[Music] one two I have four exams coming up and I have four days to study for them I’m screwed because I also have to write an essay and that’s due tonight I slept at midnight last night because I wanted to wake up at 8 a.m. and I ended up waking up at like 1:00 it’s 150 right now if you guys are looking for a fun game to play there’s this game called trade island I’m addicted and the objective of this game is to like plan your own crops and make Goods and trade it with the people on this island and make them happy this is so cute watch this yeah okay anyways yeah this is a free app if you use my link down below to download this you’ll get a free swimming pool this is the swimming pool and you can get a free motorcycle like one of those I’d like to emotionally invested in this [Music] I came back from Martins also about this head bed it’s like a different shade of red than the sweater I’m wearing let me just do alcohol as always I bought bananas they were doing a buy one get one free sale so I bought four of these yakisoba I got rice I got the same one I the last time I got spam oh I got two monsters because exams these were on sale so I bought chicken nuggets eggs so this is fried kimchi with eggs and IOT I have an essay due in seven hours and I haven’t started writing it hopefully I can finish it in like four hours this is a five page essay so wish me luck I don’t think I’m gonna run out of time but I really want to pace myself so that I can finish it in like five hours or so I don’t know how to do a time-lapse on this camera so I’m just gonna use my phone to do study time glasses [Music] okay first of all it’s super cold I just finished my essay is currently 943 I spent like five hours on that day now I need a study for my theology exam from this list of nine questions she’s gonna choose four questions and then I need to choose two questions and answer them I’m so obsessed with BTS it’s so bad how obsessed I am with them like on YouTube all of my recommended videos are of BTS [Music] I also have some seaweed to eat with my fried rice and the smoothie [Music] [Music] [Music] eat these chicken nuggets oh these are popcorn chicken but they look big in the picture so I didn’t think they’d be this small I got my popcorn chicken I’m gonna eat this with some baby spinach did I go to sleep nope why not I couldn’t fall asleep because I had a runny nose it’s currently 7 a.m. today’s Tuesday 2 days before my first exam which is the hardest one and I haven’t started studying for that I’m going to dedicate 12 hours today to studying for that exam will I be able to survive let’s find out [Music] stage is reporting ready for launch it’s so cold I want to pick up some packages I’m pretty sure I know what these are I think these are the nails that I ordered I have the heater on inside my room I set it to like 70 degrees I’m pretty sure the temperature outside my door is the same as the temperature outside like outside outside because it’s so cold like whenever I go to the restroom I can’t even sit on the toilet because it’s so cold did I order this many I guess I did no there’s no way I ordered these or maybe AJ my first one looks like this super cute and then the second ones it’s so festive it’s so cute these are like marble detailed super cute super cute I’m trying to like copy tongue books look where he like has his glasses all the way down it’s not working it’s like high key looks like seaweed like a package huge oh my gosh wait this is so cute I hope it’s not too small I think it might be too small oh my god oh no I should be okay [Music] [Applause] I’m melting butter on the pan going to make some toast [Music] I got a health pack this is munch packs new box they have a cheap pack a regular pack I think and then a health pack they sent me this I was supposed to get this like three weeks ago but it was sent to my old address like to my dorm address and I thought the girl who lives there now just ate it because it wasn’t coming for weeks but it arrived today so I’m glad that she didn’t eat it oh I actually really like these chips I tried it in another flavor I think these are barbecue being chips and we have some supercede we’re gonna whole grain but we have chickpea dough’s these are actually really good and fruit leather okay well these cookies are really good oh this time it’s a white chocolatey macademia then we have curiously crunchy popcorn I really like these waffles cinnamon more full and then organics our twist we have brownie and last but not least great okay last time I got some pickle flavor peanuts I think I don’t know how I feel about those those were way too salty in a weird way at this time I have Baja taco um yeah I’ll see how these taste and let you know yeah thank you much Rockford sending me food and feeding nicely during finals week cuz I really need this [Music] today’s the day so we’re allowed to make this one-page cheat sheet where we just write down whatever we want to write down I wrote down just a bunch of reactions yeah I just realized that tomorrow I have six hours of testing to go through cuz I have three exams I don’t know how I’m gonna survive on a scale of one to ten my confidence for this final is a negative 10 I was supposed to get coffee in the morning but I woke up at 10 I think I got like a good 5 hours of sleep which is pretty good considering that I was going to pull an all-nighter I feel like this banana is ripe but it’s just so cold in my house that it like unripened itself thousands of teens Nate Dale I went to the wrong room to take my exam I went to the room where we usually take exams I totally forgot about the fact that it changes for finals no okay I was in the right room but in the wrong building and I realized I was in the wrong building three minutes before him I didn’t know what the right room was like I like oh is it in this building and so I went to the second obvious building it’s not the first obvious he’s like why wouldn’t you take your science exam in a science building I don’t know so I went to the second obvious building which is Dee Bart and thank God it was correct I was not able to concentrate on the exam at all like I ran and I don’t do that often and so for the first 30 minutes my heart was racing like crazy this is like I was sweating so much because I ran for the first time in years I was looking at the questions but they didn’t look like anything long story short I needed it start going to class I need to start getting my life together before we started our exam the professor was like oh just remember what we learned in class if a molecule seems complicated just remember what we did in class and it’s just like I never went to class I wouldn’t know [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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