3 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Highly Rewarding Language Learning Session

One of the crucial skills that you can
acquire nowadays is learning how to learn and this concerns language
learning and anything else. But there is one aspect that is often neglected
within the language learning world and it is getting ready to learn, how to get
the setup correct before you start learning anything. Hi my name is Luca
from LucaLampariello.com and today I’m going to show you how I get ready to
learn any language. We know that building habits is crucial when you want to learn
anything and you want to do it for a long time but the problem is it’s
difficult to stick to your habits so one thing that you want to keep in mind is
that when you start learning languages and you have and you want to learn
languages every day, make sure that you see the object that you’re going to
use the language material, the book photocopies – you name it – just visible
when you wake up in the morning or when the moment comes to learn, because that
will remind you “okay that’s the time to learn”. So, one thing that is very easy to
do and it’s a huge reminder of learning is that I keep all my language learning
material on my desktop, because that’s where I sit down and that’s where I
start learning every single day when I wake up. Okay so, I’m sitting down and I’m ready
to learn. What is it that I do? First, I have my computer on the left, second I
have my language material on the right, I always make sure that I have some paper
based material, because I really like paper based and he keeps me focused
– we’re going to talk about this in a second – so what I do is that I use my computer to listen to some audio files, and in the
meanwhile, I just mark words or mark the the intonation of the language on the right
so in this position it’s really easy to do two things at the same time: on the
one hand literally – better – with my left hand I’m just stopping the audio on and
off when they need to, and with my right hand, I’m just looking at a piece of
paper marking the intonation potentially of the text and also marking words for
vocabulary. So I can do two things at the same time with both hands But there’s one last thing there really
makes a difference and without this nothing is useful in a way. You want to
stay focused. When we talk about having or finding time, that’s just one piece of
the framework, of the entire picture. The reality is that there are two other
important factors and they’re energy and concentration. In particular,
concentration is so important nowadays because we live in a world full of
distractions. So the very first thing that I do is I turn off my phone or I
put it in flying mode because your phone is a main source of distraction, and oh – one
other thing – don’t look at your phone as soon as you wake up – it really distracts
you – you want to stay focused on tasks and just hit languages if you are an
early morning person and you learn languages first thing in the morning. So
the first point is if you want to get into the habit of learning, you better
have some visual cues just in front of you when you wake up, when you when you start learning, because that’s very important and it’s an easy reminder of
oh that’s the moment to learn. The second point is getting to the right position
and get the right tools for learning. Remember: technology can be your master
or can be your slave and if you want to technology to be at your service,
you better use technology the right way. And the third point is make sure that
you eliminate all the possible distractions, all the possible obstacles
that keep you from being focused from stay focused for at least 30 minutes
because you have to remember that it’s not just about time it’s also about your
energy and about your concentration. So there you have it. If you want to know
more just click in the description box below which will take you directly to my
blog and my website, where you will be able to read an article about this topic
and many other topics within the language learning world. And don’t forget
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  5. John Kr

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    Before you start the most important thing is to be psychologically ok. The mood is very important. When I am unemployed I am feeling so bad and so stressed out that I cannot even read a word.

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    How do you guys prepare for your language learning session? What is it that you do in practice? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share your tips and tricks!

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    Guys, if you haven't already, check out a productivity app that I've been using to help me track my productivity (and in this case language learning), it's called Forest, and my French "staying on task" has been SO much better since using it.
    Thanks to Luca for another great video!

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    I wanted to get one of those big white boards, where I can list all the things I want to do each day and put an ✔️ when I've done it and then I can just erase it in the evening. ^^

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    Good tips Luca, In my case what helped: instead of curbing distractions, I eliminated them. It was a long process, but I tried to really make distractions, no more distracting.
    For example, instead of locking my console in a room to not see it I just stopped playing altogether, I realized that playing games and other distractions are not the only way to have fun, instead I have fun learning. I could study no problem beside a console now.
    But I need some distractions sometimes so I tried to make the remaining ones still useful. Like your video just now. (note: that I'm writing this message right now, and that's exactly what I need at this moment in my language learning career)

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