299th Knowledge Seekers Workshop October 24, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race within the centre of the universe in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions of years these fields mean to the
creation of what we call the sea where the passport gathers together
the same process repeats again because the Sun is the same as energy cell now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in Hispanic universe of the Sun the radius arm was
the same thing again radius fields out and in interaction
with the itself but the fields of itself leads to creation in that process of the
creation of planet the same process happens again in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling and exchange with the strength of the
other things in the environment of the space of the solar system leads to
creation of my cell mattress state and that itself in coming together and
stowing down in certain ways as we call released under the Sun
we call this one this is the truth father life and
creation but if the soul of the math can
understand it and absorb and be correct with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to
the issue and if the soul can understand with the same process can interact can
be correct can absorb with his self the totality of the strength of what he
needs he shall become the son and then the same song as the energy
that they can absorb in the solar system within the galaxy shall be common sense earth we call in the rain come from
horseback this whole extent we call it planetary
system we come from the race with the company planet and back same thing happens with galaxies with
the solar systems we said give us all back in tuned up the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn’t matter what exchange product so
what is the man fighting why would we fight for something which has come from
the point of the deviation and in the process it was patented Asian the soul of the man
as the energy of the earth used the face of the pound the face of the earth and
that process is the same a solo are sold in reduction in strength in
interaction the emotion of the fields of environment least by the recession of
the existence of but once is completed does it need a
face or can it be and becomes free from the bubble called the soul of the man we
fear and attachments existence our soul is part of the process of the
creation decay to one question homage of being in
the future to be answered as we saw the Sun came birth and as we
saw the earth became that’s all what will be the destiny of the salon –
that helps me the point of departure for mentality would it become the Sun or creation of
another life of many lives or correctional drives this shall be and
this is how he happens when you create Seoul which is not great
which is misconduct by itself can deliver we lead the creation of the next
cycle of creation which has started the wrong way their own slate this is one thing the man has never
understood you become the creator of another universe another side and this is what you have to judge the
restructure to swallow what would I like that sentry in the physical of life create children
in the dimension of the life of the soul of the man what that man what that soul
would create if man has thought up to now that’s it my end my point that is
finished there’s as much fallacy that when the Sun is destroyed initial form
they shall be nothing left but we know the part of the Sun becomes part of the
galaxy and of Spartan life so shall be discovered the judgment of man has to be according
to what he sees the future his soul can conduct the day of judgment for a man not in
front of to create that what my soul judges to be and what shall create man never understood and shall never
understand till can solve this time I’m opening itself the reality is very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the galaxy become the Sun they need you up
to some has become the earth and energy of the earth and soul of man so shall be
the soul of the man she’s an energy itself another side rock how can you change when you don’t
understand how can you change the process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation do we need to extend the understanding
of the man that what is the future it brings we care about our children what
education they get what they were how happy they’ll be where they sleep now the man has to be careful and
consider what life shall buy so creative because those are the children are as we see the rays of the Sun has become
planet and seven million children vii billion unlimited scroll so the soul
of man go through the same process how many billions and subdivisions and sub
matter stated is cultured man your soldier
would it be the scholar wars and conflict eventually or wouldn’t be the
sole of blood solar system which is peaceful this is the truth and the reality of
mother’s blood first of all as I said many time recently we never understood
that the score after hand it’s within the structure and now that we understood
understand and departure from its culture that the same process carry on a
state where started and his form of the man becomes the that energy source
higher water which itself leads to the creation becomes a star center news
aggregation this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts point of death and love finishes above
them in so many ways the war understands is
after dusts specks of dust came together to make the earth in the solar system so
has the specs of the items has come to be the creator plan and lessons of the
creation of this box on busting the solar system has led to the creation
social media fields from the soul of man’s education under the sign of Mike
what kind of man would like to have to be created this is the day of judgment this is what man never understood
now you have to understand you have no trust up to today you another where of
it drop today all of the web´s falsified your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul but inheriting so what you become the creator of stands correct imbalances we don’t get editor this is a beauty
product as you see the process does not stop with work son
beside one carries on is very interesting in how humanity now
in fact we had we’ll take the case for man to
understand then you understand those of the tools of war the tools of conflict
they have less they have nothing to start with they have to become the dust
in the solar system but others till the day they learn more as they cannot
create a new cycle to grow so this is the elevation of the soul of man to be
part of the creation of beautiful life for the next cycle well you don’t have
it you have to become another cell in the body of this truck shop bigger for
you to be just there that he can done many would have been the solid they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of love procreation if you cared about your
children on this planet to have the best the true children come out of here who
saw in the coming time how would you like to educate how would you like to be
when you are in conflict with yourself and the cause of so much this city and the man will take a long
time to understand as now that we understand the soul of the man is an
operator a variation of the fusion extended but whatever is gathered by the
south at the end becomes his point of reference as all creation of his own
language but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the soul shall call the creator of others this is the beauty of aviation and one
understands it understands no limitation welcome everyone to the two hundred and
ninety-ninth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday October 24th 2019 this is a
broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department
and part of the public teachings in English my name is Rick Kremlin I’ll be
one of your hosts today along with Flint Mull housing and as usual we are honored
to have our special guest here mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation and I
believe he’s ready to go as usual for yet another knowledge seekers workshop
here hello mr. Kesh good morning good day to you as usual wherever whenever
you listen to these knowledge seekers series of teaching today as usual we
will go through what is to be shared as knowledge and what we have and what
developments we have protein and in time we can see how we can progress today
what I call text and understanding of the work of physicality and the soul of
the man and eventually how this will lead us to better understanding of
ourselves you know what we call this Toni on this well it’s one of the
universe as usual we go through steps my steps and try to understand more and see
what is going on and what is happening what is about to happen and some of you
might know already and so we might not know this week we lost a lot of hope but
we gained more with another things which happen around us and a lot of things are
developing in a good way and in so many ways we see progress in every
direction for the condition and many of those who are around the foundation we
have a what I call joyful news but to some people looks to be sad as they look
at the physicality one of our close colleagues and calm member of the core
team Sandor was elevated to the soul of universal soul we all know him he is still in the
dimension of physicality with us but in so many ways
he has taken apart elevation of his soul to a new dimension it’s not in a way a path which is not known to us we all
know this path how we make our way to the universal community and to universal
so as an introduction video we saw we have to understand the essence that in
leaving a smaller piece as a dimension of physicality we become a bigger part
to create a new cycle of life to become part of the creation of the Creator in
dimension of the soul we led to the creation of cells in our body of the man
and once we depart we become the creator of the inner structure they become part
of universal soul which allows us to be able to participate in the beauty of the
Creator to be manifested across this universe the spells of unica’s a lot of
us have very good memories of physical time of Sando and in so many ways he’s
with us amongst our souls and my son with many ways thoughts goes with him
and his family we give our marks altered them to go through this time to
understand the changes in condition and changes in physical dimension of the
matter in the future as man evolves further and understands more about the
process of the creation this point of separation from physicality is a birth
to a new dimension much bigger than man could ever imagine time when we reached our point is the
children joint and the time of rejoice and in so many ways we keep pictures and
memories and we carry on with a lot of things to remember the time when be very
physical dimension it’s very much that when we go to another country and we see
our family really joyous being with them then then we go home and that trip of
holidays is the trip of life of the man and now we joined the what we call
non-dimensional positions of the soul of the man in dimension of the creation of
the universal soul our friends have gathered some of the pictures and
memories of his physical time with us as you know is a member of the courting and
the soul of the members of the core team stays sacral Santa forever it is
important for us to understand we all leave the physical life we all have a
time as I heard very recently they said why couldn’t why shouldn’t why did me
not other explain to one of our member of the core team very recently again we
are not here to change the course of the physicality just because we have the
knowledge our knowledge has to be that we satisfy the dimension of the soul of
the man not our precious physical time that we have and if this is not the
point we don’t understand that everybody becomes member of the Keshe foundation
that through the knowledge of the Keshe foundation they have a physical life
forever and they become another cult in understanding what a total understanding
altercation validation teaching we have to understand that physical dimension
has a limitation where the zone of the man has no limitation in dimensional
points in the soul out to create then if we don’t understand this everybody as I
said becomes member of the Keshe foundation that they can last forever in
physical dimension and whenever they cannot do that then there is something
wrong with the structure of the teaching of Spanish this shows the lack of
understanding of the truth on behalf of those who have no understanding of the
creation so in so many ways we all take this path even my soul even my
physicality and the rest of you the reality is we are here to nurture and to
understand the process of the creation that comes to us after the birth in the
new damaged we all take this path some of us shorter
summers longer some of us will leave it to the decision
of the soul because the others are not aware of the physical pain we carry as
