want to
be a tomato you better catch up so those who are become as a tomato will soon
catch up to become as part of the research so we are putting those of you
doesn’t matter if you’re a housewife or a taxi driver or you’re a professor in
the university your work together and so knowledge seekers
Cave SSI changes to a new dimension of research and development for knowledge
seekers we are not there to commercialize in any shape or if you
decide you can do you want to do we hope you to do and those who develop in a
group if they want they can give it to the foundation the way we work or we can
put the percentage to be given to the knowledge seekers as a financial return
this is how you see a life when everybody may have no problem
so they care for society from January 2020 will become a research development
center in so many ways try to gather together or just put ideas and see how
many people will like the classes we learn again you discuss everything in
the classroom as has been for past six years
but at the same time you can attend other classes in there
other groups who have different ideas but your team your group will go and it
teaches you because we have got to the point that nano coating and Gans coating
has got to come to an end and in a way we have to add to the knowledge how to
apply it and this brings the application it in a way those who want to come in
faster or they come to a slower they can do the same so those of you who want to
develop sides we allow it now we set the ground for it you put on the knowledge
seekers the arrangement will be made these are the topics these are the
things I would like to develop and research with other knowledge seekers
and then the groups will be made in those classes to make it and then we
support you if you need to we made it you want to test it Keshe Foundation
research centers will make it to show you if your prototype works if it’s
practical how it is what’s the mistake on it we’ll put part of the operation of
cave Austria or Oracle Arizona or our Chinese side in this operation to
support the knowledge seekers in Quetta society for testing your things so this
is enormous gift to those of you who want to test new things
everything has to stay under the ethos of the Keshe foundation so you produce
something you wanted to see to work you have a plan you bring your knowledge
seekers just perfected let’s see if it works it could be a dream but we can
become a reality this is the responsibility of the Keshe
foundation as in knowledge seekers as we have set off the key fssi now yes to
another point of maturity and we see how you do it what you dream
you ask anybody else start institute universities who like to do research you
don’t need to go back and then find for what they call angels we you are your
own angel because you put your time into care for society versus I’ll return back
to we become your SP enough we can set up in every shape or form we are here to
benefit the totality and the humanity if you are anywhere in the world and you
can get your good certified that it’s correct send it to the foundation we put
it on a new shop structure which we already found but we expand it and it’s
going to change to a new e-commerce hopefully in the next few months the
changes has to come with it and the new structure is as we are developing and
gearing up for space technology our people have to start thinking in a
bigger dimension and nowhere else don’t cash roundish you put your time nuclear
electronics your mechanical doesn’t matter from which part of the world work
together in these classrooms and build up very much what we done in theoretical
and what Rick does on Wednesday mornings trying to bring people who want to know
things from Rick’s teachings or workshops on Wednesdays you can bring
this into the classrooms and see how it develops and Keshe foundation at the
head we see it we are supporting we can support the development equipment needs
to be poured and things to need to be tested you bring your dreams to risk
things we bring the reality of it into the work if it can be done and how much
it can be extended to and then in-house we can test it to you
you can travel to the research centers and test it yourselves two month three
months till you see if it works if it does and then as a group you’ve done
then you decide Foundation becomes your a spin-off Ori who won as usual as I’ve
done you give your technology as a gift of the foundation which is used for
humanity this is the beauty the way I work and the way it will be done so any
development will be added to the structure of the famish we don’t patent
your discoveries as it’s our ethos is an open platform and you’ll find out
they’ll come back to you the way it’s done this is the new face new work for
what we call a fssi we move away from talking and teaching to bring in
practicality if you are in any ending liner of who pharmaceutical in chemistry
in physics in you want to prove a mathematical data through the work of
systems everything we look and if you can’t find partners we do to do it I
think a foundation knowledge seekers are open-minded that they will support you
gather together we arrange some sessions for you that you can work in groups and
then bring it for us or anywhere else and become part of your own development
and a structure we follow you up we give you people who can virtually design it
for you you can manufacture samples and
everything else will be done by the foundation to the limits which we can do
and then tested in our research centers this is the beauty of being one family
we don’t know about it we have to support you that you don’t go art that
they steal or whatever and they patent it before this way you’re already in the
market and the intellectual rights assay is humanity’s and the process of the development of
the soul of the man to be able to travel the space of one spans of the universe
is where we are heading for and as it says the new title Ric just brought to
my attention there Flynn has put it in his knowledge of the universe 300 first
knowledge seekers workshop knowledge of the universe as I explained a new
technology at the enhancement Sheen is not just in a solution in so many ways
for many other developments which all of us will share gradually as the
technology spreads and the technology is used by many many other people and
hopefully we see me chase are there any questions making mr. cash and as usual the
attendees here in the zoo check and put up is it sort of a direct is it the time
to have a look at the new system which we have come into show and can we show
the video next week we add new videos in the back end of this because of the work
with the conference in Brazil there is a delay on what we call the monthly
magazine and the videos you will see new developments with their what we call
with the volunteers and we might add we will add another person into the
development of the videos using the technology with epilepsy
you will see the man who was taking 47 tablets the 19 year old boy now he is
reduced by 30 the doctors saw it as a very true rapid reduction so then what
we call the surgeons and the doctors who are supervising there with the whole
case they decided for two weeks rest in reduction and so we have 17 more tablets
left to be reduced and then the supervising team of doctors the one to
slow it down for next two weeks no reduction till the 15th of November and
after 50 the number we gear back up to reducing the tablets to reduce it within
two weeks to zero and this new videos from the new body called the dog
volunteer with epilepsy and you will see him that is which hand shaking and the
way he’s changed his way to go to university you know what he go to
education well come out and you see changes are huge and changes are
positive and then we’ll come to new understandings would you like to play in
the video and then we go to the questions yes I like that okay before you go on I
want to show you something very interesting Rick I sent you a few images
yes yes okay if you can’t put those up please this is very nice what we share
with you as we’ve been around if you remember about four years ago I released
some videos in south of Italy on the Thursday we talked we spoke about what
we call the spaceships covering the sights on line of horizon and the
Italian military were trying to find and we posted a video of the blocking of the
Sun this picture he remember when your item we landed in Brazil in Brasilia
this immediately appeared in the skies of Brasilia
welcoming home there’s a number of pictures of videos
taken by us and by the knowledge seekers and this is when we landed he moved with
us to the hotel and was in the air for sometimes it’s videoed by two three
application conditions and people who’ve been underground they’ve seen it we’re
home and it’s just the second time and as I said if you remember in Italy
we showed it and this is in the skies of Brasilia this week you see the brightness and you see the
full structure what is in the sky we have full videos of it number of
videos have been taken and it’s interesting to see who and where it
follows us too you can play the video please this is a daylight lunch time in
Brasilia this week you here are you ready there Flint yes innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production how universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balance fields from which the man was created the point of Inception in
the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection
as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be within the
reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners sport
specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit the
future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately for applications
according to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global
for additional information okay Thank You Flint are you there mr.