you will see in the videos which is collected Santa was a master
he was a master of making everything which the Keshe foundation made he was a
teacher he taught everything and he knew everything the foundation showed him the way for
him to decide and the soul has decided not the physicality you know in so many
ways he was aware of the whole knowledge he was given every support in a
dimension of knowledge as the last man standing and as a teacher and as one of
the main what we call participant in teaching operation he could decide his
own destiny and it was left on that even though we gave him all the knowledge in
fact it’s the same goes for me as much as everyone of us we have it in
knowledge we have to choose the time and the place through the dimension of the
solar as a knowledge seeker as a member of the core team as a support member of
the Universal Council as a teacher and a master of education our nation sandor
new averaging he taught many how to do things how to make things he could
explain the details the integrates understanding of the technology but the
salvation of his soul was his own choice last times we talked with him the last
times we had a conversation and any other points
he was always aware that it was not my decision or anybody else’s he had to
take the path and so many of us we choose it our way even though he might
not look the right way in the dimension of his can I give him my salt dr. Corti
and knowing what I know he is we praise his time with us and we praise
his soul that is to be with us to guide us true what we need to learn now that
he’s become a diverse teacher our friends have made some memorial
pictures of his good time with us and in the clips that you will see you see his
master Schumer teaching he had access to every knowledge and a choice of life was
his as The Last Man Standing or his own soul
how we choose to disguise it and how we choose to show the separation of the
soul of physicality is totally in the hand of our soul and we thank for his
time in the physical dimension even though we have not lost whenever knows
is time adoration of Flint would you like to remind us of the good types but
he was with us on the holiday time of planet Earth with his suffering
yes I’ll get that right here thank you very much as you have seen
he’s been master the choice was his side as we know so one of the memories I have
from tongue is what I call cheekiness as if you knew him can you just you
microphone he he was in a conference in Italy with us
he was sitting not very far behind me and we asked nobody to record anything
but as you know Santa has to do something
he has his laptop and I can see his camera running I said to him son Don
nobody is supposed to record his meetings except what we put up oh he
says no no no I’m not recording I’m not recording and then I noticed a few
minutes later he moved from behind me right to the far end in a furnace corner
he could see it and he gave us on his laptop and the camera was running again
and I went to him Cassandra you just moved
but you haven’t stopped all he said no something’s needed to be recorded in the
way history he was somebody’s microphone he always had to capture the moment he
had to capture that is there that he can remember he can register away some of
this microphone is stored and mid so enemies has been a pleasure to know him
as a member of the core team as one of the solid members
foundation in achieving a lot and giving a lot to the foundation he’s done a lot
of work with us and a lot of joy time with us he went through a lot of other
points of suffering trying to get things that he’s been very active in so many
other ways in support indication additional security and integrity of the
operation without many people knowing and in a way he was committed to what he
did the latter part of his life due to the situations in the Keshe foundation a
lot of things happen with all of us done in a way brought us the Solidarity of
knowing who and how we stand next to each other I thanked his wife and his
family for nourishing such a beautiful soul and somehow as we all knew one of
the members of the Keshe foundation last Sunday traveled to him to see him to say
goodbye and I’ll send my love joy it is the passage we all take the bridge shape
of forms and in this level of understanding we celebrate his life you
know Joy’s mission he has taken we known bond we celebrate as we understand the
truth we don’t take a moment of silence because dust only we celebrate moment of
joy as it’s a celebration it’s a new birth I leave the platform open for any
of the members – foundation would like to share their memories of physical
dilation of the sadness well for me this is Rick here for me and I met Jen door many years ago
when the cash plasma reactor group first started up somewhere and I think it was
in 2013 so about six or seven years ago Shandra is one of the original numbers
of the cash plasma reactor group and I’m not sure how we connected I think
through Facebook or Skype through Skype somehow and he started doing his
experiments and his making of the nanomaterials and so on and we were
discussing different reactors and about the original patents of mr. Kesh which
is mostly what we had to go off of in the early days there wasn’t that much
information about building reactors specifically and and all of that and I
got to know Shandor fairly well it was difficult at first because it was hard
for me to understand his some of his English and and he got better better
with that as time went on and I get better at listening to him and we had
some very in-depth conversations and reached some common understandings about
some very very deep topics and I appreciated his ability to go into those
zones of understanding that most people didn’t
we have the knowledge he had the knowledge about the knowledge about how
to get knowledge and how to work with knowledge and how to work with one’s
attention and – and one’s intention as well and in fact like mr. Kesh said he
was a master he was able to do many many things and if he wished to he could
master practically anything that he put his attention to one thing that when
when I went to Italy and actually met shendure in person in the physicality
back in 2015 for the opening of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute in
Bari and Barletta in Italy I discovered that Shandor has a certain well as we
know shun doors he’s always a teacher he’s always someone that likes to get
his not opinion so much but his knowledge in he likes to intervene
whenever possible to correct someone with their knowledge or to give them
additional knowledge or to to interact with them so when I was in in Italy I
decided to bring some what’s called the magic ring routine which is three rings
there about 10 inches diameter and they are the linking rings it’s a magic act
you could say so this is when I only I’m a one-trick pony for magic acts and
that’s the one I happen to know I know it fairly well and so I wanted to show
mr. Kesh and so on at a dinner there and what
and wouldn’t you know Shandor already knew all about it and knew what to do
and he was he cut right in there and he kind of stole the show in a way I was
about to in interact into my routine and he sort of gave me a wink and I knew
from what he was doing and what he was saying that he knew exactly how they the
trick worked and he wanted to work with me with that and we did a pass and he
did a little thing and so on and so that’s kind of the way he is he just
jumps right in and turns out he already knows much about what you’re discussing
there what you’re interacting with and he just engages and and that was great
that it was all perfect and he established I realized who I was dealing
with at that time I guess and it was it was great
he’s always been there with this kind of almost a jolly attitude in a way just
like that gung-ho spirit that that it’s just persevere Xand the dedication is a
good word that describes his perseverance in life I guess you might
say and yeah thank you Shandor for for just being there in this dimension so
that we were able to rub shoulders with you and and get a little bit of your
magic rubbed off on us there anybody else that has something they’d like to
say about the experience of Shandor good morning Leake
good morning this is alsa pyres it go ahead you know I don’t know when I got
to know sandwich just just under sameen to know him and talk to him but I think
our soul was connected because every time I was in trouble or needed
something I would reach out to him I don’t know why but he was the one always
immediately answer me and that was there was fantastic I mean I don’t know how he
got that understanding but I don’t know the first time just maybe hearing his
voice but whatever reason automatically if I was a stuck in reaching to someone
and opening your app or anything I was just even in a knowledge seeker I would
chat with him and he gave me that that feeling you know I could I can use the
variable guy I can depend on him I can reach out to him anytime and he never
leaves me alone I mean I never lose me neither
you know this place that I don’t cannot find my way he was he was there for me
and excuse me our one person said that in relation to that that chand or he
would have wanted Shandor as his father because he had that yeah yeah you are
there any kind of thank you yes yeah any I mean anything you would I mean you
just he was just always there you know no matter what it was there to help you
and I love him for that and and I I always want to find a way to help mouth
with what was happening to him but given to the latter I think I don’t know I
think I didn’t know when he passed away and even it was I think yesterday reach
out to my second I can be help him and he was already gone thank you yes it’s
notable that he passed at 11:11 on the 22nd of October 2019 well I’ve had another experience that
I’d like to impart quickly here speaking of this time of passing 11 11 so it’s 1
1 1 1 which you could say is 2 2 on the 22nd to 2 of October 2019 so I thought
that was nice little coincidence and on the day of his passing I decided that
I’d buy two $1 lottery tickets scratch tickets they call them in the memory of
Shandor and if I won the big $10,000 prize I would send it off to his to his
family and so on so I scratched the the to scratch tickets and with Shandor and
mind and the first one came up as a $2 winner not enough greedy so it matched
three twos to win the $2 winner of this first ticket okay I thought well I paid
for the two tickets and I’m a $2.00 winner and it’s two is the number
because it’s 1 1 1 1 which is when he passed on the 2 2 of October we’re good
to go so I took the second ticket and I
scratched that and wouldn’t you know the same thing again match the three twos it
was a $2.00 winner twice in a row so then I had to to tell her winner lottery
tickets Wow I just made $4 from $2 which is pretty good on this these scratch
things and it’s not various first of all it’s not very often even by these it’s
not something I do often every once in a while I just throw everything to win and
buy a couple of these when other tickets and so they’re both $2 winners
okay fair enough then I have four dollars I said I’m gonna take them in
today and trade them in for four tickets for one dollar tickets which is one one
one one all right I take in the to $4 there took in the to $2 winners got four
new tickets took them home and just scratched them an hour so ago and
wouldn’t you know out of those four tickets I’ve got a $2.00 winner matching
the two two and two again and another $2.00 when you’re matching the two two
two again so I’m back to having two $2.00 winners for four tickets 11.1 once
again to go back in tomorrow and trade these in and see what the heck comes out
of that so to me that just it’s a sign in this universe that strings are being
pulled in another universe and I think it’s it’s a little wink-wink nudge-nudge
from SH and or that might have been kind of reaching in from another dimension to
just say hello that yes I am here and I in the universal community so thank you
sh and or for that connection and and others that I’ve had in the last few
days I feel pretty strongly connected and I think we have a friend in Shan
door on the other side so that’s my experience
thank you anybody else that would like to go ahead
with experience hi good morning Rick can you hear me yes very well yes hi good
morning everybody I met sundered in person for the first time in tranny
it was tranny Italy when we all met dick specifically named tranny that were we actually for the first time
had everyone together and it was very strange journey to see all the knowledge
seekers literally physicality trade not because we all know your names don’t
know your voices we all know your features but actually to be interacting
with one another life for a few days that was very exciting for all of us but
the beauty was that these meetings for based on friendship and knowledge as mr.
Kesh has brought us all together on those kind of platforms and I remember
nobody actually was wasting time it was a constant exchange of knowledge you
know this I know this have you tried this have you done this how could we do
this and I still see them disappearing in the back room downstairs if you
remember to sit down with the drawing papers and constant exchanging
information because now they came to the source he could visit the lab it was an
amazing time and thunder stood out as very strange personality very friendly
very you know like an old friend you can say although more
an old soul is the word because some people you call ho he’s an old soul
well Chandra was in also when he was 30 years old basically he already had he
held that presence with him the two are very mature at the same time almost like
a kid inside – he was like bubbly happy in a way or he was he was cheeky don’t
worry but the funny thing was that whatever you bumped into sounded
whatever the conversation whatever topic or Neven words that came on the table he
was like a walking library and it was never-ending he just opened up and
opened up and went into more depth you dare to ask the question you went
through a next journey of information and he had so much experiences in his
own life and he was truly in the sense one of the few that I could call he was
already a knowledge seeker before he became in on a secret he was a walking
library you just asked the question and he was like he was opening the drawers
and he was opening the doors of a huge immense library into detail and it was
not something he how can I say it was not an empty knowledge it was full of
nourishment you could understand from A to Z what he actually was talking about
so yes he was a great teacher and he was an asset to the Keshe foundation as a
teacher and I do appreciate that I had the pleasure pleasure to meet him in
person and so many times because wherever as as I said wherever you run
into problem you just had to push one button ask something he did all the
research and you got too much info although with one sentence it would have
been enough but you got a few pages say some the stopstopstop don’t give me so
much I don’t need it yeah but I bet to give you everything
than you know that was founded so I give the microphone back to you
I just noticed in this clip that I put up here from when we first went to Italy
and and open these tests foundation spaceship Institute this is sham doors
at part of his speech here and I noticed in the background on the right we have
another loss from the from the Keshe foundation in a way as well so this
happy Fabio it’s an interesting picture with both them in the frame there and
never I never realized that when I first put this up and the flowers around look
at the flowers I could turn the audio on if we want to listen to him but I’m not
sure what he’s talking about here Oh c’est fini
you have your microphone oh and did you want to speak and now sorry I’m sorry
not was a mistake yeah okay thank you about because he’s open maybe I just
just say very short that I agreed every time I come to Hogwarts and the always
was available like as I mentioned so that was really the biggest quality I
remember yeah I was always available for everyone yeah and yeah I want to
celebrate yeah and yes oh sorry thank you that was the first time actually that
fab you started translating in public I remember mr. Kesh pushing Fabio that he
could do it and that he was knowledgeable enough to do the
translation yep and I noticed Gordon Duff was there as well from
veterans today who I met during that convention and he also put up a nice
tribute to Chandler in the veterans today publication online for people that
can access that which can’t be accessed through Facebook because they have been
the links but if you go to veterans today you’ll find the tribute to Chander
because Gordon Duff who is the chief editor really appreciated Chamberland
and a friendship okay is there anything else you wanted to say Carolina no thank
you very much it’s a pleasure to see all the core teams at the front row and once
standing and presenting which is sander and then or dear Fabio it was a very
tense time for him what he did a great job he when he came in this way farm you
he never left us that was his entry and he stayed with us thank you Eric okay is there anybody else that can come
forward with a story from their relationship with Shandor yes this is
Flint I never met him in person but when I was hosting the private classes 2015
thousand 16 his class is that he was holding at that time I always enjoyed
them he’s very organized and always was a good teacher and very thorough and I
had a lot of discussions with him privately in the background through zoom
or whatever and became pretty good friends with them so I really am gonna
miss him really enjoyed my time working with sander Thank You Flint who else would like to
say something the attendees if you’re interested you can put your hand up
virtually and allow you to speak and let’s just open your mic and go ahead our noses in the YouTube chat I got to
know Chandra with understanding plasma I thanked shandar in the Seoul for being
there without understanding plasma maybe I would not have found my way to the
foundation and then he continues in the matter state dementia nation derby home
in his soul as the soul is home in the manifestation of the creator in its soul Thank You Arnhem and Wolfgang says in the livestream
Thank You Shandor and enjoy your new position in the universe it was always
good to hear your understanding voice who was the last person look Wolfgang in
is the name in live stream okay we have a couple people with their hand up here
we have Abraham would you like to go ahead yes thank you I’m avi Ron from
Canada I am touched by the transition of gender also because when I was new to
the foundation and to the new plasma science I by good chance heard a lot of
teachings by him and he became silently we never met and I never talked to him
personally only a few messenger message exchanges and I he anyway the way he was
teaching for me was very close to my mind so I could understand him so easily
and I admire him for his clarity and conciseness and at the same time he
radiated friendliness and when coming to everybody so I took him as an example
for and he became silently my mentor he not even knowing about it and I think
that made me progress more quickly and more easily and right now I am very
happy that he is opening his eyes on the other side
and I’m feeling that his soul will is much more powerful or his presence is
much more odda his presence is much more powerful to all of us now because he can
like help us from the soul level which is the most powerful level there is so I
am very happy that he made a transition and I also give from my soul to all his
friends and family that they can enjoy fully participate in the transition to
thank you okay thank you very M Johnny would you like to go ahead yes reek hi I
speak Romanian lamken of Cooper shunned or Flynn internal Adam cafe now at the
V&A Green Lantern evil at the new tube okay
let me not we don’t incur a presenter could Atari technology Akash she must
must been true adjust opportunity at the commercial who know me me no not correct
honest the Kerala dispositions to tour or smash and or she still come back link
East in criminal Kunal monsoon asked he reeked suppose I tried to seal gone we
are a particular Travis Akana see Doris on a stand or poor Rose
videos the YouTube I have known can go through the YouTube videos por los
momentos quandary in browser and a prismatic of the Romagna moments where I intervened in the coffee
moments in Romania siempre style cargo con mucha paciencia I mean he’s always
explained his ideas with a lot of patience he gently
Sawa displaced or use our culture pregunta el gouna course I speak Andrew
wrote there are technology under Kozma and he always came forward to help out
with his ideas and different explanations discord por todo lo que que
por la mañana por el grupo Romano and I thank him for what all he’s done to the
Romanian group and the remaining momento cuando visto por la primera vez como es
prix cava momento kahin kaha I now remember moment one of the moment he
explained how to do the nano-coating in in different boxes if we do dos anos
this was in a video that took place two years ago a lady still on your passado
which I saw last year entonces a apricot oh no no Cory bento cafe in casa it can
be other todo and ever since then i have done this procedure of a box inside a
box with all my different works thank gracias and sandor por todo lo que hace
que por el Manuel Thank You shondo for what you’ve done
for humanity por el grupo Romana and for the Romanian group in gracias a todos
thank you I can add I had a couple of differences
with him especially when I would interchange knowledge with Caroline and
me he cut my microphone off two or three times interesting anecdote yes Sanger
could be a little feisty sometimes and wanting to he is quite protective of the
cash foundation and of the teachings and so on and the little sensitive that way
at times I’m just showing his video channel his YouTube channel and you can
see all the teaching videos that shandur has put together and that’s at his
YouTube channel YouTube Shandor Kakashi si and do our kask ASI and you can see
various teachings this is just a drop and literally a drop in the bucket of
what Shandor has produced in terms of his teaching videos and whatnot he’s got
many many teaching videos on other platforms and the private teachings and
other teachings in the plasma group in the various other educational parts and
he had his fingers and many aspects of the work of the Keshe foundation okay we’ve got Virgil hello my name is
Virgil Brewed are from Romania for us the knowledge seeker from Romanian
Shandor is our mentor he is one who opened the path of plasma technology for
us with his lessons in our language he formed the main group of knowledge
seeker of Facebook which has now roughly 6,500 member members without him we
would not have been the group we are today and we keep alive in our soul him
and express our full gratitude we think we thank him for who he was what he did
and we will always have him as an example we ask him to forgive us for our
mistakes and we hope that he will watch over us as he always did
condolence is for his family and may God for forgive him and bless him thank you thank you very much
or Virgil anyways I’ve noticed in the YouTube one of the earliest videos from
Shandor is from the group study group Romania study group from October of 2015
which is four years ago and that’s I think the first one he’s publicly shown
in his YouTube videos here but his teachings go back to over five years ago
now actually in the YouTube here Doug mentions in the Q&A 11:00 11:00 a.m.