Kesh did you want the long video played I was unsure okay mr. Kesh we’re not
able to hear you you’re my boys we need every penny here we need the best part
of it the the last part the model is okay yeah let’s go for the long version
okay good you can’t you can go forward after the
machine yes this the world are trying to load up the gentleman now has got two
more tablets left to finish the doctors wanted to relate more than a week to
know we set off with it hope we’ll be without what we call the medication by
end of next week well the interesting we’ll find out is
and we have seen in development is that how much and why the people with
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and the rest get in a way reverse pact in the
structure of the brain what we see now with this tournament is very very
strange well he can run and everything else we see the progress of the
development of the reversal the body has shut everything down and we see very
much in the people who have had the side effect of the medicine multi-beam ill as
then nobody has ever come back from Parkinson this is one of the things for
the first time we see the actual damages of the Parkinson after medication is
that the physical basic structures like walking like standing up bright talking
goes back the way we see babies remember we when your
children grow up how the first crawl comes in how the first walking in the
hands and knees comes in how the standing up comes in and then the
language comes in we are seeing this with the patients so they are going
through literally a whole process even they remember the names and everything
else that the brain is restructuring a software the whole birth and the growth
process which is very very interesting by covering portside the adult growth
and what has brain literally shut down which will learn as babies and it’s a
very interesting development scientifically we are looking at the
beauty of it is the brain is developing the second time the thing is we have our
Italian friends in the background shouting something
yeah sorry Vanya can you hear me oh yeah you popped in carry on that is usual
your way of doing things yeah yeah we just wanna make because
it’s very interesting what you just said just now and and it’s a very true in a
sense that the way we work for example I don’t know if you know I’m doing a lot
new debilitation and there is a method they actually does that the brain the
swipe children all over the world they crawl in roll in doesn’t matter which
language which background from whatever they come from they are all doing the
same set from the mom and dad born to the moment they walk and those steps are
literally brain development so so exactly what you said just now so when
the brain enough to be because the brain is like a tree and it can regenerate
itself like you always said so the brain to reform these branches we have to go
through all the steps so so I use this when when I have to help people to walk
again took again we have to go make it gone through today brawlin then crawling
then exactly the steps because are literally those steps are brain
development so and they’re in our fix so so so it’s very so it’s cause we’re
aligned with what you said and it’s a method called funding Christ mattoni it
was a scientist was study brain function and it’s exactly what you said
now that those types are essential for re regain the movement back and
everything back yeah you have to redo the old children path five months of
growing up yeah and if there is the interesting things
that if a baby from the mothers doesn’t be allowed to crawl it will have
problems for life or you know allowed to roll always done all out to those do
steps so the steps are you know are essentials yeah for for the game women
back yeah I just wanted to say this because I just want to add on top of
what you just said that it’s is as a brain regain woman back yeah thank you
very much thank you very much as you know she is specialized in these kind of
works and she works in different countries quite as a member of Universal
Council for Italian she’s got a lot of other talents and that’s part of our
work a habitation and getting people back to physical life normality thank
you very much in so many ways from what we see now our volunteers go through the
same process and in so many ways these are the things we didn’t know and it’s
very hard to get the families to understand they they as I said very
recently we have a very big problem you see in the movies the guy wakes up from
a coma next day is after bed running and whatever this does not happen in reality
with comic patients and Parkinson’s patients others it takes time to build
up it takes time to rehabilitate it takes time to do everything right we’ve
seen some people trying to show magic that he can do but when you go to the
long-term scientifically has shown that there are huge damages as we just heard
you have to go through the process you cannot just change and get up and go
because the physical damages in the future is beyond imagination in one’s
down the short time it’s very interests think how we develop and as we hear and
we see this we’ll have more volunteers Keshe Foundation has contracted himself
and son yourself to a new what we call clinical trials and this will be
announced if you want to be part of these clinical trials students you have
to pay for it but you’ll go on observation of the doctors and we set
out the what the criterion for it clinical trial for Parkinson who needs
30 patients he came in from outside China or inside China and you join their
what we call the try group in the coming weeks it will be announced and we for
the first time we will do what we call autism again on the clinical trials and
then we do what we call at lab see and in the next 12 months a number of
clinical trials will start in China under supervision as I said not clinical
trials and you can join these these will be testing these units under the
supervision of the officials and hospitals and what we call ethic
committees to start registering and creating the basis for the confirmation
of the technology and we have what they call sign the first agreement it was
done this morning and so we go through the next steps and in the coming next
few weeks we will announce and that you can join the clinical trials not only we
put the centers around the world now we bring the dimensions of what we call
structure to it and then the systems will develop further as we go deeper
into it their new systems as we will unveil this week and in Brasilia
essentially for the government this will go through his own structural system in
the coming months and then we go back into the next step
to show more effective way of using these university system and as Iranian
friend of mine said moans to me we call it you know the French a spanner which
you just roll the thing and it can adjust any bolt and nuts this universal
system is very much but call it French’s spanner
depends what you adjusted is what you’ll get out of it a food system material
production system the system for any kind of diseases or even a system for
producing anything that you might need that doesn’t need physicality
intangibility are you ready Flint yes I am thank you very much once more things
yeah yeah yeah so matter-of-fact cuneta to what you just said before so even
when the tissue of the brain is completely healthy
you still need to remake the new rock of ways so that’s right and they you have
to go through again they they all process of the movement of the child
from when is born to when his work so for this reason I’m actually in the
background in Italy side I’m trying to make like a team of people you know put
together two that specialize on these to help to make people recovery from noodle
condition they are they are know how to make those tests so so so because I
thought it would really work well with what we’re doing now so I will keep your
form thank you very much ah you okay that’s the end of the video Thank
You Ruth thank you very much friends many questions
there’s a number of questions first of all Jeanette said her hand up for quite
some time so perhaps I’ll let her go ahead and there’s a number of questions
in the queue I’m going to translate to them the question is this once you have
the Machine how is going to be the protocols depending on each of the cases
of the patients are not being treated how would you manage that and do you
need to maintain the treatments Saturdays and Sundays the protocol will
be set through the doctors can you hit me
the the opening are set by the people who bought the machine and the protocol
for is how to use it and what it needs will be set by the operating manual the
OBE charges and opening hours and whatever else depends on the people who
bought the systems and how they want to operate it you can run these machines 24
hours a day you got to realize on a 8-hour shift on a 24-hour shift maximum
patient can use this she is 12 so per day 24-hour run if they do a maximum
and we know that in the coming time these machines and the analysis which
mankind suffers from will change quite a lot and in so many ways you will find
out a lot of people will not use these machines just because they’re sick the
mules machines for as we say to tune them their their physicality this is one
of the things which will come very advanced we use these machines for
feeding we will choose these machines for creating materials we use these
machines for also soft applications the protocol for each one will be set out
and what we call the everything else is in the hand of the operators the beauty
with it is that in the coming months the backup medical team will set up which is
now in the progress things to ask me don’t worry is that 24 hours a day
there is team of medical people specializing one or more they learned
themselves through cases sitting in the background supporting the doctors case
by case this needs some now as I’m talking to you the progress
in China is ongoing and I see notes coming up videos coming
up last video has been just about 12 points 14 minutes ago there’s a central
eating system doctors will be advised because we monitored everything nobody
can just buy the Machine and go in it as I said is God
I got fingerprint and we’ll have another additional unit added to it that only
can be used for my vision for a condition set this is the
something we just put out everything is controlled every data everything of
every patient worldwide will go into a database that we are we see whether it
says set up patterns for it we have let’s say we estimate something like
2000 machines will be delivered next year and in this 2000 means every
patient if infused I say 5 patients per machine every quarter there say 20
patients a year then you have a huge data bank give us a full spectrum of the
operation and everything else but there’s the team behind it team of
doctors with the team of physiotherapist this is paid for through that 30 percent
charge of the system usage by patient the the structure is to find all
applications and see the best ways to use it the best waste results will come
up this is not we are not just selling a unit we are selling a lifestyle a
technology we selling a way the mankind really as I said before these systems
onboard of ships or on planet moon does not worth dollars you cannot buy dollars
in Planet Moon or Mars worth no money so we have to learn all
of it and unfortunately human beings have made
these funny things called the money thing and this only we can develop it
and extend it and don’t forget we are not looking at this knowledge we are
looking at the man’s collective knowledge or past centuries thousands of
years they can convert it into application through the plasma
technology and mr. Keshe a gas this is pro speaking of an ancient times is this
process when what ancient cultures called second birth or rebirth I don’t
know I saw the microwave to reheat is it you mentioned it takes you back to that
state of being in the womb so it’s sort of from that state I guess so where do
you where do you go when you go back the third time here comes a rebirth of the
rebirth when you go back to Monday morning in the afternoon yeah this is
this is sick new hood technology is actually not a new technology this isn’t
knowledge which we know in the universe and now you will see shared a larger
scale operation of this it’ll come as I said before treat account feed people in
the space and take corners bananas and chips and the rest of it you can imagine
how much you’ll be tracking for a thousand year trip we even have as
somebody has said before is NASA has no choice but to look and we call it a new
name for it instead of NASA we call it pasa which means the plasma National
Aviation book because the plasma technology will take over and doesn’t
belong to one nation it wrong so all of us today and it’s what we’re going to