that was the time that Chandler passed and he had Doug says the time for the
war to end all wars has ended now that will come to pass in reality well it’s
interesting I note that on the day that Shandor passed was the day that there’s
announcement from Russia and Turkey that they are going to enforce peace in Syria
and we’re all going to sort of work together to end hostilities and and the
terrorism and so on we’ll see if that comes to pass the way they the way they
explain it but the the announcement from the president and Putin from Russia was
that this is a historic announcement that they’ve made toward peace in that
area and mr. Kesh has mentioned before that the there will be no war in Syria
it’s the end of the of all wars so that’s interesting that that occurred on
the day that Shandor passed and that a big part of Shannon doors work was torte
World Peace and toward the one nation one world one planet concept that and
the the you know erasure of borders and so on although he was patriotic in a
certain way Shandra had a greater understanding that
the patriotism can end up with too many wars and although he he wore his culture
proudly at the same time he was so tolerant to all of the other cultures of
the world and you know he was able to interact with virtually virtually any
culture often told stories about his interaction with the Chinese for example
having to learn how they did business and how they interacted in his earlier
life and we have Joel with a comment shandur gave me the fiber the day I
started listening to his very precise courses on Ganz’s including in the
plasma science understanding lessons sessions gratitude to him and Mark
mentions that at one time he was a stage magician did we know this he took one
thing and made it into another beautiful to be in his classes he is awesome from
my point of understanding thank you Mark okay is there anyone else that would
like to say something I was thinking maybe Flint maybe you want to play that
background video again and then it silently and then if we have someone
that would like to come forward yeah I can do that otherwise it’ll be too quiet
if we don’t so we need to have is there someone else that would like to speak
now we have a comment from mark house in the livestream Shandor sometimes guided
me and my administration of the Golden Age of Gans he also gave me his help
with some of the issues of a large group of group members on Facebook which
helped me very much he will be missed I highlighted many of his gracious
teachings on methods to harvest Gans and vapor deposition on copper etc he was
always helpful Thank You Marc we have mark Anderson and Doug McDonald
I was in a few of Sanders classes they were very enlightening and elevating
although he could be Curt and short at times and I didn’t know much about the
technology and someone in the class asked him a question which seemed too
you know like a what is one plus one question and he got a little upset and I
followed up with a question and he said in class well why can’t you ask an
intelligent question like Mark Anderson in a way I felt bad but in a way I felt
elevated because I said gee I could ask an intelligent question about this
technology even though I didn’t know almost anything so it was a pleasure to
be in his class I remember when he was growing plants and he just took a piece
of metal and his tin snips a flat piece of metal and he just cut it up into a
little shovel within a minute or two and it was just amazing his wealth of
knowledge range all across the spectrum and I want to thank Sandler his drawings
were we’re exceptional as well and buddy look forward to his little clever little
drawings that he was good he’s very good at drawing figures and demonstrating on
the whiteboard and so on you hello everyone its Doug here and I have
come to realize since sin sandor passed away that he hasn’t left us and that he
is sort of orbiting as a elevated soul around our planet as a universal teacher
and funnily enough after I found out that he had passed and I had some time
to digest and at the time when I found out it was the middle of the night so I
I I just looked out the kitchen window and even though my eyes are not what
they used to be not perfect I noticed this most amazing star or object in the
sky twinkling in very very amazing colors it wasn’t big it was only you
know but it was bright in fact it was a cloudy sky I could tell but this star
was shining directly in my line of view out of the kitchen window and it was I
had a very strong feeling yes there’s there’s sand or in his new situation
still present not moving away into the depths of the universe but but very much
concerned about you know being able to help from a very new and powerful
position and my sadness has changed to great positivity and happiness about
sandor situation and I just wanted to share that with
everyone it’s just my own personal experience during those moments when
after I found out that he had passed away thank you well with perfect timing every see
shendure clapping and moving offstage so I think that’s a good time to exit this
video and I think Clint’s gonna play the other video through and if anybody else
has something they’d like to say they could go ahead otherwise we will have a
minute of silence while we ponder Sanders life hello everyone this is gotcha
I believe I met Sunda in Rome I thought he was in goodbye but I don’t know very
well but in Rome we had black previously in classes when he was teaching and
sometimes in my classes that I was teaching so we knew each other we had
asked each other questions and he was very good in illustrations so his
teaching was very good I respected him for that very much
sometimes he had a short temper but he was agreeable you know and in Rome he
should he was very generous in the evening in the hotel he invited me to
dinner I was going to fail why for my dinner but insistence to pay so we
sucked at the table in Rome and talked a lot of things and I found him very
friendly and I elevate his soul forever may his soul be forever elevator that’s
my wish and my commode thank you very much good day here’s and here’s from Austria
I heard the first time senders name three years ago
and then I saw his first teaching the understanding plasma science
um and then I visited a few teachings of him as a private student we had only a
little bit contact and then I heard suddenly that he is ill and I contacted
him and from this time on we met a lot of times and he meeting sort of his life like he’s
trusting a word friend and for this feeling I’m very thankful I also helped
him or a charm group helped him in organizing donations for him and family
to overcome the the situation or organizing him cancers and today I know
that his soul made the decision to make a add up to go a debuff and to shine for
us all with his enthusiasm with his love with his friendship with his with his
being and I thank him very much for this shining for us all and I wish him a
great journey in the universal community thank you everybody this is marios from romania
and i would like to say a few words for mr. gender of course our first
interaction wasn’t the most pleasant because I was new to the group I was new
to the Keshe foundation community in Romania and I was eager to find out more
about how we can get rid of chemtrails and purify our atmosphere and our
environment and I was coming after a series of documentaries about orgonites
and suddenly when I came to the group I asked something about orgonites and mr.