need so there’s not a rebirth however you got a rebirth on the moon and
Jupiter and Planet Zeus it’s something which needs I think mankind would
understand in a very short time when going into space especially if it stays
with this physical body these machines become essential part of essential part
of life that you pay deliverer wizard to to extract any space field energy is
what we call viruses that might attach to your body should not be Ashley like
built right into the structure of the spaceship it should automatically sort
of compensate that or does it have to be on an individual tailored sort of basis
it’s both ways you got to realize hopefully the gravitational system which
will show in the beautiful city of Tehran will show that we create a new
new environment inside the craft it’s like doesn’t matter what happens in this
space of the solar system earth is creates its own environment and it
controls its own destiny of what is created inside it this way issues are of
the same way you you will understand very soon going back to the macro
systems going back to the star for resistance going to the plasma systems
the new systems which you will come out of the space technology which is
amalgamation of whatever we thought will show you created creation of the
specific condition for the human life not every life every type of life can
exist within the spacecraft I remember this very specific time when I landed in
Tehran second time with ahead of you Tehran space University in the back of
the car he was so enthusiastic at that time they flew and right into a space
and everything he says you know well we don’t this and be done this and the
tests are this and I said to myself sitting in the back of the car if I tell
you what I know you want me he’s so happy because Iran managed to put a rat
or animals into a space and see how they behave as most of the agencies do it the
first steps the the reality is that we go into the next step we go into the
direction of – we need even to go into these understanding the structure of the
innovation of the fields of the strength of the soul of the man this is stoves
as I said has been very difficult for existence what we know is the son of the
man is the son center of the life creation so we can interact with it and
if we can elevate the strength of the zone of the physicality which is the
connection of the fields of the body of the man to be the same as the soul of
the man then you understand the physicality become part of the
and what we call inter-atomic fusion that colic in in so many ways and we we
become part of do I want to to live in the physical dimensions with all these
pitfalls or I stay in the dimension of the fields and in time I decide or do we
chicken out we live a physical life the minute we have a cancer we jump into the
machine I’ll go into the soul strength in the strength of the Sun that my
physical he doesn’t get touching that you came back out when it’s all sorted
yeah this is a part of understanding of the whole the whole creation can you
give us some idea but how you see the conditions inside this egg shaped
chamber like for example in terms of normally as humans we hear with our ears
we see with their eyes what our hearing what it would sound be cut off from the
outside would it be totally soundproof inside first of all and second of all
would there be certain sounds or music or some sort of you know a tone or
something like yeah we we see interaction of the fields whenever you
have a rubbing of a hand or a surface on it you call it a break on the street
there is the interaction of the matter estate magnetic fields of two different
strings one stationary or rolling and the same shall be in the space with
respect the interaction of the fields of the universe with the craft string
part is that we only hear what is our ears are adjusted for our souls adjusted
to hear you know you’ve seen the old movie they have brought away still
nobody hears but the dog reacts because it says the children strength of the
year of the dog it’s the same when you go to the soul
level also it what the strength your soul is prepared for it’s been tuned to
receive information there’s no difference then the body of the man
otherwise the the the soul will be ever busy with all the noises of going across
the whole universe are you tuned to listen to me or you tune to listen to
mom or you turn to listen to music and the soul the level of his interaction in
this environment decisis is a strength he addresses there’s not a voiceless in
it I look at the machine in effect be set up to provide that dog whistle to
the soul you might say and the physical you know may not hear it but yet it
calls their soul and this focus of the machine is to bring people to their soul
essentially to to make that your good news shouldn’t that be part of the conditions
you might say or or like you you need to have some you know introductory video or
introductory program or something that lets them know this is what we’re
getting into you in this machine there’s part of what you do in this in these
broadcasts – you’re telling people you know we’re connecting you said it
earlier today you warn the shareholders you you might be connecting with your
soul and you know it could be a big thing that was a very big shock to the
stock exchange market people huh now we have a religious company soul services
Noel you said after that is not religious this is a
scientific connection but yeah I know because I had one of my guys putting his
head off you know what they’re saying you said the wrong thing they’ve got to
learn everything in this place is the right thing is you who’s wrong and you
gotta talk to you always so we see a lot of ways they’re not used to it they get
used to it they can’t come here and say oh they came under the machine they sign
a contract with this company yes but it belongs to cash for addition
manufacturing Austria I’ll make a shoe on the shoe manufacturer and say we’re
not the most powerful companies in the world owned by the Federation in the
hand of the foundation decided by members of the punish others to the head
of the Keshe foundation last couple of days
being with me in Brazil that I’m handing over and she has to learn to be just be correct to be a mother to
the plantation and even as a younger and to understand that the Keshe foundation
is here to serve humanity not profits on the furnishings in the hand of a very
beautiful girl she’s well-rounded and she has all the talents of being and
adding the foundation with a young age and in so many ways we have to
understand this that we are responsible for the foundation every one of us I
look at the refunds which was sitting around because of the misconduct of
those in Italy and I said to Caroline you know these guys saw two years
supporting us even thought and pulled the hair off funding but angry we are
doing this with on that one they understood the problem does not
compromise the case the problem comes when a foundation in the structure when
one is busy something the others have to carry and as we have reissued all the
refunds back and everybody understands where if the problem came is interesting
that you trust in yourself and this shows a great or they call the gratitude
to all of you I know a lot of you shouts in the health and what’s happening
brother but now you’ve seen
kept very quiet about it and I accepted it too
three weeks ago but there was something wrong but when I realized that
foundation was betrayed right inside they took the rest of the customers they
took the list until so what you call distributors we set up and they didn’t
deliver to those who had to deliver and excuse was they cannot do but they were
doing very well in the company this sort of themselves and they bought their BMWs
and beretta I’ll make it 0 WS from the BMW don’t
know not know who I am and I’m not forgiving and I’m co-director to the
police and structure to Italy because they made a very bad threat brilliant
company who was financed by the foundation joined a 2 million euro is
not a game to play verify now we are foreign investors and you can help do
this maybe the Italians think they can go wait I have a cousin my uncle is the
police I’d rather go there and I have a big police connections count for zero
because we collected all the data got you’re unconcerned and go to the police
friends we sit very strong with the Italian government and the document
shows this is how foundation is what you did as knowledge seekers in class two
years mr. Paris and I stood by the foundation your own structure you
understood this shows your strength your belief was
correct and we responded back we cover all the damages doesn’t take us long
Birds it was a good test for all of us how much do we believe in how much do we
stand for and this goes to our small this goes to our strengths we’ve got to
understand the data accounting it’s very clear with the foundation and in so many
ways how come you can turn minions in the company took all the customers and
ones in what I call its structure which all of us work to build and then you try
to put people in prison because you didn’t pay me well of course you stole
everything from the foundation and now you can’t you don’t you took everything
and you’re how come you’re paying wages for years now when you buy BMWs you
couldn’t afford the food on your table when we employed you I am ruthless I
don’t forgive and I don’t forget because if I do foundation becomes weak foundation
because it’s correct we have no problem we don’t cry as I said these guys has
gotta go into the machine as of next couple of weeks you will buy the cash
man whatever you had in cash foundation which good you were buying you get a
better product in the next few weeks at a price that nobody can match I can nest
and muscles for three years because foundation has it and I’ve got one point
because they sign a clear agreement for our agents we can promote their agencies
and show what they are selling at what price cannot be cancelled and then we
understand how to operate we understand how to elevate their sauce and this is
the way they have to do it I think all of us cash conditions of
course being away in China trying to develop the backbone of the foundation
to be equal in every nation and now we go to India to support the same way when
you leave home you don’t rob a house you build the house we were robbed as a
foundation a bunch of Italian thieves and I show my way my documents are
sitting with the Italian government 300 million investments plus what has been
done wrong to us and how it was organized company in December taking
tens of thousands and suddenly in January 0 and 6 of January opening a new
company in Italy on the Polish and more Gurion accounts these things used to be
passed now everything is very straight others I don’t fight – foundation
response I told you pray when I told the stupidest think of your children because
nothing will come from the foundation to feel your famine you had a very good
income because you match 199 for 99 euros
I own the temple shop.com in England in 1990s I know how to bat that’s what it was it was no Treach
because they had want to start cleaning up whatever they did because these
people put everything there to support their boss who betrayed now they have to
do it now you understand how they have to answer to sort of the tuners when
there is no food on the table not on the vanish and it’s alright to
promote because they cut the job the way does the distributors through cash
vanish and we have sign documents all the wonderful agents also an agreement
with education edition it’s not just that they’re there
every page by page of the Keshe foundation website has been stolen and
been put if you can do so well in your name according to Sobel in the name of
the foundation I’m a sister front we are very big I will respond I’ll leave
nothing to be cleaned up the communion of souls I don’t we send them to the
shoes this is what our distributors and those
who are on the foundation have to do you work with us this is really I say I
explain everything as he hammers at the time and I think the stock markets huh
needs to change a lot coming here and then going and between two hours and two
five you said such a thing that can structure change this is cash foundation
we can talk is our investment we invested the the stock or the poll just
foundation global where it is it’s ours we can speak at home between husband and
wife between the children we are all children of the same family they can
come here listen and go gossip behind you said yes we can talk at home this is
our own knowledge seekers programs is our home we can talk to each other tell
what’s happening they can’t come and listen I heard a whisper on the wall
they have to learn they come here not to affect them they come here because we
are open they become part of us and as they say when they learn they understand