Kesh was very very strict about that subject and since then I tried to avoid
any interaction with mr. genre but in time I was able to learn more about this
technology and as I was learning I discovered that mr. gender did a lot of
teachings for the Romanian group there are still recorded them on YouTube as
you mentioned before and I also have learned a lot from his teachings and
despite his way of being with people more maybe rough or strict his heart was
saying something else like he was a very kind person and he dedicated all his
time and all his efforts into creating a more powerful community powerful in
knowledge and became us all he got so I really thank him for that for everything
everything done for the Romanian community at first
and then for the Keshe foundation community and supporters and I hope
which doll is in peace where he is right now and whatever he decides to do to be
with us or a little wire but for a little longer but to go where he finds
his peace and maybe a new life I hope he he’s choosing the best option for him
and I would like to transmit my condolences to his family as well and I hope God will rest his soul and also I
would like to ask a question from Alan he mentioned it in the question section
in Romanian and I would like to translate it it’s a question for mr.
cash and it says the following it’s regarding the detachment of the soul and
perhaps you can read it in Romanian as well because that might be nice ok I
will read it in Romanian at first pen to the – erased and everything is a return
in Turku pulpa mentally she no e la cosa stable kinases shanem a construct now
misra torrent accoutrement initially and the translation is for detachment is it
needed is a little field or is a little between the earth field and us similar
to the Chinese system more specific nano-layers relating insulating and if
yes is it about isn’t making nano layer between the
field and us I hope I have translated it directly because no a big technical
expressions in that yeah I think that’s pretty good the the Google on it is is
it necessary to detach an insulator between the Earth’s field and us similar
to the Chinese system namely a nano insulating layer between the Earth’s
field and us it’s similar to what you’re saying but to say the question is it
necessarily necessary to detach an insulator what does that mean to attach
or maybe it to put an insulator between yours violas sorry
yeah go ahead can you make it more specific yeah
the first part Boogle translated a bit incorrectly because it’s about these
later so if this insulator is it needed or or not it’s regarding the insulator if I make myself here I don’t understand
exactly what the question is I am really not sure either
I mean here believe me or that was with more details question don’t see them
here right now so I think the idea is that is it
necessarily is it necessary to have a buffer or a Coulomb barrier between us
and the Earth’s field yesterday it’s a more likely like that no it’s not what
does not meet well it’s about detachment of the soul and during that detachment
isn’t necessary to keep insulating layer between the Earth’s field and us I think
is the idea there it’s a little obscure and be a lot better if we had Ally here
to address it let’s see if they come back to my understanding exactly what is
us there we may be invited bother anymore
yeah one more Ursula’s had her hand up in May we could hear from her and I
think that might be it first of all do you want to go head there yes hi
everybody I’m very happy to be with you and I wish all my condolence to the
whole family his own family and family of our family foundation destination
because when I started in Rome for the first meeting you see meeting I didn’t
even know what what I what I wanted to to hear and so was all all was new for
me and I saw sundar he was alone on a table and I feel him as I as a wise man
with white hair and very serious and and peaceful also giving information to so
many and I didn’t know what asked him so I didn’t to ask him something
and then starts the the meeting and Wow I I know who is who and what was all new
for me and he was there and then we got
exchanged in Facebook to know each other better and he’s hung Galia and my my
father-in-law was also and so I know the Imperial song also with his story and I
had also my parents had very much friends whom girlfriends so I know a
little bit least about this ethos and we was exchanging also about about the
lassies in Provence and he told me about the condiments and all what he lived
here and we was talking very nicely together and then he helped me also with
the chileans because in Chile in the side of Argentina in the mountains on
the other side Pacific side and there was somebody who know him before I must
say also that he thanks to him I knew all the history from from from before
because I I was new and I just started to be you see Spanish support and before
to become then member but it was very helpful for me to have him as friend
also by Facebook because the technical part is not my my best part I’m more and
medical and agriculture so I love all what he was teaching and I was always
present also in the lactose group and now it’s much more soul than before and
now I can understand it better also so it was very powerful this all that is
happening with thunder also because the last picture when he was on Facebook he
was in hospital and his but what that he was gone I felt it
immediately so I I respond to him privately in his Facebook we are with
you because we are he’s always there and in this moment present time in devices I
got some removes and also bad weather and ok something changed for everybody
and with his living to the universal community now ok will help us from there
where he is and this is the most important you need to keep in your heart
in your mind in your intentions and put candles speak with him he is everybody
he’s everywhere so be in touch with him with your heart how to heart put a
candle if you want so you can remind this always the whole evening because
you will see the kind the candle like in the candle in the wind you remember what
lady do is very beautiful some also but ok we are with him we are enjoy we need
to be happy that he do not suffer anymore
and she is always yeah he is just going home so thank you Thank You Ursula and perhaps we could
just hear from Hassan as well we said his hand up here hi my name is Hassan I
never met sander in person but in all the teachings he was present and it felt
like I knew him when I became a teacher I was looking for some guidance I wanted
to talk to somebody I reached to him it was very generous and I noticed we’re
talking or texting for hours and I didn’t know basically where exactly he
was and I realized it’s already past 12 or maybe 1 o’clock
he’s very missed in our physical world although he lives on he was a great man
listening to some of you talking about him he was a generous man
he was a giving man my deep condolences to all Sanders friends and family yes he
will live in our heart and I wish I could we could make him live longer love
you sender okay thank you okay I think mr. cash it’s over to you
at this point thank you very much I think it’s a beautiful point to remind
all of us that physical life have I mentioned time to the space and in so
many ways we as I said before man wishes to stay longer to suffer more and this
is one thing I have not understood over all these years of being around why
mankind see suffering as a way of what I call salvation why we see this in human
race is something we do not understand yes somebody wrote to us very recently
is my mother does not want to be helped because she thinks by suffering more she
because us to the Christ when he passes away and once we lived this physical
life the freedom of the soul is the dream of the man as many of you know I
have said many times I’m shamed to be in the body of the man but this body has to
go through a cycle the time and his point of departure is preset there’s no
matter what we eat what we do where we go and how we try to trick the time
machine no one has ever stayed long enough to remember the totality except
the soul of degree so anyways is time of the celebration as
we enter a new dimension so many of us think that we could do this we could do
it out but the best thing is to be with to the spawn of the man to decide the
position of the physicality of the Moon and the sooner we realize this the
easier this journey physicality becomes Lawrence
remember Sandor in that made sure the physicality but in a way he is ahead of
us got behind us and in so many ways maybe in the time when we entered a new
dimension we see that he has laid the path to be better for us to achieve and
move fast thank you very much for your presence on
our it does not need to be on the pictures otherwise the knowledge of the
soul of the man sits with the secrets of the physicality of them and the sooner
we understand this as Rick said and as the date of October shown as I said
there shall be no more war and even shall be no more war in the past a
separation of the soul of the man from the time it’s time off joy for many of us as we hear and as we
said there shall be no war would our generations children or grandchildren
will be the first generation that the recovery the word of war
pain of loss will become something of a distance that it was something our
grandparents and parents did or great-grandparents did and in so many
ways the work on people like son or many of the knowledge seekers is the other
step he is the creator and in a way will ship with mankind to the direction of
the peace as we wished as I said we saw how cleverly where he was supposed to be
a war where the wisdom of such a leader as booty has changed to victorious peace
there shall be no more and if those who create it to be find out they have a lot
to lose as I explained in one of the private eating’s in the
country days is that we will see uprising in many Western countries
United States Western Europe due to this peace uprising not by wars without
rising in looking for new technologies that replaces now that these nations
cannot sell arms anymore change in the course of scientific development has
become inevitable you will find out that mr. nations like France Holland from
Germany like United State will face a new gravity now climate here is a good
one we have built so many companies so many highly educated people to make
tools of war and now we cannot sell we have two choices create a massive
unemployment or invest in new cycle of technology and the option is the second
one of the reasons that members of the Keshe foundation travel the breadth and
the length of this planet in the coming months is to bring the option on the
table plasma technology new science in the space technology and changes in the
direction of the betterment of peace sandals generation and my generation we
are very few who have not taken arms to kill by choice by condition where our
forefathers less than century ago they did they had to survive
and now in our generation we have seen the maturity of man we have no choice
to create a condition of alternative science that the nations will try one it
when you have the technology to develop the advanced most advanced space
technologies why should you why you have to create weapons to destroy as I’ve
said to our Iranian colleagues they are waiting for the April for the Keshe
foundation to show the space technology with the cooperation of the arena Keshe
foundation team we haven’t started the celebration little bit earlier in
preparing the party for the United mankind to enjoy yourself by April and
this comes as part of our work I’m committed to peace and if the last war
gonna be seen at the fired in a time and a way that others were planning it now
we see one choice the choice a piece that with it we brings the peace to the
soul Ottoman that we are not afraid of dying but we celebrate and we choose the