always now you understand what I said we all change the whole structure of
mankind and now you understand bit by bit now we got stuff markers people
coming here listening to knowledge seekers and I’ll give you a very clean
evidence of it they they write and give up messages you said yes we can use your
mistake you put your ear to the phone this is not the white house that you can
go and cross the documents that they might change the present the president
of this organization is all of us sorry about stock market holders you have to
understand you don’t come too high to go to gossip and do something with it
this is our home you intrude we can talk I can tell what my son inherits because
we are all son of the same family in this place not to come and this and then
go sewers take us to the course in the United States we’re different you came
into our home we didn’t come to yours next question thank you give me sorry mr. Kesh I have another
question for you from the same knowledge seeker which is Victor Vicente he wanted
to raise concern he has been trying to get a hold of the persons in charge of
delivering them the unit and he has been unable to do that could you please give
us a better way so what you mean the two lines set up because we are trying to
structure things depends what they they want know where they can go over and be
getting emails or other people saying I have this disease I have that this is
where can I go there is no way you can go listen to teaching till January when
the machines come in yeah they can be done I have this disease I want to know
how much I pay listen to what it unless you are you wandering investor you want
to buy a machine or as a group you want to invest at this moment we can tell you
after first January the systems are half a million we are not coming back down
after 1st of the March is 1 million we’re not coming back down and we have
enough to support us through and don’t forget the Keshe foundation will start
supporting people who are there to support the community and we it’s every
way is not catch mention when we can say we see the operation we see what it is
you want to invest part of it we missed anything else to do what diseases can
you do can I have this can I are these women those questions have to
wait till the people start operating the Centers and their machinery and they
decide they look at the profit margin we look at the more she’s not that there
you have issues into himself of how the operation should be it’s more that they
have not been able to contact the right person to place the order you go to the
Keshe foundation website now there is a system you place your order within five
seconds we get it go on a cash foundation website the machine has been
put there and like everybody else the minute you fill in the form within
five second will come to us the people are responsible we see it their order we
know there is a lot of worries coming in there is tens of tons of water is coming
in we try to give priority to certain groups individuals who want to spread
around the world you just fill in the form and you get response from us the
conditions that percent of your income from the machine from source belongs to
the foundation because you get all the backing and everything else we are
introducing new systems to back these things are new approaches new things I
just saw a beautiful system yesterday in Brazil but one of the images we are
putting in the process if you can do it we can market it that will supplement
another part of it you there is a form just go through the form everybody else
is doing it just church foundation website I think Rick can you put a
website up on the screen there you can go on it the machine is there fill in
the form there is no problem with ordering is no problem Indians I had a
discussion with Caroline just few minutes ago and we got to put a question
and answers up on their website people who want to if you have questions about
the Machine and the systems it’s very straightforward we are trying we hope
that we can make the demand in coming weeks and months we can go up to about
the thousand unit a month International we’re trying to push it
beyond that we have to set up new ways and we can meet we will we don’t see any
but you but you got to understand new technologies I didn’t delivered like the
one you’re gonna explain and show to the governments in this weekend these will
take a bigger part of the whole operation of roundish there is something
which generation followers have to understand I come from industrials
background not myself but my family we know how to run the industry but the
beauty of it is everything is in one house the knowledge the commercial side
and everything else and I don’t shoot up in the black getting something I know
exactly what I do the only mistake I made I trusted couple
of cash foundation supporters and to look after the house while I was away
and didn’t leave it to get the house robbed and we should go very very nicely
from on the way we set up I’m taking charge of the whole thing again where I
wanted to retire we have a beetle team you have most devoted people to the
foundation you have Rick you have Ella you got Stanley he wants the whole team
of the Keshe foundation in the background work with us we don’t start
working you got dr. Couture you got everybody else in the background which
is founda foundation we work relentlessly some of us don’t sleep work
day and night for who was helping the hand for serving helping mankind so try
to understand everything we do either way the were little bit done hiccups we
sought out and there are other things issue that’s what I when I explained to
the universal council people that you have to come in and learn how to deal
with the global source I’ve got a friend that we are here not to support the
foundation not to do anything economical how do you want to run Universal Council
and an office and where the money from the sky or the pie or you bring
governments and organizations who give you money and dictate your terms which
has been up to now nobody can dictate to none of the
conditions how they operate we are one of the most strongest scientific
organizations and then we becoming more and more powerful power in the hand of
people who are correct in just and this is the beauty of an asset of a lot of
you don’t see it gradually step by step we will get along we make a lot of
mistakes if we don’t make mistakes and so to the edification if you don’t
mistake there is something wrong with you because by not making mistakes by
not knowing we make we find it it’s another way we have to do it you see it
do you do it we help you to develop it and we making the foundation reachable
by all of us not by some of us but by all of us but in the process some are
used to somewhere else I’ve seen a lot of discontent people in Universal
Council we came here not to do this and that how can you as universal council
members not to be in war understanding who finances you how the finance comes
and don’t attend the conferences and see how you have to deal with the people who
running governing the people who are responsive where they saw you don’t go
there and you have to understand the work of the people who set up to make
them just and your people the people of your what you’re responsible for don’t
suffer this is a shortcoming understanding of the members of
Universal Council if you often grunting earlier we came here to do we don’t know
it means you haven’t understood the whole eaters your job is to support
humanity in every shape or form not just we say we are not making a
bunch of more Pope’s and Vatican’s and mosques and priests and mullahs and this is has to be understood there
already forgotten why they are here for when you want to cook it go in the
kitchen of the chef and you learn what’s everything for but you know what the
tools are in which we wish to go to you not to see they said me I know how to
cook we never been to kitchen remember the numerous accounts also have
to get in mobile government’s after tell me what were the factors they see where
the hiccups are where it can be done how even this all of the people in the
Rockies images the workers and members of the government govern them have to be
elevated to understand each other it means our Universal Council members are
not the children and that’s part of the process I told you the transition time
will be a lot of difficulties for a lot of replication nation supporters the
same we have Besson in Germany we saw in France we had problem we sort out a lot
of them we’re not coming because so be it
foundations urge beacon can foundation never got attacked more rigorously in
dangerously than when we were an attack when we open sterling file with only
pedophiles and all his supporters around the cell income job taught yeah
when did sterling came out who jumped most red circle Susan hope these are all
the traffickers they got damaged financially why do you
think suddenly all the things appeared on internet because we were correct
there was no enemies till we cut the protocol the lifelines of bread of
traffic new children if you look the guy who helped with all the books with
everything else suddenly jumped off why because we’re his income cane
and the other part got touched and then we saw all of them start working
together remember how much is we got ‘told whatever they
all got together death other machines much bigger than their nobody understood
why red circle went that way and you sir giving interviews to hope to Susan and
they’re all trying to salvage something from what they lost on the trafficking
the last one hundred and twenty thousand customers
which are on the list of the federals national governments you understand the
shop collapse we’re still here very interesting thing is when you go to the
sides or the chat rooms that these guys still are trying to operate
they’ve lost any everybody stem cells creating new names and answering
themselves because nobody is dead everybody knows who they’re and be sure
the same the guy from the University in Germany writes everything because he’s
part of it they’re a bunch of people who lost their income they used to take when
you’re in university you see the young people and then you pass names where do
you think he cut his income from he want us to open more books 90% of people who
are right in Darwin whatever bad cash foundation in different names and all
punch-up connected to the PTO are groups of understanding and they’ve been
financially touched and I’m I’m happy we took it but at least we elevate their
souls and this is what you have to understand it’s not just coming here and
white you have to understand as a foundation because we were here
we came across a position and as a lot as a whole we understood and we stood
and we clean up did I say to you one thing you have to
understand I said it last week and I’ve said in many times the guy who shoots a
bullet shares the responsibility of the pain of the family of the one who killed
and the others but I could design a bullet for manufacturability who saw the
blood cache foundation has a lot all of you who stood by us when we got standing
and red circle and hope and Susan and Sylvester and the rest of them
we said many children’s lives from suffering and families you receive the
blessing not us you stood you will
stood you taught you carried on with the same as guy who shot the bullet the same
as you who saved the lives many children from suffering nobody understood that red circle was
sitting in the webmaster in Nikesh foundation and he was seeing all the
traffic of the young people coming new energy new energy you do not know how he
operated biggest evil on this planet he always wanted to get our cut to be the
webmaster I couldn’t understand why now Ian you got to understand new technology
squeeze technology attracts young people and he was sitting there and grabbing
anyone you see in chat rooms with these people you know they’re all Peter files
and this phrase each other most of its themselves just creating names because
the the topic and the language in all of them is the same so the same man writes I’m ready – they tell me in my chest
Rick’s sorry about that we’re in a hotel creaky hotel so the
answer didn’t standing this week I have a creaky chair so he got to understand
we are here with everything the knowledge the gain of knowledge the
share of knowledge they’re helping each other and I’m very open a lot of people
don’t like my openness but has been the key to our success
because at the beginning you get hurt but they’re my miss it ins think about
it there is some steps we have to change we see many things happening around the
foundation and I’m very open about it because for next sessions we start
teaching about the song yet a lot has got to be spoken not to kept on the
carpet here what when we speak we understand where we are where we can
develop and foundation is entering a new phase is going up the childish stages
and a teenager stages is over you’re dealing with governments and we need you
to be there to carry on casually she cannot be anywhere we expected very very
as I said I wanted about 20-30 people in conferences that we interfaced our
knowledge see cases not just their governments and their politicians and
the diplomacy but in Brazil has gone beyond or be expected but my take person
– foundation supporters for their conference and effort they put into an
especially Claudia but now and people who are there to do it
they’ll go to Morocco next month it was other places we come with a support team
to do everything else but then he brings the government’s and they see a reality
then it’s not just one man or two or three people coming is there people
there all saying what they achieved in their country they trust within the
trust of the nation in all these conferences we set up
Universal Council members responsible for the language has to be present this is a fraction which
Foundation and the sort of a nation the government sweet so they’re dead you Peola it’s nobody’s fault we all that
they won’t mature in time any other culture mr. Kesh you’d mentioned earlier
about clinical trials and I believe is in China and energy has a question so
there’d be clinical trials started within the USA as well for people that
cannot travel to China all these don’t forget these are medical Taiwan in EU
and at the same time we are trying to change the systems into medical – so we
need to collect data to go to that phase we set up in different applications
because these are external system but in a way we want to bring it to be
recognized internationally by our governments the u.s. we we are certified
for what we do in u.s. certified what we do and these are body enhancement
systems that they work in the operation of the enhancing the body of man we
don’t intrude we don’t give medication and it’s the understanding of it and at
the same time we’re changing the direction that the government understand
more and more these clinical trials are not like as you call it half clinical
trials these are to collect data that for governments to authorities to be
able to see the progress what it can do what it cannot be that because once I
show the spacecraft and I’ll put it 20 meter above earth there’s no government
can control it belongs to space so we can land anyway don’t pick up anyone and
treat them put them back down again but we try to sort out in a proper way
everything that it goes through and we collect data for more people to
understand to see to observe what doctors tonight
there is something really important I keep on repeating our technology is not
the only technology that we can say we do everything we do everything which
mankind needs in space and be learning more what to do with the technology we
got to respect all the scientists and others who work in different acronyms
and aspects of research about I see a lot of scientists using different parts
of the Keshe foundation and this could they claim they have achieved this and
that is good but very recently we saw a Chinese guy saying that he’s come up
with the graphene this and that puts and modification is supposed this is done by
mr. Kesh 10 years ago and the people who backed it up in very well-known
electronic groups we saw we were said not to mention their names they were
they understood where the problem where the people coming charity is very deep you have to learn
between you want to go with this technology we split it very wide and
very open I wonder how many of you have punished to break through the matter of
energy system and I know many of you is this this wire we have to connect or is
it that we have to position if you are asking me you already tested it doesn’t
work why do you do asking me to see what’s the next step if any of you understand the property of
a maglev systems which you have and you clean everything on it we have one of
the biggest power supply flying machines resources and the others but as you know
I’m a patient man you have to learn you ever learn it means mankind is not
ready for it it’s question at a moment you can book into both China
there the hospitals will be there yesterday
maximum 16 weeks because has to be a position we have to see there for
development you will see the changes in the first few days and we go back Wester
by step to see all the cities and the machinery has to be modified to the
disease and will see a big change is coming
I think medical software will become one of bigger than medical hospitals
as you get a prescription it’s in the patterns and I spoke about it before now
you see those reality you take the machine is already tuned to your doctors
or whatever this morning you have this disease they want it’s the dark nosy
then they set your machine you open it up and you get it well of the Keshe foundation supporters
thought to me very recently can this be used as a viagra
I said what is the state of your mind you what do you want what do you expect from
the issue in English you don’t want to be an RN
and see the things I receive it so often makes you laugh rolling on the floor how
do these people even think of these questions how to use this machine can I
go out unless one of my legs can I go in and come up with more both of my legs
this is a guy you send me a question like this magic box next me maybe one
day mr. cash maybe one day maybe you have to go in but you come out two years
later yeah busy you never know you just say goodbye to the family for a while it
is a sealed unit after all he’s our God you know it’s a wonderful thing have you
been to Disney when you go assistances is the wonderful world after all you
remember that song the water world in this thing in there this comes to you
every minute maybe sometime 10 times a day if you live in Beijing or in any of
the Chinese cities they have this huge water tanks and these water tanks have a
very low level jet they just wash the street the streets of Britain China are
cleaner than Switzerland in Europe it’s one of the most cleanest nations I’ve
ever seen and as this tank goes washing everything and he plays this music this
English music is wonderful after all and you say oh my god you know it is a
wonderful world when you see such a water we are refreshing the whole street
and it’s not just cleaning the whole environment it’s a wonderful for mankind
is for to use it well actually is a great segue to a question
from Theodore in the Q&A who actually asked about water and specifically about
intention so he’s kind of think two questions here but it goes like this
Theodore mr. cash quantum physicists say that an observer observing seems to have
an effect on the matter State would it be correct to see the observer as a
projector projecting intention into the matter state of course because that’s
what you want to see so you create the intention of seeing what you intend and
why do humans use liquids historically to capture intention like for example
holy water and ice crystals geometry is it the space between the water molecules
that holds the intention like the space between copper molecules during
nano-coating it’s actually inside the cell itself it doesn’t need to be
between it it’s the structure now that we understand the creation is made of
plasma cell fields so in every place when there is a space gap between what
we call two fields moving opposite to each other they create a gravity and
their magnetic field you so your intention depends where II
wanted to be and where it’s demanding more there is something interesting you’ll talk about
I try to test something with this amount of work if you are close to your partner and
your children are different closes because they carry part on your fields
if you are close with your partner in that especially when they are sweet
you try to get them all think with the loving care but I want you to move your
left leg and then you see they move their left leg
and say yes but that’s not the control that shows the clarity of the soul then
it shows me only the physical dimension to be in touch with our lovers this does not mean a physical presence if we understand this that
it really ingrained in our comprehension of the existence then you understand
more and more I do
need to be next to you to love you
I can because the universe you feel by and that law is giving is what I want to
give what you give to me as a pleasure it’s unusual then you understand you
have a start understanding about the work of the soul of man
man is physical so he needs that movement of the leg to say yes I can’t
feel my mother because he listens to me she sees me she
hears my soul she is my intention – the physicality and then you extend more you
try to say I love you and you get a move towards you doesn’t mathematical is in
the writing in this mode called cornerstones of Jewish religion it
doesn’t matter what happen between husband and wife to you in a week you
have to confirm your marriage every Friday night that’s part of the rules
this sickness and you cannot break now do you need a physical confirmation even
if it’s more than regrettable or by thoughts you can tell your partner’s you
know and then you can see the reaction that
comes and cuddles you deep in asleep or do you feel the touch and kiss from
thousands of miles away and then you know and then you
understand this is part of the teaching where we try to for you to get to
understand the operation of the soul because you always have to have that
movement of the neck to say yes I’m in touch with yourself you don’t have trust
in you that already touch the soul this is what you will understand more
and more you have to because as you get the confidence in your yourself that I
am there then you can understand do I need to be in a physical condition a
physical body to be able to touch to feel to love to enjoy the existence loving a woman or loving a man does not
going the dimension of physicality has to be the level of the soul after
the entry the cavity will sort itself out have you seen two old people in them
90s they still enjoy being with each other even though they cannot move to
sitting to handicap next to each other in a wheelchair I’ve seen many a red
we had the good times now we are there we still have a good times because is no
need to touch you feel my love sitting next winner wait man has got to stop building trust in
his own existence that true existence not the physical damage you see your feel you know they betrayed
you see you feel when you know the love we see bull and as a humans you have to understand
you have to come to understand you have two levels here you can such a beauty
that you have two levels you have to understand the dimension of its County
and there is you know what is called the non-dimensional part of you whose sled
your creation equal in this work without it you don’t exist you lost a
trucker to be in touch with it and now you learn more and more but you always
look for the physical ayah to get a confirmation and many people abuse that
because they don’t understand you I’m sketch we have crass mirror with his
hand up here maybe as a question for you go ahead Chris Maris in your microphones
open there we’re not hearing you yet hello yes right okay hello mr. Costa
this is grassman from Bulgaria I have a question that is related to emotion and
the structure of the soul in a couple of your teachings you show that every
motion have a specific position within the structure of the brain related to
the central field or the soul and what we know from plasma is that the closer
we are to the principle field or to the soul the higher-level field strength we
have so if this is correct I guess the low-level emotions like
hatred or anger would be somewhere within the boundaries of of the
structure of the brain and the high level emotions would be closer to the
center so closer to the to the soul you know is is there a way for us to
restructure our brain in such a way then we push out those low-level emotions
outside of the structure of the brain so they don’t manifest themselves and on
their place we have what we now have as love and strong emotions and we somehow
open up the the soul and we get higher field emotions without having to
manifest low-level emotions there are two ways to
do it why don’t you do it the easy way is small
they’re weighted so that super passes the boundary of the brain physical
damage smudges trying to go from outside in is very
difficult when you’re inside and you want to go out
and the capability and the power of the soul of the man is healed
we have imprisoned ourselves we have imprisoned our true talents our true
strength maybe is the fear of the dimensional showing off what a call
fallible and what a call weak or physical dimension is that they are
hiding inside the strength through a string of it while have we chosen this