time after what we call the transition and from now on as we develop the
knowledge more you will understand that we can choose the time of transition and
we understand we do not pass we do not finish on this as we used to say we
change an address to a permanent address they’re moving from house to house and
contribute country tourists on this planet to the address of the universal
community the destination or the time of existence of us all don’t need to change
home don’t need to change country no need to change clothing to fit where we
go we have started a path and when we set
home we did many many people have doubts on it but as we see there shall be no
one the last scrimmages we seen is taking
place and those with are the bigger war will come up but then be drawn from
northern Turkey has proven to show shameless loss to those who plan the
beginning here but ended up with nothing in so many ways mankind has become wise
then so many ways we have to put this structure not to wait to the point that
we finish with physicality but we develop technologies that we decide that
we change the position of physicality to the direction of the soul that it never
needs to depart but these days as part of totality of the universal what we
call so it is important for every soul to understand this position and it’s
important for every man to understand the position of his soul we get together
on Thursdays and we share knowledge on Thursdays and when it millions of others
share the same ecology in different ways and we see the wish and the power of
peace and peacemaking has become very strong in the coming time I will travel to live
in Iran for a long time earth the peace has started and we make in our Ilana
peace it comes for us to go to our sources it comes to us to become to
understand the reality about the creation and life of also as you are
aware in past few weeks we have concentrated on showing so much then you
what we call Kozma enhance system what does this system can do last week I
shine more light on what are called capabilities today I explain more as
many of you look at this system you’re looking at a way to get rid of Parkinson
to overcome two-dimensional physicality and very much if you remember when I
started with teaching you wanted to see the power of the system the cancers and
how they change things and you start believing in it and then when you stop
believing in it paint your pants and everything else and you enjoyed it
now with this machine with this system we are gradually taking you to a new
dimension that you could not imagine and so the same is the way we got the
confidence from you in understanding gradually moving into the gas and the
gases and cosmic technology we want to gain your confidence understanding this
technology will do that in that process as I said last week we can take the
system to a prison and by elevating the energy of the soul
after man will have no prisons in same way with a physicality of them but what
is the beauty with this new technology with this new system you look at it as a
warm-up the mother then you get rid of your pains one of these jobs is the
woman the universe to allow you to understand the position of transition
from dimension of physicality to the dimension of the swordsman in the coming
time very very short time man will walk into these machines in the
dimensionality and its opening of it will walk as a soul out of the system I
cannot tell you everything in one go but I have to guide mankind gradually to
understand the process you know come into the machine for you cancer for you
diseases the dimension of I know cuts a creative to the vibration of freeing man
of the shackles of a physical but as we cancers and the course I have to mingle
everything together then you gradually understand
in a coming time when we reach the point of separation before we reach the point
of separation of the physicality we can enter this system and allow us to choose
space and time or in the coming time we decide we don’t want to be in the
dimension of physical life in one place with other where these technologies will
allow man to convert his point of physicality to the point of state of
strength of its own now you understand what these systems are it says
enhancement you look for enhancement in your physical dimension I’ll look for it
hansman in the solar we have to get you to
understand more and to see that it works that you understand is time for
transition last week two weeks before or the week before that in Vienna we show
the picture of the system we show the animation of it last week we showed you
more animation and with it the pictures of a man still bounded now we show with the same system when I
say man how much he has changed in a few days which in the world of medicine
cannot exist and then in the coming weeks you will
see more changes and that in a time once you get the confidence that what is
there you’ll understand this was a way to get my kind to
understand the new position go back to my teachings I said to you many times
I’ll make the present surprise that you all can see in here the
dimension of the soul of the Creator and these systems in the coming time will do
that we are not putting many versions of you’re putting one reality what I have
asked occasionally should seem to do with the background is to show this
technology is on his way of showing them a kind all his what we call seconds of
physicality on his soul is all in the way if you understand this new systems
and technologies is the way to free the soul of the man from the shell of the
physicality but in time you have to learn how to do it and can trust in that
you do not need to leave but you need to understand that you can live in both
languages it’s not that we show you system that it gets rid of this and that
but it shows you a system then you gradually start learning that you can go
into the dimension of physicality to come out in the dimension of the fields
of the plasma universe or he’ll decide to come into the machine in the
dimension of the plasma of the universe manifest yourself the dilation of
physicality of the space and time YouTube I have set the system to be
shown gradually the process in so many ways you’re human and you say I have to
see to believe now you’ve seen the man last week the
team has prepared another set up the point is last week and up to a point
from Saturday they change and then you will see more in the coming weeks then
you understand what we chose to imprison shackle it before we call pharmaceutical
has gotta speed up to I want you to look at this video again for a long time to
come because we’re going to add to it every week you dimension and in so many
ways is for you to start to realize the
change has come you were happy to see the new shape of dimensions of a
structure of what we call a transfer unit but my aim was to trigger it you so
it tells you to start seeing that with it you see that what we have achieved
past seven eight weeks China is remarkable and then in the
coming time we’ll show you the reverse you will understand school but we have
to prepare the grounds as I said I’m not interested in opening factories in
Arizona oh no these are your problems I just keep you busy with it then you’re
happy foundation is doing something what I’m interested mister sister you see and
I explained more into this dimension as you understand and as MIT said I want to
stop teaching from the 330 series because I stopped teaching about the
physicality and we entered to teaching of the universal community and these
systems will start opening doors for my kind we prepare you in the first
sections and then hopefully some around January some number of these systems
will be shown operating in the city of Tehran in Iran this is the promise I
have given to the Iranians as every knowledge is shown fully in the place of
his person by and of joining me some 20 of these units will be demonstrated
operating fully city of the heart as the beginning of the chain then at the same time their following
days and weeks you will see them London UK – three points in Austria Canada
Germany in Thailand and in other number of countries which have already started
the process and they want to carry but as I said you will see as I said we will
show the work of this technology in the position of transition through beautiful
city of Tehran in January of this year and the beauty of it is you’re all
welcome those of you who wanted to see it to get in it
you quite welcome to see it in the beautiful city of town we will ship
please and we make it that becomes the land of peace that becomes the land of
poetry of the solar I’ll see you in the background shall we
see the same program and let’s just see what is at the end
surprise Oh innovative
revolutionary stem development purest universal knowledge in a transformative
futuristic design the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very
first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass
production our universal body enhancement spaceship unit is
constructed from high quality materials carefully selected by our team of
experts embedding the essence of the new Gans plasma science and technology it
uses collective plasma field technology for changing and enhancing the
environment of the body of the man this new plasma enhancement changes the
environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balanced energetic
condition as in the womb of the mother allowing every cell in the body of the
man to find its natural original field strength balance the shape and field
distribution in this new space plasma technology replicates the inner
structure of the universe and replicates the balance fields from which the man
was created at the point of Inception in the womb of the mother not only
receiving balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense too for the first time in the history of man
a system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the
physical body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user
of the system hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not
be solved in the world of science to bring the body of the man into near
perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be within
the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners sports
specialists and health care centers yet the future you have been waiting for
is here the journey from space to space ship technology has started every order
is subject to a contractual agreement and might require additional accessories
priced separately by applications according to each case you can order or
contact us at office at 80 KF m dot global for additional information you you you you you you you you you you you you thank you very much for your time to see
how a man from a wheelchair to a long-distance runner in the next and
handful of weeks this is not the dream this is a reality which is open to every
man on this planet or not not only we free man from the shackle of physicality
with this technology we free man from the shackle of being trapped within the
physicality you’ve seen how simple we have changed the life of a man this is
the power of this technology many Chinese many outside China have written to us we want
to see to believe even we show it you will not believe it
the reality is no the change has come and the reality is this is done many
many times for walking him that man or walking him woman in a coma
I’ve taken the enzyme from foundations in Asia but I go home back to Iran and
it’ll be you to exert yourself to Iran to find Salvage for you but our core
problem which is County other than my travels on this planet not you’ll not need to do
much more but as you have seen this is not just changing the physicality as we
showed you last week this is reduction in medication this
week by tomorrow we reach in the region of seventy five eighty percent reduction