damaged you this is part of the trouble don’t try to
solve it from outside to go in go inside it’s very easy to get out and come out
so my pass it because once confirmation comes to matter states then this it’s so
weak deal with the boss why do you want to work with the doorman you know when you go somewhere and you
don’t get your job done since I want to see the boss I want to see the manager
if in your physical I frequency manager when you can’t saw the problem why why
did you go to your man DW soul I’m going since I want to handle with the soul –
two old soldiers you do their physical life but when it comes to yourself
you’re lost we
how to turn to yourself learn how to do in the recall it’s all the system mystic
is just understanding it’s there we found the heart and we found the liver
and we know where it is why is it so hard to find something which we created
and then Keshe foundation doesn’t become it really just for a cult
you can understanding the true cut off the life what it is how we are and how
we are made up because up to now those who said is somewhere in the sky they’re
the ones were playing the magic box in the name of religion somebody wrote me very sorry mr. Kesh do
not come to Iran you said you’re coming they’re going to kill you
I said doesn’t try I don’t go there to end up this and not
an order to raise the love of the nation for its own sake nobody can stop your nation no religious
leaders you Thank You mr. wish fish why
really quick question and one of your teachings you said that interaction
means taking and giving from both levels magnetical and gravitational would that
mean that we actually have four levels of interaction taking and giving from
magnetical and taking and giving from gravitational or it’s just okay you have
the earth and the Sun to create something two forces have to interact on
both so you have always fought ok thank you very much go into it for 2 hours 2 hours 45
minutes Rosalie’s ok and you as is it possible to turn this unit into a mobile
unit by housing it into a beautiful coach motorhome or RV trailer to help
others in the community that may not be able to get to a center yeah you want to
become an ice-cream man a little song like like the street sweepers in the
morning and you go through a neighborhood well it’s almost a
realistic except you would have to have a apparently a doctor and a therapist
that would be part of this unit or how would that look like or maybe you’d show
up in a school and set up and then a doctor and that there’s why why – why’d
you look at it why’d you look at it as a machine for
health why don’t you look at it as ice cream man I’ve come here to give you the
pleasure of ice cream you go in and you get the taste of have any eyes like
right holder and regulations that ways especially if we don’t have that actual
ice cream comes in I think I’m sure governments will come up with rules and
regulations you can only have the ice cream another one with the orange cards
comes potshots at school can I warrant you go in you get the order and you come
back why’d you never revisit the car the orange I’m sure our innovative
diplomats and politicians will come up the way to handle it there’s something
very strange we are here to bust the war leaders who are the peace leaders
you in the hotel BR and in the coming days
the world leaders gathered in this city not very far from me
you the five nations
basis of world peace economical peace bricks are here with us you
not many floors above me one of the world leaders of BRICS is ánotá
in the coming days we give our blessing
and you will see the emergence of break in the coming months
you you
the soul beats not the physicality the understanding of the time will tell the whole structure of the world
leadership will change in a way that they understand more about the man I always supported
Chinese and Russian leadership in there correctness in promoting
economical growth against war prods to create the economy
and they have all our pressing in the next two or three days when they’re here
with us we are here with as it’s a destiny or the time you we’ve got to understand the time has
changed at anytime you have to work in all their ones to bring the change and in this process the soul brings you
to the position even the physicality is unaware of even though you know the acts
of the soul ultimate the emerging
so Rick is the cornerstones of the piece we will see this because we want that
piece and he has to come true economical growth and stability not through
economical war and instability and this will build up more and more I hope all
the knowledge seekers as we say that about the sort of these
what it is in Brazilian next few days but a new solution for world peace order
with their newest strengths will come up in bed his Excellency President of China
these actions were put about here and these two men
not what a pleasant world peace you and their soul needs a lot of support mr. Kesh I noticed that that President
Putin made an announcement today about new weapons that Russia has that no
foreign that have no foreign equivalents but he insists the country will not use
them to threaten anyone and he says the new new weapon systems are designed
exclusively to quote ensure our security and view of the growing threats and he
vowed to pursue arms control efforts so when I read that I thought booth seems
to be alluding to a whole new kind of system and perhaps he’s talking about
some kind of plasma based systems that are not currently talked about in the
amongst the countries you got to understand that the Keshe foundation
technology just does not come with us as a blessing of the sort of the scientists
or whatever and President Putin is fully aware of the Keshe foundation work the
contact and development of the connection between the DOMA and Russian
government was wrapped in the Han apartment when we were in training
because President Putin passed on the world peace treaty and the operation of
each of the DOMA to pass and it was left on that table
and you got to realize wealthy nations do not need to bark like a poor nations
with empty pockets and Russia is a wealthy nation
people don’t know how wealthy this nation is I’ve been there I worked there
I run offices there for nearly 15 years and people don’t understand how wealthy
this nation is you seen you walk on the street with
little tiny dogs when they see a big dog they button so hard and they deaf in the
whole neighborhood and the big dog just walks away
he’s just nothing America is that little dog barks too much he has nothing the
big dog knows what it is and he knows he’s what we call great just ignored
them in the dog Russia is a very powerful financially and even China
financially it always been one of the things which shocked us it wasn’t
shocked it was a big surprise to us they told us Russia is poor the land of
beggar’s and nothing else and whatever and when 1990s when the Russia opened up
and we recessed shop in Moscow and in Almaty in Kazakh started we couldn’t see
how much so much hundred dollar bills constants of this country where did this wealth come from if they
were so poor and everybody was hungry if those of you who do not know this is a
very small part all the carpet factories in Belgium were keyed up to export to
Russia square meter per truck hundred 220
trucks and month and all came back in US dollar cash bills and we didn’t know
where they got these bills was a small part of it he boarded the
clothing you we couldn’t understand how wealthiest nation is where would where
the economy was supposed to be communist they’re all supposed to be dying of
hunger but we never seen so much hundred-dollar bills you
I used to go to offices on the markets where our 24 agents used to work and
people don’t mind if you understand it’s it’s a lot of wealth these nations are
so wealthy they’re making said they’re suffering loud now who says they’re
happy in the way they live they’re very wealthy Russia is very
under graph means your peacefulness and power of knowing and Russian scientists
are an amazing group you got to realize that the Chinese
scientists even today they rely on the Russian scientists to bring them new
technologies Russian and Chinese scientists have not grown up to be
homegrown Russia help
mudstone when they were fighting the Japanese to get rid of them and we did
they brought a lot and the Russians Chinese highly respect Russians and they
even today they look up to Russia for the latest technologies and they moan
I’ve been to the meeting when there was just rushing I have not shared this part
when I start keeping it to themselves like you know we’re supposed to share
everything together can they have a lot of strength dinner they are very very
powerful nation and powerful nation bridge brings a lot of as I said the big
dog the little dog marks and sometimes the dogs happen to have a problem here we seen it and we walk around with it nations are wearing part which is
extremely advanced in all technologies because they be got to understand Russia
embraces new technologies from all nations is in touch with this is
something that outside world never understood our working with the Russian
scientists for a long time Russian mentality is embracing new
technologies and adding to and developing with and openness to
understanding presence your China is trying to bring this for the Chinese
don’t have that mindset it’s a mindset and they adopt very good and they are
very powerful Putin works very closely with with the
Iranian scientists in the space and plasma technology and the other field in
nuclear side and they share is not closed doors at the governmental level
Russians are very good at sharing because they get better feedback why – it’s saying the only fast only problem
is at the moment I have to be in a powerful to stop the blonde ops park too
much you in the other we have a question from Saavedra Slav in
the Q&A room I’m not sure sounds almost Russian
Bulgaria Bulgarian said he says you know cash foundation Russia is a very
powerful group and are in the scientific world
– my little girl yeah yeah don’t worry as well correct
you never seen Rory but Russian cash foundation supporters knowledge seekers
are extremely good extremely we have a very deep supporting the scientific
groups of the Russia so his question is why the soul does not remember the
previous life good morning who says have you seen your
son have you talked to him does not remember previous life because
it’s a man combination of the memories of the life of your father’s in the
graphics is not that it lived before it’s the collection of the two lines of
your mother and your father’s whatever your ancestors have gathered in the bank
of their information and the secondly mankind has access to the totality of
your knowledge does not need to be there on a physical damage so you could be
anyone of the past in a way if you read no no no no you’re not all of you are no
you have access to knowledge of the totality and mankind Bennigan’s becomes
a stronger to understand furthermore in essence not the sort of the man you have
access to the whole knowledge of the universe to the strength of universal
community does that include details down to the
knowledge of individual lives and if it’s as if it’s happened in real
connection you are always connected it’s just like you know you live in the house
and it’s you when your children your wife there’s a lot of noise goes outside
there’s a car accident the ambulance goes the group found shouts outside
husband and walk talking to each other and you see somebody’s me all those
noises goes on your ear hears bunnies learn to black it out because the wife
and the children are what you are concerned it’s the same with the work of
the so knocking on the sort of the man is only at this moment concerned with
the physicality of the life of the man but still hears all the noises are
recorded because you go to your CEO friend Mauro
says you know there was an accident there and there were many ambulances oh
I heard it what was in mine who was it’s a numbers con but his register here you
were home you heard it yeah so it’s the same process with a sort of here’s
everything my time you there is no man the carnation of the
soul is the man access to the information of the past through the
solar to the soul of the creator of man and in a way we are present in all
directions all the time you see I spread something a few minutes ago and how many
of you connected to the wish to the emotion of supporting the sort of the
sexually President Xi and present you think they’re just on you they have
access they take so how much of it would they use for
what is their discretion to create more peace condition if you have a piece
so and then in time if somebody has the strength of soul said oh him he gained
from his so time he was talking that they need the support and they received by elevation of the soul of the DJ’s we