in medication to by next week when we are here we are more or less at zero
medication one tablets left which is actually it’s just symbolic what you see in this table is the
medication which was given to the young boy 47 tablets a day this is the pile
more or less for a short supply this is another case which we explained to you
that what we need is to understand the technology is to understand the reality
of what we have what we need what we got to do to take mankind out of the
shackles of this problem that not only is free man but we need man to
understand that it’s him who traps himself in the dimension of is a cavity we need to be able to realize the
transition from tablets from Bathurst seeds to the
plasma status come to the way or a structure of physicality has come this is one volunteer with so much now
you can imagine you can understand by thousands of these systems coming into
operation these piles become nothing for the imagination of the past then is every man’s choice to decide to where and how and the way he chooses
the time in the place but his dimension of the part of his soul the Sun orchid is not that was not there it was there
because the freedom of it was there for the physicality to choose we can change we can understand how this
new technology not only changes the world of Medicine but it will change the
world we as individuals decide to be the medicine for our soul we always looked
at how we can get this physicality out of pain but we never understood how much
pain we put we created and our soul has endured but our conduct and life in a
physical damage simple we saw a man in a wheelchair some 40 odd
days ago and if you look at the last seconds of the video he cannot run the doctors and the people
who are with him cannot run anymore they stopped him because the joy of life
that he can move again knowing that seven weeks before he was sentenced to
the wheelchair and death now he has the freedom of the track to run tract of life
tract of freedom does not mean that he’s now gonna change his physical position
in 5 years in 10 years in 20 years but from now on he has the choice not the
dimension of physicality you you from rich to
rags or from rags to reach not in the dimension wealth of the man
but the dimension of the use of the physicality of the man on this planet it is very easy to see as I said
understand and hopefully in next few days a medical interim report will be
published to the world scientific mode to understand
you because we took this course for 16 weeks
as we know the work of our technology and within eight weeks which is this
Sunday we have achieved a lot and family and a man in a wheelchair
more or less not going to go you know in the background of that running track
there is a little woman running behind him up – no that little woman was behind him
pushing a wheelchair now that little woman as a wife cannot catch up with him
running this is the truth about this technology
and we have to take our time now as our Chinese friend embodying the Keshe
foundation different chat rooms we want to go and see to believe it means you
don’t even believe in your own existence those who want to be there to use it we
have a limited resources but in a coming year every man should be able to reach
one of the machines around the world but you have to invest into it your time
your knowledge your development and at the same time you have to understand one
thing and that is it’s you who have to believe in your own self neurons I have
no problem in delivering the knowledge you have the problem in believing the
time of change has come and what is more important for me is you leaving in time
for a change has come as you see the gentleman is trying to
talk or to write because all has gone this is the process of separation of the
body due to the anus which we bring to ourselves and in that process
he will come to thank us knowledge seekers dead you a spreading knowledge
across this planet enough that he could talk again he could hold his grandchild
and tell him grandpa loves you he has a chance to share his emotion within his
physicality and his own now Eunice that collectively we have
changed you we come we come to understand that
collectively we have given a new dimension and hope to a man to his wine
to his community and in same time the beauty that we have the knowledge
said would in the structure of the solar to read and not in the dimension of the
physicality of next week I will show you more and next
week you will see more or less zero or medication unheard-of thoughts America you you got to understand that this time to bring the change and
bring the change in such a way that governments bring a change you has come to the point that we govern
through our souls and not through the dimension of physicality you we see a lot of you asking can this
system do this can you do that if it does for me I burn machine from some
others if it does that for my son I’m prepared to do others you we have to understand I’ve given the man
the key the freedom of his soul for the first time without the point of
separation as death to man in the dimension of its physicality
this is what the system will deliver not getting rid of your risks or you
cancer pockets if you’re happy with the crumbs you
if you go in with the wheelchair that you cannot walk and you can change the
dimension and strength of the soul of the man but they will walk and this is what we do in these systems you got to comprehend the change that this will
bring you can allow more people to suffer with
it as they do now or you can allow the change to come fast that we can force
the change on governments and nations you you we are not here to show we are here to confirm you when you’re put into these systems you will understand
one simple thing that the truth shall speak but a strange thing is that these
machines all carry a video and a recording
we’ll take the Kings to walk in and they’ll tell the truth about their
actions we’ll walk the world presidents into
these systems and elevate their souls that they’ll be ashamed of their conduct
the dimension of it you and so anyway expose the writing of a
holla brother’s name that no man will take the crown of kingship as they realized the souls of the man
are ollie you it’s not anymore
in the name of this religion or that religion
it’s all they want to solo – man but now today I reveled for you to
understand what the system is about we are setting up this system that has
no dimension but at the same time the same system can create the conditions in
the spaces of the Mars and the different dimensions of the universe that in a way
you see how you will live how your physicality will be and you do not need
oxygen to live as this planet does not carry oxygen but it has its own system
of energy transformation this is the fishtank I promise you now the fish is
the soul of the man and the tank is the plasma universe which will become fire
within the structure of this system you in version of this system you shall see
no course no motors I’ll bring energy up the universe with
it you you will hear the voice of your own soul
and tangibly you’ll feel the existence of the Creator I am the great the
creator of my own soul the creator of my own dimension I shared our knowledge with those who
want to join as I said from the 300 knowledge seekers
workshop you will see a new dimension of teaching as the physical dimension of
teaching is over you how would you handle your soul what your
face once you feel in your dimension inside this system on your own I have the Creator by the centuries and thousands of years
was promised delivered you got to understand something very simple I have
no mercy unknowns who bend backwards to harm
you work through knowledge and if you
understand further this is just again in the dimension of convincing those who
want to see to believe but we can deliver this technology in the dimension
of this planet unfortunately the decision is not in the
hand of the man those who are Weiser’s have made the decision we have reached a point that we think
mankind can be just pushed enough to understand to be able to become part of
the universal community in the coming weeks and months
we just don’t know magic we show it systems and technologies which allows
man to take that step you mankind has got to realize what is to be
faced as I said before we have not reached the number of mankind on this
planet to critical mass by stop killing and wars it allows you to reach that
critical mass there is not enough of you to justify to
create a condition a open policy for man to have access at the same time you’re
on the warranty or guarantee or whatever you want to call it till you show you
conduct and behave correctly in the open of the spans of the universe
no killing no wars no conflict partnership
working piece development of the new understanding of work of the universe
even though it’s created it’s already been understood it’s just to keep
mankind busy that he has a purpose to be part of the universe when you enter these machines
you the lady over there is just a mirage
they are there in there and the way they’ve been developed that you stand
alone the last man standing between you and
your soul soon you will understand the hidden Universal technology and
knowledge with this system is beyond man’s comprehension of today
but I have no choice but to release our reveal then I give that little push or
mark our friends wanted us in stock market
I wanted the mankind to be part of the stock of the universe and I have
achieved we still keep busy with other things but
it’s just to keep the physicality not to get bored as they’ll be job of man
traveling the spans of the news as the children you had one sit in the back of
the car on a small journey from one to another what do they say are we there
yet you
and would not be the cry of the physicality of the band the soul of the
man happy arrived yet that I can show myself here this time to the dimension
that you choose are we there yet will become the
question between the man and his soul I mention of physicality are we there yet for man to be mature to
take this step yes we have no choice are we there yet to understand we are
all equal not only on this planet but across the universe our controllers you
not to be afraid of punishment well be ashamed to lose the opportunity to be
you are there any questions you Thank You mr. cash don’t mind the
attendees they can put their hand up there’s a question from Douglas in the
livestream will these first units be flight capable and also if flight
capable could you pick me up I would love to witness
yes sir young buck wanna duel show me I believe it as it said by me you can eat
me pick me up in a flying taxi and show me your technology yeah you did mention
that flight might be a possibility and you are discussing that for the Iranian
demonstration I think at one point is that still as in the cards as they say
yes we’re still aiming for nineteen twenty twenty miss 22nd of April in
Tehran for the flight demonstration we have asked for collaboration of the
Iranian scientists space technology to join us to start a development in the
next few weeks we thought in a way we are preparing the party
we were preparing for that celebration and it’s not that we go to Tehran on the
18th and say here it is 19th yeah and then we meanwhile development of the
development will demonstrate the beauty of this technology in Iran Iran become
the land of the knowledge of the creator and become as it was he brought the poetry and out and now we
bring knowledge and strength in the solid you got to realize you cannot throw
these things at once as I said step by step we showed your machine we showed
you week of development two weeks of development now he’s seen about money
I’m sure in the next few weeks he will as I said come and thank you all for
bringing the technology to China than the Chinese could enjoy and will be the