don’t make them straight and stronger we make them to see more of the reality of
the peaceful life of the universe plasmid elevation culture the the beauty of the man is that he
likes to be blind to the truth of existence and the life of his own soul you and on blindness has been used as a
weakness by the church in the mosque and the rabbi’s and the thieves are back
tarts are all in the same one stills from the pocket and others –
from the solvent man that we exists plenty other question I open your eyes
to a lot of truth which is hard to imagine anybody could speak about now you have to understand the bankers
and the finances are all sitting in the same line as well as you know share prices crash because most
efficient you any other question please think about the new structure of
the jesh munition kept inside knowledge
seekers and how you would like to be part of to set up new research and
development what you like to see you don’t have that knowledge but there are
the people in the foundation and enology can help you to fill it up and
understand that and we say the true game of Science Space and Technology is about
but do not a stick to the four ganses and however people connect and in this
group this will be as assumed a new group set up the way the way the way we
would like it to happen is to sign as a knowledge seekers and I tend the first
couple of weeks of next season next semester the first are beginning of the
year I think it’s is the fifth or the sixth year of the fssi and in that group
in the first coupler was two weeks of teaching talk to each other they’re all
in the same classroom I want to know this who wants to be with me oh you do
part of this or do and set up your own groups and set up in what you like all
you like to be in two groups see if we can merge the two together and come
together every day every week the classes will be there open for who wants
to discuss what the problems are in a way we’re extending the work of their
the teaching of today with what rick has been doing with the workshops it becomes
a place now you decide and the students it’s like when you’re doing masters or
you do a research as a PhD the only problem is sorry we haven’t found any
penny yet and the paper to give me a PhD said you’re here for your research we
watch it on the soul of a man and then I hope that I’ll hit other research PhD
from the chair of the size reason when you saw then decide together this is what I want
you to join in to develop the research in what you thought maybe you have a
thought of it but you don’t have their understanding of the physical parameters
or whatever else you want to do and build a machine or a system or develop
an intellect does not need to be machinery looking to the more essence of
the development of the understanding of the whatever you want are we closing all these side body call
it fringe classes of the cash foundation they still run but in the background but
anybody would like to be deadly injury there I call it the grounding classes
will carry on if you want to carry about the main frame of the teaching Education
Foundation will change into research and development and you come in don’t worry
I don’t understand even how to make cancers but you are a housewife and you
seen if I could make an egg machine that I look at it likely will be made bring
it to the teaching enroll and say this is what I want to do can we find a way
that I can bore them it should act with my thinking and how it can be done in
the coming months in the coming weeks I will release the what we call the
control through the soul and emotion of the menses partially to one of knowledge
seekers very recently and I saw the shop with its head but he said when
understand how my body was there will as I said driven these technologies in in
made more strongly in the first room next few weeks you will see this system
that will work through the taught control because countries it’s not controlling other people’s
controlling your men would like to play with machines and toys you you when the other question was how we call
it a day from next week we start going in depth of the universal language in understanding of it no other question I tell you what we are
looking for maybe this is on the side cash foundation and headed by and Ella
as we are moving into a new direction we are looking for professional designers
on the contractual basis we’re looking for people who who can support
professional we’re not paying the extraordinary rates and whatever they
want correct could be you’re looking for people who can support the what if all
the programming landed on the internet side of the Keshe foundation our team
are exhausted for two years they stood a lot and now we want to start slowly
sharing we’re looking for number of doctors to start training to join the
Keshe foundation in new systems and in so many ways Keshe foundation is looking
for management who understand International Management work to start
carrying the factories and the managerial proper management e we’re not
looking for cash foundation just because you’re a very good knowledge seeker
we’re looking in knowledge seekers who have the experts are running a large
organizations we are cleaning up the pass very slowly
but at the same time the future is rapidly approaching so if you have many
of these talents we are looking for but what about knowledge seekers are very
good but and they think they are very good and they are very good but they
don’t carry the knowledge which we need to work set up international
organizations running companies and have dealers and this needs expertise and
talents in it which does not exist at this moment within the group of the
Keshe foundation as we are we are outsourcing and that’s as I said as I
step back more and more responsibilities running the whole cash machine the way I
know calls back on the shoulders of Bella and she’s got a very big broad
shoulder for a little girl but in so many ways we need to structure the the
wholeness the whole work of the Keshe foundation that it can move on to his
next stage of development internationally and if your knowledge
secure or not or you know somebody in these kind of films we are looking for
put them in touch with the Keshe foundation we are outsourcing for people
who can design the new factories in three dimension and we are looking for
people who can understand the design and development of managing international
factories and being in knowledge seeker is very nice but if you have to show a
track record you know how to manage when that goes on their body called
leadership of a Jamila as a head of the technician body called manufacturing
side this we need and if you are in China we need a lot of help as we are
developing more and more in knowledge seekers to work with one mean as I had
application initially in China we are expanding there’s a lot of work and the
team’s gradually get a small down there and if you have a talent
and as long as what we call financial benefits will show her Porter Foundation
the new we are in a rendered large recruitment in the coming weeks we
announced the establishment of the Keshe foundation manufacturing in Austria
we’re looking for well maybe starting on 100 couple hundred people in the next
couple of months this is for this we are looking at the
industrial plants now it has to we have to start putting out the new systems
which are sold by there but I called Keshe foundation manufacturing and at
this side we need experts in so many ways
doesn’t matter which country from from here from EU is much easier for us
because U is easy to to engage with the work but Keshe foundation Austrian X
maximum month or so we’ll announce looking for recruiting maybe at least
starting mid-may 1500 your bidding up to 500 people in next year as the orders
and the commitments for the scene units old has got to be completed as the
numbers are increasing we need to meet the demand the position of the factory
will be announced by the cash management Austria so we are we start putting an
employment list out and the factory know she has Authority with it next couple of
weeks has to be this target is for is what we call functions and work we’re
looking for electronic people people who understand in the work of electronic
system control we are looking for cash foundation knowledge seekers who
understand the work of the plasma again on the research side and rest will come
as we said when we spoke with officials on the government of the Austria they
said they don’t have the manpower to bring there is no and be a fully
employed only probably in Austria is run about three four percent which is no
more transition work so we look for outside and they’re going to find people
who outside that if you knowledge seekers and you want to
world in running of these factories the first factories in the various one scale
would I start in Austria next most from a couple of weeks on I returned back
from Brazil to start and for the assembly and production of the units
which are sold and he has to be delivered in Monaco China there’s a question mark with our German
knowledge seekers the set up of the Keshe foundation about Center in Austria
has nothing to do what is getting set up in Germany and number of these will open
up in Germany you need I know a lot of Germans are trying to rest up up to what
we call setting up up their health centers and others using the technology
we can support you if you would like to collaborate with the foundation in
different ways we can speak our latter in the german-speaking meeting people I
think is tonight if we can do to see how we can help you and I know a lot of
Germans have a small bits they want to put in it’s something you have to sort
out and we support you to do the rest we are known as us are here and we know
there is a there soon will be announced and we should have done something in
Canada and there is a talk of more in United State and that French supporters
who want us develop we are prepared to help you go on the same channel as where
there is a sale and put your questions and what you have what you want and we
try to support it the same in Denmark the same in Norway the people from what
are called Switzerland we look into your case and I let you know and people from
the same going from Morocco and Arab nations all been a murder Arab average
end of this month with negotiation for developing things hopefully we can come
to an agreement with a what he called United Arab friends that we can do this
we are looking to establish the Iranian community investing in Middle East we
are supporting it I would love to see Syrians to take up what I call the establishment of the
first health centers in Damascus should be one of the priorities of the Arab
League or Arab supporters they’ve suffered enough and we can help them
they’ll be there cash machines prepared to support the Damascus development in
health centers on the ground – foundation we stand supporting the
nation on our own account the process and the use of technology in Damascus
for the first three years will be met freely by the Keshe foundation the
nation needs Allah you
me and house as we have the financial capabilities to do to support nations
which they need a support out of ambition we are committed to the peace
in Syria and we support the nation of Syria with India we have to see what we can do India has been an enigma tradition for
years and we have tried everywhere to find a solution
maybe solution will come in some way with the help of Bangladesh over there
others that we give a leg up and they might stand up and let’s see what
happens mr. Kesh we’re getting quite a few questions recently from people in
the agricultural side from farmers that are want to try experiments at Jionni
for example as as a plot plot of land and he wants to know you know what do
how to treat the the wheat and and this kind of thing we know we have the
private teachings with the agricultural part of KF SSI is there anything else
you can recommend we are we are be well obtained agricultural part of the
condition with the new technology I know there’s a lot of talks about cancers and
God knows what we can add you can you as I said go and register in the cafes our
education side on day standard student and make a team all the
farmers who want to do farm get in there and make it as you make a report
and work with it and make it and bring cover enough issues to supervise just
don’t grow something I want to grow this and that and see what it does when you
do it bring the officials a harvest in China
on 1 million square metre which was tested is completed we are waiting for
data but we work with our officials we want to see what the data says we
received a harvest back so we can analyze try to organize yourselves in
these education classes that you don’t need to leave lean on agricultural dr.
cut was an abdication of an issue in agriculture is always there he is a man
of agriculture and then we have guys in Canada who are doing a lot we got
Chinese who are doing a lot this in these teaching classes come together and
panel this is what I’m growing this is what it is and make your team can we
make a new agricultural machine that he can do on this and that can we do and if
we can develop it if he can’t see the need for it yes we can do this morning I
was talking to our cash management team we might come up with a new solution for
greenhouses that will change a lot of things we know how we respond the next
few weeks we you can grow everything at home in a
very different manner without any fertilizers or without any pesticide
we give this to you to test and show we make this available Muslims we are
talking to and work in two directions of what we call plasma or field operations
or what I would love to know which in agriculture would like to go and operate
with us but we are put when you set up these groups of we’re careful society we
give you suggestions these are the technologies we have we would like you
to work agriculture has become 2 or 3 people who just do things and they try
to share come in I’ve got a little plot of land 50 meter hundred square meter in
the back of my house and I want to blow tomatoes and cabbages we have new
systems we want to test run we can talk you can’t hack this up like we can’t
talk but walk away from using dancers and using zinc or co2 this is what I
said a new organization then your teaching will bring you up we’re talking
about the field control you’re talking about in different part of the land as
you grow potato in one and the keratin the other one they both can grow and we
are looking into new plasma system technologies and what we call the
process has to move on is not I used against this and what the steel to
incision this is nice but this is from 10th
century going the knowledge of stage manager there was a question the last
question in the Q&A that just popped up here from someone called shine you I’m
not familiar with he says my family has a pig farm and some of them have
contracted ASF which is the African swine fever
I did I think it’s in China somewhere yeah
because the the the the email is from China ie says I tested it in the lab and
Gans can purify the virus I’m going to experiment with thousands of pigs no
don’t do that do not anything I need to pay attention to
yes to know if you’re going to try and thousands of pigs get in touch with
mangling a new process Clinton what you call commercial or governmental or
institutional clinical trial has it started this week in China that goes
with the monitoring with the government we done many of tests the government is
not interested they are not interested how much we we just speak to Wang Ling
gonna you know how to get in touch with an intro China
it can’t to any nerve to qqk transition my name we’ll see she’s monitors all the
time and let her know and we organize maybe you can do it with the monitoring
from the officials we need to give we done many many tests to show it does you
know how it is get into straight way to and made you have three points of
reference in China I mean get in touch with shaji as a head of Keshe foundation
agriculture you don’t know why any Kong getting any interest recharging
otherwise killing that with Chow these are the key people will come to us very
rapidly and if you’re going to test on thousands of pigs we already know the
data join the foundation because your data doesn’t count you test on now we
have officially processing there is van winning the packer she can come and tell
us what is done when lean can you hear us I hear on the chat you
you hello they have a problem the bazooms in
China at the moment can you hear me okay hi
I mean can you explain to us what’s going on on the process here started
with their pigs on a trial and how you want this gentleman to get in touch yeah
I because we have done a lot of tests but since – now the government having to
pay much attention and we have to get the research people to join but recently
we are going to do a child with research institution in China for forepeak and
then I he will write like a formal report so that is more like credit to
report to the government so if everybody want to try the test it’s better like a
week organized as a whole and I will inform this research institution to
follow up so then the data will be like that made by the government thank you very much
which channel they want them to use to contact I think they can write to China
plasma mm-hmm can you give us a full email please
and also could you I think they can contact the Tokyo yeah but what email do
you can you give a fully email taking yeah okay
okay it’s better to give us the email please is easier yeah I think if the everybody know the
kicker is also the email the queue is two two one nine four two six two five
four repeat to the game please two two one nine four two six two five
four you know the email is outer cuckoo calm
no the kiss tradition plasma one the one which scientists we are getting a lot of
Iranians going on the Chinese Channel and the Europeans we’re getting Arameans
and the Chinese and okay would you like to read the same milking this do you
have it in the background the Chinese email I think it’s a China
plasma out no not sure is faster than you look Tasha plasma china
show ya cash cash plasma china but I took one six three.com okay thank you
very much and we don’t know how the Iranians get there it’s very strange and
how does you announcer to end up teaching everybody had that so they just
a right down there and write to me okay thank you very much my men you know what
thanks to you anything else I think you’ve covered a lot of bases today
mister cash and we’re up to over three and a half hours here of your time so
it’s all a lot of times let’s see what happens on how we grow the structure is
that gradually the foundation is coming out of what we call being kept out of
the society by those who thought they can keep us out but in the coming time
we were changing and a lot of things will change as people away with
different system very different knowledge I love to ask you one wish one
request support the soul of the world leaders in Brasilia you would understand
the reason why we are heading for peace and peace needs a lot of support and a
lot of man who are my enemies thank you very much we call it a day and thank you very much
for new cycle in the knowledge of that at least our promise we trying to teach
poor commerce before those who came from the stock market to maybe learn more
that they can do something more with it there is that much here all the benefits
of the Keshe foundation as organization stays the intellectual right and the
property of the Keshe foundation worldwide as a knowledge cities thank
you very much very good Thank You mr. Kesh and if
there’s no other announcements I think we can complete today’s workshop that
seems to be true okay thank you everyone for attending today’s 300 and first
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday November 7th 2019 knowledge of the
universe and Thank You mr. Kesh for your knowledge of the universe today and
informing us on the latest developments of the Keshe foundation ok Flint
thank you for co-hosting today and take us away innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this new plasma enhancement changes the
environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balanced energetic
condition as in the womb of the mother allowing every cell in the body of the
man to find its natural original field strength balance the shape and field
distribution in this new space plasma technology replicates the inner
structure of the universe and replicates the balance fields from which the man
was created the point of Inception in the womb of the mother not only
receiving balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense – for the
first time in the history of man a system has been developed and delivered
which not only enhances the physical body of the man but also enhances the
emotional part of the user of the system hence reducing and eliminating many
problems that could not be solved in the world of science to bring the body of
the man into near perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship
technology can be within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by
medical practitioners sport specialists and healthcare centres the universal
enhancement spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here the
journey from space to spaceship technology has started every order is
subject to a contractual agreement and might require additional accessories
priced separately for applications according to each case you can order or
contact us at office at 80 k FM Global for additional information you you


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