first man in China that is taking understand he’s not much if you think of
it is the Armstrong of China smallest step one mankind and the giant
leap for the soul of the man and this is what international collaboration
cooperation hopefully she reaches zero medication
next week and as the side-effects of their medications taken over years will
diminish then we all come to understand you how he can explain to us the pains he
went through you you perhaps he’ll
hi hi jumpstart and end up a truly a giant leap for mankind
amazing thank you mr.keshe question from mark does the unit require any
maintenance he says I would think maybe after the life of the great
grandchildren maybe after the life of the creator you look at the physicality there was a question from Dan about does
the same principle apply as in the case of the Niomi
helmet with the brain reconstruction the principle of the transfer of the orange
field to the water is that the same as this system nope the situation when the
only is was rebuilding in what was existed connecting now his case to full recovery will
become a norm as I guided estab by step Giovanni and
he went into getting it exactly done what he was supposed to do
there is a few steps missing another step is can be speeded up with this
technology that they come into operation now I mean
though I was trying to talk it’s taken the long path with these
technologies will be very short the understanding has to come that you don’t
go into this machine and jump out with four legs and everything else dancing
you’re going to these systems according to the wish of your soul if it’s a
carrot he will manifest itself for the damage you got to realize something
which has been missing and I repeatedly explained is that one point you walk in a wheelchair into this
machine and you walk hard at this machine with other G you know the
problem you create or those who put you into that machine and those who push
your wheelchair for years you in so many ways that I’ve said to our
team China looking after the one who pushes the wheelchair becomes more
important than the one who’s in the villager when at the moment a husband or a wife
when a mother or a child gets sentenced to limitation in mobility the others put the live to make sure
that he can be mobile at least in packages of wheelchair never the life in
it they change jobs they choose to what we call to be care to care for that
physicality which I respect your wife once you become paraplegic doesn’t leave
you on the street and goodbye we were just married as long as either good
she pushes you for the rest of your life around
she has to be respected and at the same time is a gem of the physicians to
elevate the soul of the wife to thank from the soul of the man but what he/she
has sacrificed or vice versa this is something that the present world
of Medicine does not consider whatsoever we give you the medicine you’re sick as
a matter who pushes your home sacrifices part with this new technology no one
pushes wheelchair but we thank to the soul to elevate theories who sacrifice
to bring us to the point of maturity you got to understand this technology will
bring the soul of the man to function not much the physicality in a way this technology is what we use
in the spread of Unix and for the first time we have showed
you if you read on the side where’s this is the gift from universal community
directly to mankind and now you know we have made contact we have given you the gift is for you to
respond accordingly it’s there to enhance the knowledge of
the man to the gift from universal community
I promise you I’ll bring you to be able to face live within the universal
community this is our gift to you as humans and it’s written on the side of it you
never noticed you this is the first step mankind works and
keeps himself busy to get these technology underway
we give you more gifts this is the gift of knowledge and this
is the first time a long time that we have given mankind
such a what you call shake up this technology does not belong to you
about it this is a good for universal community
took my card I’m the bearer of the gift but the same
time mankind has to embrace it we will meet in these systems as friends
and you will understand we have opened the portal is what
totality understand and accept not this time if you to hide
we do not put the system as to sell the system for my kind understand we are
here in full force and live amongst you now it’s for your leaders to respond we have created the condition of peace
and this is a gift for man all stop the box you the rest is your decision I can’t make it play any games you like
you you were waiting for the opening of the
universal councils through your blood sucking nation of united nation we gave
you the contact and opening to Universal Council through the brother peace
oh you don’t you you were happy with the wheelchair
I gave you the knowledge of the universe in what you are happy to be your neck
you you
you we damage and that’s why from the 300 on
we take you to the journey of the universe
we open the direct contacts in Tehran the coming weeks and our position is very clear we are here to stay and we are here to
change the course you you are wishing and praying that you
will come in touch the universal community will do we have done we have
delivered he wanted to fly I fly you want to walk in and see the small of
your father to believe it I hope you don’t walk out crazy you ask for contact we have responded
you wish for a piece and beginning of the change we have you mean a system in
the tool so your readers to respond we still try
to keep maths business of buying they’re the merchants of death they are
giving you the merchants of life you though he understood the game of
interaction interface between the universal community and mankind has
started you you you you mr. cash a question from Wolfgang in the
livestream can the spaceship unit be used as a portal to leave the prison of
the body and travel instantly to any place in the universe you try to get
your body to understand this soul with you you you we have opened the doors
this what mankind to decide you Bombur December January we’ve already
have got three months to respond you you you I knew you it was the guys at all mr. DeLaughter
mr. casse I came across this person who is pushing this chair maybe more than
one year and because I understand what we are doing and how we can help I asked
this person I said do you want to help this person who is in the chair said
yeah why not I said with this technology we can do a
lot we can help him to walk this chair and this person said yeah that’s good
but wait wait wait if he walk I will lose my work and this
person he’s employed three person to help him on his days and his fellows and
this person said no no leave it leave it like this because if we walk I will lose
my work I said if you think that you are benefit from using his condition he said
no he’s also he is using us to do all sort of sort of things I said I hope you
understand what you are doing and I think in the future this these people
will understand what they are doing I would like to say it in Arabic yes marhaban esta pie and Abu mosa disguise’
Mossad yomel am with the Patriot Lashkar salvina cumbia ayat acaba house I’ll
push it the war where patella who laid anal ilium been stopped a homicide how
the shadows and whole regime of energy P by Del Amo ashes called Nam Hannah did
indeed like in battle ah ha ha Lana and total lava the other shots Tom McKenney
and a sofa osawa liberty pathetic I leave him a
cannon who were massive admin but Nala when an island mr. Vardhan patella and
tavern and okay – I’ll shake J it when December another shackles free Marathi
he wants to feed a lobby and who island mr. bud and where mr. moe ballistamon
local for you Malaya so what’ll happen well so what the Kuna
Allahu Alem I’m a little dnt Tom be chillin
Thank You mr. cos now I want to ask you a question you spoken English they the
same knowledge and you shared it in your bitch would language a crappy
in talking to both which one touch you more this is a hard question which one
had more meaning to you so I thought the Narvik yes I came to this conclusion a long
long time ago we all beautiful mr. Kesh it’s the time to recognize that and want
one thing more I didn’t have chance to speak for sander I would like to say the
souls now singing happy birthday sander thank you
this is exactly what I wanted to say sometimes ago but it’s nice that you
felt that you talk the position is half our mankind will
take this knowledge we shared this knowledge
before time of Pharaohs and he was abused in a very simple way we shared
this time with mankind as a whole and you understand how and why as I
explained very recently to some others he remember
we gave the USB stick of all the knowledge as to leaders of all
governments and they didn’t share it with my kind
and he was kept in obscurity and then when we gave it to man to all of you you’ve seen how the spread of knowledge
has taken place we did the same thing in the time of past we gave the knowledge
the leaders and they did nothing but to use it in palaces and trying to dominate
but now with this we give the knowledge to man the same as we did with the key
for them to change the world leaders we repeat the same game this mankind was
not wise to our work last time they headed in palaces temples
and churches and mosques this time we give it to the man to carry it in the
soul of the man that you exist the spine of the universe you
you I want to share something with you very
interesting when we are sand or you can do some
cancers on your lung cancers he said I have no guts that is his word
and in the videos of today you have seen how much he made an emoji then you
understand the freedom of the choice of the soul of the man is and has and will
be with a soul how can the master happen unless he has
chosen I remember when Shandra said that and
that’s correct mr. Keshe absolutely now you understood you how can the massive and make sure there is none there that
he can stop him through his journey you
you you got to understand something behind
the background of the work of Sandor we should know about no sex soul was blessed by many but many who have used that he gave them
you one day mankind understand the position
of no one exit team we worked very closely and I know why he
chose the path he received enough that he was elevated
he wasn’t happy anymore you don’t forget it carries the soul of the
court oh you just the choice was his they told me his
choice you now I understand we have opened a
porthole as you call it we have open the gates of Universal Council we have
opened the gates of the universal community to mankind through this system
we wait for response but at the same time we carry on teaching to elevate
more to understand you this is another question we call it a
day and I hope they were kind and world leaders and you all readers understand
the message we are not here to play you’re here to
change the way we want to bring man to the next on the love of the Father not
and you’re the position we don’t hold that physicality we share this thank you
very much for today okay very good mr. cash thank you very
much for today’s workshop blending with the maybe one last comment from Eric
Claussen from the YouTube who says fly free my good French and/or I will always
carry you in my heart good memories never die you will always be with me okay Flint if you want to take things
out this has been the two hundred and ninety-ninth knowledge seekers workshop
for Thursday October 24th 2019 thank you to the knowledge seekers around the
world and to all of our listeners and of course thank you so much mr. Kesh for
your being here on this planet okay as in things Thank You
Flint for in the co-host you you you
you hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate you you you you you you

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